The United States is just a capital alliance disguised as a country!

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The United States adopts a federal system, and the power is composed of three parts: the government represented by the president, the Congress represented by members of Parliament and the Supreme Court represented by judges. These three are independent of each other but check and balance each other, that is, the so-called “separation of powers” of administration, legislation and judicature.

In the impression of many people, the U.S. government has great power. Wars and trade wars are launched by the U.S. government, because the U.S. president is the commander-in-chief of the three armed forces, and the U.S. government also has a lot of foreign power

In everyone’s impression, the power of the U.S. Congress is also very large. It not only controls the financial power and personnel appointment power of the United States, but also often vetoes the foreign policies formulated by the U.S. president. The Taiwan Relations Act is a domestic law formulated by the U.S. Congress, and the review power of the Iran nuclear agreement is also formulated by the U.S. Congress!

In everyone’s impression, the sense of existence of American courts is not strong!

However, recently, the U.S. high court has made three major events, which let us see the power of the U.S. high law!

First, on June 23, the U.S. Supreme Court, by a vote of 6:3, ruled that the New York State act “restricting citizens from holding guns in public places” was unconstitutional.

In 1913, the state of New York issued a law stipulating that people should not carry guns out at will unless there is a legitimate reason. However, the Supreme Court said that the law violated the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution, that is, “the right of the people to hold and bear weapons is inviolable”.

Second, on June 24, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the “Roy v. Wade case” by 5:4 votes, and women’s right to abortion is no longer protected by the constitution.

This incident caused great turbulence in the United States. There were “beautiful scenic spots” of demonstrations and demonstrations everywhere. Biden described the ruling as “setting the United States back 150 years”.

Third, on June 30, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled by a vote of 6:3 that federal agencies cannot impose extensive limits on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.

After this incident, Biden delivered a speech again, calling the ruling “another devastating decision aimed at setting our country back”.


Let’s see if there is any connection between these three things?

On the surface, one of the three cases was that the state government violated the constitution, and the other two were that the federal government violated the constitution. Therefore, the United States high court “brought order out of chaos”.

What are their commonalities?


What is the purpose of the United States high court?

Weaken the power of the government, including the power of the state government and the federal government!

Why weaken the power of the government?

This involves the essence of the United States, because the United States is not a country at all, but a capital alliance!

I believe many people must have read this sentence: China is a civilization disguised as a country, and the United States is a company disguised as a country!

Is this sentence a summary?

Very right!

Today, we focus on the question of “is the United States a company disguised as a country” because after you understand this question, you can understand the recent actions of the United States high court.

In fact, this problem is very easy to understand. As long as we give a simple example, you can understand it immediately.

Suppose I am an enterprise boss who produces tractors. Now the domestic market is saturated, the competition is very fierce, and survival is very difficult.

What should I do?

At this time, in order to survive or gain more benefits, I can no longer focus on the domestic market, because the domestic market competition is too cruel, I have to develop overseas markets.

So I went abroad to find markets everywhere

Hard work pays off. I traveled across mountains and rivers and oceans, and finally found a continent that had never been found before. This continent has a vast land and a large number of primitive aborigines with relatively backward civilization

This is really a piece of heaven!

With a large amount of fertile land, the tractor I produce can cultivate 100 mu of land a day, and then produce a large amount of food, which is sold to those aborigines at a low price to obtain a large amount of gold or minerals that are useless to them; With a lot of gold, I can take it to China to buy all kinds of goods. With minerals, I can make more tractors

At the beginning, my strength was relatively small, and I didn’t dare to have much conflict with the aborigines. More often, I traded with the aborigines… However, I slowly found that the aborigines’ civilization was very backward, and they were still holding sticks and stones as weapons

At this time, I began to think: why should I trade with such a good land and those indigenous civilizations are so backward? How easy is it to grab directly?

So, I set up a “security team”, hired 100 soldiers, equipped with muskets!

With these 100 soldiers, I can rob indigenous lands and mineral resources; After robbing a large amount of Aboriginal Land and minerals, they will not be reconciled and will definitely rob them back, so the “guard team” established by my company not only robs aborigines, but also shoulders the responsibility of guarding!

I found a new continent and gained huge wealth. This thing must not be hidden!

Soon, this matter was known by the bosses of other companies, so they sent a large number of people to look everywhere… Finally, they found the continent.

Because that continent was so huge, everyone went to rob it separately

Slowly, the problem came: more and more people knew about this continent, and there were also enterprises in other countries.

For example, I have established several companies on that continent with the bosses of several enterprises with good relations. Each of us has 100 soldiers who protect each other. At this time, a Japanese enterprise also found this continent, moved the enterprise to this continent, and robbed a lot of indigenous land and minerals

At this time, I will discuss with those bosses: you see, little Japan is our enemy, and this continent was originally discovered by us first. We have 500 soldiers in total, while little Japan’s enterprises have only 100 people. We have to kill it!

In this way, we worked together to destroy Japanese enterprises!

Although we killed Japanese enterprises, several Japanese fled. After they returned to Japan, they publicized everywhere: we found a new continent full of gold, and the primitive Aborigines were also very backward. There were only a few Chinese enterprises there, and they added up to only 500 people. As long as we joined hands to organize an army of 1000 people, we could destroy them!

Therefore, Japanese enterprises United to form an army to fight us!

At this time, we felt threatened, so we had to contact other Chinese enterprises around us and say to them: look, now the small Japanese enterprises have organized a 1000 strong army, and we only have 500 people. However, you have to help us fight the Japanese together, otherwise they will not let you go after they destroy us!

As a result, the alliance is getting bigger and bigger, and the scale of the war is also getting bigger and bigger!

The alliance is getting bigger and bigger, and the cost of war is getting higher and higher. There must be contradictions between them: how many people do your company contribute to each war? How much is it?

Every boss wants to send less people and spend less money

What should I do?

So, I went to those bosses to discuss: everyone, we should build our own “guard team”, which distracts our energy. Moreover, at the critical time, we always talk to each other, and we all want to work without effort… If we continue like this, we will certainly not be able to fight small Japan, and we have to change!

How to change?

So I put forward a suggestion: we should establish a professional army, and the commander of the army should be decided by our bosses, and then each family should take 5% of the profits as military expenditure. In this way, we will concentrate on enterprises, and the war, defense and robbery will be left to the army.

As soon as several bosses heard this, they thought it was feasible, so they agreed!

The above process is exactly the same as that of the founding of the United States!

In 1492, Columbus discovered America by sailing… Then English Puritans and merchants came to America and established 13 states on the east coast of the United States!


These thirteen states are actually thirteen corporate alliances!

These thirteen corporate alliances slaughtered and plundered on the land of America, and obtained huge benefits. After obtaining huge benefits, they naturally did not want to pay huge taxes to the British government; In addition, France, the Netherlands and other countries are also seizing the land of the Americas… So they have established their own armies!

The British government naturally disagrees!

So the British government sent troops to fight the rebellion!

The thirteen states felt threatened, so they united and handed over the military command to Washington, the first president of the United States

At that time, Britain was already very strong, and France, Portugal, Spain and other countries around felt threatened, so those countries all supported these thirteen states to break away from British control, and wanted to weaken Britain by this

With the support of France, Portugal and the Netherlands, the army led by Washington defeated the British army, and Britain was forced to recognize the independence of the United States!

After the thirteen states became independent from Britain, they faced a problem: the struggle between enterprises in the past has now become a struggle between countries. If the thirteen states cannot unite, they will not be able to resist Britain, France and other countries.

What should I do?

Thus, the primitive prototype of the United States was born: these thirteen states established a country, established a government, and handed over the military to this government.

Those capitalists handed over the military to the government they elected, and the development of military must be money… So those capitalists handed over the power of Taxation to that government… In this way, the U.S. federal government slowly gained more and more power!

Once the U.S. government gains a lot of power, it naturally doesn’t want to be controlled by capitalists, right? Who wants to be a puppet?

However, American capitalists are not stupid, so they invented a system to check and balance the American government: the power of the federal government is strictly stipulated in the form of the Constitution – the federal government has only external power, not internal power!

Therefore, we see a phenomenon: the Federal Reserve is independent and not controlled by the U.S. government; The American army has no right to interfere in internal affairs, and each state has its own army (National Guard)

I believe that after analyzing this, everyone will completely understand: is the United States a country?


The United States is just a capital alliance disguised as a country!

The power of the United States never belongs to the people, and the capitalists are the real masters of the United States!

The United States gained huge wealth by plundering, and “enjoyed” the dividends of the two world wars, making it the most powerful country in the world!

The owner of the United States is the capitalist. After the United States has become the most powerful country in the world, those capitalists naturally want to rob the world!

How can American capital plunder more wealth and even enslave the world?

At this time, two kinds of thoughts were born, and these two thoughts gave birth to two parties:

The first party is represented by the Democratic Party

The “reformers” of the so-called “big government” model believe that the power of the government must be expanded, because the greater the power of the government, the stronger the power

Quantity can effectively gather together and plunder the world.

Which capitalists are supporting the Democratic Party?

Yes, multinational capital interest groups – they need a strong federal government to help them plunder the world!

As a result, we can see that Google, Facebook, twitter, apple, and almost all large multinational enterprises support the Democratic Party!

So, let’s remember: the Democratic Party of the United States is following the path of “big government”, and its supporters are multinational capital groups, which advocate globalization.

The second party is the “conservatives” represented by the Republican Party. They also believe that the power of the U.S. government should be expanded, but it must be strictly limited, and the step should not be too big, that is, the so-called “small government” model – because in the eyes of some capitalists, the expansion of the power of the government means that its own power has become smaller.

Which capitalists are supporting the Republican party?

Yes, the local capital interest groups that cannot be looted in the world – they must limit the power of the government to ensure their own interests!

Therefore, we can see that the white people at the bottom and the traditional manufacturing industry in the United States support the Republican Party – globalization has hurt the traditional manufacturing industry in the United States, resulting in the collapse of a large number of enterprises, the interests of a large number of white people have been damaged, and they have become the bottom people!

Therefore, we all remember that the Republican Party in the United States is following the path of “small government”. The backers are local capital groups, which advocate anti globalization.

Whether the Democratic Party or the Republican Party in the United States, in fact, behind them are the capitalists, not the people – under the American system, the capitalists provide candidates for the people through financial support, public opinion control, etc., and the American people can only choose the candidates recommended by the capitalists to you – there are ten people running for the president of the United States,

But these candidates are all capitalists, and none of them represents the interests of the people!

Moreover, when the United States was founded, American capital had already formulated strict laws to restrict the power of this government, and more power was controlled in the hands of various state governments!

What is the problem now?

With the continuous development of other countries, the strength of the United States is declining sharply!

For example, in the past, the automobile manufacturing in the United States was very strong, but with the gradual rise of Japan and Germany, it continued to invade the domestic and international automobile market in the United States, resulting in the American automobile capital having to transfer the automobile manufacturing to other countries, which led to the bankruptcy of Detroit and the loss of jobs for a large number of whites!

In the past, when the United States was strong, the northeast of the United States, near the Great Lakes, became a heavy industrial center because of convenient water transportation and rich minerals, and industries such as steel, glass, chemical industry, logging, mining, and railway rose one after another. However, now the prosperity there is no longer, many factories are abandoned, and the machines in the factories are gradually covered with rust, so it is called rust belt.


As a result, the anti globalization forces of the United States are growing – after anti globalization, at least the domestic market of the United States can be preserved and a large number of people can have jobs!

To counter globalization, the Republican Party must weaken the power of the government and obtain enough votes.

For example, on June 30, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled by a vote of 6:3 that federal agencies cannot impose extensive limits on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.

Whose interests are you protecting?

The protection of fossil energy power plants, coal, oil and other industries in the United States!

As for abortion, it has nothing to do with human rights at all – abortion is a woman’s “human rights”, so does the “fetus” have no human rights? So, you can’t discuss this thing at all.

The Republican Party led by trump supported the high court to cancel the constitutional protection of abortion for the sake of white votes, and the democratic party opposed the prohibition of abortion for the sake of gaining the support of people of color!

On June 25, former US President trump and Illinois Republican representative Mary Miller held a rally in Adams County, Illinois. At the rally, Miller thanked trump for facilitating the ruling of the “Roe v. Wade case”, calling it “the victory of white lives”.

Her original words are like this: “President trump, on behalf of all Maga patriots in the United States, I thank you for yesterday’s historic victory in the lives of white people in the Supreme Court.”

She also said that abolishing the right to abortion would have a disproportionate impact on women of color.


What does she mean by this passage? Why would banning abortion be good for whites and bad for people of color?

In the United States, blacks and Hispanics are relatively poor, at the bottom of society, taking drugs, fooling around, and having no money for contraception. Therefore, after abortion is banned, those people must give birth to their children once they are pregnant. In this way, their living conditions will be very poor.

On the contrary, white people are advanced people in the United States, and their living conditions are relatively good, so when they don’t want children, they have the money to do contraceptives and can raise them even if there is an “accident”. So this bill doesn’t have much impact on them.

As for the U.S. high court’s ruling that the New York State’s act “restricting citizens from holding guns in public places” is unconstitutional, it is easier to understand: the poor in the United States are mainly black and Hispanic, and their crime rate is relatively high. If guns are prohibited, white people will be robbed in large numbers. So, most white people support holding guns!

According to the Pew Research Center, the gun ownership rate of whites is 36%, that of African Americans is 24%, and that of Hispanics is 15%.

To put it bluntly, the so-called “abortion cases” and “gun control cases” are just topics created by American capital in order to win more votes!

The United States has never been a democratic country. It has never been a country where the people are the masters of the country. It was not, and still is not!

The United States is just a capital alliance disguised as a country!

The so-called “party struggle” is just a struggle between two capital groups with opposite interests and needs in the United States, and the people are just their fighting tools!

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