The United States once again splashed dirty water on China on the origin of the virus. It is really “a dog cannot spit out ivory”!

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming Shuzatan WeChat ID: laomingdashu

1) These two days, the US government once again splashed dirty water on the issue of COVID-19 traceability to China, but the tactics used were really not very clever.

2) In May 2021, US President Biden ordered US intelligence agencies to investigate the origin of COVID-19 and release the results within 90 days. Later that year, the United States intelligence agency released the results of the so-called virus traceability investigation, believing that “both natural origin and laboratory leakage are possible”. It is noteworthy that many US intelligence agencies have not reached a consensus on this issue. In short, the conclusion of the US intelligence agency is inconclusive.

3) COVID-19 traceability is originally a serious scientific issue. It should be carefully concluded by scientists from all countries based on scientific evidence under the auspices of the World Health Organization. Its purpose is to understand the mechanism of the earliest birth, transmission and evolution of COVID-19, so as to provide experience for humans to avoid the next global pandemic.

4) The US government unilaterally announced that its intelligence agencies should investigate the origin of COVID-19, which was wrong from the beginning:

——The US government has “impure motives”. In the past few years, from Trump to Biden, the two administrations of the United States have been trying to pour dirty water on China through the COVID-19 traceability issue, which is part of the overall strategy of the United States to contain, contain, suppress and vilify China;

——The US government is “lying”. It unilaterally launched the so-called COVID-19 traceability investigation, which lacks any credibility;

——The US intelligence agency is “infamous” and lacks both the credibility and the technical ability to investigate serious scientific issues;

——Through the so-called COVID-19 traceability survey, the United States, on the one hand, splashed dirty water on China, on the other hand, did not dare to let the international community investigate the US biological and chemical weapons laboratories all over the world, with the obvious purpose of “diverting attention”.

5) However, it is clear that the US government is not willing to give up the card of COVID-19 traceability easily. In the past few weeks, the US intelligence agency announced that it had discovered some new evidence, so the US Department of Energy was the first to jump out and utter a blasphemy, thinking that “the leak of the Chinese virus laboratory is the most likely origin of the COVID-19 epidemic”.

6) When I saw this news, my first reaction was to let the US Department of Energy investigate the origin of COVID-19, rather than let the US steel plant produce COVID-19 vaccine! The main responsibility of the US Department of Energy is to formulate and implement the US energy policy. A large part of its work is to collude with the US energy giants, manipulate the world’s energy production and prices, and pit the American people, as well as the people of the world. At the same time, some secret military R&D projects in the United States, including the nuclear weapons program, are also placed under the name of the United States Department of Energy, and often have a name that looks “harmless to humans and animals”. The US Department of Energy also has no credibility, technical capability or qualification to discuss the traceability of COVID-19.

7) What’s more funny is that the US Department of Energy first said that “the leak of the Chinese virus laboratory is the most likely origin of the COVID-19”, which prompted the US and Western media to follow up quickly and hype a lot. At the same time, the US Department of Energy added that it had “very low confidence” in this conclusion. NMD, what you don’t have confidence in yourself, did you say P?! (Please forgive me for swearing at these brazen American politicians.)

8) In addition to the US Department of Energy, which is a layman involved in the problem of virus tracing, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), another notorious US agency, has also been involved. The director of the bureau also repeated the clich é that “COVID-19 is most likely to come from the laboratory leakage accident in China”. The FBI sounds very tall. In fact, its main responsibility should be to investigate the criminal problems in the United States. It also has no ability, no qualifications, and no credibility to interfere with the traceability of COVID-19.

9) Why do some brazen politicians in the United States always pour dirty water on China?

First of all, these people have been soaked in the “big dye vat” of dirty American domestic politics and foreign hegemonism for too many years. They have no sense of shame. Lying is more natural for them than breathing. For example, Biden personally ordered to blow up the “Beixi” pipeline, the natural gas artery of his ally Germany. After the plot was ruthlessly exposed by Simon Hesh, a senior American investigative reporter, from Biden himself to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, to a group of small minions of the U.S. government, it was completely a “dead pig is not afraid of boiling water”, and they refused to admit their guilt. Think about how mean and dirty they are when they planted Russia from the beginning and let such shameless media as Bloomberg join in attacking Russian President Putin himself. The whole world can see clearly.

Secondly, these shameless American politicians continue to pour dirty water on China, which in the final analysis serves the great goal of the United States to contain China. How dare the United States have the courage and confidence to compete openly with China today? They didn’t dare at all, so they used all kinds of “dirty water” to smear China, and then put gold on their faces. This is actually the operation of hooligans and villains. Where is there a trace of the magnanimity and pattern of a big country?

Sooner or later, the United States will be crushed by these shameless politicians.

10) How should China respond to the situation that the United States continues to pour dirty water on China?

First, the people in China should enhance their discrimination, and they should not be led by these shameless politicians and shameless American and Western media at any time. They just want to turn some Chinese into “traitors”, “traitors” and “the fifth column”. They want to mess up and destroy China from the inside. We should always be vigilant.

Second, from the perspective of diplomacy and public opinion, we should respond, refute and refute, but don’t take it too seriously. For American politicians and American and Western public opinion, I have always said, “A dog’s mouth cannot spit out ivory”. For China, “Don’t you plant crops after listening to the cricket?”

Third, China should do more work for emerging markets and developing countries, expose the ugly face of the United States to them, and show them the true face of China. This is the most important thing. In the future, even if the 20 or 30 core western countries continue to vilify China, as long as more than 100 developing countries in the world have a favorable impression on China and can understand China, this situation is completely acceptable to us.

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