The United States’ PUA to Japan and South Korea!

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Original: Gu Ziming authorized to reprint this article to wechat official account: zhengshitang plus2019

These days, we watch the news of G7 and NATO. All the news is about Japan and South Korea being humiliated by Europe and the United States.

First, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida disappeared from the group photo when attending the G7 summit.


Then, during the NATO summit, South Korean President Yin Xiyue shook hands with Biden several times, but they were ignored. The meeting with the Secretary General of NATO and the Prime Minister of Finland was also unreasonably cancelled.

Even when the spouses of the leaders of the NATO summit took a group photo, President Han’s wife Kim Jang hee stood in the back seat, with her face half blocked by the people in the front row.


Simply flipping through the domestic media, it is basically the leaders of Japan and South Korea. This is a dung beetle sitting on a warship, smelling overseas. The two neighbors who were beaten in the face will have to recognize themselves and strengthen relations with China.

But it is a pity that, in my opinion, after these two meetings, the relations between China, Japan and China and South Korea will quickly become problematic, and both Japan and South Korea will begin to fall to the West.

Pat your head and think about it. This is the first time in the history of NATO summit to invite leaders of Japan and South Korea to attend. Diplomacy is no small matter. After such a big circle, how can it be deliberately snubbing Kishida and Yin Xiyue?

The so-called snubbing is actually a well-designed PUA for the Japanese and Korean people. First, it is packaged, and then through the way of fighting self-confidence, it dwarfs the spirit and self-esteem, produces a sense of obedience, and is easy to control.

Don’t win all day. Let’s put aside straight man’s thinking and fill in the plot.

As a timid “three good” cadre in the Bureau, your blind date was invited by the scum man to attend a luxurious dance in the upper class. At the dance, the girl suffered from the eyes of the surrounding ladies because of her dress and etiquette. Only the scum man can take care of her, so in order to save face and squeeze the upper class, the girl is easy to commit to the scum man.


This routine often appears in auction, luxury sales and other fields dominated by the West. In a strange and indifferent environment, any warmth will make you dig your heart and liver.

Remember the hot series of advertisements of JD finance in the past two years?

Migrant workers took their mother on a plane. They felt uncomfortable and wanted to vomit. They were despised and roast by the noble passengers around them, “haven’t you ever made a plane?” just when the migrant workers were extremely ashamed, a big brother stood up and said, I’ll pay for the upgrade! Turned around and took the mobile phone of the migrant worker and helped him borrow 150000 yuan from JD.


Similar vanity logic, from Krypton’s legendary mobile games to various financial apps, from Bentley’s Tiktok per capita to Rolex’s little red book, is countless in our life. This deliberately created inferiority complex is to pay from your pocket.

So look at this round of “humiliated” G7 and NATO summits between Japan and South Korea.

The United States is the so-called “big brother”, Wall Street is JD finance, the stewardess is the Secretary General of NATO, the passengers around are all NATO members, and the migrant workers who can’t afford the upgrade money are Japan and South Korea.

Whether it is to spend hundreds of billions to confront China from the perspective of the G7 or to rebuild Ukraine from the perspective of NATO, the United States, which claims to take the lead in paying, can’t pay a penny. What really pays is Japan and South Korea, which borrowed a lot of debt from Wall Street.

This routine is very coquettish. Not only can you use Japan and South Korea to contain China without paying a penny, but also you can make a lot of money in the process of Japan and South Korea rebuilding Ukraine and global infrastructure investment by lending money to Japan and South Korea and taking advantage of Seigniorage and the dominance of global resources.

Russia and China are the pockmarked Zhang of the United States with the help of bravado. Japan and South Korea are the two families in the south of the city. The more they shout, the more they earn. At that time, Japan and South Korea will share their money, and Wall Street will return all their money.

Facing the PUA routine of the United States, the more we follow the trend and publicize that the leaders of Japan and South Korea have been blinded in Europe, the more Japanese and South Korean people feel that for the sake of “great power dignity”, the more they need to contribute more money under the framework of NATO.

Don’t win all day. If you deceive yourself and others like this, the Japanese and Korean girls will show you what the real green hat king is. If we want to do a good job in the united front and the war of public opinion, we should use the culture of Japan and South Korea to express the American routine of “Lang Xianping’s white whoring of a junior also makes money”.

In particular, the world will face uncontrollable inflation this year. Politicians who want to engage in the script of “measuring the material resources of Japan and South Korea and building the hearts of the country” will face great pressure. The focus of our publicity should be that the Japanese and South Korean governments should invest the money that should have been used on the people to aid overseas.

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