The United States opposes the United States, and the Soviet Union overthrows the Soviet Union!

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Source: dashuxiangzhang (id:dashuxiangzhang)

Human response is always lagging behind.

In 1928, the American people were still immersed in the “Coolidge prosperity”, and the media shouted, “Ford has replaced Marx.”. No one expected that the great depression would come quietly in 1929.

As no one expected, the Lighthouse of the free world turned back. It is already 2022 ad, and the United States has even deprived women of their right to free abortion.


However, everything is not traceless.

Since Wang came to power in 2016, the rise of conservatism in the United States is actually a strong hint: the golden age of globalization may be over, and the wind of neoliberalism may stop.

This change is not proposed by other countries as challengers, but rather promoted by the creators and defenders of this order.

The United States is the “World Police”, which is a joke, a fact, and an acknowledgement of strength.

There are American troops in every important area of the earth. They all use American knives. You can be disobedient, but as long as you want to play with others, you have to nod your head.

But the United States itself doesn’t want to be a “policeman”. From the “American priority” of the supreme leader to the abortion ban of the Supreme Court, an obvious crack has appeared in the United States, both ideologically and politically.

Why are there cracks?

A deep-seated reason is that the cake of globalization is unevenly distributed within the United States.

Financial giants earn a lot by themselves, so the American people at the bottom need to “occupy Wall Street”; Science and technology enterprises are attracting elites from all over the world and enjoying the dividends of globalization. The red necks in the abandoned rust area are about to choose the king of understanding and “make America great again”.

The uneven distribution causes the imbalance of internal affairs, so the United States will oppose the United States.

This is the essence of his book.

However, capitalists will not use knives against themselves.

The internal affairs are unbalanced, but they do not reform internally. They want to bridge the differences by external exploitation, and want to stage the feast of sharing the Soviet Union in the 1990s again.

So Antony Blinken and Sullivan danced on the international stage with long sleeves, so IPEF came, and NATO expanded to the Pacific.

Economic, military and political networks have been opened in the Middle East, in Eastern Europe and around us.

We are happy to continue globalization, and the upper echelons of the United States are also happy to continue globalization, but because the middle and lower echelons of the United States are not satisfied, the whole table will be overturned.

China uses US dollars to buy oil and exports a large number of goods in exchange for us dollars. It can be said that we are completely the pillar of this system. Of course, we also need the global market to carry out industrial upgrading.

The conservative forces and the lower class in the United States want to coerce the upper class to play the new cold war, but the United States now has neither money nor industrial capacity.

In those days, the United States was the largest industrial country, with the largest gold reserves and the largest trade surplus. Everyone was waiting for the United States to feed.

But now who is the largest industrial country? Who is the largest trade surplus country?

It can be said that groups that have not tasted the benefits of globalization are trying to bury their own failures with the failures of everyone.

But just because the United States is difficult doesn’t mean it’s easy for us.

At least one idea of the United States can be communicated, that is, we don’t want China to make a big cake in the global market. Therefore, we will be affected.

A hundred fists will leave bruises even if you are strong.

This is the American solution. The domestic distribution problem is not to be solved domestically, but to feed back domestically by adjusting the international distribution pattern.

Changes in the international climate will inevitably change the domestic microclimate.

The United States is strategically shrinking, or adjusting the international order, and compressing our cake, so we must make adjustments and responses internally.

For example, in order to cope with the reduction of external demand and the US dollar interest rate hike, we have to stimulate the economy.

To stimulate the economy, there is nothing more than fiscal and monetary means.

For example, Yi Gang, governor of the central bank, recently said that monetary policy will continue to work on the aggregate to support economic recovery.

However, we must pay attention to one fact: by the end of May 2022, China’s broad money balance (M2) has reached 252.7 trillion yuan.

How to put money? How much? It is an issue that policy makers must consider.

On the surface, the flood is flooding, but in fact, there is a problem of “getting the moon first by building near the water”.

Who can get water? Or to put it another way, who can’t get water?

Small and micro enterprises have no access to water, and those engaged in entities do not want to receive water when the economy is down, and people are unwilling to release water, and people are even less likely to be in debt when the economy is down.

Where will the released water go if it doesn’t flow into the real economy?

Buying assets and raising asset prices will further widen the gap between the rich and the poor, making the rich more and more rich; If you go into the commodity market and raise the price of daily necessities, you can’t even make a living.

Therefore, the release of monetary policy is a means that needs to be considered again and again.

The uneven distribution in the United States leads to the imbalance of internal affairs, so the United States will oppose the United States.

Privileges were established within the Soviet Union, so the Soviet people pushed the Soviet Union down by themselves.

As the saying goes, “governing a big country is like cooking a small dish”, our new energy vehicles have received frequent good news, and our chip autonomy is advancing in an orderly manner. This is adding good ingredients to the pot, but we should be vigilant against flooding the water to the wrong place, which will spoil a pot of soup.


Sales list of new energy vehicle brands from January to may 2022

Having said so much, let’s talk about Dashu’s understanding of the National Games.

What is the National Games? It’s the right time, the right place, and the right people. Only by grasping people’s hearts can people be reconciled.

As long as one thinks and works hard, a big country can be on the right track and rise; Once the momentum rises, it is not something that “little NATO in Asia” can stop.

Therefore, the most important thing is not to forget the original heart and not to chill the hearts of the people.

The Soviet Union has become a thing of the past. The United States has chilled the hearts of the people and is inevitably becoming a thing of the past. We must not repeat the mistakes.

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