The US biochemical dagger stabbed the heart of China and Russia, and a large amount of US dollars will be plundered around the world!

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The article was originally created by “blood drink” official account. Wechat: caojianming1989

According to Xinhua News Agency on July 3, Jeffrey Sachs, chairman of the new coronavirus Committee of the international medical journal the lancet, said that novel coronavirus may not have come from nature, but may have come from an accident in the US biotechnology laboratory. Sax said, “in my opinion, this is a mistake of biotechnology, not an accident of natural overflow”.

According to China Central Radio and television on July 4, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov would visit Mongolia on Tuesday.

? new champions and Russian Foreign Minister visit Mongolia ?

What is the internal relationship between these two seemingly unrelated news? The fierce war between Russia and Ukraine is raging, and the Russian Foreign Minister’s busy schedule makes a sudden visit to Mongolia, which has friendly relations. What do you want?

In a word, Russia does not want the so-called “biotechnology errors” in the US biochemical laboratory to occur around it again, leading to the leakage of the virus.

On June 8, 2022, the mainstream media of Tajikistan, the Avesta news agency, published an article entitled “American biological laboratory may reappear in Mongolia”, pointing out that the United States is discussing with Mongolia on the possibility of establishing biological laboratory projects, site selection and other topics. As early as early April this year, the United States and Mongolia had held consultations. After that, the U.S. Department of defense obtained permission to establish several biochemical laboratories in Mongolia and planned to establish a P4 level biochemical laboratory at the national human and animal infection research center in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. Mongolia allows relevant personnel from the US military, secret service agencies, CDC and other institutions to work in these laboratories.

The main direction of these laboratories is to study the effects of dangerous viruses on Asian human tissues. Participants mainly include the Millennium Challenge company authorized by the U.S. Congress to implement foreign aid and Mongolia onom foundation. As soon as the news came out, it immediately attracted strong dissatisfaction from the Russian side. The Russian Foreign Minister’s visit to Mongolia this time is aimed at putting pressure on Mongolia for allowing the United States to establish biochemical laboratories.


[genetic weapon sniping behind the visit to Mongolia]

So, what is behind the US military laboratory that makes Russia so afraid?

Biochemical aspects. By studying the public information of this laboratory, we can know what the United States wants to do in Mongolia. The biochemical laboratory is divided into four levels according to the degree of danger of studying viruses and other microorganisms, and the P4 level that the United States is about to establish in Mongolia is actually the most dangerous. It can be said that it does not speak of martial virtue, but it comes from Wang bombing.

In other words, these laboratories can study the most dangerous viruses in the world, including covid-19, Ebola, Nipah virus, Marburg haemorrhagic fever, etc. At the same time, zoonotic diseases that affect human tissues of Asian Americans are also studied. HHV-6A virus, avian influenza, covid-19 and dengue virus mentioned in my previous article belong to zoonotic diseases that the United States plans to study in Mongolia.

What many people don’t know is that from the perspective of race, Mongolia has a huge gene group of Mongolia, Turks, Tatars, etc. Because of Genghis Khan’s westward expedition, Mongolian genes have spread all over Eurasia, and long-term intermarriage has made Mongolian genes widely spread in northern China, Russia, Central Asia, and even Turkey and Europe. At the same time, Mongolia originated in the greater Hinggan Mountains region, and Mongolia once controlled the Yenisei River region in history. Therefore, the greater Hinggan Mountains and Yenisei River region are the origin of Mongolian genes and Turkic Q haplotype groups. Among them, the most famous ethnic group carrying Q haplotype is Xianbei ethnic group, which has now been fully integrated into the Chinese nation.

For the Sino Russian camp, Mongolian genes and Turkic Q haplotypes are widely found in Slavs, Han and ethnic minorities in northern China, and Mongolian and Turkic descendants in Central Asia.

After the Russo Ukrainian war, Russia has announced that the United States has carried out research on virus weapons targeting specific genes of Slavs and Chinese in the Ukrainian biochemical laboratory. This is what I first proposed that the United States is developing genetic missiles against China and Russia. In the process of developing genetic missiles, it is fundamental to establish a genetic database against the enemy. If you do not master the enemy’s genes, you cannot develop a genetic virus missile that can strike accurately.

Now, by establishing the highest level biochemical laboratory in Mongolia, the United States can easily extract the purest gene from Mongols, which is widely distributed in the whole Eurasian continent, thus saving the tedious process of the United States collecting genes from other countries. Combined with the Slavic and Caucasian genes extracted by the United States from the Ukrainian biochemical laboratory, as well as the Chinese genes collected by the domestic lackeys with the help of the United States, the United States can fully establish gene databases for almost all countries in Eurasia.

After the outbreak of covid-19, nearly 10000 mutations have been produced. These mutations have different effects on different ethnic groups. The United States is bound to continue to include these mutations in the U.S. biological and chemical weapons arsenal. At that time, by combining the Eurasian ethnic gene bank established by the United States with the biological and chemical weapons virus bank, the United States can fully develop genetic weapons against the Chinese and Russian camp in the Great Northern camp of Eurasian continent.

Speaking of this, someone may ask, Mongolian genes are all over Eurasia, Eurasia naturally includes Europe, and Americans also immigrate from Europe. Are they not afraid of virus weapons? The answer is no! Why?

Firstly, the coverage of Mongolian genes gradually declines from east to west. The Mongolian genes in Anglo Saxon human body are the thinnest to almost none. Their genes mainly come from Neanderthals in North Africa rather than Mongolia, and the haplotype group is mainly r1b.

Secondly, the indigenous people on the American continent are Indians, whose ancestors originated in the north of ancient China, that is, now North and Northeast Asia, which is close to the Yenisei River region. They also belong to the Q haplotype group, which is different from the genes of American whites.

When the United States develops genetic virus missiles, it can strike two genes that are biased towards the Q haplotype group and the Mongolian gene. Once combined with coronavirus, it can make the targeted strike power soar. Releasing the former will not only kill the Indians internally, but also deal with the American countries with concentrated left-wing governments. Release the latter, because Neanderthal’s OAS1 protein can protect Anglo Saxons from the impact of the new crown. In this way, we can not only eliminate the people in the hinterland of Eurasia and minimize the impact on ourselves, but also eliminate Hispanics and Asians in the United States. After the split of the strike effect, the United States can boast that it will lie flat with the virus, and other ethnic groups will be wiped out in a large area, truly realizing the accuracy of slaughter that nuclear weapons cannot achieve.

As the biochemical laboratory established by the United States in Mongolia this time is led by the U.S. Department of defense, with the participation of special agents and CDC personnel, the United States will certainly refuse Mongolian personnel to participate in the core research on the grounds of national defense secrets, and it is even more impossible to share the research results with Mongolia. This mode is exactly the same as that of the United States in Almaty central laboratory, Kazakhstan.

The research direction of Mongolian biochemical laboratory is zoonosis. As I said before, zoonosis is the core technical path of American biochemical warfare. Once a laboratory that has lost any supervision and completely obeyed the orders of the U.S. military takes root here, China and Russia will be shrouded in the shadow of this laboratory in the next few decades.


[precision effect of targeted strike]

According to the recent speech of sacks, chairman of the lancet covid-19, now international authoritative magazines have begun to believe that the United States biochemical laboratory created novel coronavirus. It is conceivable that the biochemical laboratories made by the United States in Mongolia will inevitably transfer covid-19, Ebola and other viruses to Mongolia. If they are released against China and Russia, the consequences will be unimaginable.

In fact, the United States has done this kind of intentional disclosure for a long time. In 2006, the United States also established Lugar biochemical laboratory in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. One year later, HHV-6A virus was introduced into the Caucasus and Volga River regions of Russia in 2007. The virus was named Georgia 2007 strain by Russia. 11 years later, at the end of March 2018, the virus was introduced into northeast China.

In 2016, the United States and Kazakhstan signed an agreement to establish a central reference laboratory fully controlled by the U.S. military in Almaty. The project was introduced by former Prime Minister Massimov, who was arrested for masterminding the coup in Kazakhstan earlier this year. In July 2021, a large number of livestock in two states of Kazakhstan died of a disease called “blackleg disease”. Animal husbandry experts said that in recent years, a variety of unknown diseases or ancient diseases that had previously been controlled and completely eradicated have reappeared in Kazakhstan, resulting in the death of a large number of livestock, and the culprit may be the biological laboratory established by the United States in Kazakhstan. After the outbreak of covid-19, many Kazakh people questioned that the “central reference laboratory” of the United States in Almaty was the source of covid-19 in the country. It can be said that the United States is already an artificial producer of modern infectious diseases, and the so-called leakage is more like intentional.

Now, Russia is gradually destroying the US biochemical laboratory in Ukraine, and the United States immediately established P4 biochemical laboratory in the core area surrounded by China and Russia. From Ukraine to Mongolia, it is very convenient to spread the virus. The US biochemical laboratory suddenly jumped tens of thousands of miles from west to East. Its strategic significance is comparable to that of Liu Deng who jumped thousands of miles into the Dabie Mountains and directly inserted a sharp knife into the heart of China and Russia.


[seamless grafting of biochemical attack and color revolution]

Mongolia is close to the Far East of Russia and Northern China. It is an economically underdeveloped region. Once the virus breaks out here, the economy will be even worse. The outbreak of public dissatisfaction will inevitably cause instability. Once it spreads to Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia, Xinjiang, Central Asia and other regions, it is another long planned wave of color revolution. After the Kazakh rebellion was put down by Russia, the extinguished color fire will start a prairie fire again.

The United States aimed at the weakest part of the biochemical defense of the Sino Russian camp, with extremely malicious intentions.

Here, the United States skillfully combines biochemical attack with color revolution. One of the evidences is that the Millennium company and Mongolia onom foundation are promoting the establishment of biochemical laboratories in Mongolia by the United States. What is the special background of this company?

The Millennium Challenge company was founded in 2004, corresponding to the United States Millennium Challenge agreement. Its board members include the United States Secretary of state, the United States Treasury Secretary, the United States trade representative and private sector members appointed by the United States President. This company looks like a private company, but in fact it is completely a political penetration tool.

Under the operation of Millennium Corporation, Nepal agreed to sign a humiliating Millennium Challenge agreement with the United States on February 27, 2022. The United States paid only $500million for this agreement, but stipulated that Nepal’s acceptance of foreign assistance must conform to American values, directly excluding China’s local hydropower construction projects. As a result, not only did the pro China Communist Party of Nepal and the pro American conservatives in Nepal turn upside down, but also the relationship between China and Nepal fell into twists and turns. Until the United States intervened in the back garden of India, the relationship between India and Nepal also began to deteriorate.

One month later, on March 25, 2022, Chinese Foreign Minister Wangyi visited India to coordinate the positions of the two countries on the Nepal issue, and finally let Nepal announce its withdrawal from the “Millennium Challenge plan agreement” with the United States on June 23, three months later. With the help of Wang Yi’s visit to India, China India relations have improved rapidly. In early June, China and India completed a new round of border consultations, and a new round of military commander level talks is about to begin. China India border issues have once again reached important consensus. It can be said that Nepal’s change of course has accidentally helped China and India.

[two way cooperation between China and Russia]

China has handled the Nepal issue very successfully, but it does not prevent Millennium company from “making persistent efforts”. On June 6 this year, with the support of high-level US officials, the US military sent the re established 11th airborne division of cavalry to participate in the Khan search 2022 military exercise jointly participated by the two countries. The 11th airborne division is subordinate to the Indian Pacific Command of the United States. The military exercise is held just outside Ulaanbaatar, where a biochemical laboratory is about to be established. Knowing that China and Russia are fighting fiercely with the United States, Mongolia still invites the U.S. military to participate in the joint military exercise and allows the establishment of a biochemical laboratory in the military exercise area. Its attitude is very clear. China cannot sit idly by.

On June 23, director general of the Asia Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Liu Jinsong met with Mongolian ambassador to China baderle. During the talks, Liu Jinsong said that China and Mongolia should strengthen communication, enhance mutual trust, deepen cooperation, and be vigilant against the conspiracy of some countries to promote the “Indo Pacific strategy” and instigate the regional pattern towards conflict and confrontation. We should have an insight into its essence and stand on the right side of history.

On July 5, after China warned, the Russian foreign minister visited Mongolia again. Obviously, this is another embodiment of China Russia strategic cooperation. On August 21, 2014 and September 2, 2014, China’s top leader and Putin visited Mongolia respectively. Before that, Mongolian presidents en and Bayar, who are pro american and Anti China, fled to South Korea. This is the heavy fist that China and Russia jointly fight back the expansion of the United States in Mongolia! It is also a bold practice for China and Russia to jointly deal with Mongolia and prevent it from becoming a bridgehead against China and Russia. After the warning of the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, the Russian foreign minister visited Mongolia again, which is a heavy blow of China Russia cooperation to prevent Mongolia from becoming an accomplice in the US biological and chemical war again! If Mongolia continues to go its own way, China and Russia do not mind taking care of this little brother between China and Russia again.


[both hard and soft]

Speaking of this, you may have the following question: first, Mongolia and the United States military exercises, but Mongolia is surrounded by China and Russia, and the 11th cavalry division of the U.S. Army has to pass through the Sino Russian border to enter Mongolia. So why did China and Russia allow the US military to enter Mongolia for military exercises? Second, Mongolia has always been friendly with China and Russia. Why should it suddenly help the United States build biochemical laboratories at this time?

First, let’s look at the first question. The reason why China and Russia allowed the U.S. military to enter Mongolia is that the theme of Khan’s exploration of military exercises is United Nations Training and certification. The U.S. military actually entered Mongolia in the name of the United Nations. As one of the five permanent members, Russia has closed the air to the United States. At the same time, China cannot refuse the U.S. military to enter Mongolia. The U.S. military also entered Ulaanbaatar from Japan over the Northeast civil route after China agreed. This is the same as the United States continues to send trucks to deliver weapons and equipment to Syrian Kurds under the United Nations humanitarian relief mechanism in Syria. It knows that the United States sells dog meat with sheep’s heads, but it can’t stop it. However, once the mechanism was rejected by China and Russia, Shiite militias in Iran and Iraq began to attack U.S. military convoys across the board, and Turkey also began to launch military operations against Kurdish. As long as the flag of the United Nations is not broken, China cannot take tough measures.

The second reason is that China is unwilling to break its face with Mongolia immediately and is still actively courting Mongolia. After the outbreak of the COVID-19, China vigorously reinforced Mongolia, and Mongolia then sent sheep to China to express its gratitude. Another evidence that China has actively courted Mongolia is that China has modified the Sino Russian western natural gas pipeline, which originally passed through the Sino Russian border in the northwest and could completely bypass Mongolia. However, considering the friendship between China and Mongolia, China changed the route to cross Mongolia and enter North China. The main reason for bringing Mongolia in is to consider deeply binding the interests of China and Mongolia, and paying transit fees to Mongolia through transit, which is a goodwill move of China to win over Mongolia.

China’s goodwill is to focus on the fact that since 2011, Mongolia’s economy has been unable to make ends meet due to the decline of the mining industry. The direct reason is the sharp rise of large copper mines in 2011, which drove Chinese enterprises out of the country. After that, Mongolia’s own mining suffered from a sharp decline in equipment, technology and other situations, and the entire national economy fell after losing its mining leader. China, on the other hand, decided to help Mongolia by focusing on the political change of the Mongolian government in 2014. At present, Mongolia’s national economy is in trouble, so it is attracted by the dollar diplomacy of Millennium company like Nepal, and thus made the decision to allow the United States to establish a biochemical laboratory.

On the issue of Mongolia, Russia is tough, while China is soft. Combining hardness and softness, when China reminded Mongolia to pay attention to China’s national security interests on June 23, Russia directly sent its foreign minister to visit and ask Mongolia’s position face-to-face. China and Russia used both hard and soft tactics, one black faced and the other white faced, and made every effort to force Mongolia to abandon the U.S. military laboratory. Because this is not only related to the safety of China and Russia, but also endangers the safety of 6.5 million Mongolian compatriots in Inner Mongolia, which is close to Mongolia. We must not be soft hearted about this!


So, will Mongolia listen to China and Russia? Listen if you don’t listen!

At present, China and Russia combine hard and soft, mainly through communication. In case the soft one doesn’t work and Mongolia doesn’t listen to persuasion, it’s hard to follow the Cuban Missile Crisis and close all channels from the United States to Mongolia. Materials can’t come in, and everything is in vain. Politically, from August to September 2014, China and Russia worked together to make Enkhbayar flee and make Mongolia change. Now it is the same. I believe that with the kind reminder of China and Russia, Mongolia will return to the right line!

[the whole story of the U.S. military’s Mongolian plan]

As mentioned earlier, the United States wants to set up a biochemical laboratory in Mongolia in order to transfer the Ukrainian biochemical laboratory project to Mongolia. This can be directly proved in terms of time. There are two important time points for the United States and Mongolia to negotiate the establishment of the laboratory, one in early April and the other in early June. At the end of March this year, Russia captured the Ukrainian biochemical laboratories of the US military in Donbas and other places in the special military operation in Ukraine, and found direct evidence that the US military developed biochemical viruses against China and Russia. Then, in early April, the United States began to secretly cooperate with Mongolia to plan to build a biochemical virus laboratory.

On June 1 this year, the Russian Ministry of defense released the operational objectives of the third phase of the Russian army, including the capture of Kharkov by the Russian army. This state is the location of the largest biochemical laboratory of the U.S. military in eastern Ukraine. Once it is conquered, the U.S. military will not only further leak information, but also completely stop the projects hidden in the experiment, and the assembly of biochemical weapons will be shelved.

I don’t know if you feel that after the Russian army attacked the US biochemical laboratory in Ukraine, the mutation speed of Omikron seemed to slow down. This is most likely because the Russian military action against the Ukrainian biochemical laboratory interfered with the U.S. military’s global virus assembly plan!

After the Russian army announced on June 1 that it was about to occupy Kharkov state, many key studies in Ukrainian laboratories must be replaced. Therefore, the US military will send a team of airborne divisions to cheer Mongolia up in the Khan search military exercise on June 6.


From a further perspective, the biochemical laboratories established by the US military in the Middle East, Central Asia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia are likely to be part of the NATO eastward expansion plan implemented by Jewish capital.

From the map, the United States has established biochemical laboratories in Iraq, Jordan and other countries in the Middle East. This time, it is equivalent to establishing biochemical bases in the Near East. Then, further establish biochemical laboratories in Georgia, Ukraine and other regions close to the Caucasus, which is equivalent to establishing biochemical bases in the Caucasus connected with Europe and Asia. In 2016, the US military established P4 laboratory in Kazakhstan, which is equivalent to establishing a biochemical base in Central Asia. Now in 2022, we are going to establish P4 laboratory in Mongolia, which is equivalent to establishing a biochemical base in the heart of the Far East. If the core laboratories in these four regions are connected, it is exactly the expansion road map of NATO’s large-scale release of virus from the near east to Central Asia and even the Far East. Countries in this region are often the core of the region. For example, Iraq is in the center of Mesopotamia plain in the core area of the Middle East, Ukraine is in the center of Ukraine’s Great Plains, Kazakhstan is the core of Central Asia, and Mongolia is just the geopolitical core controlling the Far East. These can never be coincidence, absolutely premeditated.


To sum up, the most direct reason for the US military to set up a biochemical laboratory in Mongolia is that the United States attempts to replace the Ukrainian biochemical laboratory that is about to be destroyed by Russia and continue to complete targeted virus research. The fundamental reason is that NATO has expanded eastward in an all-round way in an attempt to release the virus and create greater chaos. In this regard, China must not sit idly by and wait for death. It should unite with the SCO and the Ji’an organization to publicly demand that the U.S. biochemical laboratory get out of Kazakhstan and other countries. Life and death are at stake, and there is no room for compromise.

Now that the Russian Ukrainian war is related to the Mongolian biochemical laboratory, it shows that the Russian Ukrainian war can affect the global political pattern. Now let’s talk about the latest progress of the Russian Ukrainian war.

[Lugansk won the eight year war of resistance against Japan]

On July 3, the Russian army won the battle of lisichansk, and 10000 Ukrainian troops surrounded by northern Donetsk lisichansk were wiped out. At this point, the Russian army completely liberated the entire Lugansk region from the Nazis in Ukraine. From 2014 to 2022, the people of Lugansk won the anti Nazi war for eight years.

It is of great significance for the Russian army to seize the entire Lugansk region.

On June 1, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the third phase of combat objectives were to capture Kharkov, Nikolayev and Odessa. It can be seen that the Russian military operations are fully in line with my prediction of the Russian army’s march route after the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war. The capture of Lugansk region will officially kick off the third phase of Russian operations.


From the map, once Kharkov, Nikolayev, Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa are captured by the Russian army, the two major republics in eastern Ukraine will break away from military contact with Ukraine. The reason why the Russian army did not attack Dnepropetrovsk state was not only that the state was relatively neutral and did not have a pro Zelensky government, but also that it was a concentration area of high-tech equipment factories such as sophisticated equipment and intercontinental missiles in the Soviet era, and the Russian army mainly lured it down. Once the above four states are controlled, the transportation hub from eastern Ukraine to the two republics will also be fully controlled by the Russian army. In this way, with the layered defense system established by Russia in the Crimea Peninsula, the whole black sea and coastal areas will be completely integrated into a whole by the Russian Defense system.

At that time, the Russian intercontinental missile strategic weapons in the Volga River will go forward to the Crimea Donbas line, and form a strategic sharp knife directly into the Romania Greece Israel line with the strategic nuclear submarines and long-range missile early warning radars in the region!


On June 27, Zelensky publicly said at the video conference of the group of seven that he hoped to end the Russian Ukrainian war in November this year. On June 11, according to the intelligence intercepted by Ukraine, the Russian army chose to end the Russian Ukrainian war in October. It can be seen that both sides hope to end the war before November. The difference is that Zelensky’s statement is actually the attitude of the United States behind the scenes. With the Russian army pressing step by step, Ukraine’s failure in the East will surely expand to the west, while the Russian army is expected to end the war, which is based on the elimination of the main force of the Ukrainian army in the East in the form of encirclement and support by the Russian army.

After the capture of Kharkov, the war damage ratio of the Ukrainian army will approach the red line of 30%, and it is close to being completely defeated or even surrendered. The United States hopes that the short-term end is just a delaying measure, while Russia is asking for further expansion of victory.

[sad and happy president of the United States of America]

Russia’s victory in Ukraine made the United States both sad and happy.

From the national perspective, it is sad that it took the United States more than a decade to train Zelensky from a dancer to the president of Ukraine; It took eight years for 250000 Nazi troops, Ukrainian Jews, Britain, the United States and other countries to gradually arm themselves. As a result, he was beaten to the ground by Putin in just 130 days.

At the same time, the Russian Ukrainian war led to a tight global supply of crude oil, and the rise in oil prices caused by the exhaustion of crude oil inventories in various countries continued to push up domestic inflation in the United States. Personally, sadly, Biden found himself in a dilemma. Long term support for Zelensky and Putin, then inflation will eat Biden’s vote, causing the U.S. economy to fall into a comprehensive recession; If he does not support Zelensky, Putin is bound to win quickly. Although the oil price has fallen, Zelensky’s failure represents the collapse of NATO’s eastward expansion in the Dniester river.

Fortunately, Zelensky’s failure in Ukraine will boost the U.S. financial harvest. In my previous article, “Ukraine is doomed! The United States is about to plunder the world financially”, I said that the reason why the U.S. military does not directly participate in the Russian Ukrainian war is to realize the separation of the interests of Ukraine’s internal market and the world’s financial external market. The failure of Ukraine will help the United States suppress high oil prices and plunder the world with the strategy of raising interest rates with low oil prices and a strong dollar.

After the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine, I said that the United States has three strategies. Once Russia succeeds in Ukraine, the United States will adopt the middle strategy, that is, the strategy of raising interest rates with low oil prices and a strong dollar. Now, the United States has indeed chosen the medium policy.

In the article on June 22, I once again reminded that if the future expectations are well guided, under the bullwhip reverse effect, the two-way squeeze of spot and futures will lead to a sharp decline in oil prices, and the policy of raising interest rates with low oil prices + a strong dollar will be fully released. Once the policy is successful, it can not only alleviate hyperinflation internally, but also defeat China, Russia, Europe, Japan and other countries through low oil prices and export super deflation externally, so as to reshape the dollar. In the article, I once again reminded that bulk products are about to plummet.

[Fed’s long and short double-edged sword]

On July 3, after the Russian army completely liberated the Lugansk region, the Federal Reserve, seeing that Ukraine was difficult to win, began to strengthen the expectation of raising interest rates again. There were endless calls for raising interest rates by 75 points or even 100 points in July. The U.S. launched the interest rate increase strategy of low oil price + strong dollar, which began to rotate slowly amid the roar of the U.S. financial turntable.

On the night of July 5, the international crude oil price fell from US $110 to US $98 per barrel. Then, oil products including fuel oil and palm oil, and bulk products including tin, iron and aluminum began to plummet. Tin fell by more than 60%, and copper fell in a waterfall. Silver fell to 4180 from 5250 a few months ago. Gold also fell from a peak of 420 to 375.

During the day of July 6, oil and crude oil products almost fell by the limit, and the price of copper fell in a waterfall.

I have predicted the sharp decline from the 5th to the 6th, of which silver fell the most, from 6800 to 4180, a decline of nearly 40%.


The sharp decline of bulk products not only led to the sharp fall of a shares on July 6, but also led to the rapid rise of the US dollar index, which quickly stood at 107, a 20-year high. This proves that the low oil price + strong dollar I said before is the tactical combination sought by the United States.

When the dollar index broke through quickly, Japan and the European Central Bank were also in trouble as I said. The yen continued to depreciate to 136 against the dollar, and the euro fell to 0.97 from 1.2 before. The dollar was more valuable than the euro. Behind this was the fact that the European Central Bank’s interest rate hike could not resist the embarrassment of capital outflows caused by the US dollar’s interest rate hike. Even if the European Central Bank raised interest rates by 50 basis points, it was difficult to resist the continuous violent interest rate hike of the Federal Reserve. European debt crisis 3.0 is already on the way.

From March, 2020, the Federal Reserve began to print more than $8trillion of funds in unlimited QE, creating global hyperinflation. By 2022, the Federal Reserve will comprehensively and rapidly increase interest rates and reverse monetary policy, and the world will also shift from hyperinflation to future hyperdeflation. Looking back on the operation of the Federal Reserve over the past three years, we can find that the artificial virus and the NATO made war between Russia and Ukraine, the former led to the tension of the global ports and the logistics supply chain between ports and supermarkets, while the war led to the rise in the market price and insufficient inventory of bulk products. The combination of the two made the global bulk products form a super artificial bull market in less than a year.

Novel coronavirus and the war between Russia and Ukraine have plunged global production and inventory into a double heaven of ice and fire, which has weakened global consumption on a large scale. In a figurative analogy, the new crown and war are like two big hands, holding the global economy high and barbecue on the fire of super inflation. In the futures market, they killed the bears represented by Aoyama with the rapid rise of bulls. Now, after achieving its goal, the Federal Reserve began to suppress oil prices, pull up the dollar index, and began to backhand short after killing all short positions in the futures market. In the future, the Fed’s interest rate hike strategy will press the world’s major economies into a bone chilling ice pool.

Long and short are like two knives in the hands of the Federal Reserve, killing all short positions up, then shorting again, killing all long positions down, and then shorting again. The former is the current change, and the latter is similar to the negative oil price in February 2020, which kills all bulls before going long. Long air is never their belief, and the trend is not infinitely close to any one in the multi air. The naked truth is multi air double kill!

Of course, this transformation is not all bad. With low oil prices and a strong dollar, super deflation will come again. At that time, the United States may stop its golden finger intervention in the COVID-19. With the decline of fuel costs, super deflation will replace the pressure of the new crown, and the logistics and global supply chain will be unblocked again. This is the basis for my prediction that the new crown will end around March 2024. It is necessary for everyone to reserve materials for emergencies before the dry and cold weather on September 23.

The COVID-19 will end in the future, but it does not mean that it will end immediately at present. According to the latest epidemic report, a virus called BA was found in Rajasthan, India, in June this year The variant strain of 2.75, which is called Sagittarius strain, is higher than the mainstream Ba currently spreading in Xi’an, Europe and the United States The 5 strain is more changeable and ferocious. This proves once again that India, a place for breeding poisonous insects, eventually gave birth to a new poison king. If the United States continues to arm biochemical components, the sigma strain will appear in October this year.


[crack the dollar’s immortality]

Whether it is the new crown, interest rate hike or war, the function of the overall financial war in the United States is generally transparent. This skill is similar to the toad skill of ouyangfeng, a Western poison in the legend of the Eagle Shooting hero. It is also like the immortal golden body + killing fist used by the absolute being in the comic cloud. He thinks that there is a golden bell covered iron cloth shirt, and the immortal golden body has the top defense. The killing fist attack power is also the top. The body protecting Qi formed by the global circulation of the US dollar overflows to create an immortal golden body with almost no flaws. Then, Inside the immortal gold body is the killing fist of Wall Street’s financial sniping against specific countries. The cold fist rushes out of the immortal gold body at any time to harvest specific targets. The combination of the two has allowed the United States to run rampant for 50 years.

For China, the best way is to break the immortal golden body and break the killing fist. This skill is also similar to the worship of ten thousand swords in the cartoon situation. The United States’ immortal gold body formed by the circulation of the dollar is not without a cover door. This cover door is located in the strongest part of the dollar, and this strongest part is the Middle East. Israel in the Middle East is not only the first pillar of NATO’s eastward expansion, but also the oil producing countries in the Middle East are the exporters of the circulation of petrodollars. Wan Jian’s return to the sect is not a random release, but must be aimed at the cover door of the immortal golden body, the Middle East, and hit hard. As for how to fight, as I have said in my previous article, that is, China, Russia, Turkey and Iraq jointly launched the Jiuyuan surprise attack to drive the US military out of the Middle East. The three countries, China, Russia and Iran, integrated resources, concentrated their great strength on the vital door of the petrodollar, pierced the gold body of the petrodollar with the tenacity of three inch nails, and then broke their fist killing arms in the decisive battle, so that the United States and the Jewish capital behind them completely withdrew from the center of the historical stage.

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