The treasure of the Xia Dynasty

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Speaking of the imperial seal, everyone should be familiar with it. This jade seal, which represents the legitimacy of monarchy, has been dreamed of by all emperors in ancient China, but it is floating and sinking in the sea of history. In the Qing Dynasty, it disappeared. In fact, there is another jade treasure, which is more precious than the imperial seal. What kind of baby is it? Why is it more precious than the imperial seal?

This treasure, which is more precious than the national seal, is called Xia houhuang.



Jade huang is a kind of ritual vessel made of jade in ancient China. The & \8221 stipulated in “Zhou Li”; Six utensils salute heaven and earth in all directions &\8221; Among the jade gifts, jade huang has the longest history. Since the Neolithic age, Yuhuang has a long history of thousands of years. It is mainly used in court, sacrifice, funeral, and can also be worn with you. As a decoration, of course, not everyone can wear it. It must have a level.

Over the years, archaeologists have successively excavated the jade huang of Hemudu culture, the jade huang of the Warring States period, and so on. But these jade Juan and Xiaobian’s post summer Juan today are completely incomparable. In the known historical documents at present, the evaluation of Xia houhuang is basically the same: Xia houhuang and Heshi Bi are called the national treasure; In ancient China, there were two kinds of jade. People didn’t hesitate to wage war to get it. The first one was Xia houhuang (the second one was the imperial seal).

But such a precious xiahouhuang has an unexpected mystery. So that there are many mysteries around itself.



The first puzzle is the mystery of birth. In many historical classics, Xia houhuang is definitely mentioned. Therefore, there is no doubt about the authenticity of Xia houhuang. But the problem is, we know that the imperial jade seal is said to be made by Qinshihuang with Heshi Bi. Looking up, we can also know that Heshi bi was obtained by Bian he of the state of Chu in Jingshan. But there is no record of its previous life here in Xia houhuang. It can’t be from the sky, can it?

Only one story mentioned the place where Juan came from after summer. There is a Luwu mountain. There is no grass or tree on the mountain, but it is full of gold and jade. But under normal circumstances, people can’t expect it, because there is a divine beast called Gu Diao guarding the mountain. Gu Diao is naturally difficult to deal with, but some people have come up with ways. The man accidentally found a male Gu eagle, always lying on the same piece of jade. He found an accomplice, let the accomplice hide not far away, learn the cry of female Gu Diao, and attract the male Gu Diao away. After luring the tiger away from the mountain, the man hurriedly took away the jade on which the male Gu Eagle often lay prone. Thus, there was the later Xia houhuang.

The second puzzle is the style of Xia houjuan&# 8221; Banbi said Huang &\8221;, We know the traditional style of Yuhuang. According to the numerous cultural relics unearthed at present, we can clearly know that jade huang is generally one-third, some even one-quarter, and rarely close to one-half of the wall. On the basis of the arc, the jade Juan can be fan-shaped, semi annular, half moon shaped, arch bridge shaped and so on.

At one end, it is usually carved into the shape of a dragon head, a tiger head and other animal heads, while the other end is correspondingly carved in the shape of a tail. Strangely, before and after the summer, there were jade ornaments unearthed in kind. Only the jade ornaments of the Xia Dynasty were unearthed. In this way, people don’t even have a reference for what Xia houjuan looks like.



The third puzzle is the mystery of Xia houhuang’s whereabouts. What is still controversial here is that the function of Yu Huang is, of course, in addition to ritual vessels and decorations. Some people believe that Yu Huang has the function of measuring the sky and timing. You know, in ancient times, if the calendar was the foundation of a country’s operation, only the emperor had the right to promulgate it.

Therefore, Xia houhuang, with the function of measuring the sky and timing, can become an important and necessary tool for the rulers of all dynasties to manage the world. If so, then it is likely that Xia houjuan spread in the imperial palaces of previous dynasties. But in ancient China, almost every new dynasty was built in the ashes of the previous dynasty. In this way, it’s hard to say how long Xia houhuang can last in the war.

In any case, before there is no definite evidence, we all have hope for the spread of Xia houjuan. Maybe one day, you can find the shadow of Xia houhuang in an ancient tomb of the Xia Dynasty. Believe that time can make this most precious jade huang give the world a satisfactory answer.

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