The United States tried to deceive Putin, but the Russian opportunity came instead!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

The United States provoked the war between Russia and Ukraine to kill three birds with one stone:

The first bird: frighten the EU countries and let them hold the US thigh tightly

The relationship between the United States and the European Union is very delicate. During the trump period, they were asked to increase military spending to 2% of GDP. Few countries in the EU supported it. Trump even threatened to dissolve NATO. In the view of the United States, this is obviously peace for too long. In the sense of allies, weapons have been put into storage and horses have been released. Therefore, in Biden’s hands, he immediately had a new way, that is, to activate Russia, the most feared opponent of the EU, so that the Allies were afraid of Russia’s “invasion” and were forced to hold the U.S. thigh!

The second bird: let Russia fall into the mire of the Russo Ukrainian war. The United States is ready to take its allies against China

The Democratic Party of the United States has always hated Russia, not only for historical reasons, but also for the conclusion of the general election. Therefore, Biden has been actively promoting Ukraine to join NATO since he took office, thus stimulating Russia to launch a war against Ukraine. In this way, the United States can have the opportunity to let Russia fall into the quagmire of war in Ukraine, and then together with its European allies to deal with China. It can be said that it kills multiple birds with one stone.

The third bird: force allies to follow the United States and China and Russia to fight a new cold war and maintain American global hegemony

The ultimate goal of the United States in promoting the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war is to provoke a new cold war, so that the United States and its Western allies can encircle and suppress China. As long as China and Russia are trapped, the United States’ global hegemony can continue to be maintained.

However, the “three birds with one stone” plan is not very easy to achieve. There are two biggest variables:

First, if the EU only fights the cold war with Russia and does not fight a new cold war with China, the United States will lose a lot, because the ultimate goal of the United States is China. Of course, this is a game now, with great variables. At least so far, the EU has not expressed its willingness to fight a new cold war with China together with the United States. At the same time, we should also see that the political mentality of the EU is also extremely complex. Generally speaking, the EU is still on the sidelines and lacks interest in fighting a new global cold war with the United States.

Second, Russia did not fall into the quagmire of war as the United States wished. The wishful thinking of the United States is that by providing military support to Ukraine, Russia will fall into the quagmire of war. This will not only continue to consume Russia, but also put China in a lonely fight against China in the future. However, the United States is not accurate about Russia. The Biden administration did not expect that the Putin administration was so determined. From the perspective of the United States, the White House originally thought that it was enough for the Putin government to take the eastern part of Ukraine, but they never thought that Putin wanted the whole Ukraine.

For the United States, it is problematic to completely abandon Ukraine, because it will at least make two judgments in the world, including the European Union:

The first judgment is that the United States really can’t do it. The United States has supported the “little brother” for eight years and was directly swallowed by Russia. Where is there any trace of hegemony? The United States made a big detour to maintain its hegemony. As a result, a Russian Ukrainian war was fought. Who dares to be the little brother of the United States and a big power? The fact that the “younger brother” of a hegemonic country directly destroys the country itself does great harm to the international credibility of the United States.

The second judgment is that some NATO countries may turn to Russia. Just imagine that Putin stretched out his fingers and directly swallowed up Ukraine. Some small countries in Eastern Europe would be silent, including the Baltic countries, Poland, Romania and other countries. Hungary, which has always had a tacit relationship with Russia, may even open up new relations with Russia. Once some NATO member states begin to turn to Russia politically, the United States cannot afford it geographically.

Therefore, for the United States, the whole Ukraine should not be lost.

However, the reality is that Putin has no intention of wavering in the goal of “demilitarization” and “de Nazism” of the whole Ukraine. Well, if the United States continues to fight with this intention, it will have no bottom in its mind. The reason is that most of the southern coastal areas of Ukraine belong to Russia, and most of the eastern Donbas region of Ukraine also belongs to Russia. The Ukrainian army in eastern Ukraine is on the verge of collapse. Under such circumstances, the Russian army may have to attack Kiev again after another fight. Once the Russian army takes Kiev, it may push westward faster, which will be a heavy blow to the US policy in Ukraine. Once Russia attacks western Ukraine, it will really move the cheese of NATO, because once Russia controls the whole Ukraine, NATO will be at risk of collapse.

In this case, the United States has two options:

The first option is to make Russia give in. Now, the United States is doing so. According to the report of Russo satellite news agency in Washington on May 31, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff of the U.S. Army, Admiral mark Milly, said that the United States believes that the conflict in Ukraine may escalate. At present, the United States is trying to prevent the situation from escalating through contacts with the Russian military.

What is the upgrade in the eyes of the United States? It is the further extension of the Russian army to the Midwest of Ukraine that the United States is afraid of such a result, so the situation in the eyes of the United States is escalating. In fact, in Putin’s eyes, the Russian Ukrainian war has always been like that. The goal must be achieved. It is the result that has already been predetermined.

It is reported that in early May, since the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, general Miley had his first telephone conversation with the Russian chief of general staff Gerasimov, and the US Defense Secretary Austin held talks with the Russian Defense Secretary Shoigu. You can look at the time. When was early May? Isn’t it after the fall of Yasu steel plant? The United States could not stand the Ukrainian army, so it could not wait to communicate with Russia. In fact, it is likely that the “big fish” in the Asian speed steel plant are included in the U.S. – Russian negotiations.


According to the report, general Milly said in an interview: “there has always been the possibility of escalation (the Russia Ukraine conflict), and we need to strictly control it to prevent the situation from escalating. We are working hard. Defense minister Austin has held talks with his peers, and I have also talked with my peers on the phone to control the escalation and prevent the ongoing incident from evolving into a more frightening scene than now.”

The so-called “shocking” scene of the United States is nothing more than that the Russian army has hit the western part of Ukraine, one step away from being controlled by the Russian army. In this case, it is certainly “shocking” for the United States, but it is simply pleasant for Russia? Putin is waiting for that day!

To sum up, we can infer that the United States is trying to deceive Putin and let him act according to the wishes of the United States. In fact, the United States has recently released chips, which Kissinger released to persuade Ukraine to accept the cession of the Donbas region. To put it bluntly, the United States is worried that the whole Ukraine will be controlled by Putin, which is why it gives Zelensky suggestions. However, Zelensky doesn’t like this because the Biden administration hasn’t spoken yet.

The United States is trying to negotiate with Russia to make Putin accept that Ukraine only cedes the territory of eastern Ukraine, or part of the coastal territory of southern Ukraine, but the United States hopes to retain the pro american Ukrainian regime.

However, how can Putin agree? Putin wants more than that, because he knows he can get more than that. If Kiev fails to win, how can we achieve “demilitarization” and “de Nazism”? Therefore, no matter what chips the United States gives, Russia will no longer believe that the goal of winning the whole Ukraine remains the same! The United States even threatened to give ZELINSKY a rocket with a range of 300 kilometers that could hit the Russian mainland, but Putin did not eat it at all.

So, if the first choice the United States wants doesn’t work, what is the second choice? Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao) has previously analyzed that the second option is to allow Poland to enter Ukraine and occupy Ukrainian territory, so as to obtain a geographical buffer with the Russian army by occupying part of Ukrainian territory.

Since Putin could not agree to the first choice, Russia must attack the West with the goal of occupying the whole Ukraine. At the same time, in order to prevent Russia from controlling the whole Ukraine, the United States must send Polish troops into Ukraine, and then it has a high probability to support the Polish army to fight with the Russian army.

Therefore, judging from the current situation, the Polish army is not far from entering Ukraine. Once the US Russian secret talks break down, the United States will allow the Polish army to enter Ukraine and prepare to intercept the Russian army in the West. For Russia, if it encounters the Polish army, it has no choice but to fight! Because if the Russian army does not fight the Polish army that enters Ukraine, the Polish army must fight the Russian army. The cutting position of the two in Ukraine can only be fought out.

When the Russian army launches military operations in western Ukraine, that is, when the current “Ukraine” is about to perish, in fact, the current “Ukraine” will not continue to exist for a long time. Perhaps in the second half of the year, it is estimated that the country will become history at most in 2023.

For Russia, the real hard battle may be the battle with NATO country Poland in western Ukraine. Since NATO can no longer afford to lose by then, it is bound to strongly support Poland to fight with Russian forces. For Russia, it has basically taken the whole Ukraine, but its will to fight will weaken. Therefore, Putin is likely to give a piece of territory in western Ukraine to NATO country Poland in the end. Then, Putin will probably foster a “new Ukraine” dominated by a small part of the central and western regions, and former Ukrainian President Yanukovych is likely to serve as the president of the “new Ukraine”. However, the “new Ukraine” at that time had little to do with the present Ukraine!

For Russia, the fundamental reason why it is said that the opportunity has come is that the United States has exposed its weakness. At this time, the United States tried to stop Putin, which just proved that Putin did not have to stop, and that Putin would be sure to win most of Ukraine. Many comrades in arms asked how Ukraine would be divided into three. Zhanhao simply drew a picture on the Ukrainian map, which is not accurate. It probably means that. For reference. The west of the red line on the left is likely to be taken away by Poland. Most areas west of the red line on the right will be included in Russia. The middle part is probably the “new Ukraine” that Russia will support.


The war between Russia and Ukraine has reached the middle stage, and the United States has begun to lose ground! In this regard, I still want to maintain global hegemony. Dream! Putin is going to laugh!

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