The underworld has not been cleaned up!

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Author: lukewarm source: official account: lukewarm studio has been authorized to reprint

We media do not have the right to interview news events, so all my following information comes from public online materials, and the source of each material will be put at the end.

I will rely on the economic chain analysis method to make a simple analysis and judgment on the Tangshan incident and the interest chain behind it.

The text begins below.

In 2007, led by yangguoquan, gaorongguang, gaorongjie and yangqizhong, Tangshan organized a gang to set up a so-called fishery association in LUANNAN COUNTY, Bohai Bay.

The association controlled the waters around zuidong, Nanbao, Caofeidian and Fengnan Heiyanzi by means of violence, distributed the controlled waters to fishermen, required fishermen to sell their catches to the company at a price of 3-5 yuan per kilogram lower than the market purchase price, collected protection fees from fishermen, organized fishermen to carry out large-scale illegal fishing during the closed season, and foreign dealers had to pay a toll of 10-15 yuan to purchase seafood in the harbor, Then buy seafood at a high price from yangguoquan.

In 2011, zhaojiangguo’s fleet (a pseudonym) made money fishing in the waters around zuidong. Yang Guoquan blackmailed zhaojiangguo for 200000 yuan. After zhaojiangguo paid him 180000 yuan, Yang Guoquan was still dissatisfied. Zhao Jiangguo had to flee the area after being threatened.

In September, 2017, yangguoquan gang was arrested by Tangshan public security organ, and the relevant umbrella was traced. “Tangshan Municipal Commission for discipline inspection examined and investigated 62 party members and cadres who were in collusion with and associated with the evil forces and exercised public power.”

When they were finally arrested, yangguoquan and others made a total profit of more than 300million yuan.

In this case, 104 members were identified and 54 criminal cases were solved. Yang Guoquan and others committed 17 crimes, including the crime of organizing and leading a criminal organization organization, the crime of illegal fishing of aquatic products, the crime of forced trading, the crime of gathering people to fight, and the crime of extortion. They were detained and sealed up 2 iron ships, 20 luxury cars, 12million bank deposits, 3.2 million funds, 39million shares, 9million yuan in cash and 41 sets of real estate.

On november27,2019, yangguoquan was sentenced to 24 years’ imprisonment, and 66 people including gaorongguang, gaorongjie and yangqizhong were sentenced to 6 months to 22 years.

Yangguoquan’s gang was arrested in 2017. In the first instance in 2018, Tangshan Yunhong aquatic products breeding Co., Ltd. suddenly failed to operate.

The company was founded in 2016, and its legal person and executive director are called chenjizhi.

Chenjizhi was born in November, 1980, Han nationality, living in Lunan District, Tangshan city. He was the principal criminal of the case of violent beating of women in a barbecue shop that caused a nationwide sensation and triggered a national public opinion tsunami in June, 2022. He was the first man in green who flirted with women in the video, and was the source of conflict in this case.

The barbecue shop is called old Seoul. Chenjizhi lives only about 3 kilometers away from the barbecue shop.

Chenjizhi’s financial situation doesn’t look very good. (just looks)

In July, 2018, a set of real estate owned by chenjizhi was auctioned due to private lending disputes, with the execution target of 705000 yuan. In August, high consumption was restricted because there was no property available for execution;

In 2019, chenjizhi was accused of defaulting on the air ticket payment of 33640 yuan, and chenjizhi was unable to pay it, so he was listed as a dishonest executee;

In 2019, chenjizhi was sued by the bank, demanding to repay the house purchase loan and interest totaling 497000 yuan;

In July, 2021, the “doulaofang” hotpot store operated by chenjizhi could not be maintained. The store had been sublet and had two new owners. The store was also near the barbecue shop where the accident occurred.

Innocent new bosses are still decorating. These days, they are implicated. People are constantly throwing eggs and sending wreaths here, which makes them very annoying.

Over the years, Chen Jizhi and his three partners have been appearing in various news bulletins.

These three persons are Liu Tao (key figure), Gao Jie and houchengliang.

The four plus one are known as the “five tigers” in the local area. From their group photos and their news bulletins, Chen Jizhi, Liu Tao, Gao Jie and Hou Chengliang are very, very familiar.

According to the network records of Meipian account “Lubei patrol control”, as well as the criminal judgments published by Tangshan intermediate people’s court and the judgment document network, a large number of traces of activities of these four people can be found.

The earliest we can find is the criminal judgment of the first instance of liuqinglin and Li moujia gathering people to fight in Tangshan court in 2015

The specific process was that in June, 2014, a man named Lulu called houchengliang and asked him to drive Gao Jie, Zhang Shuo and Li Chao to Caofeidian, where they all wore red shirts to fight in groups. However, this time they failed.

There are two signals:

First, houchengliang and Gao Jie must be acquaintances. There was a fight record in 2014. Birds of a feather flock together. The so-called five tigers became familiar in 2014 or earlier.

Second, these people have a low social status and can be called at will. They are uniformly dressed and on call. They are the smallest ponies in the underworld system and the lowest rotten ones.

At this time, the leaders of Tangshan underworld should still be yangguoquan, gaorongguang, gaorongjie and yangqizhong, and there may be some undisclosed names. The four rotten boys who bullied the weak women in the barbecue shop in June 2022 can only eat the leftovers of Yang Guoquan and others in 2014.

For example, later, an aquatic product company was set up. From the seafood market ruled by yangguoquan, there were some small resources flowing out.

Houchengliang was released on bail in july2015 for fighting.

Not long after, in december2015, these people committed crimes again.

On December 13, five people, Chen Jizhi, Liu Tao, Gao Jie, houchengliang and Wang Lei, were in wenxinyuan community, Lubei District, Tangshan. They injured Shang for debt collection, and then took Shang to a compound for further beating. After beating, Shang was locked in the trunk of the car for ten hours. Shang was hit with “frontal depression, comminuted fracture, brain tissue contusion and laceration, and ulnar comminuted fracture”.

After Mr. Shang reported the case, Liu Tao, who was born in 1989, was identified as the principal criminal. He injured Mr. Shang with a steering wheel lock. However, he was arrested at the end of 2015 and was only arrested in March 2018. He was actually free for more than two years.

At the end of 2015, Chen Jizhi, Liu Tao, Gao Jie and Hou Chengliang were the main sources of income. It seems that they still engaged in low-end underworld activities such as fighting in groups and asking for debts, but they also had another important income: underground casinos.

A person who had worked with chenjizhi said in an interview with the cover news that in 2014, chenjizhi brought two people from Tanghai County to Macao for gambling. They came back and said that they had been cheated by 800000. They heard that he was arrested and wanted to entertain guests to celebrate.

“In recent years, chenjizhi has been gambling. He has organized local people to participate. During the last World Cup, he made a lot of money.”

It can be inferred that over the years, the main source of income of the five tigers in Tangshan should be clearing the market for the big guys, fighting a group of fights, and collecting debts, and then relying on the big guys’ resources to make money from the monopoly aquatic products and casinos.

In 2017, something more strange happened.

That year, Chen Jizhi bought a car from Zhu Bo. On February 4, he handed the car over to his old friend Liu Tao, who didn’t even have a driver’s license. Liu Tao drove and hit eight cars on Xiangyun road in Lubei District at 10 p.m. (the evidence comes from the civil judgment of the second instance on the liability dispute between Chen mouzhi, sunshiyong, Liu Tao and other motor vehicle traffic accidents on the judgment document website.)

Finally, Chen Jizhi took the responsibility for Liu Tao, but all the compensation totaled 28215 yuan, and he has been in default until now.

At this time, Chen Jizhi and Liu Tao were “fugitives from criminal detention”. The two fugitives actually went to the traffic control team and Tangshan intermediate court to deal with traffic incidents normally.

Chenjizhi, who is still at large, took the opportunity to travel around the country in 2016 and owed more than 30000 yuan for air tickets. In 2016, he registered an aquatic company, which is likely to climb the economic chain of yangguoquan from this line.

In 2017, when yangguoquan was arrested, chenjizhi fled Tangshan and did not return until after the 2018 lunar new year. It is very likely that he is avoiding the limelight of Yang Guoquan’s case.

In 2019, the cruel Liu Tao beat Shang to “sunken frontal bone, comminuted fracture, contusion and laceration of brain tissue, and comminuted fracture of ulna”. Unexpectedly, Liu Tao was sentenced to only two years and one month of fixed-term imprisonment because he “voluntarily pleaded guilty in court”. Because he was arrested in april2018, he was only imprisoned for more than one year.


It’s really weird. It’s weird.

After yangguoquan’s arrest, chenjizhi opened a hot pot shop not far from home, and may also be running underground gambling (no evidence, only others’ oral accounts). He closed the hot pot shop in July 2021, but chenjizhi should be making money. At least at this time, he owns a BMW X5, and people who know him also call him “Xiaozhi”.

In 2020, Liu Tao came out of prison, and the five tigers of Tangshan got together again.

On the evening of June 10, 2022, chenxiaoliang, Li Xin, mayunqi and shenxiaojun from Taizhou, Jiangsu, drove a Maybach s480 to Tangshan, where they found Chen Jizhi, Liu Tao and lihongrui and had a barbecue together with two women.

Three of the four people from Jiangsu have criminal records.

Chenxiaoliang, born in 1979, was arrested in august2018 for the crime of opening a casino and sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. He was released in July 2021.

Shenxiaojun, born in 1983, has been sentenced for drug abuse, mob fighting and intentional injury. In 2018, he was sentenced for mob gambling.

Mayunqi, who was born in 1996, is shenxiaojun’s minion. He is usually responsible for standing guard and letting out the wind. He also committed crimes because of gathering people to fight.

As these people are mainly engaged in underground casino activities, it is not surprising that Chen Jizhi’s main source of income should also come from underground casinos. Therefore, it is likely that these people gather together because of the cooperation of underground casinos, either to prepare for this year’s world cup or to exchange gambling money.

When seven men and two women were having a barbecue in the old Seoul barbecue shop, chenjizhi flirted with a woman and made moves. After the woman refused, chenjizhi slapped the woman and the woman fought back. Chenjizhi and Liu Tao used extremely cruel and vicious means of violence to knock the woman and her companions to the ground, or even dragged them outside the shop to beat them again.

After the fight, seven men and two women scattered. Chen Jizhi, who was used to it, even drove his BMW X5 around Tangshan street.

However, a man named Zhengyi (a pseudonym) was shocked and heartbroken at 8:00 the next morning after “getting the video from some channels”, so he posted the video online.

As a result, the first half of 2022 witnessed the largest public anger in China.

After the incident, I consulted several criminal investigators who were familiar with the underworld economic chain, and retired personnel who had participated in relevant activities and paid a heavy price.

According to them, in the underworld circle, the lowest level is the chicken head of a prostitute, a violent debt collector, a thug in a small casino and a nightclub, and a little brother of Dafei smuggling.

Further up, there are lenders, entertainment clubs, a small number of Engineering fleets or mixing plants, mining, gravel and real estate owners.

These three industries are high input and high output industries. Not from the underworld, no resources, no energy, no relationship is definitely impossible.

Underground casino, night show and usury are the three most common projects, with large starting capital, high risk and high return, generally starting in tens of millions.

Those who can survive the troubled times have now stopped doing business.

It is obvious that chenjizhi and others in the barbecue shop, after surviving their career as a horse boy in 2014, are brushing up their experience and preparing to upgrade to a medium-level underworld member in 2022. Just when his career is in the middle stage, because he exposes his rogue nature in the barbecue shop, he has been hit head-on by the society.

In fact, this is the sediment after the anti Mafia campaign in Tangshan in 2017. It is the recurrence of the social cancer that has not been eradicated.

Finally, I have to talk about the yangguoquan case. 62 cadres involved in the case were reorganized, and only 3 cadres were transferred to the judiciary.

The strange experiences of chenjizhi and Liu Tao in Tangshan have not yielded any results so far.

In fact, in front of the powerful national violence machine, the underworld is nothing but scum. Once it is beaten, it will collapse, and everyone will come to no good end.

What is terrible is never the underworld. What is terrible is the umbrella behind the underworld.

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