The Tangshan case of beating people needs to address both the symptoms and the root causes!

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming shuzatan wechat id:laomingdashu

1) The Tangshan beating case, the relevant videos spread on the Internet, can only be described as “national shock”. No one can imagine that today in 2022, there will be such a group of lawless “scum” who can flirt with women in full view of the public. After being rejected, they will carry out group fights against several weak women. What these people have done has broken through the bottom line of a normal person in modern society. It is imperative to severely punish criminals according to law.

2) At this moment, everyone’s common aspiration is to expect the police to quickly arrest the suspect and then severely punish him according to law. It is gratifying that, as of June 11, with the joint efforts of Tangshan police and other local police, all the 9 suspect have been brought to justice. In any case, first give a compliment to the police staff who handle the case seriously. On the evening of June 10, the main leaders of Tangshan also stressed at a meeting that the underworld and evil forces, a social cancer deeply hated by the people, should be thoroughly eradicated, and that the bad incidents of provocation and violence against others in the barbecue shop should be severely punished in accordance with the law. At the same time, it is necessary to draw inferences from one instance and carry out a “look back” in the city wide special struggle against underworld and evil. These are good signs, indicating that the relevant leaders and departments in Tangshan are also aware of the importance of “addressing both the symptoms and root causes”.

3) But at the same time, two cases also show that this matter is not so simple. First, among the 9 suspect, the main one, Mr. Chen, was detained as a fugitive in 2015 on suspicion of illegal detention. We would like to praise the efficiency of the Tangshan police case handling this time, but many netizens also have questions, why can a suspect in 2015 still be “at large” after seven years? In the past seven years, did the Tangshan police really not know Chen’s whereabouts? If you don’t know, this kind of case handling efficiency is too low. It can even be said that it is precisely because Chen was suspected of committing a crime in 2015 and failed to be punished in time. Over the past seven years, he has been at large, which gave him this opportunity to hurt innocent people again. If Tangshan police know the whereabouts of Chen mouzhi, but do not take measures, someone may be suspected of dereliction of duty. In this case, has anyone in Tangshan acted as the “umbrella” of Chen and others? This matter should also be investigated.

4) Second, after the hot search of this incident, there have been a number of problems on the Internet that Tangshan people have reported the underworld and evil forces in their real names. Reporting is a citizen’s right, but whether the report is true remains to be investigated and verified by the relevant departments. However, some netizens questioned whether this move shows that Tangshan has not done a good job in eliminating criminal gangs in recent years? Normally, when people encounter the black and evil forces infringing on their legitimate rights and interests, they must call the police at the first time. If the police can enforce the law impartially, punish the evil and promote the good, this matter will be over. Generally speaking, no victim thinks not to take the normal legal path at the beginning, but to safeguard their rights by means of network disclosure. Of course, if someone tries to manipulate public opinion to get the results they want, that’s another matter. Many readers, based on their own experience or that of their relatives and friends, said that they were worried about the existence of evil forces and their protective umbrellas in Tangshan. For these questions, Tangshan relevant departments should also investigate and explain to the public in a timely manner.

5) From a case by case point of view, the 9 suspect in the beating incident are absolutely not likely to escape legal sanctions again. No matter whether they have “protective umbrellas” or not, no case handler dares to practice favoritism and malpractice in such a major case of national concern. We all have confidence in this. The latest news is that the Public Security Department of Hebei Province has handed over the case to Guangyang branch of Langfang Public Security Bureau for designated jurisdiction. This is a good thing and helps to enhance the confidence of Internet users that the case will be handled fairly. If we say that dealing with this case on a case by case basis is a temporary solution, the people expect that Hebei Province and Tangshan city can draw inferences from one instance to solve the root cause of the public security problem in Tangshan. What we are more concerned about is, how about the social security in Tangshan? Has Tangshan really achieved the goal of “eliminating all evils”? Do Tangshan people feel safe in this city? Do you feel that good people can be protected and bad people will be punished?

6) The Chinese people often say, “a fall in the pit makes a gain in wisdom.”. For China’s grass-roots governance, every time we encounter a vicious incident, we should not only solve specific problems, but also draw inferences from one instance to solve problems in a field. It is hoped that Tangshan will take advantage of this vicious beating incident to comprehensively investigate the crimes of the black and evil forces, dig deep into the possible “protective umbrella” behind the black and evil forces, and truly “do not let a bad man go” and return peace to the Tangshan people.

7) also pointed out in a comment that Tangshan has been searched three times in the past few months, and none of them is a good thing. According to article, in early May, an old farmer in Tangshan was anxious to work in the field during the epidemic prevention and control period, and was seen and criticized by local inspectors. The result was that the old peasants used big trumpets to criticize themselves and “walk the streets” to the whole village. “Tangshan hard core epidemic prevention is not allowed to go down to the ground to cultivate the land” followed by a kind of black humorous narration on the hot search. At the end of April, in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, Tangshan Qian’an implemented “hard isolation” measures, requiring some residents to hand over their keys to lock their doors, and tying the doors of some residential buildings with iron wires. This “measure” not only “shocked” the public, but even exceeded their imagination. (Guangming Daily commented on the beating incident in Tangshan! Mentioned the other two amazing hot searches) the repeated negative hot searches also require the relevant departments in Tangshan to seriously reflect. Is it a coincidence that such negative events have broken out again and again? Or is there a deeper reason behind it?

8) What is the working style of local cadres in Tangshan? Are there any problems such as weak awareness of the rule of law, rough working methods and outrageous working attitudes? Is there a problem of formalism and bureaucracy? Tangshan is very close to Beijing. Tangshan should have done better, not worse, in grass-roots governance than ordinary prefecture level cities. There are many problems in the capital and the surrounding areas, which are very inappropriate.

9) Because of this beating incident, some people said that they would “pull Tangshan black”. I do not agree with this practice. In any place, some vicious incidents may occur. We cannot open “map cannons” at will and engage in regional discrimination. It is expected that the relevant departments in Tangshan will severely punish these suspect in accordance with the law, and carry out more effective anti underworld and anti evil activities throughout the city, so as to significantly improve the people’s sense of security in Tangshan and improve the people’s impression of Tangshan throughout the country.

10) As for the Tangshan beating incident, the most important task at present is to severely punish criminals according to law. However, I also saw that some people made irresponsible remarks on the Internet. For example, some people do not condemn the atrocities of criminals, but instead accuse the victims of not going out to eat in the middle of the night, not knowing how to protect themselves, not being hard with bad people, and even spreading rumors that the victims know the suspect. These are extremely confused or even shameless statements, which blur the focus of the problem and belong to blind rhythm. Some people deliberately provoked Gender Opposition, saying that if they were beaten this time, if they were male, they might not have such a big response. This is also a muddle headed remark. No matter men or women are injured by violence, they should be severely punished by law and severely condemned by morality in today’s China. The victim was first a citizen and then a gender issue. If someone maliciously provokes Gender Antagonism on the Internet, it is in response to the netizen’s words, “it is either stupid or bad”.

Finally, we expect the Tangshan judicial organs to severely punish the murderers in accordance with the law, and draw inferences from one instance, address both the symptoms and root causes, and give an account to the Tangshan people and the people of the whole country.

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