The United States has encountered the biggest crisis in 50 years. Only

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During the Russo Ukrainian war, it was believed that Europe must have been harvested. There was neither food nor energy, so Boris suggested that everyone eat less food and lose weight.

In fact, the United States has not run away The biggest energy crisis in 50 years has further pushed up inflation.

Europe was harvested by the United States, and the United States was also harvested by the United States

Listen to me.

With the breakthrough of shale oil technology, the United States has already become a net exporter of oil.

Because of its leading technology, the United States once surpassed Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil exporter in September 2020.

The United States is not only rich in oil, but also rich in natural gas. In January this year, the United States exported 7.22 million tons of natural gas, becoming the largest exporter in the world that month.

There is no shortage of anything. Can the United States have an energy crisis?

Yes, last month, the head of the American Petroleum and Natural Gas Association said that the energy crisis the United States is experiencing may be the most difficult in the past 50 years.

“We are probably in the biggest and most serious energy crisis in the past 50 years. At present, the prices of diesel and gasoline in the United States are at the highest level in history, and inventories are at the lowest level in history.”

Isn’t there a lot of oil and gas in the United States? Why is it lacking?

In the context of the Russian Ukrainian war, Europe has reduced a considerable part of Russian oil and gas procurement. Global energy is tight and prices are soaring. American energy traders naturally have to raise prices. Otherwise, they would rather sell to Europe with higher prices than to Americans for their own use.

If you don’t make money, isn’t that a son of a bitch?

In the first quarter of 2022, the natural gas export volume of the United States increased by as much as 87%, while at the same time, the natural gas output of the United States increased by only 5%, which means that the United States sold more natural gas, while the natural gas used by the United States decreased greatly.

As a result, the United States, which is rich in natural gas and oil, has no energy to use because it wants to sell it to Europe or other regions to make huge profits. The soaring energy prices have further pushed up inflation in the United States.

However, American energy companies are reluctant to increase production capacity, because increasing production capacity will lead to lower prices.

Do you know whether Americans have energy? What does it matter to us energy traders?

On June 15, Biden sent a letter to the seven largest refineries, including the five largest American refiners, BP and shell, with strong wording, complaining that their profit margin had tripled in recent months and reached a new high.

Biden said directly: in recent months, you have earned more than God

Biden also said that since 2020, the production capacity of U.S. oil companies has decreased by 1million barrels a day, resulting in a huge energy gap.

He demanded that these companies and other industry practitioners should take immediate action to increase the supply of gasoline, diesel and other refined products.

Enterprises should cooperate with the government to put forward specific short-term solutions to the energy crisis.

Well, when Biden first took office, the price of natural gas was $2.40. Today, it is $5.20. The key is that it is still soaring and can’t see the end

As for Biden’s request, American energy traders said I have no time to talk to you.

Fools all know that increasing production means reducing prices and reducing profits.

Moreover, increasing production is not a matter of one day or two. It takes several months to increase production. Once we are ready to start increasing production, the Russian Ukrainian war may have ended at that time, and Russia has opened up its supply. Isn’t it bad luck for American energy traders?

Of course, if this scene is seen by the fine people, it will certainly praise the American liberal economy. You see, the capitalists are too lazy to answer the president’s request.

Then it’s right for the American people to use absurdly high energy prices

Unable to determine his own energy supplier, Biden communicated with the OPEC Organization in Saudi Arabia several times, but Saudi Arabia simply ignored.

There are two reasons for not paying attention. The first reason is that you, the United States, do not increase production. You let me increase production and make it clear that increasing production will cost me money. Why should I.

The second reason is that Biden’s relations with Middle East countries are very, very poor.

In particular, compared with trump, the Lords of the Middle East all like trump.

Saudi Arabia can be said to be an important financier behind trump and has been taken care of by trump. Saudi Arabia has also reciprocated by purchasing hundreds of billions of dollars of arms.

However, after Biden took office, he immediately drew a line with trump, ordered to investigate the killing of kasuji, the Saudi Crown Prince, and even publicly claimed to make Saudi Arabia a pariah in the international community.

Not only that, Biden could not wait a day. In order to liquidate Trump’s allies, he immediately stopped the United States’ support for the multinational coalition military action in Yemen, which was led by Saudi Arabia and related to Saudi Arabia’s core interests.

Biden has completely torn his face with Saudi Arabia after this series of coquettish operations. Now he runs to Saudi Arabia to increase oil production. Of course, Saudi Arabia will not pay any attention

Biden had no choice but to persuade Venezuela, America’s sworn enemy, to increase oil production

However, increasing oil and gas production is closely related to technology and equipment. It doesn’t mean that increasing production means increasing production. Moreover, the United States, Saudi Arabia and other oil and gas countries are very smart. Since the Russian Ukrainian war, it has been a time to make a lot of money. Isn’t it silly to increase production at this time?

On the evening of June 2, the OPEC Organization led by Saudi Arabia announced the latest production increase plan, which only advanced the production capacity released in September to July and August. The overall plan has not changed at all

Biden was stunned. Unexpectedly, he wanted to sit and watch the excitement of the Russian Ukrainian war. Unexpectedly, he lifted a rock and hit himself in the foot. He could only fly into a rage and scold the American energy business.

American energy traders, on the other hand, sell oil to Europe and other countries while watching the soaring energy prices in the United States, cannot close their mouths.

Don’t forget that American energy traders have always been the financier of the Republican Party and the sworn enemy of the Democratic Party. Biden talked about climate issues when he came to power. To promote new energy, his essential goal is to strangle American traditional energy traders and give the Republican party a fatal blow.

Now that Biden is so anxious that energy traders are waiting to see the excitement, who will increase production for him?

The direct effect of energy shortage is the soaring electricity bill, and the key is that the price increase is useless. The United States has already started to cut off electricity

This is also because the United States “has its own national conditions”, and the power grid facilities are aging. More than 70% of the power grids are decades or even centuries old equipment, so faults occur frequently;

In addition, the climate change in the United States this year is relatively abnormal. Extreme high temperature and high heat weather occur frequently. Texas is prone to high temperatures above 40 degrees, and power consumption is rising.

Not only has inflation reached an all-time high in the United States, there is no electricity.

According to Reuters on June 6, the U.S. power department predicted that as the country suffered a record high temperature and drought this summer, power demand surged, and many regions may have to take turns to cut power. In a heat wave in the middle of May, many power plants in Texas were shut down due to faults, and power transmission congestion occurred when the power department allocated power, resulting in the real-time electricity price of some customers soaring to more than 4000 US dollars per megawatt hour, nearly 70 times the usual!

The price of energy is the basis of all prices. The price of energy is high. Naturally, the price of all living materials is high.

What if the oil traders are unwilling to increase production?

Biden’s only way is to use new energy to generate electricity.

Otherwise, in the eyes of more than 300million Americans, Biden has nothing to do with the soaring prices. He can’t decide his own energy business or Saudi Arabia. He is still cheering on the war between Russia and Ukraine. What is the use of this president?

A dog is better than him to be president.

Biden, something has to be done.

So Biden declared that the United States had entered an energy emergency, saying that the power supply shortage had not only affected the lives of Americans, but also affected the national defense security of the United States

On June 6, the White House issued a statement confirming the measures for the development of domestic clean energy. In the statement, Biden authorized the use of the “national defense production law” to accelerate the production of domestic clean energy technologies, covering five technical aspects: solar panel components, building insulation systems, heat pumps, equipment for manufacturing and using clean power generation fuels, etc

But the key problem is that the United States has almost none of these things, and the most critical solar panel is not available in the United States.

Not only does it not have a supply chain, but it cannot be produced The United States used to have some photovoltaic industries, but in 2011, China made a mess of them. Now there is no fart.

Re launch the supply chain? That’s impossible. It will be 10 years before it can be produced. Moreover, the price of electricity generated by American manpower is higher than that now.

In fact, Biden said to develop new energy. Everyone knows that it is better to buy than to build

So Biden issued another announcement, allowing the United States to import key components such as solar panels from Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

In addition, the White House announced that it would not impose any new tariffs on solar energy imports within two years, a move aimed at putting stagnant solar projects on track.

In fact, are there solar panels in Southeast Asia?

There is no These new energy components are all in China.

China has been accumulating in the field of new energy for many years, and it is appropriate to attack the world on its own.

It can be said that today, the world wants to engage in solar power generation. Without China, it is either impossible or the price is ridiculously high.

China leads the world in the field of solar power generation. The purity of silicon wafers has reached 11 nines, and the photovoltaic industry chain accounts for 90% of the global share Moreover, China has mastered the whole industrial chain of solar power generation and does not need any foreign components.

The industries Biden wants to give priority to are also inseparable from China.

So why does Biden want to exempt Southeast Asia.


Biden, who had just fallen down on his bicycle, sighed. The baby was suffering.

If I don’t import solar energy and other photovoltaic equipment from China, the voters will drive me out of office and say that I don’t care whether they live or die;

My support rate has dropped to the lowest level in history and is much lower than that of trump. What can I do? It’s all Putin’s fault. This is because “Putin’s price rise”

What can I do? I just tell Southeast Asia to import photovoltaic equipment from China and sell it to the United States.

As long as I am “politically correct”, cover my ears, steal a bell and pretend to be confused, everyone will not say anything. Let’s pretend to be stupid

However, most of China’s photovoltaic industry is concentrated in Xinjiang.

Biden signed the “forced labor law” at the end of last year, and various slanders have been made that China is enslaving the “automatic harvesting machine” in Xinjiang

Just recently, it has begun to build momentum. This forced labor law will come into force this month to boycott any products from Xinjiang.

Soon, Biden’s face will be slapped. A large number of new energy equipment from Xinjiang will be resold to the United States after a one-day trip to Southeast Asia

Of course, Biden doesn’t care about being beaten in the face. Anyway, the whole United States pretends to be stupid.

Well, you may ask, can we impose sanctions on the United States and not sell PV to the United States?

The answer is No.

Because In fact, the United States, let alone the American people without electricity, even if 1million Americans died in the epidemic, do you think the United States cares?

The quality of life of Americans is not the core interest of the United States at all. Anyway, Wall Street and the military industrial complex have electricity. Even if the electricity price rises 100 times, they don’t care.

Other Americans don’t care if they die of heat.

Moreover, the Russian Ukrainian war will eventually be over. Now the export ban on the United States will affect Biden for a period of time, but Biden’s support rate is the lowest. The failure of the mid-term election is a certainty. Do you still need to drive him out of office?

So, it’s very simple, the export is the export, and whoever offers the highest price will sell it to him.

Anyway, now that Europe is suffering from war, it needs Chinese photovoltaic products more than ever, and has been increasing imports.

In this special period, China’s new energy industry has also ushered in a new round of rapid development, which has brought opportunities for the overall layout of new energy. In the next 5-15 years, the oil age will finally pass. With the overall layout of China’s photovoltaic, wind power, ultra-high voltage technology, etc., the layout of new energy vehicles will be fully mature

Xinjiang will become a follow-up new energy center in Asia and even the world. It will use wind and solar energy to generate electricity, and then use China’s unique UHV technology to transport it to Asia and the world.

What about the next step? We have fallen behind in the traditional energy automobile industry, but we are confident that we will take the lead in the new energy automobile industry in the future.

Our industrial closed loop will extend to every corner of the world.

Actually, do Biden know?

Of course I know. Biden said hey, it’s none of my business. I need to stop trump so that he won’t take my place. As for you, I just have to pretend.

I still have more than two years to go. I can do without any trouble. I don’t care about things after two years.

Russia has locked the ruble with energy and food and guaranteed its credit. This is really wonderful, but more exciting is still to come.

China plays a global role in the whole new energy industry chain, and this is the absolute direction in the future.

Biden wants to promote clean energy. Europe believes that the traditional power generation method is backward and politically incorrect. He wants to promote new energy

When we take Xinjiang as the center and establish a global new energy system, what is the most credible currency in the future?

You know, after the collapse of the forest in Brinton, an important reason for the establishment of confidence in the US dollar was that it locked in energy.

Don’t worry. Take your time. The good play will come later.

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