The US “war on science and technology” will soon be overwhelmed!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

A few years ago, the United States brazenly launched the largest trade war in history, which has been declared a failure so far. The United States has been struggling all day whether to abolish tariffs on China.

Now, a message from Bloomberg News Agency also shows that the “science and technology war” launched by the United States is becoming more and more difficult to cover.

Bloomberg News Agency reported on the 21st that after the United States imposed a series of sanctions on Chinese technology, 19 of the 20 fastest-growing chip industry companies in the world came from China in the past four quarters. The top five with the fastest growth are Suzhou Guoxin, Cambrian, chuangyao technology, Kelun electronics and zhenradium technology.

Here is a set of data. In 2021, China’s orders for chip manufacturing equipment from overseas increased by 58%; Due to the increase of local supply, China’s cumulative chip imports in the first four months of 2022 decreased by 24billion compared with the same period in 2021;

In 2021, the total sales volume of Chinese chip related enterprises increased by 18%, reaching a record of RMB 1trillion, about US $150billion, while the global chip market was US $550billion.

This made the United States laugh and cry. It originally wanted to use the largest trade war in history to defeat China at one fell swoop, but failed; He tried to “jam” China with the science and technology war, but he didn’t.

In addition, chips are the focus of the “neck of the neck” of the United States, the benchmark industry of the scientific and technological war, and the core key to the United States’ attack. The United States has not won such an important “mountain”, but has brought vitality and prosperity to the Chinese chip industry. Why should the United States be embarrassed!

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In fact, the author has bet that China can win these two battles from the beginning.

Now when we look at the trade war, we are basically from the perspective of God. It is very good-looking. However, at the beginning of the outbreak of the trade war, many people were worried or even scared, because many people felt that it was the legendary United States, which was incomparably powerful, and it was the largest trade war in history.

Some old readers should remember that the author said at the beginning of the trade war that the U.S. trade victory rate against China was not high. China seems to be the second largest country in terms of nominal GDP, but according to the GDP calculated by purchasing power parity, China surpassed the United States as early as 2014, and China is also the world’s largest market, the largest manufacturing country, the global manufacturing center, and the world’s largest foreign trade country… In this case, the United States wants to beat China in economy and trade, and the success rate can be imagined. Trump is not alone in fighting a trade war. George W. Bush and Obama before him have tried and failed without exception. I don’t believe trump can be much smarter than them.

Therefore, the failure of the United States in the trade war today has long been doomed.

Similarly, when the United States launched a technological war, the author still bet on the United States to lose.

There are three reasons:

1. China used to be poor and destitute, but it can still go today. With today’s Chinese science and technology, can the United States still seal it off?

In the early years, China had no money and could not even eat enough. It was impossible to talk about science and technology. In addition, China is also facing a severe blockade on science and technology such as the Batumi organization and the Wassenaar agreement.

However, it was in such an environment that early China developed high technology represented by “two bombs and one satellite”; Later, China developed space stations, supercomputing, stealth fighters, modern warships and other things that were severely blocked by the West.

Today, China’s GDP ranks the second in the world, and its economic strength reaches US $20trillion. In industry, China has become a global manufacturing center, and has the most complete industrial categories in the world. In addition, China’s scientific and technological foundation today… These conditions are more than onethousand times and tenthousand times better than when it was the first day when it was poor and the second day when it was white. At that time, it was impossible to seal China’s science and technology. Isn’t it a dream?

With this alone, it is absolutely right to bet on China to win.

2. The fact that Chinese people do not believe in fate also determines that China will make breakthroughs in science and technology

Foreign myths place their destiny on God. Prometheus stole the fire when there was no fire, and God gave Noah’s Ark when there was a flood… Looking at the stories of “Suiren drilling for fire”, “Dayu controlling the flood” and “Shennong tasting hundreds of herbs” in China, they basically rely on themselves rather than God; The stories of Hou Yi shooting at the sun, Kuafu chasing the sun, and making havoc in the heavenly palace also tell a truth, which annoys even the gods.

With this trait, the Chinese nation is naturally self reliant. It is impossible for anyone or any country to seal China off.

3. High tech is too important for China in the future and must be broken through

Take the chip as an example. It is related to the future development of smart cars, artificial intelligence, future manufacturing, and the interconnection of all things. We must break through it and have no choice.

In the industry, some of the low-end enterprises will migrate outward. If the high-end enterprises fail to break through, they will face the scenario of “not reaching the sky and leaving the ground at their feet”, which is the so-called “middle-income trap”. Therefore, this situation also determines that China must make breakthroughs in high technology.

Moreover, China has missed the first three industrial revolutions and cannot miss the fourth.

All of the above have determined that China will gather all the strength of the country to do this. Once China gets serious, when have you ever seen anything that hasn’t been done?

Based on the above three points, it can be concluded that the United States wants to seal China in science and technology, which is completely wishful thinking!

In 2018, the author wrote a paragraph, which is to be rewritten today: one day, we will thank the former 2018, the United States, and, by the way, trump, because that year, he launched a science and technology war with the United States under his administration, making China stronger and stronger again!

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