The United States has a new way to develop China

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The following article comes from the original title of the article by Bu Wuwen, young Xia Chaoyang: “the United States launched the” global dignity revolution “to trample on the dignity of all mankind.”

Recently, USAID administrator Powell delivered a policy speech (please note that it was Powell, not their Federal Reserve Chairman Powell). The main body of Bauer’s speech is that the United States will launch a “global dignity revolution”. It sounds frightening. For the sake of so-called “dignity”, we want “revolution”. It seems that Americans also like to say “revolution”. The most important thing is that the revolution it wants to carry out is not carried out by the United States alone, but by the “global”.

What is the path of his revolution? Bauer said that this revolution is to implement the “presidential democratic revival initiative” launched at the first “global democracy summit” and establish the “democracy Partnership Fund”

The key is the last sentence, which is the central idea. This sentence is:

Defeat China, Russia and other “authoritarian countries”.

See? The foothold is China and Russia.

Since it aims at China, it will not forget to slander and smear China. For example, it also systematically slandered China on the so-called human rights issue in Xinjiang, the storm over the revision of laws in Hong Kong, and the truth about the source of novel coronavirus.

His speech can be called the “sister chapter” of secretary of state Antony Blinken’s speech on China policy.

In a word: the United States will never die if it kills me.



It seems that in order to encircle and suppress China, the US emperor has come up with a new idea, which is to make an issue of “dignity”.

“Dignity” is really a good thing. Everyone wants it. It is estimated that people who do not want “dignity” in this world have not yet been born. Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of human rights also states that “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”.

The United States is now making an issue of “dignity” to slander and smear China. It is precisely by using “dignity” and the beauty of the word.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, where there is the United States, there is no dignity for the people. On the contrary, if the people of any country or region want to have dignity, the first thing is to pray for God’s blessing: Americans do not come. Just as the world commented on Mexico, “Mexico is far from God and close to the United States.”. Why is Mexico so far from God? Why doesn’t God care for Mexico? Because Mexico is too close to the United States.

If you don’t believe it, then we can take a look at the places the United States has taken care of. Do the people there have dignity?

As we all know, the Americans are very concerned about Ukraine and claim to help Ukraine “fight to the last man”. So, do Ukrainians have dignity now?

At the beginning of 2014, Ukraine was in chaos. At that time, the United States very much supported the chaos in Ukraine and called the street movement that overthrew president Yanukovych a “dignity revolution”.

Eight years later, have the Ukrainian people been treated with dignity? A few years ago, Olga sukhalevskaya, a Ukrainian scholar, believed that the United States had created this “dignity revolution”, resulting in war, poverty and extreme right-wing rage.

Now everything has come true.



The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has lasted for four months, and civilians, especially women and children, have become the biggest victims. The latest UNHCR data show that the number of refugees in Ukraine has reached 650

Million, and the number of internally displaced persons is as high as 8million.

Ukrainian refugees pouring into western countries are in a very difficult situation. In Romania, Hungary, Germany and other countries, Ukrainian women and children refugees are frequently abducted and violated.

On April 12, the German Federal Police disclosed that it had been informed of 18 cases of sexual assault against female refugees in Ukraine.

The situation of children is even more worrying. Some traffickers take children away from orphanages for trafficking. According to Ukrainian government data, 5000 children have been unaccounted for.

All this confirms the words of a British charity, “when you find a large group of very vulnerable people in urgent need of funds and help, this is a hotbed for exploitation and sexual exploitation.”

In the face of Ukraine, which is struggling for help, Western leaders rushed to Kiev for a “one-day tour” to perform the “performance art” with Ukraine. It seems that we should share weal and woe with Ukraine, and fight to the end with one heart and one mind.

However, on June 3, 2022, Biden delivered a speech on the U.S. employment report in May in Delaware. When asked whether Ukraine should secede for peace, he tried to get rid of the relationship. He said: “I won’t tell them what to do or not to do.”.

It means that “Ukraine’s secession for peace is their own business”.

The meaning is very clear. It’s your business to cut the land. I have no objection. But the question is, if Ukraine does cut the land, will it still have dignity? Did the “dignity” revolution planned and promoted by the United States in Ukraine in 2014 end up with the dignity of “national land cutting”, “people fleeing”, “women being sexually assaulted” and “children being abducted and trafficked”?

Further on, NATO signed the document “welcoming” Ukraine to join in 2008, which made Ukraine think that it was holding the thighs of NATO and the United States, so it dared to kick its nose and eyes in front of Russia, and finally provoked Russia to become like this.

Excuse me, NATO has said for more than ten years that it welcomes Ukraine to join NATO, but it does not officially allow Ukraine to join. In the end, Ukraine has angered Russia, but has not been protected by NATO. Does this treachery increase Ukraine’s “dignity”? Does this serious consequence bring “dignity” to Ukraine?

Ukraine has lost its dignity. The most direct reason is that Ukraine thinks it has the support of the United States and the west, so it dares to challenge Russia. Without the encouragement of the United States and the west, Ukraine would not dare to completely fall out with Russia. Russia’s request is also very elementary, that is, Ukraine does not join NATO.

Now, Ukraine’s entry into NATO is out of the question, but it has brought about a fatal disaster for itself.



At such a critical moment, while Western leaders went to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, for a “one-day tour” to show their love, the West was ready to withdraw. Its most important trends are:

The western media began to hype the corruption in Ukraine and the abuse of Western aid.

This is a typical western routine. As long as Ukrainian corruption is confirmed in public opinion and Western aid is corrupted by Ukraine, then they can gradually reduce and eventually stop their support for Ukraine in a dignified and honest manner.

In short, the West wants to get away.

Ukraine is like an ignorant girl who is playing with her feelings. She thinks she is pursuing happiness, but she is ruthlessly abandoned.

This is the “dignity” that the United States brought to Ukraine after instigating the “dignity revolution” in Ukraine in 2014.

Let’s talk about Afghanistan.

In august2002, former US President George W. Bush claimed that the United States had “restored the basic human rights and freedoms of all Afghan people through the liberation of Afghanistan”.

19 years later, in 2021, the U.S. military left Afghanistan ahead of schedule, leaving the Afghan people with a future full of holes and dangers. When the United States withdrew, they were still saying, “we will always stand with the Afghan people.”.

Yes, the United States may indeed be with the Afghan people, because it constantly imports war, turmoil, poverty and various disasters into Afghanistan. Just as robbers always have to be with their victims. Not together, how to rob?

This is the “dignity” that the United States gives Afghanistan. If you don’t believe me:

In the 20 years from 2001 to 2021, more than 70000 Afghan civilians were killed in military attacks, more than 60000 civilians were injured, nearly 33000 children died or were disabled, 3.5 million children were out of school, and 11million Afghans became refugees.

For 20 years in Afghanistan, the U.S. military has repeatedly carried out indiscriminate bombing in order to ensure its absolute security. Sitting in the control room and gently ticking your finger, you can blow up a village, resulting in the disappearance of a large number of innocent lives.

Even former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, supported by the United States, said:

The U.S. military is inhumane and brutally treats Afghanistan as a testing ground for new dangerous weapons. They also slaughtered children, “killed good people and made contributions”, let dogs bite people, cut their throats, abused prisoners and humiliated corpses. All kinds of bloodthirsty and abnormal behaviors are common.

In January2010, a US military team killed a civilian named mudin in a village near Kandahar city, Afghanistan. After that, they took off their clothes and took a group photo with the “booty” excitedly. This picture has swept the world.

This is the “dignity” that the United States gives Afghanistan.



As a result of the war, Afghanistan lost an average of US $60million a day, unable to build new infrastructure, the economy was completely destroyed, the industry was almost in ruins, and the development of agriculture and animal husbandry stagnated.

Today, about 72% of the people in Afghanistan live below the poverty line, and only 5% of the people in the country can get enough food every day. Generally speaking, only 5 out of every 100 people have enough to eat.

In the face of the hungry Afghan people, the United States even frozen the $7billion reserve of the Afghan central bank in the United States.

The United States is the world’s largest economic power with the world’s largest GDP. Its per capita GDP is more than 100 times that of Afghanistan. Faced with the tragic situation that 95 of the 100 Afghans were hungry, it even robbed Afghanistan of up to $7billion. This is the Afghans’ life-saving money! It’s a local tyrant, and it can do it!

This is the “dignity” that the United States gives Afghanistan.

In december2021, a picture of children living in garbage on the streets of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, is a true portrayal of the “dignity” given to Afghanistan by the United States.



Let’s talk about America’s southern neighbor: Latin America.

Since the advent of “Monroe Doctrine” in 1823, the United States has made its fortune from seizing the land of American countries to turning American countries into vassals through political intervention and armed intervention. The only purpose is to place the Western Hemisphere, including Latin America, within the sphere of American influence. As for poverty and gangs, that is the “dignity” the United States gives these regions.

When the Cuban and Venezuelan people lived in their own way and safeguarded their own dignity, the United States responded with sanctions, blockades, interference and subversion. For more than 60 years, Cuba has been subject to the longest and most severe systematic trade embargo, economic embargo and financial sanctions in modern history, resulting in direct economic losses of more than 100 billion US dollars.

Even the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution 29 times, demanding that the United States lift sanctions against Cuba. Even at the general assembly in 2021, 184 countries in the world agreed, 3 countries abstained, and only the United States and Israel objected, demanding that the United States lift the sanctions against Cuba, the United States still insisted on the sanctions that began in the 1960s.

This is the “dignity” given to Cuba by the United States.



Not only Cuba, but also the “dignity” of the United States towards its neighbors in Latin America is as follows:

In 2020, the Venezuelan foreign minister criticized US Secretary of state Pompeo for “brazenly” interfering in the Venezuelan parliamentary elections. Since Morales took office in Bolivia in 2006, he has firmly defended his own dignity and resisted American bullying. The United States has intervened in Bolivia’s general election with the help of the organization of American States, causing the country to fall into political chaos for a long time.

Recently, the Biden administration refused to invite the heads of state of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to the summit of the Americas on the grounds of “undemocratic”, which was collectively condemned by the leaders of more than 25 countries. Mexican President Lopez called the US move “an old interventionist policy that lacks respect for the country and its people”, and announced that it would not attend the meeting.



“Too far from God and too close to the United States” is not only the experience of Mexicans, but also the lament of Latin American people for 200 years.

Before the summit of the Americas, a “Caravan” composed of tens of thousands of Central American immigrants poured into the US Mexico border. They wanted the United States to fulfill its promised “freedom” and “dignity”. As a result, they were forcibly expelled and inhumanely treated by the United States.



U.S. law enforcement officers ride high horses to drive away immigrants. Critics say this picture is reminiscent of the scene of American slave owners driving away black slaves hundreds of years ago. Democratic Representative Maxine Waters said this was “worse than slavery”.

This is the “dignity” of the United States to the Latin American people.


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Dignity is the universal pursuit of all mankind, but what the United States calls “dignity” is the privilege of a few people, based on the humiliation of the dignity of the majority of people and most countries. Generally speaking, the United States can have dignity, and others can’t live without dignity. Sacrifice the dignity of others for the dignity of the United States.

When I say this, many people may think that this is a momentary indignation of a Chinese nationalist. If you think that way, you are very wrong.

In western culture, “dignity” belongs to a minority. Their ancestors thought so from the beginning.

Cicero, an ancient Roman, put forward the earliest concept of “dignity” in the west, but what Cicero said about dignity specifically refers to the dignity of nobility, not the dignity of civilians.

Many Western cultures are misunderstood by us. For another example, the word “citizen” means “city dweller” from the very beginning. Rural people are not “citizens”. You see, even today, the English word “citizen” has to be translated into “city people” in a straightforward way.

This is evident from the deception of western culture.

Now, in order to encircle China, the United States is talking about “dignity”. This is their new routine. Then the world can think about what dignity it gives Ukraine? What dignity does it give Afghanistan? What dignity did he give Latin American countries?

By answering this question, the world will know what the “dignity” of the American population is!

If someone has to believe in the “dignity” of the United States and take part in the action to suppress China, he may be the second Ukraine in a few years or more!

If there are Chinese people who believe in the “dignity” of the United States, we can consider organizing a group of people to invent a new mechanism and way to allow them to enjoy the treatment of being killed, humiliated and deprived of food, which is the unique “dignity” the United States can give others.

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