The Three Kingdoms period and the Shu Han period turned out to be the most incorruptible period in Chinese history

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As we all know, although the Shu Han Empire established by Liu Bei failed to “conquer the Central Plains and revitalize the Han Dynasty” in the past 43 years, most of its officials and people are famous for “Qing Dynasty”. Looking at the 5000 years of Chinese history, there are few empires who can surpass the right.

Zhugeliang, the prime minister, had no money left after his death. His wife and children lived on only a few fields. I’m afraid that once the prime minister reached the level of Zhugeliang, there would never be a second person. Other officials in Shuhan, such as Donghe, Jiangwei and dengzhi, were mostly incorruptible all their lives. Most of their wives and children were self-examination to avoid suspicion, and there was no corrupt means to succeed to the throne by virtue of Lao Tzu’s famous son.

In the biography of dozens of people in the annals of the Three Kingdoms ยท Shu Shu recorded by Chen Shou, there are very few people who are corrupt and corrupt. Although their people are like vegetables, they do not steal or rob, and are self reliant and have plenty of food and clothing. It is indeed a great miracle that such a clean government can appear in feudal society, especially in troubled times.

Zhugeliang, Jiang Wan, Fei Yi and Jiang Wei, the leaders of the Shu Han Empire, were known for their probity and were able officials. Therefore, it is inferred that the upper beam is upright, and how many people dare to be upright at the lower beam?

Shuhan is a prefecture and a corner of Pianan. However, they still want to restore the Han Dynasty. The world is moved by their aspirations. In addition, their government officials are upright. I am afraid that such a government and such officials are hard to find in Chinese history.

In China, in troubled times, soldiers and empires often enslave people, burning, killing, looting and committing all kinds of crimes. In particular, the infamous “five nonsense” has caused a sharp decline in China’s population, the people’s livelihood, an economic setback of 300 years and a historical cycle of 500 years. Although the taxes and levies of Shu Han were heavy over the years, the people did not oppose it, and the barbarians were more able to sincerely submit to it. This is indeed worth pondering and learning by contemporary statesmen.

Suppose that the officials of the Shu Han Empire were fatuous and the people were destitute. I am afraid that it will not become the most famous “separatist Empire” in history. Except for the Han, Tang, yuan and Qing Dynasties, Shuhan is probably the most ancient and well-known historical empire in the world. Many historical fragments of the state of Liu, Guan, Zhang, San Jie Yi, San Gu Mao Lu, seven capture Meng Huo, Kong Cheng Ji, six trips to Qishan have been adapted into national arts such as drama, storytelling, crosstalk, etc. for future generations to visit and sing.

If a country’s officials can act in Shuhan, and if a country’s people can drive in Shuhan, why not be strong? A weak country can be strong and a strong country can stand tall. The superiority of the Shu Han Empire is worth imitating!

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