The United States wants to fight Iran?

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Original: Shen Peng source official account: heihara childe has been authorized to reprint

On July 13, during his visit to Israel, meixizong Biden blustered again, saying that the United States would not rule out the use of force as a last resort against Iran.

It’s not that I don’t believe it, but that the world wants to open its eyes.

Meixizong, please cut it off again. When will it invade Iran?

Since the great turn of Kabul, everyone has been looking forward to what it will look like, “heavenly soldiers plowing the court and sweeping holes” and “the king’s division crusading against incompetent ministers”? Iran has been arrogant for so many years. It has detained American ships, caught Americans, knelt American soldiers, bombed American military bases, and infected 110 people in a whole battalion of the United States with concussion… I wonder, what country is Iran? Can you bear to insult the US emperor like this and still be safe?




What is it called? This is called the collapse of etiquette and bad music, and people’s hearts are not beautiful.

It shows that more and more countries and people don’t take the US emperor seriously. No matter how many aircraft carriers, planes and missiles you have, you will bully weak countries and small countries. However hard stubble is a little bit, you dare not touch it when you kick your nose and face, and you still call it “World Police”.

It can’t blame others, it has to blame the United States itself. Kabul turns into you and kills your loyal dog. You dare not end up in the Russian Ukrainian battlefield. Antony Blinken only dares to enter the Ukrainian border for more than 4 meters… This “world overlord” is too hip pulling.


It’s understandable that the guerrillas in Afghanistan can’t be defeated. After all, the Soviet Union can’t be defeated either; It’s understandable that you dare not touch Russia. After all, the Russian phobia is publicized in the movies every day, and the Russians are blown as evil alien creatures. You are suddenly stupid… But what’s the matter with not daring to touch Iran? Afraid of the magic weapon in onethousand and one nights? Afraid of Xerxes’ barbarian army?


The world has been brainwashed by the United States for many years. I really think that the United States, like the United States in Hollywood movies, can’t find an opponent. Technology and force are used to crush the world and fight against aliens In fact, from World War I and World War II to the present, what the United States is best at is not fighting, but pretending to be dead, picking up leaks, falling into trouble, selling weapons, making war money, peaceful evolution, inciting conflicts and confrontation The United States has never won any war alone. The American War of independence depends on the French fleet. The first world war depends on the desperate efforts of Britain and France. The second world war depends on the Soviet Union. The United States lost the Korean War. The United States also lost the Vietnam battlefield. The war in Afghanistan has been fought for 20 years. The United States successfully returned Afghanistan to the Taliban This is the true combat effectiveness of the United States.

What does Biden want to do on this trip to the Middle East? It is nothing more than to re unite with the “allies” in the Middle East to talk about oil production increase, because since the United States lost Afghanistan, the influence of the United States in the Middle East has plummeted, and the princes of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates dare not to answer the phone of the president of the United States. With the mid-term election coming soon, Biden had no choice but to go around and try to win votes for the Democratic Party. He also said in Israel without hesitation: “the United States will continue to play leadership in the Middle East and will not allow China and Russia to fill the” vacuum “against the interests of the United States and Israel” But is it so easy to “return to the Middle East”?

Iran is not an ordinary small country in the Middle East. Iran has a population of 85 million, 1.65 million square kilometers, 560000 regular troops, and its strength is better than Ukraine. It is not difficult for the United States to win Iran, but now the United States has only 10000 troops stationed in the Middle East. If it really wants to launch an attack on the scale of the Gulf War and the Iraq war, the United States will have to send troops all over the world. Then, where is Biden going to send troops? Europe, home or Asia Pacific?

Do you care about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine? Is the domestic mess still to be solved? Should the “Oriental powers” in the Asia Pacific be contained? Ten fingers on fleas, there will always be a fire on all sides.

So we really want to open our eyes to see if the United States has the ability to deal with Iran?

Meixizong Biden was known as a ruthless character who was decisive, belligerent, and cannibal. He was an important figure who supported the launch of the Iraq war… And he said in a righteous manner that “Lao Tzu launched the war to prevent the war”!



So, don’t talk nonsense, hurry back to the Middle East with washing powder, and make a 20-year peace in the world.

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