The three countries are working together to drive out the United States!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

As soon as Biden left the Middle East, Putin arrived in the Middle East, and the fierce competition for the Middle East between major powers began! This is a big game. Putin is ready to fight back!

Why did Biden visit the Middle East? Its core purpose is to ask Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries to expand oil and gas production capacity to reduce oil prices. Biden wants Saudi Arabia to promote production expansion and reduce oil prices, which has been reduced to the point of threatening Saudi Crown Prince Salman Jr. with the kasuji case again. It can be seen that the United States is in a hurry. Biden’s purpose of reducing international oil prices is to reduce his own inflation on the one hand, and to attack Russia’s hematopoietic capacity by reducing oil prices on the other hand.

Did Saudi Arabia agree with Biden’s “threat”? The answer is – no! Saudi Arabia has not made any substantive statement on the expansion of production, so we see that after Biden’s visit to the Middle East, the international oil price has soared to more than $100. Why does Saudi Arabia not accept threats? The answer is very simple. High oil prices make more money for themselves. Why stab yourself for the interests of the United States? Besides, the United States no longer imports oil from the Middle East. How can it have any say?

Biden’s trip to the Middle East was a failure on the whole. Although he claimed that China and Russia would not be allowed to “fill the vacuum of the United States” in the Middle East, in fact, since Russia launched military operations in Syria, the voice of the United States in the Middle East has been seriously weakened. In today’s Middle East, can you say that Russia has no say? There are troops stationed in Syria! It is the Russian military action that has reduced the United States to stealing Syrian oil in Syria. China has a more balanced voice in the Middle East and maintains a good relationship with all parties, because China is the largest user of oil and gas in the Middle East, importing more than 300 million tons of crude oil from the Middle East every year, and the United States is unable to take over these oil!

Biden’s Middle East trip was a failure, but Putin’s Middle East trip was a success! As soon as Biden left, he visited Iran and established a triangular “quasi alliance” relationship composed of Russia, Iran and Turkey.

What is the purpose of Putin’s visit to the Middle East? In Zhanhao’s view, its core purposes are three:

The first purpose: to invest in Iranian oil and improve the pricing power of global oil

Recently, the intention of the United States is to suppress oil prices, and even deceive its allies, China, India and other countries to forcibly suppress Russian oil prices, that is, Russian oil must be sold at a low price, otherwise it will not be bought. The wishful thinking of the United States is very ridiculous. What interests do you let others sell their own interests without empty talk? If you don’t buy Russian oil, isn’t the international oil price higher? Who is a fool? Countries that treat other countries as fools are fools!

The United States seeks to suppress Russian oil prices. Of course, Russia is thinking of improving its pricing power on oil prices, so Russia has recently done two major things:

The first thing is that the Central Bank of Russia said on July 15 that Russia is establishing its own national oil benchmark index system to deal with Western sanctions against Russian oil resources. According to the documents of the Russian government, several departments of the Russian government, Russian oil producers and the Central Bank of Russia plan to start oil trading on a national platform in October this year, and take measures to attract foreign partners to buy oil, so that this platform can achieve sufficient oil trading volume, so that the national oil benchmark can be established from March to July 2023. To put it bluntly, Russia is trying to establish an independent market that the United States cannot interfere with.


The second thing is that Russian enterprises will invest $40billion in Iran’s oil industry. Media reports say this is the largest foreign investment agreement in the history of Iran’s economic circles. According to another report, Ali Saleh abbadi, President of the Central Bank of Iran, said on the 19th that the Tehran exchange had launched the trading of real against ruble, “this is an important step in the development of economic relations between Iran and Russia.” The day before, Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian President, said that Russia and Iran would gradually abandon the practice of using dollars to evaluate the volume of bilateral trade.

All that Russia has done is to improve its control over global crude oil supply and seek greater pricing power. For Russia, the $40billion investment in Iran is a very large investment, which also means that Russia is ready to fight a lasting war with the United States and the West.

The second purpose: to build a trilateral alliance between Russia, Iran and Turkey and squeeze the influence of the United States in the Middle East

According to Russian reports today, on July 19 local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin said after meeting with the presidents of Iran and Turkey in Tehran that the United States must stop stealing oil from Syria and aggravate the humanitarian crisis in Syria through unilateral sanctions. Putin told reporters that U.S. troops must leave the territory east of the Euphrates River, stop robbing the Syrian state and people, and stop illegal oil exports. This is the “common position” of Russia, Iran and Turkey.


? on July 19, in Tehran, the capital of Iran, Iranian President Lech (Center), Russian President Putin (left) and Turkish President Erdogan took a group photo before the talks. Issued by Xinhua News Agency (photo provided by Iranian president’s website)

Earlier, the United States was exposed to smuggle Syrian oil for the third time this month. According to Agence France Presse, on the 19th local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a statement after meeting with Turkish and Iranian presidents in Tehran, opposing the illegal plundering and transfer of oil revenues that should belong to Syria by the West.

This is very interesting, because in Syria, there are mainly four countries competing for it. Russia, the United States, Iran and Turkey. Although Israel bombed it from time to time, it was mainly against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The relations between these four countries are very complicated, but in general, Russia and Iran are helping the Assad regime in Syria, Turkey is trying to seize part of the territory in northern Syria and eliminate Kurdish forces, and the United States is trying to overthrow the Assad regime and gain stronger control in the Middle East. After years of gaming, now Russia, Iran and Turkey have reached a compromise and expressed their unanimous attitude towards the United States.

Why do the three countries now express their attitude of driving the United States out of Syria? One of the most fundamental reasons is that after the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the sanctions imposed by the United States and the West on Russia showed the importance of controlling more oil. For Russia, reaching out to the Middle East to control more source markets not only has a stronger voice, but also means that it can reduce the EU’s ability to obtain energy, which is conducive to the competition between Russia and the United States and the West.

Therefore, the contention between the United States and Russia in the Middle East is essentially the political spillover of the Russia Ukraine war in the Middle East. This spillover will further lead to national confrontation and even war in serious cases.

Third purpose: continue to squeeze Europe and force Europe to compromise

Before his visit to the Middle East, Putin also stopped the natural gas supply of some European countries. According to Reuters’ exclusive report on July 18, Gazprom recently announced that at least one major European customer’s natural gas supply has encountered force majeure. The report said that the news would aggravate European countries’ concerns about energy shortages. A source pointed out that the incident was related to the “Beixi No. 1” gas supply pipeline to Germany. “Beixi No.1” is the main supply route to Germany and other regions. Although Russia has given a series of reasons, the objective fact is that there is no gas supply, which is the most important.

Russia has no way to the United States, but it has a way to Europe, so one of its ways now is to torture Europe. Now, by controlling the source of more energy supply in the Middle East, it is objectively necessary to further reduce Europe’s ability to obtain energy. As long as Russia’s ability is stronger, Europe will become the most painful party. As a result, high oil prices, high inflation, even no oil and gas available, and a sharp decline in the quality of life will gradually destabilize the internal society of Europe, so European politicians will eventually have to give in. Putin wants to use this method to divide the interests of Europe and the United States, so that European countries can compromise.

It is impossible for the United States to kill Russia now. At least so far, Russia has suffered little damage. Unfortunately, Europe has suffered a lot. In particular, it should be pointed out that even if Russia does not sell oil to Europe, it can still be sold to China, India and other countries, and it is still very popular to sell it at a lower price. As for Europe, if there is no oil and gas, burn firewood again, or take a bath once a week or once a month, as European leaders say.

The struggle of big countries will become more and more intense. Countries with poor strength and lack of wisdom will eventually become the payers of big countries’ wrestling!

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