The United States finally admitted that sanctions are backfiring on the United States!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

The US Department of labor released data on June 10. In May, the US CPI rose by 8.6% year-on-year, and food prices rose by 10.1% year-on-year.

CPI rose by 8.6%, which is not only a further increase in recent months, but also a new high in the past 40 years. At the same time, CPI exceeded 8% for three consecutive months.

In the face of a series of data, US Treasury Secretary Yellen had to admit on June 10 that sanctions against Russia were eating back at the United States.

According to the report of Russian satellite news agency on June 10, Yellen said on June 10 that the sanctions against Russia against the situation in Ukraine are leading to an increase in food and fuel prices in the United States, and it is expected that they will not decrease in the short term.

She also pointed out that the US economy will slow down due to the ongoing world geopolitical events. To reassure people, she said that it would only slow down and there would be no recession.

Here, the United States finally admitted to imposing sanctions on other countries, and finally backfired on the United States.

? Yellen video screenshot

In fact, as an American, Yellen naturally uses mild words to describe the United States. To put it bluntly, the United States is bound by its own cocoons.

Not only is it sanctions against Russia, but American inflation is the result of its own cocoon.

1. Impose additional tariffs on China

The United States is the only country in the world that dares to impose a 25% tariff on the largest trading country. It originally wanted to defeat others with its hard power, but in the end, the United States pushed up its own prices and became an important factor in American inflation.

Here is a digression. As for tariffs, Biden, finance minister Yellen and Commerce Minister Raymond have all expressed their willingness to abolish tariffs for many times. Only trade representative Dai Qi is tough.

If Dai Qi continues to be an iron head, she may not be lucky. She will either be elevated and marginalized by Biden, or she will not work long in the position of trade representative. After all, Biden the final say.

The reason is that Dai Qi can afford to spend money on the tariff issue, but reducing inflation is good for the Democratic Party. The mid-term election is coming. For Biden, the election is overwhelming.

2. The war between Russia and Ukraine

Originally, I wanted to bring down Russia through a Russian Ukrainian war, or defeat Russia with extreme sanctions (such as kicking Russia out of swift).

However, the final result is that Russia, which plays an important role in energy, food, fertilizer and other commodities, has withstood the sanctions and led to the high prices of the above commodities, which has become another important factor in US inflation.

3. Printing too much money

The United States has bad intentions. During the epidemic, it originally wanted to save the American economy by printing a large amount of money, and then led the disaster to the world, so that the world would pay the bill.

This move is not new, because the United States has done it before, and it has been tried repeatedly.

This time, however, the world has not been producing at full capacity, so there is no commodity hedging against the US dollar, and no one has spent hundreds of billions or trillions on US Treasury bonds. A lot of the money printed by the United States has been locked up at home.

You want to benefit yourself at the expense of others, and finally let yourself inflate.

4. Other factors

The epidemic situation and the unsmooth supply chain are also some of the causes of inflation in the United States. If the United States can actively fight the epidemic and make its domestic supply chain more unblocked, will inflation be lower?

What the United States did in the past has finally backfired on the United States itself.

The United States now has a thorny problem, how to reduce inflation.

In history, whether it was during the great depression or the stagflation in the 1980s, the inflation in the United States was more serious than it is now, and it finally landed smoothly. That is because the United States was the world’s leading physical manufacturing country at that time. As long as it fully developed its own productivity and fully produced goods, it could finally achieve the balance between goods and currencies (inflation means more money and less goods). However, the U.S. economy has long been disenchanted from the real to the virtual. Unless the world goes crazy and is willing to sacrifice meat to the United States, it will be difficult for the United States to reduce inflation.

Whether it is raising tariffs against Chinese goods or using finance against Russian oil and gas, it can be regarded as a confrontation between “goods and currency”. China and Russia have goods and the United States has dollars, but the United States, which has suffered its own consequences, has lost in both lines. A direct result is that inflation has become more serious.

In addition to inflation, the United States is also trapped in another aspect, that is, dealing with China and Russia at the same time.

Now the United States is crazy and thinks it can deal with China and Russia at the same time.

In history, when the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” emerged, it was basically to pull one country to fight another country. It was rare to see that the other two countries could win completely at the same time. Looking from afar, Cao Cao, facing the sun Liu allied forces, though he had the upper hand, finally hated Chibi. Later, it seemed that Cao destroyed Wu and Shu, but in fact, Wu and Shu were no longer able to do so, but three of them belonged to Jin; Looking at the past, China, the United States and the Soviet Union stood on three legs. An important factor in the disintegration of the Soviet Union was that it made a strategic mistake and made bad relations with China, so as to confront China and the United States at the same time. It not only had to spend huge financial and material resources to confront NATO, but also had to fight millions of soldiers on the Sino Soviet border. Under the consumption of the two lines, it finally killed itself.

In view of the historical lessons and at the same time confronting China and Russia, this must be the strategic failure of the United States

Sooner or later, it will backfire on the United States itself. At that time, I’m afraid, the result was not just that the currency and goods failed to compete, but only worsened inflation.

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