The United States designed to frame China in depth! If not, the consequences will be unimaginable!

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The United States is trying to dig a big hole for China and the world by scheming!

Don’t underestimate the conspiracy of the United States. In the past, he has been successful in the world too many times. For example, the Russian-Uzbekistan War, which has been fought for more than a year, was planned and promoted by the United States since 2013. The eight-year operation finally broke out on February 24, 2022. This war is the war that the United States hopes to break out, and it is also the war that the United States plans. Since the outbreak of the war, the United States has been promoting its layout around its strategic objectives, and Ukraine and Europe have become the victims of the United States’ attempts.

Now, the United States is turning black and white and trying to blacken China, just as it did in the past to blacken and suppress Russia, and is creating various problems and contradictions around China. The United States aims to copy the “Ukrainian model” on China, make China the target of criticism and cause greater chaos. In this way, the United States can take advantage of chaos and consolidate its world hegemony.

Looking at the statements of American politicians in recent days, we can see that they are actively promoting all this. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken slandered China, saying that China has been providing non lethal assistance to Russia through enterprises, and now it has begun to provide lethal assistance. Obviously, this is a complete lie, but as Goebbels, the propaganda minister of Nazi Germany, said, a lie once told a thousand times becomes a truth. Now the United States is doing what Nazi Germany once did.

It was also reported that the US unnamed official said that China was considering providing lethal military assistance to Russia, such as 122mm and 152mm caliber artillery shells, but there was no evidence that China had delivered relevant weapons. This unnamed high-ranking official is following Antony Blinken’s words. Immediately after that, Sullivan, the National Security Assistant to the President of the United States, threatened China that it would pay a real price if China made a decision to assist Russia. See, when the United States tells the lie that China provides weapons to Russia “a thousand times”, it can guide the western allies to make a decision against China that China will pay the price.

In fact, the above actions of the United States are to pick issues among the major powers. On the one hand, he wanted to press China to give up the series of cooperation with Russia through the incident. If China gives in, it will push forward, further demand China to sanction Russia and press it step by step. On the other hand, once China concedes, he will take his western allies to increase their efforts to force Russia to finally concede, so that the United States can in turn guide Russia to deal with China again. After the United States subdues Russia, it will pull the European Union and Russia to encircle China, which is the ideal state that the United States has always dreamed of. At that time, the United States will have all sorts of unfounded reasons to deal with China.

It is against this background that on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Russian-Ukrainian War, China issued the “China’s Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukrainian Crisis”. This position document has 12 articles in total, which can be said to be impartial, objective and fair. This document is contrary to the strategic objectives of the United States. He certainly does not approve it, but it has been widely recognized in the international community. Not only Ukraine is interested, Poland and Belarus all agree with China’s proposal, and even Russia has praised China!


At the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on February 27, in response to the slander and smear of China by the United States, Spokesperson Mao Ning once again stressed that China has been actively promoting peace talks and promoting political settlement of the crisis on the issue of Ukraine. The United States has no right to dictate China-Russia relations. We will never accept the coercion and pressure of the United States. The US side has not only been delivering lethal weapons on the Ukrainian battlefield, but also has been selling advanced weapons to Taiwan, China, China, in violation of the provisions of the three Sino US joint communiques. What does the US really want to do? We should explain to the world.

There are three core purposes for the United States to engage in so many conspiracies to frame China: first, to divide China and Russia. Once there is a rift between China and Russia, the United States will have the opportunity to break down each other; If the first goal cannot be achieved, he will promote the second goal at the same time and take the opportunity to divide China and Europe; The third purpose is to destroy China’s international image by blackening China and prepare for the siege of China when the future political conditions are ripe. China, of course, understands all this, so it has issued the “China’s Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukrainian Crisis” at a higher level, spreading China’s position completely in front of all countries in the world, without giving the United States any room to discredit and suppress it.

China has announced its position on the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, which is now highly appreciated by most countries in the world, but the key is whether the EU understands and agrees with China’s position. Objectively speaking, as long as the EU understands and agrees with China’s position, the United States will not achieve the goal of provoking a “new cold war” in the world by taking the opportunity, and the EU will not become a victim of the struggle of major powers.


If the European Union blindly follows the American approach, three serious consequences may occur:

1? In the face of the United States and Europe, if Russia loses the conventional war in Ukraine, and China-Russia cooperation fails to be effectively promoted. Although the possibility is very low according to Russia’s national strength, even in this extreme case, Russia can still use nuclear weapons to overturn the situation. Objectively speaking, as long as he throws one or two in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, or near Poland, the whole situation will be reversed. At that time, will NATO throw nuclear bombs against Russia? These are all self-destructive practices. So, as Europe, can you bet that Russia dare not throw nuclear bombs? Therefore, objectively speaking, the risk of Russia losing the Russian-Uzbekistan war is very large for Europe.

2? If Russia wins the battle in Ukraine. If Russia wins, will the EU face greater risks in the future? Russia has paid so much for the war, and it needs more interests to supplement. At that time, the European Union will not only have security problems, but also face greater economic problems.

3? In the face of the Russian-Uzbekistan war, China’s choice is a matter of fate for the EU. China’s choice is actually very clear. It is necessary to promote peace and promote talks. At the same time, no external force can interfere in the normal exchanges between China and Russia. China’s position means that Russia can continue to fight with NATO without problems in its economy. This war of attrition has a great impact on the EU economy, so the best choice for Europe is to promote peace and promote negotiations with China.

There is also a possibility that the United States and Europe forced China to take the side of Russia, which means that Russia’s military deployment in Ukraine and even NATO’s military deployment in Ukraine will be destroyed. At that stage, the European Union will face the huge threat of Russia, including the European Union and China, which have been deceived by the “new cold war” of the United States.


At present, China’s choice is in the best interest of the EU. Although China-EU cooperation cannot completely solve the knot of the Russian-Uzbekistan war, it can at least control the further spread of the war and prevent it from triggering a larger chain reaction. Relatively speaking, the possibility of breaking out the “new cold war” will also be reduced. However, if the EU does not understand this point and really mess with the United States, then the above adverse consequences must be borne by the EU.

Therefore, when the situation develops to this point, the EU must understand and know the importance, because it is related to the peace of the whole mankind and the well-being of the people of the world. At present, the United States is constantly making trouble, and the European Union is led by the United States. Objectively, there is not much time and space for independent thinking and decision-making of the European Union.

However, the EU seems to have heard that not only French President Malone is preparing to visit China in April, but also European Commission President von der Leyen is expected to visit China in the first half of the year, which means that China can break up with them face to face and talk about the current situation and reality, and can talk about cooperation with less gunpowder.

The common people in Europe also seem to be sobering. Recently, at least tens of thousands of large-scale demonstrations broke out in Germany and France, demanding the cessation of military assistance to Ukraine and the ceasefire negotiations. Some people in Europe should have realized that their hard life is related to the Russian-Ukrainian war initiated by the United States. Especially when everyone realized that the original “North Stream” natural gas pipeline was bombed by the United States, they would stand up against the government’s support for Ukraine.

It is no exaggeration to say that if the European Union is really confused and follows the United States to fight a “new cold war”, then the world will be the two poles of China and the United States, and Russia and Europe will become the forefront of confrontation. At that time, not only is Europe trembling every day, but more importantly, the whole Europe will become the victim of the game of big powers, and it will be difficult for Europe to have the current rich life. Not only that, but also the whole world will be seriously injured. All kinds of disasters, famine and persistent regional conflicts will accompany mankind for a long time until the birth of a new order.

There is not much space and time left for Europe. The EU should wake up and plan for its future! Of course, even if China’s proposal is more friendly, this war on the Russian-Uzbekistan battlefield may be unavoidable, because both the United States and Europe, Russia and Ukraine seem ready!

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