The US side has invaded the door and stepped on the door. We must fight back strongly!

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On August 28, the two cruisers “Antietam” and “Qian slosville” of the US military passed through the Taiwan Strait. In response, senior colonel Shi Yi, spokesman of the eastern theater of the PLA, said that the eastern theater of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army followed, monitored and guarded the whole course of the navigation of the US ships, and all the movements were under control. The troops in the theater should maintain a high degree of alert and be ready to defeat any provocation at any time.

[Shi Yi, spokesman of the eastern theater]

It is not the first time that a US warship has crossed the Taiwan Strait. According to Qin Gang, Chinese ambassador to the United States, “it has been nearly 100 times since 2012.” the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party authorities also claimed yesterday that the US military has made more than 10 such moves in recent years.

However, the passage of US warships through the Taiwan Strait this time is very different from the past, and the follow-up effect caused is quite bad. We should be highly vigilant and make necessary and powerful counterattacks!

1? The passage of US warships through the Taiwan Strait is different from the past

One is arrogance. In the past, US ships crossed the Taiwan Strait either secretly or through media reports after the end. The US side also formally came forward afterwards to emphasize the so-called “free navigation”. This time, it announced to the world more than a week in advance that it would “defy China’s threat” to pass through the Taiwan Strait before taking action. During the course of the action, the western media clamored that it was “passing through the Taiwan Strait.”. Obviously, the US military’s “crossing the sea” has released a clear atmosphere of showing off. It is no longer a simple hype, but a provocation to fight in open flames!

[US cruiser “Antietam” (cg-54)]

Second, it is highly targeted. The US warship passed through the Taiwan Strait this time after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and the people’s Liberation Army’s Island encirclement exercise. After the US aircraft carrier battle group retreated from the PLA’s military exercise area to stay away from Taiwan Island, the world ridiculed it. On the one hand, the US side tried to save a little face under the pretext of “not being deceived.” on the other hand, it used two warships to show that the United States “dares to provoke China” through the Taiwan Strait. This provocation is highly targeted and is different from the past “crossing the sea”.

[U.S. cruiser “Chancellorsville” (cg-62)]

Third, openly support “Taiwan independence.”. Up to now, the US side has not dared to say that it supports “Taiwan independence” in official documents and public occasions, but it has been doing some activities that actually support “Taiwan independence” in action, such as threatening countries that intend to “sever diplomatic relations” with the Taiwan authorities, helping the Taiwan authorities “consolidate their country”, such as continuously accelerating the hollowing out of the Central Plains, such as encouraging officials to visit Taiwan openly, and so on, until Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan reached the climax. However, even so, the US side is still playing a yin-yang game. On the one hand, the White House claimed that “the time for Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is inappropriate”, and on the other hand, the military sent military planes to transport and escort Pelosi to Taiwan. After Pelosi left Taiwan, the US military gave the wind that the “Reagan” aircraft carrier battle group would pass through the Taiwan Strait. Although it is not the “Reagan” aircraft carrier battle group that has crossed the sea, the two cruisers have undoubtedly greatly encouraged the “Taiwan independence” forces, and swept away the disappointment of the “Taiwan independence” elements inside and outside the island against the United States.

2? The subsequent effects caused by the passage of US warships through the Taiwan Strait are extremely harmful

First, the US side is trying to turn the Taiwan issue into an “international issue.”.

Within less than a month after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, different political figures from Japan, the United States, Lithuania, and other countries have successively visited or planned to visit Taiwan, and politicians from some western countries have also released rumors of fleeing to Taiwan.

Originally, the PLA’s military exercise of encircling the island was a good deterrent to some countries and their politicians who tried to invade Taiwan, so that they did not dare to do so. Now, the US side has greatly emboldened these countries and politicians by exaggerating the passage of US warships through the Taiwan Strait, and made them see that the hope of “reaping benefits” through their involvement in Taiwan is still there. Moreover, this force is gradually expanding. Once the time is ripe, they will be the most powerful promoter of the “internationalization” of the Taiwan issue.

Second, it may become normal for US warships to cross the Taiwan Strait, US forces to interfere in the Taiwan Strait, and US official political figures to visit Taiwan.

Although the United States has formal diplomatic relations with China, it has never given up using Taiwan as a card to clamp down on China since the establishment of diplomatic relations. It is only that it has played in different ways and with different strength over the years. In this process, the strength of the Chinese side’s response often determines the outcome of the US side’s playing cards. That is why there have been several so-called “Taiwan Strait crises”.

The Taiwan Strait crisis triggered by Pelosi’s flight to Taiwan is developing and spreading in depth and breadth. The US side obviously wants to “make things bigger”. If the Chinese side does not pay attention to it, or if it does not do so in the right way, or if it wants to calm down the situation, it is exactly what the US side wants. Then, next, it will become normal for US warships to cross the Taiwan Strait, US official politicians to visit Taiwan, and the United States to take the lead for the Taiwan authorities on international occasions. Even the presence of US troops on the Taiwan island will not be surprising.

This is by no means alarmist talk. In the past decade or so, the United States has almost achieved “results” in “cutting sausage” on the Taiwan issue. This time, after Pelosi’s attack, the US warship continued to cut. How rampant and arrogant it was! Once the past bad actions of the United States on the Taiwan issue really become normal, it will be even more difficult to solve the Taiwan issue.

Third, the passage of US warships through the Taiwan Strait is a great encouragement to the Taiwan Bureau and the “Taiwan independence” separatist forces on the island.

At the beginning, under the strong pressure of the mainland and international public opinion, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and her “success” had to be said to be a “victory” of the United States (by no means Pelosi alone). Pelosi and the United States are “winners” in the United States and Taiwan Island. We should face this fact realistically (especially in Taiwan Island, those who oppose Pelosi’s visit are not the mainstream).

However, the ensuing military exercise of the people’s Liberation Army to encircle the island not only confused the United States, but also scared the Taiwan authorities, the “Taiwan independence” forces, and the islanders who followed the crowd. The United States began to call for “China’s calmness” and once again stressed that it “does not support Taiwan independence.” some “Taiwan independence” elements who were once the most arrogant on Taiwan island have suddenly disappeared. Although a few green media and their “famous mouth” are not satisfied, their voice is much smaller. What is more important is that the wind direction in the island society is in sharp contrast to that when Pelosi fled to Taiwan. It can be seen that as long as the PLA is serious, there are still a large number of people who are afraid!

Now that the US warships have passed through the Taiwan Strait again, they have undoubtedly given the “Taiwan independence” forces on the island a shot in the arm. They hope that the US Godfather has returned. They think that there is support again, they can forget themselves again, and they can be reckless again.

Thus, the wind in Taiwan’s fickle society began to turn.

3? We must vigorously counterattack the passage of US warships through the Taiwan Strait

As mentioned earlier, the US warships passed through the Taiwan Strait this time in an “open fire” manner: they let the wind out in advance and showed off on the way. What will happen next? The author has already stated above.

How to prevent the United States from acting recklessly on the Taiwan issue described above, we must face and solve the problem of US warships passing through the Taiwan Strait.

One action is worth ten thousand words.

Diplomatic “protest” and “serious warning” are necessary and necessary. But at critical moments, at critical nodes, especially when the military has to come forward, one action is better than 10000 shouting words.

The US side has already announced that the US warship has passed through the Taiwan Strait this time, and the western media have followed up and reported after the operation started. Therefore, it can not be seen that the US side has much deterrent power to “follow and guard the whole process, and keep all the movements under control”.

If we announce another extension of military exercises in the Taiwan Strait when the US warships launch the cross-strait operation, will the US warships still dare to break into the Taiwan Strait? If it dares to break through, it is the United States that asked for the shells to fall on these two US ships. The responsibility lies entirely with the United States.

What will happen if we send several warships to block the passage of US ships in the Taiwan Strait on the 28th, so that they can not travel?

The United States’ claim that the Taiwan Strait is an “international sea area” and can “sail freely” is purely a bandit logic. When the United States established diplomatic relations with China, and has not yet recognized the “one China policy”? That is to say, both sides of the Taiwan Strait are Chinese territory, and the width of the Taiwan Strait is less than 200 nautical miles. According to the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea, most of the waters of the Taiwan Strait are China’s “exclusive economic zone” except for the “territorial sea” within 12 nautical miles of both sides! Similarly, in accordance with the spirit of the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea, when entering China’s “exclusive economic zone” for navigation, it is not allowed to damage China’s peace, order or security, or conduct related military activities. Now, the passage of US warships through China’s “exclusive economic zone” has seriously damaged China’s national security. It is reasonable and legal for us to encircle it!

[screenshot of the cover of the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea]

Some people may worry that this may lead to an exchange of fire between the Chinese and US navies in the Taiwan Strait and even trigger a Sino US war.

To be honest, “there will be a war between China and the United States” is an issue that many scholars and experts on China US issues have been discussing. We should make preparations for this, but this article will not discuss it in detail.

Let’s just analyze how the two situations mentioned above will develop and what the results will be?

First, if our side announced the extension of military exercises in the Taiwan Strait the day before yesterday, US warships would not dare to enter the Taiwan Strait. The departure of the “Reagan” before our military exercises is a good example. However, this should not be the main means, because it is impossible for us to conduct a military exercise once a US warship breaks through. This is impractical.

The second is to encircle US ships in the Taiwan Strait. This is the main action, and the most powerful and effective action. We will not fire first (encircle but not fight), but we must block the passage of US ships. After this situation was formed, the US ships dared not fire because our ships outnumbered them. Either the US military should provide support, and our army must and can completely block its reinforcements at sea; If the US military provides air support, our army will cut off its reinforcements in the same way. Of course, the probability of a full-scale war between China and the United States will increase. However, judging from the current situation of Biden, the Democratic Party and the United States, they will not make this move. Therefore, it is feasible to encircle US ships in the Taiwan Strait. Even if a war is ignited, it will only be a “small war” for China, the United States and the international situation, but the probability of such a situation is very small.

Therefore, US warships are besieged by the people’s Liberation Army in the Taiwan Strait, and a confrontation between us and Chinese warships in the Taiwan Strait is most likely to occur.

[screenshot of PLA military exercise]

In this way, it is easier for US warships to cross the Taiwan Strait than to cross the Strait. It can only be settled through negotiation. No matter what the outcome is, it is beneficial to us, and the initiative is in our hands.

At the same time:

Shouguang has dealt a powerful blow to the arrogance of the United States, and made it have to be cautious, cautious, and cautious when it enters the Taiwan Strait again in the future. It has demonstrated the strong ability and firm determination of the people’s Liberation Army to defend China’s territory, and will greatly enhance China’s image in the international community.

Second, it will greatly stimulate the patriotic enthusiasm of the people throughout the country, greatly enhance the cohesion of all Chinese and even the Chinese people in the world, and greatly accelerate the process of realizing the complete reunification of the motherland.

Third, it is the most realistic and effective blow to the DPP authorities and “Taiwan independence” separatists kneeling in the United States, and it is also a profound education to the broad masses of Taiwan.

In short, we can take the bad thing of US warships passing through the Taiwan Strait as an opportunity to stimulate the patriotic enthusiasm of the people, enhance the cohesion of the people throughout the country, and accelerate the process of reunifying the motherland, so that the rejuvenation of China and the realization of the Chinese dream can come soon!

Now that US warships have passed through the Taiwan Strait, the United States will surely provide us with such opportunities again. Therefore, this article should not be of no benefit.

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