The United States is desperate for Russia!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: planting flower city (id:hqsycn)

According to the Russian “Communist Youth League Pravda” reported on July 12, the US Congress issued a report at the end of June, which claimed that Russia was too big and should be “dismembered” into 17 pieces.

Former Polish President Walesa recently called for “dismembering” Russia is not enough. He also advocated reducing Russia’s population by nearly two thirds, leaving only 50million.

The statement of the United States tells the true purpose of the United States, which can be described as desperate.

? video screenshot of Putin Biden meeting

This is the principle of Russia’s “vindication” introduced by the author earlier. Russia is huge. No matter how it explains its harmlessness to the west, the United States and Europe, others can’t really rest assured. They can’t rest assured unless Russia dismembers itself into dozens of small countries.

If Russia and the West want to reconcile, either it will kill the west, or the West will kill it (such as being dismembered), leaving it alone.

Unfortunately, the Soviet Union did not understand this truth in the past. Many people were pro western, and even Gorbachev was a staunch Pro western element, so that a huge empire fell apart.

After the disintegration, Russia once used “shock therapy”, “disarmament” and “changing the system to the west” to express the sincerity of “let’s make peace and stop fighting” to the west, but in return, the West tightened the noose of Russia.

Including the early days of Putin’s administration, Russia’s national strategy was to move westward, and cooperation with Europe and the United States was Russia’s main goal, but in the face of repeated realistic attacks, Russia finally understood. The war with Ukraine showed Russia’s determination to break with the West and turn to the East and south.

Had it not been for the fall of one of Russia and the west, Russia’s “vindication” determined that there was no possibility of reconciliation between them, and also determined the natural destiny of confrontation between Russia and the West. Understand this early, go in the right direction early, good morning.

Russia was once immersed in a dream of the west, but now it is waking up. It is a pity that its former little brothers (Eastern European countries) are still in a dream. They have either become cannon fodder for the West or are becoming cannon fodder.

Ukraine, for example, fell in love with the west before the collapse of the Soviet Union, and now it remains the same.

And become cannon fodder without knowing it, still confused.

Recently, there has been “Ukraine says that a million troops will counterattack against Russia”. With regard to Ukraine’s national strength, how can it sustain the continuous combat consumption of a million troops? Not even with the support of the United States and Europe.

There is also a “25-year-old girl with zero experience as Deputy Minister of Ukraine”. In addition, Zelensky is an actor, and Uzbek defense minister reznikov is also a sketch actor. Later, he worked as a lawyer and became the defense minister of Ukraine on November 4, 2021… Where is the future for such a group of laymen to take charge of Ukraine? To a large extent, it is still poisoned by the west, western democracy and elections.

However, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, poisoning of other countries, and hostility between Russia and its former brothers… All these are exactly what the United States and the West want.

Now, they still want to dismember Russia and make the dismembered small countries hostile to each other. Will Russia, which has been cheated once, repeat the story?

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