The United States has already exposed fatal loopholes. How can it fight back with all its strength?

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Original: Yin Guoming source wechat official account: Mingren Mingcha has been authorized to reprint

If we say that China’s major strategies such as the “the Belt and Road” are China’s economic strength going out, and China’s fighters against the United States in terms of ideology have long appeared. Because Trump came to power, the ugly and true side of American politics was torn open, exposing great ideological loopholes and becoming the softest and deadliest place in the United States. At least onemillion people in the United States have paid the price of their lives because of their lax response to global public health events. The so-called human rights defenders have fully exposed their disregard for life. The soft power crisis in the United States has actually appeared. Even if Biden tries to repair it after taking office, it will not fundamentally change anything. Although the United States did not turn it into a political crisis because of its strong public opinion, it is inevitable that the soft power crisis will eventually turn into a political crisis when it is difficult to make up for it.

Hard power is the foundation for a country to be strong, but soft power is the foundation for a country to maintain. Just like the relationship between hardware and software, the most likely cause of system crash is software problems. The cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, and the victory of the United States, is the foundation of the Soviet Union’s self exploding soft power. No matter how powerful the hard power is, it can no longer support the continued existence of a strong Soviet Union.

The United States understands this. Over the years, all kinds of people who agree with the United States are using conspiracy historiography to dig the historical foundation of new China and the historical cornerstone of the Chinese nation. The former refers to the ruling legitimacy of the political power and the rationality of the existence of the socialist system, and the latter refers to the national pride and national cohesion of the Chinese nation, which is intended to deconstruct the ideological and cultural basis of China’s unified national territory.

The military war with heavy artillery fire is still in the brewing state that may occur, while the cultural war without smoke of gunfire has long been fought, but we are still on the passive defensive side for the time being.

Subverting China’s system and completely leading the target country to the capitalist road is only the starting point of the goal of this cultural war; Dismembering the target country is the end of the goal. The collapse of the Soviet socialist system did not stop the United States. Russia has inherited the main heritage of the former Soviet Union, but it is still too big, and the threat to the West still exists, so the action of containment and decomposition continues. It was originally said that when the Warsaw Pact was dissolved, NATO was dissolved as well. The contractual spirit of westerners is nothing in front of interests. The contractual spirit is only face, and the robber cultural gene is the inside. The favorable contract will be observed, and the unfavorable contract is like waste paper, which is the full meaning of the western “contract spirit”. The contract that the West abides by is possible only when the power is balanced and no one has broken the balance.

Modify some parameters of the Soviet script and apply it to China, and then copy the miracle of victory without war. This is what the West dreams of.

Disintegrating the historical foundation is not only one of the most important means to achieve this grand goal, but also the most thorough means. Many people understand the truth that if you want to perish your country, go to its history first.

Therefore, in recent years, China’s history has expanded from the first 30 years after the founding of new China to the 90 years since the Party led the new democratic revolution, and then to 1840. The whole history of China’s resistance to foreign aggression and struggle for national independence is being systematically demonized. The Opium War has been described as a “civilized” act of spreading civilization in the west, and the reason is that “China did not treat the West equally, resulting in the West’s bullying of China”. This is not all. China’s earlier history of more than 2000 years has not been let go. The sentence “China has not formed a rule of law order, which seems to have gone the wrong way since more than 2000 years ago” has cleared up the twothousand year history since China’s reunification.

To deny China’s more than 2000 years of history is still not the whole plan of conspiracy historiography. There is also a “theory of Chinese civilization coming from the west”, which is to cut off the entire history of civilization of the Chinese nation from its roots.

Conspiracy historiography is to reinterpret the whole history of the Chinese people and completely disintegrate the national pride inherited from history. When people of a nation think of their own history, there is only frustration and shame left. Does this nation still need to be conquered by force?

Conspiracy history is a cultural nuclear weapon. It denies its political nature, but it serves politics all the time. When it succeeds, the red flag lands and the country is dismembered. This is much more powerful than an ordinary atomic bomb.

All of this is to instill and solidify into the Chinese people “the western system is advanced because of the democratic tradition”, “China is backward because of autocracy”, “the status of the center of Western civilization” is forever fixed, and the backward situation of Chinese civilization is forever. Follow this logic and continue to deduce, that is, the “superiority theory of western white race”, and the Chinese race cannot. The end of this logic is that China should honestly and willingly accept the leadership of western countries and happily accept being colonized. The logic that China needs to be colonized for another 300 years stems from this.

The logic of these wonderful flowers to the point of common indignation is not from the sky, but deliberately designed and unconsciously instilled through deliberate dissemination.

Only with the thinking of cultural war can we see clearly that the nihility of our history has never been a spontaneous process, but an organized and systematic cultural war against China.

The cultural war against China has made many Chinese cultural elites accept these ideas of dwarfing China on a large scale, and spread them to more ordinary Chinese through their right to speak. Therefore, these people have become “broilers” who launch a cultural war against China.

Fighting the Chinese with the “Chinese” whose spirit has been colonized and formatted is the least costly but the most destructive way of war. These spiritual “broilers”, distributed in the media, education, academia, China’s think tanks, literary circles, monopolized China’s main voice, resulting in a large number of occupied areas in China’s ideological and cultural fields.

This can be seen from the textbook issue, which should be strictly prevented. For example, Washington, the great slave owner recognized by trump, has been beautified to the greatest extent in Chinese textbooks. Lu Ye’s article “trump’s truth has exposed the lies about American history in Chinese Textbooks” exposes this problem. Washington, the father of the United States, an elective in the fourth high school history textbook of the people’s education press, not only avoided the stain of Washington’s slavery and the massacre of Indians, but also described Washington as a historical perfect man, with only advantages and no disadvantages. It said that “in his life, Washington put national interests and national interests above personal happiness, did not love official positions, did not admire power, insisted on democracy, and was vigilant against autocracy”. And Mao Zedong, the founder of new China, also in this textbook, discusses Mao Zedong’s mistakes in large sections. Students who read this textbook will naturally think that Mao Zedong is inferior to Washington. This is to inject the idea that China’s system is not as good as that of the United States into textbooks and spread it to China’s next generation.



Don’t think that only Chinese leaders will be blackened by Chinese textbooks. In the article “peaceful evolution should start with your children? PEP primary school Chinese textbooks have been seriously westernized”, it is revealed that PEP primary school Chinese textbooks belittle Chinese children and beautify foreign children. The author found that from the textbooks in Volume II of grade one of primary school, the protagonists who eulogize the excellent quality of children in the texts are basically foreign children, while the names of Chinese children appear more in the texts that show the negative factors of children’s personality. A large number of articles about good people and good deeds from foreigners, and the image of Chinese people in them is basically the yuan yuan in “one minute” because of sleepiness and punctuality. In “blue leaves”, China refused to lend a paintbrush to the selfish and stingy children of its classmates. This problem occurs in Chinese Textbooks of all ages. If you are interested, you can go to Baidu for this article. I won’t give you a detailed example here.

The opponent’s cultural war, even children are really not spared. Their tentacles have penetrated into the compilation of textbooks.

Textbooks are related to the shaping of the Three Outlooks of China’s next generation of pillars. Such serious problems have emerged. The severity of our ideological situation can be imagined.

Therefore, some people say that the penetration of our opponents into the positions of the press, cultural circles, performing arts circles, judicial circles, educational circles, financial circles and academic circles is holistic and three-dimensional. I don’t think it’s alarmist.

We can’t only see how made in China has conquered the city and strategic pool, and how China’s military development has advanced by leaps and bounds, but also see that we have been captured in the most important and core teaching material field on the ideological and cultural front. Those articles that only talk about the unstoppable strength of China and ignore the risks of China are at least incomplete. Ju’an still needs to be prepared for danger, not to mention that we are far from eliminating the danger. What can stop the rise of China has always been our biggest weakness. At present, our biggest weakness lies in the problems we pointed out above.

“War wolf 2” was criticized as worthless and psychopathic by Chinese drama teachers because it expressed patriotism. How many schools in China have such teachers. Many cultural elites in China cannot tolerate any efforts by the Chinese people to shape their spiritual self-confidence, because they have become the spiritual “broiler” of the cultural war against China. They only allow and are used to China to solidify the spiritual inferiority of the Chinese people through cultural self abuse.

China now needs an ideological counterattack and a cultural war. Objectively speaking, there is no defense, and defense cannot be prevented. Either export values externally or import values internally. Either the east wind overwhelms the west wind, or the west wind overwhelms the east wind.

The most powerful part of the United States now lies in the fact that the American media and even the entire ideological system are the most concerned about American politics. The soft power of the United States has eroded itself into holes, and the mainstream media in the United States continues to maintain the myth of democracy.

The United States has been discrediting the founding leaders of the target countries in order to fundamentally deny the legitimacy of the country and system. From the founding of the United States to the present, the United States has been mythologizing its founding process, abstracting the so-called American spirit and American values, and trying to maintain this spirit on their mythology of the founding pioneers of the United States.

I read an article in which I mentioned that to destroy a country’s spiritual self-confidence, we only need to flatten their spiritual peaks, which are their country’s iconic leaders. Most people will not conduct in-depth research on theory, so they need to visualize cultural values to specific characters. The highest spiritual peak in the United States is Washington, and in China is Mao Zedong. Therefore, those who love the United States more than China all vilify Mao Zedong and beautify Washington. Now Chinese textbooks can beautify Washington to the extreme, while the United States, which is known as “freedom of speech”, does not allow a quote from Mao Zedong to appear on the website of a subordinate institution of the Ministry of education.

Since trump recognized that Washington was a big slave owner, he has actually given China a good opportunity for ideological counterattack. What China needs most is the theory of American worship, which is based on American mythology, and the conditions for exposing mythology have long been met. Normally, China’s mainstream media should work hard at this moment to let the Chinese public know the true side of the founding pioneers of the United States, so as to understand the anti democratic truth of the founding of the United States.

Moreover, the founding pioneers of the United States not only opposed democracy, but also listed the prevention of democracy as an important principle in their constitution. The United States was not only anti democratic in the past, but also anti democratic now. The United States has never been truly democratic, which is nothing more than the transition from traditional slave owners to capitalist modern slavery as Marx said. I argue that the article “constitutionalism is bourgeois dictatorship”, which has never been democratic in the United States, can go to Baidu if you are interested. We draw conclusions with arguments, rather than casually.

However, it is a pity that the mainstream media in China have not moved, and only some we media have moved. Such a counterattack is just like the guerrillas in the war of resistance, but the regular army does not move, which is obviously not enough. Our opponent is to use national power. The intelligence department directly intervenes in the control of public opinion and directly deploys the penetration of the target country, while we are the we media counterattack of Xiaomi and rifle.

This shows that China’s mainstream media lacks a correct media consciousness (reverse consciousness is not lacking), which has something to do with the United States, where a myth has been implanted in the minds of media people. Chinese media have been indoctrinated with the myth of Washington and the Democratic myth of the founding of the United States since they were educated in journalism schools in Colleges and universities. They are unwilling to deny Washington in their minds with the real Washington. The media is controlled in their hands, and no matter how good the opportunity is, it will be missed.

In the field of ideology, we should be responsible, responsible and conscientious, which has not been implemented in place. Because a large number of regular media forces, their minds are full of things instilled by their opponents. I want to say that this is the whole beat generation of media people, which will definitely hurt good people by mistake. However, the widespread collapse of this generation of media people does not seem to be exaggerated.

To solve this problem, the media needs to be reorganized and the team needs to be rebuilt, but more importantly, we need to start from the upstream of the ideological chain, that is, education. Education is a more important ideological position than the media. Today’s education is our tomorrow.

At present, the problem of primary and secondary school textbooks has aroused widespread concern, but the university textbooks, as well, must not be relaxed, and must be maintained and checked.

The position of dean of the school of journalism of the university is also crucial. It cannot be held by people full of anti Communist and Anti China consciousness.

As far as I know, this one is not optimistic. Lin Zhibo, who is very righteous in his three outlooks, was the dean of the school of journalism of Lanzhou University a few years ago, and suffered the fiercest attack from Chinese liberals. The famous director of the comment Department of China Youth Daily frankly said, “in China, there are three roles that have a great impact on public opinion: the Minister of publicity, the chief editor of the media and the dean of the school of journalism, because they dominate the political, industry and academic circles of the media circle. In my opinion, the role of the dean of the school of journalism, who plays the task of cultivating journalists, is the most important”. Therefore, he believes that “being a press Dean requires qualifications”. What is this qualification? Of course, people who agree with him in terms of political views.

We have always said that the most political people are those who put up extreme left labels as soon as they hear others talk about politics. They are only allowed to talk about their politics.

It is more important to establish a theoretical commanding height. Many people did not understand Mao Zedong Thought as the theoretical commanding point and were keen to stick to the far left label. They don’t know, or pretend not to know, that the Mao Zedong era was an era when Chinese ideology comprehensively suppressed Europe and the United States and exported ideology. If we say that the cultural war at that time was China’s attack, and once fell to the core countries of the United States and Europe. At that time, China did not necessarily have a strong voice in the media, but it had a theoretical commanding height. The theoretical commanding height plays a more obvious role than the commanding height on the military scene, which can achieve the practical effect of “water flowing to the lower place”. Even if the United States and Europe have a strong voice, it can’t be stopped, because the infiltration of ideas, such as mercury, is impossible to prevent.

And from a cultural perspective. Mao Zedong thought condenses the excellent cultural gene of Chinese tradition and is the upgraded core of Chinese culture. Many people want to use Confucianism and Taoism to reshape the commanding heights of Chinese culture. This can not be said to have no effect, but I’m afraid its role is also relatively limited. To resist the western culture based on the industrial economy, we should rely more on Mao Zedong Thought Based on the large industrial economy of public ownership, so as to have the commanding height of western culture that relatively reflects the large industrial economy of private ownership. Just imagine that the moral advantage of serving the people for the capital and the concept of “everyone for me, everyone for everyone” for selfishness is crushing in theory, because this is the advantage of theoretical generation difference.

We can win the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea on the Korean battlefield where the weapons generation gap is seriously backward. What makes up for the weapons generation gap is our generation gap advantage in spirit. Our soft power advantage makes up for the lack of hard power, so we can defeat the strong with the weak.

Today, we particularly need to use Mao Zedong thought to complete the transformation from passivity to initiative in the cultural war, and from defense to counterattack. China has moved from hard power to catch up with the United States to soft power to attack the United States.

Mao Zedong thought contains the secret of China’s rise to the world at the lowest cost. It was with these that China defeated so many opponents stronger than itself. Today, we want to establish our position in the world. How can such a valuable ideological weapon be abandoned? We not only need the material atomic bomb to prop up the development umbrella, but also need the spiritual atomic bomb to disintegrate the opponent’s spiritual defense line and hit the opponent’s heart.

On this issue, our opponents are more sober than us, so their demonization of Mao Zedong has never stopped. What they fear is that the Chinese people will arm their minds with Mao Zedong thought again. What our opponents fear is exactly what we need most.

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