The United States on the eve of fission and us against the crisis!

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Law does not exist naturally, but is determined by human beings. Therefore, the rationality of law will inevitably have problems.

The conservatism of the Supreme Court, as I said once before, Trump’s Republican Party has caught up with the good times, and the chief justice has changed several times. The life-long justices are bound to adopt more and more conservative legislation.

There is a big problem in the American political system. The tendency of court legislation is obvious, and the tendency of legislation is obvious, and the precedents always have a great impact on the society.

Before the law clearly defines all aspects of society, there is only one natural state, that is, residents naturally trust public power, and the police protect the personal safety of residents, which seems to be justified.

However, the natural state is always ruled by the law. In the vacuum without law, the survival of the natural state only depends on human morality.

In 1999, a man hijacked his ex-wife’s three children in stone city, Colorado. His ex-wife called the police four times, but the police in the United States stood still. Finally, the man killed three children. The children’s mother was so sad that she angrily sued the police for inaction.

The lawsuit went on to the Supreme Court, and finally the police won.

Before this case law came out, it was a natural state that how much responsibility the American police had for citizens. The vast majority of police officers were Western sheriffs. Once the police stars wore them, they would eliminate the tyrants and settle down. When faced with injustice, they would draw their guns. This does not need the provisions of the law.

However, the bad thing is that when there is no law, the survival of the natural state can only rely on human morality. Suddenly, there are a few immoral policemen, and the natural state cannot survive.

The ruling that the police had no obligation to protect citizens led to the transformation of the rifle association from a gun manufacturer to one of the most powerful political groups.

After all, the law involves the obligation of the police, ruling that there is no obligation to protect the residents, only the obligation to catch the prisoners. Before catching the prisoners, the residents always have to think about one question. If I didn’t have a gun, although the prisoners were caught, wouldn’t I also be killed?

So we have to buy guns, so one person has several guns, so the rifle association will be rich and powerful.

Before 1999, the United States could also promote the prohibition of guns. Once a case came out, it could not be banned. The gun control faction lost its power completely. On May 27, a gunman in Texas broke into a primary school in a leisurely manner, shooting one pupil at a time.

The state police, the Federal Bureau of investigation, the Department of homeland security, the U.S. firearms and alcohol administration, the border enforcement action Bureau, the Texas special police, and armed law enforcement officers from six departments, a total of 300 people, stood outside the school gate, waiting for the gunmen to come out.

A father wanted to rush into the classroom to save his child, but was pushed to the ground by armed law enforcement officers. Finally, the gunman killed him, and the armed men slowly tricked him out to open fire, killing him with one shot.

This is the American police. What is wrong with the American police?

When the natural state is ended by law, no one should rely on morality in the future. Law can be the bottom line of morality or the basement of morality.

If only the legal state ends the natural state, it is not a big problem. It is a big deal that everyone should be a moral basement. Fear is the conflict between the law and the state of the law.

Do people have the right to abortion? Before the law, dicotyledon cypress, British short leaf yew and European yew had been used as abortion drugs. At first, the United States had no law to recognize or prohibit abortion, and Americans followed the natural state of Europe.

Before fetal movement, abortion is less dangerous for women. Although it is not advocated, it is also tacit. After all, abortion is a woman’s natural choice. If the law forbids it, there will be illegal medical practice. In ancient times, one eye was always open and the other was closed. It was allowed by tacit consent.

It was not until 1973 that a case of Roy case completely ended the natural state of abortion in the United States. Abortion became a legal issue and began to be politicized.

Once something is on the outline, it has no end.

It doesn’t matter if the natural state is over. People will quickly find new ways to adapt to the legal state, but if the legal state jumps repeatedly, people will be at a loss.

In particular, if customary rights are confiscated, there will inevitably be a huge backfire.

At this critical moment of the five high pressures of the United States, the internal forces suddenly split into the national opposition, and countries around the world are relaxed at once, especially Russia, which is fighting in Europe, and China’s public opinion field, which is facing a split.

Less pressure gives us more room to solve internal problems.

one thousand nine hundred and thirty-three

In, the United States, the first to emerge from the crisis, began to invest in the world, and the Soviet Union, the second to emerge from the crisis, began to introduce technology worldwide. In 1945, the United States and the Soviet Union became a superpower and dominated the world.

The United States fell into fission. When we were the first to get out of the crisis, the world changed.

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