The troubling brother’s second season, a public selection, group melon is coming

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Although the sister 3 riding the wind and waves is not over yet, Hunan Satellite TV can’t wait to start recording the second season of her brother. It seems that she hopes that brother 2 will pick up sister 3. And phi 2 has also been recorded to a public selection, and the brothers’ first public performance track has been grouped and burst out. Let’s introduce it today.

The second season of brother cutting through thorns

Phi 2 invited a total of 32 brothers to participate this time. According to the current news, the brothers’ first public performance stage was divided into 8 teams, each team has 4 people. The songs and groups are:

The first song is that I am still young. The singing members are Hawick Lau, Zhang Zhilin, Cai Heng and Wang continental. I’m still young. I’m still young. It’s a new folk rock style song. The original singer is Lao Wang.

The second song is that missing is a disease. The singing members are pan Weibo, Wu Kequn, ice and Zhang Zhenyue. Missing is a kind of disease, and it is also Zhang Zhenyue’s masterpiece. I believe that his singing words will also cause a wave of feelings.

The third song is sad Pacific. The singing members are Ren Xianqi, Zhou Baihao, Huang Yida and Renke. This group of songs is also the representative work of Ren Xianqi, one of the members.

The fourth song is elopement. The singing members are su Jianxin, Hao Yun, Ma Zhe, Zheng Jun. Elopement is also Zheng Jun’s work, which is a song in his 2006 release of Chang’an Chang’an expert.

Peggy 2 a public selection group melon

The fifth song is the main song of love. The singing members are Wu Jianhao, Zhu Jiaqi, Mike and fan Shiqi. The main song of love is Xiao Yaxuan’s famous work, and the men’s version of the main song of love is still quite expected.

The sixth song is to save the earth. The singing members are Lee Seung Hyun, Du Dewei, Fang Yilun and Zhang Junning. Saving the earth is also a song released by member Du Dewei in 1992, but this song is not much known than Du Dewei’s take off.

The seventh song is what we want in life. The singing members are Chen Xiaochun, Lin Yi, Wu zhuoxi and Wen zhaolun. What is life? Chen Baiqiang’s song released in 1989 is a Cantonese song.

The eighth song is red dragonfly. The singing members are Jin Han, Zeng bit, Zhang Yunlong and Su Youpeng. Red dragonfly is a song released by the little tigers in 1990. Su Youpeng’s singing will still cause a wave of memories.

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