The United States never expected that the backyard was on fire!

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On the occasion of NATO’s upcoming annual summit, China also held an important event this year. On June 24, China invited leaders of 17 countries by video to attend the global development high level dialogue.

A comrade in arms asked, what is the purpose of this high level dialogue on global development?

In fact, we only need to look at the topic of the speech by China’s top leaders. The topic of this important speech is building high-quality partnerships to create a new era of global development. The purpose of this dialogue is to build high-quality partnerships and jointly create a new era of global development. Since the West led by the United States has been “unable to spit out ivory”, these partners with high-quality potential should work together to build high-quality partnerships. The core connotation of the so-called co creating a new era of global development is that since you don’t want to have fun any more, we can play by ourselves to make development better.


In fact, this meeting is more like a mobilization meeting for the BRICs countries to prepare for the expansion of membership. At the meeting, the president of Argentina could not help it. According to the reference news, citing the report on June 24 on the website of the Argentine Inter American news agency, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez was invited to attend the high level dialogue on global development by video on June 24. He said that Argentina is eager to become a “full member” of the BRICs countries.

He said that Argentina is eager to become a “full member” of the BRICs countries. Fernandez said in his speech, “we are eager to become a full member of this group of countries that already account for 42% of the world’s population and 24% of the global GDP. We are safe and responsible food suppliers and are recognized in the field of biotechnology and the application of logistics technology”. Fernandez said that “neither wheat nor food can become weapons of war”, and insisted that “peace is urgent, because there is an urgent need to build a more equal world”. He said that he hoped the whole world would understand that although the war broke out in Europe, its tragic consequences would have an impact on Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and the entire southern hemisphere.


From the statement of the president of Argentina, we can see that he has a very clear view of the world today, including that although the war broke out in Europe, the tragic consequences will have an impact on Latin America, Africa and the entire southern hemisphere. Why did he say that? Because food has become a weapon, the rise in international food prices means a substantial increase in the cost of obtaining food for relatively backward countries, which of course means that some regions will face serious famine.

In this state, will the United States lead us to develop together? The answer is no, the United States wants to lead us to confrontation! At the NATO summit to be held at the end of this month, the United States will not only use NATO to deal with China, but also bring in Australia, Japan and South Korea. Its intention against China is very obvious. At the recent summit of the Americas, Latin American countries, including Mexico, were very dissatisfied with the United States. This dissatisfaction was not only because the United States did not allow Cuba, Venezuela and other countries to attend the summit, but also because the United States simply could not come up with any policies to help Latin American countries’ development. The so-called economy is all a false void with the same old tune. Latin America seems to have been abandoned by the United States. In recent years, the global development has been so rapid, Latin American countries have not benefited much.

It is against this background that Argentine President Fernandez made a high-profile statement that Argentina urgently needs to join the BRICs cooperation mechanism. Argentine media reported that through this meeting, Argentina will take a strategic step towards joining the BRICs cooperation mechanism. The BRICs countries are a group with strong geopolitical and economic influence. Fernandez also expressed in his congratulatory letter to the BRICs political parties, think tanks and civil society organizations forum held in May this year that “in a world order that has always served the interests of a few countries, the BRICs countries have brought Argentina an excellent choice for cooperation”, “The BRICs countries play a vital role in world economic development and are making and will continue to make increasingly important contributions to maintaining global macroeconomic stability and promoting world economic growth.”.


In addition to Argentina, the non BRICs countries invited to the summit include leaders of Indonesia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Thailand, Algeria and other countries. According to Indian media reports on June 23, BRICs leaders said on Thursday that they would continue to discuss the possibility of accepting new countries to join the group of five on the basis of “full consultation and consensus”. The leaders of the five countries stressed the efforts of BRICs countries to expand cooperation with other emerging markets and developing countries, and supported the further promotion of BRICs peripheral dialogue and “BRICs plus” cooperation through inclusive, equal and flexible approaches and initiatives.

From the above news reports, we can read three important information:

1? BRICs capacity expansion is imminent. This is not only because this high level dialogue on global development was held in conjunction with the relevant BRICs meetings. More importantly, capacity expansion has been the consensus of the BRICs countries. Now it is in the stage of consultation. It is just to admit new countries on the basis of “full consultation and consensus”. From this, we can see that there is no political problem in joining, only the technical details. For example, we should negotiate who should join.


2? Establish a new global economic development system. It should be noted that all the countries participating in this meeting are friendly to the BRICs countries as a whole, such as Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Argentina and other countries, which are relatively easy to join in to some extent. After they join in, they can form strong economic complementarity with BRICs countries including China. For example, China is the most special role in this process. China’s largest market in the world can be used as the driving end of consumption. China’s largest manufacturing country is also the driving end of manufacturing. As long as China and other countries participate, we can establish a very good economic cycle system. In the face of such opportunities, which country is not excited? Five countries already account for 42% of the world’s population. If we join Indonesia, Argentina and other countries, the BRICs countries alone will account for more than half of the world’s population, and its influence is self-evident.

3? This is an extension of China’s leading world development path. What is the American route? Engage in confrontation, cut off the global supply chain, reorganize in accordance with the interests of the United States, and do not hesitate to provoke war. As you can see, Ukraine is afraid to destroy the country. What is the Chinese route? Maintain the current world order and stability, actively promote cooperation on equality and mutual benefit, and achieve inclusive development and win-win results for all countries. So, as a normal developing country, as long as it is not stupid, who would like to become the second in Ukraine? Who doesn’t want to make money for peaceful development? Therefore, the current situation is that the United States is forcing its allies to engage in global confrontation, while China is pulling more countries with development aspirations to seek common development. This is the fundamental difference between China and the United States!

The BRICs countries already include Brazil. If Argentina joins in next, Latin American countries may cheerfully join in. If the Asian, African and Latin American countries join together, with China as the economic leader as the core, we can keep warm together. Not only can the United States fail to succeed in sabotage, but also the development of the global economy will have a stable chassis because of the unity of developing countries.

Latin America is regarded by the United States as its own backyard, and it has never wanted foreign countries to get involved. In this case, if Latin American countries actively join the BRICs countries and embrace the economic cycle with the BRICs countries as the core, the United States will have no choice but to have a fire in its backyard. Next, unless the United States uses force, it is really difficult for the United States to compete with the BRICs countries led by China in economic means. The reason is also very simple. On the one hand, the United States is not thinking about it, and on the other hand, it is difficult for developed countries to form cohesion on the issue of Latin American countries.

The backyard of the United States is on fire. Let’s wait and see how the situation develops. When the United States plans to contain China militarily, China extends to Latin America economically and to the South Pacific safely. The series of actions of the United States really give China a headache, and China’s counterattack will not make the United States easy!

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