The United States is being caught by China! This time I lost a lot of people!

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In the past, the United States was known as a hegemonic country and a bandit country in the world. Its wanton power to fight whoever it wanted made Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and other countries experience the hardships of war. Pompeo, former US Secretary of state and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), said in a speech in 2019 about how the CIA trained its agents: “we lie, cheat and steal. We also have complete training courses…”


In fact, the United States “lies, deceives, and steals” are really more than agents. Its president, whether trump or Biden, and senior US officials, are full of lies. They spread all kinds of rumors against China and other countries in the world. The United States has reached the peak in deception. The trump administration has “broken the agreement”, “withdrawn from the group”, and torn up the agreement. It is common practice and has no credibility at all.

As for theft, recently the United States has a very ready-made example in Syria. They not only steal Syrian food on a large scale, but also steal oil in Syria in convoys. A few days ago, it was exposed that the United States stole more than one kilometer of oil in northern Syria, and more than 100 large oil tankers stole the oil in Syrian oil fields.


As we all know, while the United States has established its own cyber forces and nurtured various hacker organizations, it has constantly accused and smeared China internationally, claiming that China has stolen US military, scientific and technological secrets through hacking. Every time the United States made groundless claims, the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs would rebuke the United States and ask the United States to produce evidence, but the United States could not produce it once.

The United States can not provide evidence, but this time China has caught the “thief” of the United States!

On June 22, 2022, Northwestern Polytechnical University issued a public statement saying that the University was attacked by overseas networks. Beilin Branch of Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau immediately issued a “Police Information Circular”, confirming that a number of Trojan horse samples originating from abroad were found in the information network of Northwestern Polytechnical University. Xi’an police officially filed a case for investigation.

On September 5, the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center and 360 company respectively released an investigation report on the overseas cyber attacks on Northwestern Polytechnical University. During the investigation, the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center and 360 company jointly formed a technical team to participate in the technical analysis of the case. The technical team has extracted a number of Trojan horse samples from a number of information systems and Internet terminals of Northwestern Polytechnical University, comprehensively used existing domestic data resources and analysis methods, and received the full support of partners in Europe and South Asia. It has fully restored the overall profile, technical characteristics, attack weapons, attack paths and attack sources of relevant attacks, It is preliminarily determined that the relevant attacks originated from the “Office of specific intrusion operations” of the US National Security Agency (NSA).


What does that mean? That is, Northwestern Polytechnic University was attacked by an overseas network. Shaanxi Public Security Bureau found a number of overseas Trojans in Northwestern Polytechnic University’s information network. Then the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center and 360 company formed a joint technical team to participate in the investigation. Finally, with the support of partners in some countries in Europe and South Asia, through a series of analysis, the overall profile, technical characteristics, attack weapons According to the attack path and source, it was finally determined that the “thief” was the “Office of specific intrusion operations” of the US National Security Agency. This is to catch the current situation. We have made it clear who attacked, how to attack, what technologies and tools were used, and what paths were taken. The United States can not deny it because it is a complete chain of evidence. As long as China makes relevant evidence public to the world, the United States will lose a lot of humiliation. Everyone knows that the United States is a cyber thief, but no one has the ability to catch the United States.

China’s capture of the United States’ regular cyber army shows at least two points:

1? China’s network technology capability is on the same level as that of the United States

In this case, we can conclude two points: first, the United States can not steal anything valuable from Northwestern Polytechnical University. Universities like Northwestern Polytechnical University, which master core technology, will do very strict network security, and core technology can not be placed in networks that are publicly used; Second, the reason why the United States is caught is that, on the one hand, our network security technology is powerful, and on the other hand, the United States has nowhere to hide from China.

Just imagine, China and the United States are certainly engaged in cyber rivalry all the time, but this time China has taken out the hard chain of evidence that the United States is trying to steal Chinese technology, which has shown that China has surpassed the United States in some aspects of cyber security.


2? China’s technology is surpassing that of the United States. The United States wants to steal Chinese things too much

The United States targeted Northwestern Polytechnical University for theft, which is certainly not once or twice, but this time I personally think Northwestern Polytechnical University was prepared, and then caught the current one. This shows two things. On the one hand, it shows that our country has surpassed the United States in some technical fields. Northwestern Polytechnical University has technologies that the United States does not have. Otherwise, the United States would not steal at such a large cost; The second is that the United States is so eager to steal the technical materials of Northwestern Polytechnical University that it is too reckless to leave a large amount of evidence and is caught by China.

Then, we can’t help asking why the United States is so eager to steal from Northwestern Polytechnical University? What technology does Northwestern Polytechnical University have that makes the United States so unscrupulous?

Many people do not know that Northwestern Polytechnical University is a very special university in our country. It is not only the 985, 211 and double first-class universities, but also the only national key university in China that features the development of aviation, aerospace, navigation engineering education and scientific research at the same time. At present, many core technologies in aviation, aerospace and navigation in China are developed by Northwestern Polytechnical University. In the US sanctions list, Northwestern Polytechnical University is the most sanctioned. Northwestern Polytechnical University has trained a large number of senior talents for the military industry of China.

According to the official website of West China University of technology, among the more than 320000 alumni of West China University of technology, there are 50 leaders at or above the provincial and ministerial level, 66 generals, 51 academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering and the Chinese Academy of engineering, and 6 top ten outstanding young people in China.

In the aviation field, more than half of the chief engineers and deputy chief engineers of major models, four of the five winners of the “aviation meritorious service award” and six of the ten winners of the “aviation meritorious service award” commended by the 70th anniversary of the founding of China’s aviation industry are all alumni of Xigong University. Among the 14 winners of the aerospace laurel award from 2005 to now, 23 have studied and worked in the school. In the field of aerospace, from Zhang Qingwei and Lei fanpei among the “three young commanders of aerospace” in the early years to Wu Weiren, the chief designer of China’s lunar exploration project, a large number of alumni of Western Polytechnic University have served as party and government leading cadres and deputy chief engineer or above in large central enterprises and affiliated enterprises and institutions. Yang Wei, chief engineer of our j-20 and Tang Changhong, chief engineer of our yun-20, all graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University.

Therefore, Northwestern Polytechnical University is called the “cradle of the chief teacher”, which really deserves its reputation. Frankly speaking, in terms of cultivating talents for the country, Xi’an University of technology is certainly in the forefront. Moreover, students graduating from Northwestern Polytechnical University generally work for their country after graduation, rather than studying in western countries in large quantities.

So, what technology does the United States want to steal from China? In fact, the United States of Northwestern Polytechnical University wants too many technologies. Here is a technology that has shocked the United States recently.

On July 5, 2022, the official micro blog of Northwest Polytechnic University pushed a micro blog to congratulate the successful launch of “feitian-1” of West Polytechnic University! The Post said: on July 4, 2022, the “feitian-1” rocket stamping combined power of Northwestern Polytechnical University was successfully launched at a base in Northwest China. The combined power was led by the space and space combined power team of the Academy of Astronautics of Western Polytechnic University. It has verified a number of cutting-edge technologies for the first time internationally and the flight test was a complete success.


Do you see the picture above? It is a missile like equipment. The aerodynamic shape of the missile head is similar to but different from the df-17 hypersonic missile. Therefore, it can be confirmed that this is a hypersonic missile equipment, and it is different from dongfeng-17. According to the news released by West China University of technology, this experiment verified “the multi-modal smooth transition and wide-range comprehensive ability of kerosene fuel rocket ramjet combined cycle engine rocket / sub combustion, sub combustion, super combustion and rocket / super combustion” for the first time in the world. At the same time, it broke through a number of key technologies, such as “thermal throat regulation, ultra wide envelope efficient combustion organization”, and realized seamless connection from sub combustion to super combustion ramjet for the first time. The key technologies and successful experiments show that this set of combined cycle engine is of great significance and is also at the leading level in the world.


In fact, this is not the leading position in the world, but other countries do not have it at all. This is not only the realization of the relevant technology of the ultra-high speed ramjet engine, but also the replacement of the fuel with kerosene. In terms of aerodynamic shape, it is also more advanced than dongfeng-17 and can control the flight direction through vector control. This technology means that China’s hypersonic cruise missiles will become a reality, while the United States has not even successfully tested hypersonic missiles.

In addition, we should all remember that it has been almost semi open recently. China’s stealth bomber h-20 is about to fly for the first time. After h-20 comes out, it will become the most advanced stealth bomber in the world. Many of the advanced technologies are also from Northwestern Polytechnical University.


The United States has basically no such technology. He is not only salivating, but also very nervous. In fact, the technology of warships manufactured by the Chinese navy has surpassed that of the United States. The 055 destroyer has almost completely surpassed the US warships; The aircraft carrier 003 has also achieved transcendence in some technologies, especially electromagnetic ejection. In terms of the fourth generation aircraft, China’s j-20 is not only better than F35, but also better than F22 in many aspects. Now, China’s j-20 has been deployed to the East, West, north, South and central theater, but the US F22 has rarely appeared. Under such circumstances, can the United States not be nervous? So, they desperately want to steal our technology.

In fact, what the United States did this time is really disgraceful! The whole world is disgraced! It can be seen from this that the United States is beginning to be inferior in some aspects!

In fact, this is also the trump card to decide the victory in the “world of great competition”. In the big game in this world of great competition, what we fight for is high-tech and sophisticated technology, and what we fight for is national defense capability. Just like this Russia Ukraine war, if Russia has China’s UAV technology, it will be chopping melons and vegetables to fight Ukraine, but Russia does not. In China, the UAV technology of Northwestern Polytechnical University is a series.

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