The U.S. abortion ban and the world population eradication program!

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The article was originally created by the “blood drink” official account. Wechat: caojianming1989

According to the global times, on June 24 local time, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the ruling in the “Roe v. Wade case”. This ruling legalized abortion in the United States in 1973.

[fantastic injunction]

After the Supreme Court of the United States overturned women’s right to legalize abortion, it triggered a fierce conflict between the two parties. Democratic President Biden opposed this, while former Republican president trump highly appreciated it and attributed the result to himself.

At present, the prohibition of abortion has taken effect in at least six states: Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and South Dakota. These states have already begun to ban the sale of abortion drugs, and do not rule out that they will ban the sale of all contraceptives in the future. In response to the prohibition of abortion, the Democratic Party introduced measures such as “interstate abortion” and “overseas abortion subsidies” to counter the prohibition of the US Supreme Court.

What does this ban mean? Once the abortion prohibition order is accepted by the state, the law will determine that as long as a woman is pregnant, the fetus in her belly has the full right to life. No one can kill the baby before it is born. Any abortion measure before its birth is an act of murder against the fetus. Abortion to terminate pregnancy is very likely to be charged with murder.

Before the promulgation of the abortion order, women had the right to choose whether to have an abortion. With the promulgation of the abortion order, women will lose their autonomy over their own bodies. This is a complete deprivation of women’s rights, a serious violation of human rights, and reducing women to reproductive machines. This kind of anti human behavior should have appeared in the dark middle ages, but now it has actually appeared in the United States, which is known as the beacon of world civilization. It is simply reversing history, reflecting the unity of politics and religion in the United States. The current abortion order, like Washington, the founding father of the United States, exudes the barbarism of child slave owners.


[root cause of the ban]

What is the fundamental reason why the United States has issued such an absurd ban on abortion?

This ban was issued by the US Supreme Court. On October 26, a few days before the 2020 election, trump attended the inauguration ceremony of justice Barrett of the US Supreme Court. After Barrett took office, the number of conservative to liberal judges in the Supreme Court of the United States became a majority of 6 to 3. It was with the support of this group of conservative justices that the prohibition of abortion was passed

The number of justices has changed from the majority of liberal justices in the Clinton era to the majority of conservative justices now. Behind this is the rapid change in public opinion of the white population in the United States. This change is manifested in the core Neoconservatism of exclusion, white supremacy and populism, which is also the core political force supporting trump to take office.

So why did Neoconservatism introduce this ban?

At present, the two major trends that are taking place in the United States make Neoconservatism like an ant on a hot pot!

The first major trend is the rapid slowdown of population growth in the United States. According to the latest census data of the United States, 2021 is the slowest year for the United States to rely on population growth since the founding of the people’s Republic of China, and the national population growth rate is only 0.1%. If the slowdown continues, negative population growth in the United States will be just around the corner.

The second trend is that the proportion of white people in the United States is declining rapidly. According to the U.S. Census in 2020, although white people are still the most populous ethnic group, their population has decreased by 2.6% compared with 10 years ago, and their proportion has also decreased from 63.7% 10 years ago to 57.8%, the largest decline in history. If this trend continues, the proportion of white people will be less than 50% in 30 years. In the end, the white people will completely lose their national dominant position, and the United States will no longer be a white country!

Neoconservatives believe that as long as the abortion prohibition order is issued, the number of white births can be directly increased and the rapid decline in the number and proportion of white people in the United States can be reversed. This is the fundamental reason why American Neoconservatism introduced the prohibition of abortion at this time.

White people in the United States, especially low-level white people, account for the majority of white people. They are the main supporters of the Neo conservatism advocated by trump. Since 2000, with the outward transfer of employment opportunities, white people at the bottom of the United States have lost their source of income. Most of these people are baby boomers. In their childhood, their education was an “American Dream” with bright future. The huge contrast between this ideal and reality has left them in deep despair. They can only rely on drugs and alcohol to comfort themselves. Finally, many people end their painful lives by committing suicide. According to an article in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it is estimated that at least 500000 people died prematurely “through pain”.

After the reality dream broke, these white people at the bottom blamed the reduction of job opportunities and the American dream broken on the influx of immigrants and people of color. Therefore, they stood on the opposite side of the Neo liberalism represented by the Democratic Party. They opposed immigration and supported the border wall. They believed that as long as the influx of immigrants was blocked, they could prevent job opportunities from flowing out and being robbed by new immigrants. In their consciousness, they think that as long as they have a job, they can earn a lot of money and achieve the American dream.

In the eyes of white people at the bottom, the super terrifying fertility of colored people, especially blacks, makes them feel deep fear. The decline in the number and proportion of white people has made them unable to see the hope of the future, which has led to a deep fear of reproduction. In contrast to the Neo liberalism represented by Biden, they continue to advocate and support gay, transgender and other Rainbow people, and publicly encourage them to join the Rainbow people, at the cost of female sterilization and male eunuch. This not only violates the bottom line of conservatism, but also violates the bottom line of mankind. After all, survival and reproduction are the first priority of mankind. Without reproduction, any civilization will perish. The Democratic Party’s Rainbow policy further stimulated the deepest and most sensitive nerves of the white people at the bottom of the declining population, so anger began to accumulate until it erupted.

The dissatisfaction of the present and the future, combined with the Democratic Party’s “perverse actions”, has made them more and more close to American Neoconservatism. This is the strength of the American Neoconservatism represented by trump to challenge the Biden administration by banning abortion in the Supreme Court. This also explains why the ban came into effect soon after it was issued in six Republican states, including Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma and South Dakota. These regions are the first white dominated Central Agricultural states in the United States, and are the main vote holders of American Neoconservatism.

According to this trend, in the future, half of the Republican states in the United States will implement the prohibition of abortion. On the surface, the ban passed by the Republican Party led by trump seems to be opposed and protested by a large number of people. However, a careful observation shows that the protesters are mainly concentrated in the Democratic Party’s traditional voting positions in California, New York, Washington, Oregon and so on. Almost no people in the Republican states took to the streets to protest. This shows that white people at the bottom of the United States have expressed their support for the ban with their own feet! Silent foot support, far more than the voice of mouth protest, can better reflect the aspirations of the white people at the bottom.


[political game behind prohibition]

So what is the political significance of the ban?

In particular, let’s talk about the “political wisdom” of the Republican Party, including trump. The introduction of the abortion ban seems absurd, but from the political point of view of the struggle between the two parties, it can not only win over the bottom white people and severely hurt Biden’s support rate, but also enable the Republican Party to obtain other greater political interests. These political interests mainly include;


Increase the relative Republican majority

After the ban on abortion is issued, the population of people of color will also increase because of the ban. Will this lead to a drop in white votes? In fact, the opposite is true. The difference between the American electoral system and Germany and other countries is that American citizens must register before they can become voters. In conservative states such as the Republican Party, the registration of colored people not only takes a lot of time, but also faces the restrictions of invisible racial discriminatory regulations such as the grandfather rule, while whites have a higher vote registration rate. In the United States, the registration rate of white people is 80%, while that of colored people is less than 30%. Under the racial discrimination policy, almost every birth of white people is a valid vote, and colored people are difficult to register successfully in Republican states. Therefore, even if the birth population of white people and people of color increases synchronously due to the prohibition of abortion, white people are more likely to get votes than people of color. These white people who benefited from the ban naturally tended to support the Republican Party when they grew up. Therefore, in the long run, the ban actually has the obvious advantage of increasing white votes and strengthening the Republican Party’s vote position in the traditional central region.


Weaken the Democratic Party’s position

After the issuance of the abortion prohibition order, the best way to avoid legal punishment in the Republican state is to go to the democratic state where legal abortion is allowed. However, if they return to the Republican state and are reported, they will inevitably be put in prison. Therefore, for the people who want to choose abortion, the best way is to move away from the Republican state, so as to avoid criminal prosecution. This will lead to a large number of colored people moving to democratic states, so that the proportion of white votes in Republican states will continue to rise.

A large outflow of colored voters from the central Republican states seems to increase the democratic vote. In fact, this will not help the Democratic Party to enhance its advantage in the U.S. presidential election, but will benefit the Republican Party. Because the United States has an electoral vote system, the number of electoral votes in each state is fixed. For example, California has 55 electoral votes. Whoever wins the election will eat all the electoral votes. This system is not a direct election by the whole people. It is not that whoever has a large number of voters will be elected. The influx of colored people into democratic states such as California does increase the number of support votes of local Democratic candidates, but it does not change the fact that California has only 55 electoral votes. To change the votes of each state, it is necessary to obtain the permission of the U.S. Supreme Court with a conservative majority, which is obviously very unlikely.

It can be said that the abortion Prohibition Act has directly strengthened the political advantage of white supremacy Republicans in the United States. Under the prohibition of abortion, a large number of Democratic voters, mainly colored people, poured into democratic states, which will only further weaken the Democratic Party’s vote position in Republican states and further enhance the Republican Party’s vote position advantage in the central region. In some neutral and swing states, even the rust state where the Democratic Party’s vote box is located, where there are a large number of white blue collar workers and serious unemployment, is very likely to waver. The flight of a large number of Democratic voters will cause the balance to tilt to the Republican Party. In this way, the Republican Party is not only very likely to recapture Biden in the Senate in the mid-term elections in November this year, but also more likely to overturn in the general election in 2024, win more state electoral votes and pull Biden down.

Before stepping down, successive US presidents are bound to lose control of one of the two chambers, and so was Obama. At the beginning of the mid-term elections in the United States, the Republican Party led by trump launched this big move to fight against the liberal Biden with populism, which can be called Trump’s killing move to use the Supreme Court to fight Biden. This is also the direct reason why trump promoted the ban to take effect!


[impact of the ban on fertility in the United States]

Speaking of this, some readers may ask, can this ban really increase the white birth rate in the United States? The answer is yes in the short term and no in the long term.

First of all, the Republican Party’s ban on abortion is not the first in the world. It is just imitating Israel’s fertility policy. Although Israel nominally allows women to have abortions, women’s abortions are not entirely determined by their own will, but must be approved by a special committee. In Israel, women can get away with illegal abortion, but doctors will be sentenced to five years’ imprisonment. At the same time, for women, even if they are allowed to have an abortion, the law supports abortion as a condition for divorce! Therefore, Israel is a country that openly allows abortion but secretly opposes it.

Why does Israel strictly control abortion?

One of the important reasons is to increase the number of Jews in Israel. After Israel stole the Palestinian territory, it has been expanding settlements. However, the fertility rate of Jewish women in the country has been unable to surpass that of Arab women. The total number of births is relatively small for Arabs, which has been a drag on Israel’s annexation of Palestine. Fearing the superiority of the number of Israeli Palestinians, Israel has been afraid to let go of annexing the whole of Palestine, let alone take tough measures against Israeli Palestinians in Israel. Therefore, in order to increase more people and quickly annex Palestinian areas, they oppose abortion at the legal level and encourage women to have more children.

With the strong support of the Israeli government, the number of Jewish women giving birth has increased rapidly. According to the population data released by the Israeli Bureau of statistics in january2020, the fertility rate of Jewish women living in Israel and West Bank settlements was 3.05, while that of Israeli Arab women was 3.04. This is the first time in history that the fertility rate of Jewish women in Israel has surpassed that of Arab women.

On this basis, on july19,2018, the Israeli parliament quickly passed the Jewish nation state bill. The bill stipulates that Israel is a Jewish national state, and only Jews have the “right of national self-determination”. This racist bill directly deprives Arabs who believe in YSL religion in Israel of their civil rights. It is a completely racist law. The endorsement of this law is the rapid increase in the fertility rate of Jewish women in Israel. Jewish women use their wombs to provide population security for Israel’s annexation of Palestine. With a population advantage, Israel began to occupy more Palestinian settlements. This is also one of the deep-seated factors for the frequent outbreak of Palestinian Israeli conflicts and the accelerated annexation of Palestine by Israel since 2018. Population has become a weapon for Israel to invade the sovereignty of other countries!

So, since Israel has restricted abortion in exchange for the rapid growth of the Jewish population, can the United States effectively replicate this model? The answer is no!

Another reason why Israel’s population has grown so fast is that Jewish consortia continue to transfer wealth to Israel, and Zionists around the world, such as China’s orange juice, are also investing in Israel on a large scale. A small and tiny place with only 9million people has attracted a large number of funds from all over the world. With the support of a huge amount of funds, the haridi Jews in Israel have money to pay if they don’t work. The children’s science, education, culture and health care are free. Every day, except for reading scriptures, they have children. There is no living burden, and the population has naturally exploded.

In contrast, in the United States, the wealth here is constantly drained by Jewish capital, and the wealth flows to Israel and overseas offshore dollar markets through transnational capital. One is the continuous inflow of wealth, the other is the continuous outflow of wealth. One has a population of only 9million, and the other has a population of 350million. It is obvious that the carefree life of Israeli Jews is beyond the reach of Americans at present.

In fact, the essence of population problem is economic problem. Whether to have children is directly linked to the birth cost. In the United States, for example, house prices in the United States are now 50% higher than in 2016, 10.4% higher in 2020 and 18.8% higher in 2021. The soaring housing prices have further increased the costs of education, medical care and health care. Under the industrialization of science, education, culture and health, the American people have been overwhelmed.

Taking education as an example, under the industrialization of education, the tuition fees of universities are rising. In the 1990s, middle-class Americans everywhere could fully afford their children’s school tuition. But now, American college students have begun to sell their bodies to earn tuition.

In 2015, an American youth who graduated from Massachusetts Institute of technology founded the website “beauty looking for Godfather”, with more than 12million registered users, including 2million “Godfather” and 4million “godmother”, and the rest are American male and female college students who have registered as “sugar heart”. This website is to let rich men find girlfriends. The function of the website is to pimp and arrange for both parties to provide sex transactions. The reason why so many female college students have registered is that their tuition fees have soared to nearly $40000. The huge debt has forced them to give up their dignity and look for Godfather support. Even many female college students from famous American universities have registered as “sugar hearts”.

It is hard to imagine that the children of ordinary American families today need to sell their bodies to get tuition in college. With the deterioration of the economic situation, even if they graduate by selling their bodies, the jobs they find are not satisfactory. The fertility cost remains high, but the income obtained continues to decline. Obviously, the input is not proportional to the output. As an economic animal, human beings will naturally choose to actively sterilize. Therefore, capitalism is naturally anti-human, and its characteristics of wild collection will inevitably lead to human active sterilization. This can not be solved through oneortwo so-called prohibitions on abortion. Not all countries, like Israel, can just give birth without worrying about food, drink and education. Therefore, the ban on abortion may increase the number of whites in the short term, but in the long run, the population problem in the United States is insoluble.


[abortion prohibition and population clearance program]

At this point, you may have a new problem. The Jewish syndicate and the Republican Party behind Neoconservatism have been implementing the global population eradication plan, haven’t they? Isn’t it self contradictory to advocate more lives now?

Here we need to understand the overall picture of the population clearance program. Its real meaning is not to eliminate the global population indiscriminately, but to accurately target to increase the number of white people including kosher Jews, and to exterminate non Zionist colored people externally. To sum up, non-human beings must be different and must be eradicated in an all-round way! In this process, they are constantly increasing the population of Zionist groups, while reducing the base number of non Zionist groups. Between one rise and one fall, they can increase the number and proportion of Zionist groups in the whole mankind.

Take Israel as an example. Its main body is Kosa Jews. On the one hand, they increase the fertility rate of Jewish women. At the same time, they continue to kill Palestinians, and even allow military police to shoot Palestinian children; On the other hand, China, India and other ethnic countries are constantly encouraged to take the initiative to sterilize, and even sterilize Ethiopian Jewish black women immigrating to Israel, prohibiting them from giving birth to black Jews.

In fact, Israel’s sterilization of Semitic black Jewish women in Ethiopia is only a microcosm of the racism pursued by Israel. It is well documented that the anti Chinese act passed by the United States in the 19th century was also facilitated by Jews. Even the racist methods used by Nazi Hitler in those years were just a routine learned from American Jews.

After entering the 21st century, they have made RNA virus another sharp weapon in the population elimination plan. In this process, they have specially customized virus weapons for Slavs, Aryans and Chinese people, which is the coronavirus represented by the new crown. At present, the mortality rate of the new crown in Russia is 1.2% and that of the Chinese is about 4.5%. These are the concrete manifestations of the real goal of the population clearance program. As for the next step, they have written it out, called the Rockefeller 2010 plan.

The content of the population clearance plan is extremely huge. The earliest plan came from the early 19th century. However, it surfaced in the 1970s. This plan was first proposed by Jewish Kissinger.

In 1974, Kissinger submitted the infamous NSSM 200 plan to the U.S. government. This report was entitled “the impact of global population growth on U.S. security and overseas interests”. In this report, Kissinger proposed that the substantial increase in the population of developing countries led by India would lead to the consumption of global resources, which would pose a challenge to the long-term national security of the United States. Its goal is to provide policy assistance for population control to the above-mentioned countries. The purpose is to “help” these countries control their population, promote birth control and fasting, so as to slow down the consumption of global resources and protect the national security of the United States.

The logic behind this plan is the same as that behind the prohibition of abortion in the United States. It aims to eliminate colored people internally and ensure the supply of white resources. In order to carry out this plan, Kissinger also set up the equally notorious Rome club. At the same time, in order to carry out this plan, they put forward Malthus’ theory of population, which has long been proved to be a fallacy, and even took out computer models, in a vain attempt to demonstrate that population and resources are binary opposites, and attributed the backwardness of the national economic development to the large population. This theory deliberately ignores the fact that it is the explosion of Western science and technology that has led to the white people becoming the most populous race in the world. It is the scientific and technological progress driven by human wisdom that has allowed human beings to multiply from the initial seven people to 7billion people. In October, 2021, Chinese scientists synthesized carbon monoxide into protein for the first time. On April 28, 2022, Chinese scientists synthesized carbon dioxide into glucose for the first time. All these have proved that after the energy problem is solved, the food problem will be completely solved, and population and resources are not binary opposites.

Scientific and technological progress has turned previously unusable resources into food. Scientific and technological development has led to economic development, and economic development has led to population growth. The relationship between the two is a dialectical unity, but Kissinger and other Jewish odds and ends have secretly replaced it with a binary opposition between economic development and population growth.

Under the cover of Malthus’ anti-human theory, the club of Rome attributed the uneven global resources to the population growth of developing countries due to Western colonialism, and described the harmful consequences of Western colonialism as too many colonized developing countries. The expansion of population and ethnic groups and eating to live have been described as original sins by capital. It was they who secretly replaced the main contradiction in the international struggle from colonialism and anti colonialism to the contradiction between economic development and population growth in developing countries that successfully transferred the contradiction to the developing countries. Not only does it muzzle developing countries, but it also encourages the United States to increase its consumption of global resources. Under their bandit logic, the more resources are occupied, the stronger the national strength is. The less resources are occupied, the weaker the national strength is. As long as this plan is successfully implemented, the comprehensive threat to the United States from developing countries can be eliminated without a single blow.


[genetically modified two faced people who influence the current situation]

In order to successfully carry out these fallacies, the Rome club has extensively invited key figures in developing countries, including India, who can influence national decision-making to conduct academic exchanges. These brainwashed elites cooperated with the “gorbachevs” in developing countries to formulate birth control policies as their national policies. The consequences are well known and will not be repeated.

This is true of the population clearance plan and the biochemical field. People in some key fields in China are the key targets of Western infiltration. On January 4, 2010, Obama announced the liberalization of AIDS entry testing. In April 2010, with the support of a brick family who returned from western study, China quickly liberalized the entry restrictions of foreign AIDS patients. Since then, AIDS in China has begun to explode. The most indignant thing is that this brick family is engaged in the prevention and control of AIDS abroad, but after returning home, it led the policy of letting a large number of foreign AIDS patients enter China, and took the lead in practicing the lying flat line of coexistence with AIDS. Similar to this, the so-called brick experts after the outbreak of the new crown announced that the novel coronavirus came from bats at the first time, instilling the view that the epidemic originated from nature to policy makers, in an attempt to mislead the national epidemic prevention policy.

While selling Western views, these people have gained both fame and wealth from the western academic community. They have been inundated with honors such as academician of the Royal Swedish Academy of engineering, foreign academician of the National Academy of engineering, academician of the Eurasian Academy of Sciences, and academician of the National Academy of Microbial Sciences. While working hard to win honor for the west, they make use of their key position at home to profoundly affect the direction of national policies.

In the implementation of the population elimination plan, Jewish capital led by the Rome club infiltrated and transformed personnel in key fields in China. This approach is similar to the GM editing technology, which steals the beam and changes the pillar in the specific links of China’s policy implementation, successfully marries the Western perspective, and thus realizes localization. This technique is also similar to the way that aliens lay eggs in the target mother, use the mother’s environment to breed new aliens, and the resulting aliens will eventually kill the mother.

[gene editing in the cultural field]

This gene editing and grafting technology has not only appeared in the biochemical field, but also in the cultural field. It has become a sharp weapon for cultural invasion! The same is true of poison textbooks and Hollywood movies.

In June, 1998, the animated film Mulan produced by Disney Company was released in the United States. This film is a model of Western cultural invasion.

Hua Mulan lived in the Northern Wei Dynasty, and his deeds are mainly recorded in the Mulan CI. In the Mulan Ci, it is mentioned that “last night, Khan ordered troops” and “Khan asked what he wanted, but Mulan didn’t need shangshulang”. The Northern Wei Dynasty is a minority regime established by the Xianbei nationality, and Khan is the title of the monarch of the Northern Wei Dynasty. All these show that Hua Mulan went to the battlefield at the call of Khan. It was mentioned that three generations of Mulan’s grandparents and grandchildren were all military families. When Mulan joined the army for her father, “the east city bought a horse, the west city bought a saddle, the south city bought a bridle, and the north city bought a whip”. In ancient times, soldiers had to buy their own weapons and equipment to fight, which was obviously the case for military families under the world army system implemented in the Northern Wei Dynasty. From the time and place mentioned in Mulan Ci, Hua Mulan participated in the battle of breaking Rouran in the Northern Wei Dynasty in 429 ad. From three generations of military service to the Northern Wei Dynasty, it can be inferred that Hua Mulan should be a Xianbei woman.

Xianbei people are generally handsome, with high noses, deep eyes, blond hair and blue eyes. Fu Jian, the emperor of the former Qin Dynasty, liked murongchong, a beautiful man of Xianbei nationality, and called him Bai Lu. Here, “Bai Lu” refers specifically to Xianbei, and Bai refers to white people. As for the appearance of Xianbei people, there are many references in Tang and Song poems, such as “yellow headed Xianbei entering Luoyang” in Zhang Ji’s yongjiaxing, and “old Xianbei with red beard and blue eyes” in Su Shi’s “two horses of Han Gan”. Blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin are the looks of Xianbei people. However, in Disney movies, Mulan has dark skin and upright eyes, which makes her extremely fierce and vilified by Hollywood. This method is to replace its national and ethnic attributes with the ugly stereotype in the eyes of Americans. This is the editorial replacement and grafting in the field of culture.


Does the brushwork of Hua Mulan in Disney cartoons look like that in poison textbooks?

In addition, the film also cleverly replaces Hua Mulan’s feelings of protecting the country with Western values that advocate personal freedom and independence. In history, Hua Mulan joined the army for her father in order to help the country fight back the invaders. The reason why he did not choose to escape when Khan ordered troops was that he loved the country and the people. Only then did he go to the battlefield fearlessly and bravely kill the enemy and defend his country. But at the end of this Hollywood film, it was replaced by the Western values of pursuing personal freedom and became the spokesman of Western values.

The same problem has arisen in other civilizations. The film Aladdin released in may2019 is a film adapted from Arab legends. In Arab legends, Aladdin is a Chinese, but in the film he becomes a white man. What is more ridiculous is that the character of Aladdin is set to be a petty thief. In YSL law, thieves are the most despised. Once caught, they will cut off their hands, This kind of role setting is basically making fun of others’ beliefs. What is more ridiculous is that, like Mulan animation films, they still publicize the American Western values that advocate personal freedom. This wave of editing, grafting and value implantation is flawless. If it is not a global audience who knows the history of other countries, it is easy to be taken to the ditch.

Like the transformation of novel coronavirus by golden finger, which adopts gene editing technology in the field of Biochemistry, in the field of culture, we are encountering the invasion of more cultural garbage transformed by gene editing and grafting. This cultural invasion may not only affect the country’s major policies, but also greatly affect the formation of children’s and adolescents’ values. This silent infiltration is the main method of American Color Revolution. In fact, the poison teaching materials we have paid attention to before are also the same routine. By comparing the new Jiang poison textbook incident, we can see that this kind of infiltration will eventually cause endless harm.


[clean up the portal and face off]

So, how should we deal with this conspiracy?

In my opinion, the first thing we need to do for this silent infiltration is to review the key personnel and severely punish those double dealers in the system. For example, the first criminal of Xinjiang drug teaching materials was shot.

In addition to the heavy punishment after discovery, it is more about a face-to-face confrontation with the West! Westerners, in their bones, advocate power! It is useless to reason with them, but they can immediately understand the hard fist. Therefore, in the process of getting along with the west, we should give up self touching and give a quick counterattack to the provocation of the enemy. Especially in terms of major security interests, we do not need to worry about the views of the West and directly show a strong and unrelenting position until the West accepts our position and views.

Here, the most typical cases are drug trafficking and intentional homicide. China has zero tolerance for them. Children all over the world now know that China will be sentenced to death if it is caught trafficking in drugs. After AK Mao was caught trafficking in new ginger in China, even if the British Prime Minister pleaded, China still executed him; In june2010, German youths killed a German woman on the streets of Xiamen. Even if German politicians pleaded, they were still sentenced to death. Despite resistance to China’s severe punishment of the above-mentioned crimes, the vast majority of Westerners support it.

In the relationship between China and the west, infiltration is inevitable. To stop this infiltration, in addition to seizing the public opinion field, it is also urgent to establish an ideological defense force. There is no organic three-dimensional defense force. A small incident can also trigger a huge vortex of Tacitus trap. At the same time, we should also intensify the strict review of key figures in key fields, especially those who have made no achievements in domestic scientific research but have won the name of Western multi field experts. Such transgenic people must be highly guarded against and severely eliminated.

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