The truth is coming! This time they made no secret of it!

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming shuzatan wechat id:laomingdashu


Many Chinese people do not know that the upcoming June 21, 2022, will be the day when the Biden administration of the United States will once again “Blackhand” China.

On this day, the United States will implement a law to completely prohibit the United States from importing products from Xinjiang or entities associated with the Xinjiang government on the basis of the so-called “forced labor in Xinjiang”.

Unless the importer can prove that there is no “forced labor” in the whole supply chain of relevant products, and is recognized by the U.S. government, all products related to Xinjiang will be rejected by the United States.

If an enterprise imports products from Xinjiang, the relevant products will be detained and confiscated by the U.S. Customs Department, and the relevant enterprises will also face fines and other penalties.

This move by the United States is equivalent to imposing sanctions on all products in Xinjiang.

Considering the important position of Xinjiang in global industrial chains such as solar energy and textiles, the US move will have a major impact on the global supply chain of relevant industries.

Through this initiative, the United States has three very vicious hidden purposes:

First, it created something out of nothing and created a topic in the international community to discredit, attack and slander China by hyping the so-called human rights issue in Xinjiang;

Second, strike at the advantageous industries in Xinjiang and create conditions for the United States to develop its own solar energy and other industries;

Third, disrupting the economic and social development of Xinjiang, thereby disrupting Xinjiang.

These three malicious purposes, taken together, are to coordinate with the US grand strategy of containing China.

For people with a clear eye, the United States, a country that has committed numerous crimes against Muslims in the Middle East over the past few decades, has suddenly begun to pay attention to the human rights issue in Xinjiang in recent years, just like a weasel paying New Year’s greetings to a chicken, which must be ill intentioned.

The September 11th incident in 2001 dealt a major blow to the United States. As the terrorists who participated in the attacks mainly came from Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries, and believed in Islam, the United States began to stigmatize the whole Islam.

In the following two decades, the United States launched the war in Afghanistan and invaded Iraq, Libya, Syria and other Middle East countries, causing at least hundreds of thousands or even millions of people in these countries to die and tens of millions of people to be displaced.

The United States, which pursues hegemonism, has “committed mass murder” in the Middle East, making it the country that has committed the most crimes against Muslims in the contemporary international community.

It is such a country that suddenly became concerned about the human rights of Muslims in Xinjiang, China a few years ago. It is inconceivable.

At that time, some foreign netizens asked on Twitter: “today, where is the best Muslim in the United States?”

The answer is full of irony.

“It is not the Muslims in the United States, because they have been systematically discriminated against and excluded by the mainstream society in the United States for many years; it is not the Muslims in the Middle East, because in the past decade or so, the United States has mercilessly bombed their countries, destroyed their homes and killed their relatives; the conclusion is that it is the Muslims in Xinjiang, China, because the United States will care about their human rights for the first time.”

Does the United States really care about the human rights of Muslims in Xinjiang, China?

Of course not.

According to the wechat official account “Bu Yidao”, in 2021, the diplomats of the U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou made a shocking statement when explaining to the U.S. enterprises in China why the Biden government was playing the “Xinjiang card”.

Sheila Carey, then head of the economic and Political Department of the US Consulate General in Guangzhou, and Andrew Chira, consuls, disclosed to the guests at a reception in 2021 that the US government hoped that American businessmen would “understand” that using Xinjiang to hype forced labor, genocide and attack human rights was a “struggle” and an “effective means”, The ultimate goal is to let the Chinese government “completely sink into the mire”.

Geminshi and Sheila acknowledge that: “There is no problem in Xinjiang. In fact, we all know it very well, but using Xinjiang to hype forced labor, genocide and attack human rights issues is an effective means to force Xinjiang enterprises to decouple from the international industrial chain, make Uighurs dissatisfied, destroy their ethnic relations, and make Xinjiang poor, unstable and even split away. We can use these to make the Chinese government thoroughly mired in the mire, which is good for us.”

Are you surprised?

Are you surprised?

Let me say, it’s no surprise, it’s no surprise.

The only surprise was that the diplomats of the US government, when facing us enterprises, were “so frank” and completely revealed the conspiracy behind the US government’s “Xinjiang card”.

Perhaps these American diplomats feel that through “candid” communication, they can more effectively persuade American enterprises to “take the overall situation into account” and take the initiative to cooperate with the US government to discredit China and mess up China’s “overall situation” around the Xinjiang issue.

However, I didn’t expect that the business people attending this meeting would disclose their intrigues to “mend a knife”.

So what is the truth about the Xinjiang issue?

In order to smear, slander and attack China, the US trump administration concocted a super lie about the so-called “genocide” in Xinjiang.

We can explain how absurd their statement is with only one data.

In 1953, when China conducted its first national census, Xinjiang had a population of only 4.7836 million.

By the seventh national census in 2020, the population of Xinjiang has increased to 25.8523 million. Among them, the Uygur population increased from 3607600 to 11624300. The growth rate of the Uygur population is not only higher than that of the whole Xinjiang, but also higher than that of all ethnic minorities, and more significantly higher than that of the Han population.

Is there such a “genocide” in the world?

More people kill more???

On the contrary, as the originator of the genocide policy, the Americans were very efficient in slaughtering Native American Indians.

In 1492, before the large-scale influx of European white colonists into the North American continent, the total number of local Indians reached 5million.

However, after hundreds of years of brutal plundering, oppression and massacre by white people, by the beginning of the 20th century, the number of local Indians had dropped sharply to a mere 250000, only 1/20 of that a few hundred years ago.

This is truly genocide!

As for “forced labor”, it is even more absurd.

Since the founding of new China, the economy, society and culture of Xinjiang have been developed in an all-round way, and all ethnic groups have maintained a harmonious relationship on the whole. Especially in the past decade or so, Xinjiang has gradually eliminated the breeding ground of extremism, separatism and terrorism by increasing local economic and social development, bringing Xinjiang the most stable and United situation in decades.

Today’s Xinjiang, like any other region in China, enjoys peace, tranquility and prosperity.

Xinjiang people, no matter which nationality they come from, enjoy various rights conferred by China’s labor law according to law. There is no problem of being systematically forced to work.

I know it’s a lie, but why do some people in the United States cling to their mistakes?

No profit, no early rise.

From trump to Biden, the US government has found that the “Xinjiang card” is very easy to use.

——This is an important opportunity for the United States to provoke relations between China and other Muslim countries;

——This is an important issue for the United States to discredit, attack and slander China in the international community, and to dress up as a “global defender of human rights”;

——This is an important “flag” for the United States to mobilize its allies and build a united front with China. We all remember that the EU China comprehensive investment agreement was shelved by the European Parliament after the United States provoked the European Parliament to impose sanctions on China over Xinjiang and China imposed reciprocal anti sanctions;

——This is an important starting point for the United States to disrupt Xinjiang and undermine China’s development.

The “candid statement” of US diplomats in China is the most comprehensive and truthful explanation of the real intention of the United States to play the “Xinjiang card”.

After that, the problem need not be discussed.

So, what is the effect of the United States’ fierce “Xinjiang card”?

It is clear that the US plot to sow discord between China and other Muslim countries has miscarried.

Through in-depth communication with other Muslim countries, China has invited representatives of these countries to visit Xinjiang on the spot, which has broken all the lies of the United States about Xinjiang. When the United States challenged China on the so-called Xinjiang issue at the United Nations Human Rights Council and other multilateral occasions, many Muslim countries, including the United States, directly sided with China.

The United States used the Xinjiang issue to mobilize allies against China, and to a certain extent, it was successful.

However, we should be clear that even if there is no Xinjiang issue, countries such as Britain, Canada and Australia, the “Anglo Saxon Christian white race alliance”, will still be the running dog of the United States, barking at China, and politicians such as the European Commission and the European Parliament who have no backbone and are completely bribed by the Americans will still point fingers at China.

The racial superiority of these white people will always exist.

As for the fact that the United States wants to crack down on the social and economic development of Xinjiang by hyping the Xinjiang issue, so as to make life more difficult for the people in Xinjiang, I don’t believe in evil. China’s large market with a population of 1.4 billion can’t digest the good products from Xinjiang?

Americans do not buy, it is their own loss!

From today on, I appeal to every reader to vigorously buy products from Xinjiang.

From Xinjiang raisins, Hami melons to date palms, to all kinds of clothes, shoes and socks using Xinjiang high-quality cotton, we bought them.

Let us imperialists despair and despair in the face of the unity and mutual assistance of the Chinese people.

To make Xinjiang develop better and better is the strongest blow to the Anti China elements in the United States.

In the summer of 2017, I went on a self driving tour in Xinjiang with my family. Snow capped mountains, grasslands and lakes make people intoxicated by the great beauty of Xinjiang. When the epidemic is over, I will go back again.

As for the US Anti China elements who continue to make lies and noises about the Xinjiang issue, we have one attitude:

“Listen to the cricket, but don’t plant crops?”

“Listen to the dog barking and don’t walk?”

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