The United States has designed a “big picture” and American dilemma!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

Now, the summit of the Americas is being held in Los Angeles. Behind the seemingly peaceful scene, there is a main line: Latin American countries are setting off a wave of left-wing, and many countries are no longer willing to unconditionally follow the leadership of the United States.

Left wing leaders from Peru, Honduras, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico and other countries have taken office. Colombia’s left-wing candidate petro has won the first round of voting, and Brazil’s left-wing candidate Lula has taken the lead. If petro and Lula finally win, all the seven countries with the largest population in Latin America will be governed by left-wing leaders, which will be a historical turning point in Latin America.

This is the first dilemma of the United States. Regional control is weakening.

The United States is designing an overall situation: to make the world unstable again, to weaken China and Russia at the same time, and to realize the absolute world first of the United States. Just like during World War II, the whole world was red, while America, far from the battlefield, was not devastated, but reaped great benefits. When the world became a scorched land, the United States not only succeeded Britain as the world overlord, but also became the absolute world leader.

? Biden video screenshot

The “overall situation” designed by the United States is to include China and Russia at the same time, and the United States is above it, which leads to another dilemma for the United States. It is too powerless to bow from left to right.

Now the United States is arrogant and thinks it can deal with China and Russia at the same time. However, the problem is that when the United States focuses on India and the Pacific, Putin has been victorious in Wudong. If the United States does not vigorously intervene, Russia will once again lay its foundation for its rise when it steadily wins this heavy industrial zone; However, if the United States really wants to vigorously intervene, the Indo Pacific direction is the main reason why the United States is unwilling to let go.

In fact, the hysteria of the trump era has already shown the decline of the United States, because the real ox x people are very confident and calm, and they are not generous and stingy, which shows that they are serious and care; The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan shows the decline of us power.

Up to now, Biden has held meetings in groups for three days and two days, which reminds people of the Warring States period, when the six countries met every day and were finally destroyed by the state of Qin.

There is an underlying logic in the world today, and there is no aggravation of involution caused by the emergence of new technologies.

When there is an incremental driving force in an era, we will make a big cake together. When this trend disappears and we fall into the stock game, the infighting and fighting will be strengthened.

Historically, if we fall into the stock game, we will often fall into the internal people’s livelihood hardship and the external war intensifies; If resources cannot support the population, there are usually two ways to solve it. One is to create new productive forces to feed the population at that time, and the other is to reduce the population through wars, plagues, natural disasters, famines, etc., so as to realize the balance between population and resources again.

Now it has such a little taste. In fact, it began to roll in around 2000, but at that time, network technology appeared, and then we ate another wave of 20-year bonus. Up to now, this wave of bonus has disappeared, but new technologies and new productivity improvements have not appeared.

In other words, even if there is no COVID-19, the world has actually grown sluggishly due to the absence of new technologies, and the epidemic has only accelerated the prototype.

Lack of incremental driving force and falling into the stock struggle are also one of the sources of intensified struggle in the world today.

Overall, the absolute strength of the United States is still there, but the decline of its relative strength from the peak should be visible. The United States is also facing many problems. As for the “overall situation” it has designed for China, Russia and even the whole world to return to the absolute first place in the world, Russia does not know how, but it is not so easy to install China and let China enter the preset battlefield (TRAP) of the United States. The wisdom of the United States for more than 200 years is just a meteor flash thousands of years ago in China!

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