The unfaithful love of Emperor Wu’s mother-in-law: Lover turns husband into a pet

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After Liu Che ascended the throne, Liu Chuan, the head Princess of the museum, became the eldest princess, also known as “dou Taizhu”.

But Princess Guantao has been posing in front of her son-in-law and nephew. It seems that she often reminds Liu Che that without me, there would be no today for you.

This made empress dowager Wang and Liu Che gradually disgusted with her.

But at that time, although Liu Che ascended the throne smoothly, Empress Dowager Dou was still alive. To be the emperor in front of this troublesome old woman, Liu Che’s mother and son knew that they had to rely on the eldest princess to deal with it.

Therefore, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty “bestowed a little grace on the Lord and queen.”

But with the death of emperor Dou, Princess Guantao lost her biggest backer, and Liu Che’s mother and son also removed the biggest threat.

Men live with dignity. No son-in-law is willing to live in the shadow of his mother-in-law, and so is Liu Che. When Liu Che’s mother and son no longer need a long princess, many contradictions are highlighted, and the most important of these contradictions is not the relationship between Liu Che and Chen Ajiao, but the great surprise of Liu Chuan and Liu Che’s ideology.

Liu Chuan’s mother, Empress Dowager Dou, respected the learning of Huang Lao, while Liu Che, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, was very disgusted with the idea of inaction since he became king. He hoped to make great achievements and his dynasty would be brilliant.

However, Liu Piao, who had learned from Huang Lao with his mother, was naturally disgusted with the promising Confucianism advocated by Liu Che. This has caused great contradiction between mother and son in ideology.

Advanced productive forces are always tired of backward production relations, and what hinders the development of the Han Dynasty is the thought of Huang Lao Wuwei advocated by Liu Chuan and others. Liu Chuan is the last representative of the literary era. She doesn’t know that her era has gradually passed away, and a more brilliant Dynasty has arrived.

In the second year after Chen Ajiao was demoted to the changmen palace, Chen Wu, the husband of Princess Guantao, died.

Princess Guantao has an adopted son named Dong Yan, whose family is engaged in jewelry business. When he was a teenager, Dong Yan followed his mother to the homes of kings and grandchildren to promote their jewelry.

When Princess Guantao saw the child, she liked him very much and left him as her adopted son. When Chen Wu died, Princess Guantao fell out of favor politically and became more and more lonely in life.

And an illegitimate love also began. Princess Guantao doted on the little lover in every way, and she was particularly generous to the little lover. She said, “whatever Dong Yan wants, as long as it doesn’t exceed 100 Jin of gold, 1 million yuan, and 1000 pieces of silk in a day, he doesn’t have to report it to me.”

And Dong Yan is also a very good relationship person. Many kings, grandchildren and nobles are his friends. The whole Chang’an city calls him “Dong Jun”.

Yuan Ang’s nephew, uncle yuan, had a close personal relationship with Dong Yan. Uncle yuan privately reminded Dong Yan, “it doesn’t matter whether you and the eldest princess are OK, but have you ever thought about it? If the emperor is dissatisfied with this, you will be in great trouble.”

Dong Yan also knows that Emperor Hanwu doesn’t like his mother-in-law, and now he is his cheap father-in-law. Can Emperor Hanwu be happy? So he asked Uncle yuan what to do?

Uncle yuan is confident, He said calmly, “the emperor comes to anling to offer sacrifices every year. But there is no decent palace near anling, and the emperor can’t have a good rest every time he travels. But the private garden of Princess Guantao is next to anling. If you can persuade the princess to give the garden to the Emperor, the emperor will definitely be very fond of you. Don’t fall dead and sell live fish. If the emperor asks you for it when he is happy, can you refuse it?”

Dong Yan suddenly realized, and told uncle yuan’s idea to Princess Guantao. Princess Guantao immediately followed suit and gave her son-in-law another hospital.

Liu Che was very happy and spoke highly of his aunt’s intentions.

Princess Guantao has never seen her nephew’s such a good attitude since her daughter was snubbed. She is also very happy and specially asked Dong Yan to send a hundred jin of gold to Uncle yuan to express her gratitude.

Later, Princess Guantao thought she was safe and said she couldn’t get sick, and Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty took someone’s hand short, so naturally he wouldn’t neglect it and went to visit in person.

Princess Guantao faced her son-in-law and said her requirements. He wanted Dong Yan to be his legal husband. This kind of thing is generally unspeakable. Empress dowager Qin Xuan and empress Lu, these powerful figures, all have male favourites, but they have not put the legal status of male favourites on the public side. It can be seen that Princess Guantao’s affection for Dong Yan is not all sexual desire. She likes Dong Yan sincerely.

Liuchuan, the princess of Guantao, told the whole story to Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty. Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty knew that he was sorry for Princess Guantao’s mother and daughter, and saw that Dong Yan under the hall was indeed a talent and liked it very much, so he agreed.

Since then, Dong Yan has become the official “master” of the princess mansion, and the long princess’s illness has also recovered.

Since then, Dong Yan and Liu Che, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, have also become good friends. Of course, they belong to the relationship of playmates. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty saw that Dong Yan could not only play, but also be proficient in everything, whether it was cockfighting and horse racing, Cuju and wrestling, or piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty made this man laugh. Seeing Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty, Dong Yan will be brought into the strange circle of playing with things and losing ambition.

At this time, a very famous figure in history stood up and began to stop all this.

Dongfang Shuo was an unimportant official during the reign of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, but he could always do earth shattering things.

Once, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty entertained Princess Guantao and Dong Yan in the propaganda room of the main hall of the imperial palace.

Just when Dong Yan was summoned to prepare for the banquet, he was stopped by the sect official Dongfang Shuo. When Emperor Wu heard the sound and came out to see it, Dongfang Shuo put down the halberd in his hand and said to Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, “Dong Yan has committed three deadly crimes. How can he enter the temple?”

Liu Che asked, “how do you say that?”

Dongfang Shuo replied, “Dong Yan’s adultery with his master as a courtier is one crime; immorality and cohabitation without marriage are two crimes; the emperor is in his prime of life, and it is a good time to make achievements. Instead of helping the emperor do business, Dong Yan has attracted the emperor to indulge in extravagance and focus on sex and lust. Such behavior is the great thief of the country and the great enemy of the Lord. Dong Yan is the culprit, and these are the three sins.”

Emperor Wu was silent for a long time and reluctantly said, “I’ve arranged the banquet, and I’ll eat it first, and then change it later.”

Dongfang Shuo refused to give in and said, “Xuanshi is the place where the former Emperor dealt with the court’s politics, and people and things that are not legal and reasonable are not allowed to enter. Moreover, since ancient times, many people have started with flattery and adultery, and finally achieved the purpose of seeking the throne. Are there still few examples of mink erection, tooth changing, father celebration, uncle Guan, uncle Cai?”

Hearing this, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty couldn’t help nodding and saying yes.

So Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty changed the banquet to the North Palace and let Dong Yan enter the palace from the East Sima gate. Therefore, the name of dongsima gate was changed to Dongjiao gate, which became a place for servants to enter and leave. Dongfang Shuo was rewarded by Liu Che with 30 jin of gold.

After this incident, Dong Yan was no longer popular with Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, and his imperial pet was getting worse day by day. Dong Yan died at the age of 30 in endless depression.

A few years later, in 116 BC, Princess Guantao also died. When Princess Guantao died, she was not buried with her ex husband Chen Wu, but with Dong Yan in baling.

Princess Guantao enjoyed all her glory and wealth in her life, and also caused countless disasters of right and wrong, because of her dissatisfied selfish desires and uncontrollable character.

However, there is a reason for any selfish desire. In fact, she has only loved and lived for two people in her life. One is her daughter Chen Ajiao, and the other is her little husband Dong Yan. She tried her best to love these two people, but the result was tragic. One fell out of favor and was left in the cold, while the other died young.

Princess Guantao spent a lot of energy on these two things, and did not have time to educate her son. After her eldest son Chen Xu inherited his father’s title, he was immoral, and other sons were fratricidal in order to rob the family property.

Shortly after the death of Princess Guantao, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was very angry about what his cousins had done, so he ordered the investigation. Chen Xuwei committed suicide. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty then withdrew the Marquis and territory inherited by the Chen family.

In this world, who owes more to whom?

The last historical confession left by the long princess to us is like this, “the book of Han Dynasty. Biographies of Dongfang Shuo”: “after that, there were more princesses and dignitaries than etiquette, since Dong Yan.”

That is to say, since then, the raising of male pets by princesses has become a conventional system, and more than a ritual system, and this root lies in the long Princess and Dong Yan.

This evaluation is fair, no slander, no praise, just right.

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