The United States and India’s joint military exercise has indeed hidden small moves towards China!

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This joint military exercise between the United States and India has indeed hidden some small moves against China.

Why do you say that?

Although the exercise has not yet started, we can clearly see the location of the exercise, that is, the “little 999” in the hearts of the United States and India. Some things, like lice on a bald head, are obvious.

According to the Indian media, the proposed joint military exercise is located in India’s so-called Ladakh region, less than 100 kilometers from the actual line of control of the western section of China India.

Such a bitter and cold place is so close to the actual control line, and India has no idea of practicing plateau and mountain operations? The United States has no idea? You think Indians and Americans have no brains, right?

On the contrary, it is because there are too many ideas in my mind.

What is China’s attitude?

On the afternoon of August 25, there was such a question and answer at the press conference of the Ministry of national defense.

Reporter asked:

According to foreign media reports, the special forces of the United States and India recently held a joint combat exercise in the southern foothills of the Himalayas for more than 20 days. It is also reported that the US and Indian armies plan to hold a joint military exercise codenamed “war exercise” in October. According to the report, the military exercise site is close to the border area between China and India, and will focus on the training of plateau mountain combat capability. The intention of targeting China is obvious. What is China’s comment on this?

Please note that these are two exercises.

The first was a joint combat exercise by the US Indian special forces in the southern foothills of the Himalayas.

The other was the “war exercise” of the US and Indian armed forces in October, which focused on Plateau and mountain operations, that is, the exercise we mentioned above.


Senior Colonel Tan Kefei, spokesman of the Ministry of national defense, replied:

We have taken note of relevant reports and will closely follow relevant trends. China has always stressed that military cooperation between relevant countries, especially training activities, should not be aimed at a third party and should help to maintain regional peace and stability.

The border issue is a matter between China and India. The two sides have maintained effective communication at all levels and agreed to properly handle relevant issues through bilateral dialogue. We are firmly opposed to any form of intervention by a third party in the Sino Indian border issue. According to the spirit of the relevant agreements signed by China and India in 1993 and 1996, the two sides shall not conduct military exercises against the other side in the vicinity of the line of actual control. It is hoped that India will strictly abide by the important consensus and relevant agreements and agreements reached by the leaders of the two countries, abide by its commitment to resolve the border issue through bilateral channels, and take practical actions to maintain peace and tranquility in the border area.

China’s meaning should be very clear.

1. The border issue is a matter between China and India. We all agree that it should be properly handled through dialogue.

2. We are firmly opposed to any third-party intervention, no matter how it is.

3. India, we have an agreement that the two sides shall not conduct military exercises against each other near the line of actual control, let alone invite other countries to conduct military exercises.

4. India, you should keep your promise. We are closely watching the trend.

Well, since China and India have an agreement and India has a commitment, why should we hold an exercise here with the United States?

Alas, my personal view is that India wants to play the American card and the United States wants to play the Indian card.

Pulling the US military to the vicinity of the line of actual control also emboldens India itself. You see, the US and I are strong enough, and the US troops are here.

The United States is not a fuel-efficient lamp. This is a good opportunity for China and India to get involved in the estrangement between China and India. Naturally, they will come and go together at the same time.


What do you think at last?

It’s still three points.

First, we cannot ignore India.

As I said before, if we take stock of the future world powers, from the perspective of resource endowment and development potential, I always think that there are only three most likely: the United States, China and India.

Other countries, such as Japan, Russia, Germany, Britain and France, are more likely to be second-class countries. Even Russia is one of the largest countries in terms of land, resources, military and other aspects, but in terms of economy and population, Russia is no longer strong.

Development is the last word, so don’t mess about. We cannot ignore India’s development and potential just because we like or dislike India.

Second, we can not ignore the small moves of India and the United States.

In order to play cards with each other, India does not hesitate to violate agreements and commitments. This is one of the important reasons why people can not fully trust India.

I don’t know how to live up to my word.

And the United States, in order to win over India, has put aside all principles and unprincipled ones.

Türkiye is very aggrieved because it has bought Russian S-400 missiles and the United States has imposed various sanctions, but India has also bought them and bought more. Why don’t you impose sanctions on the United States?

The United States does not want to impose sanctions because it wants to win over India to deal with China. Not only does it not impose sanctions, but it has also created a so-called group of four. The drunken man’s intention is not to drink; Now, they have gone to the military exercises near the China India real control line. Who are they targeting? You know.

Toss it, then toss it hard.

Third, India should also be sober.

Sober up the intention of the United States to approach, and sober up what is best in India’s national interests.

India has great potential for development and should soon overtake China to become the world’s most populous country. On the other hand, India is sometimes too sensitive and tangled, but if it is too sensitive, it is not self-confidence, but an expression of inferiority.

Especially with regard to China’s attitude, India always makes people feel a little bit optimistic. It always thinks that China will calculate on India, and it always makes all kinds of small moves, and even targets Chinese enterprises. Is this the confidence of a big country?

India should be clear that to China, India is not an enemy at all, but a friend instead. The problems left over by the border are troublesome, but they can be resolved through dialogue. If India wants to develop and surpass, China can also help. To regard China as an enemy, apart from populist revelry, will do India no good at all.

Indian Foreign Minister Su Jiesheng said not long ago that if India and China cannot come together, the “Asian century” will be difficult to realize. This is in fact far sighted. However, the key is to turn the beautiful words into real actions.


Of course, for China, we should be more calm. The more angry we are, the more calm we should be.

After the friction in the kalwan Valley, the Indian army should know its own strength, so this time it specially invited the US Army. The US military’s rush to the plateau is certainly not to help India fight a war. On the one hand, it wants to win over India, and on the other hand, it wants to play a wedge between China and India. Therefore, it is more a game.

It’s a drill, sometimes even a play.

Then we’ll be ready.

Small actions are small actions after all. Of course, the US military should also be careful. The extreme climate on the plateau is not a joke; More importantly, India’s missiles and bullets are sometimes irregular. Don’t shoot them at you by mistake!

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