The voice of American doves is increasing. Pay attention to the recent foreign trade policy!

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Source: Li Jianqiu’s world (id:lijianqiudeshijie)

Let’s start with the news:

Last Sunday, the peterberg meeting closed. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the king of the Netherlands, technology billionaire Peter Theil, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan, as well as BP, Pfizer and UBS participated.

Two thirds of the participants came from Europe and the rest from North America; About a quarter come from the political sphere and government, and the rest from other fields.

In the Petersburg meeting, the participants participated in a private capacity, without a detailed agenda, no resolutions, no voting, and no policy statement. The participants are free to use the information obtained in the meeting, but shall not disclose the identity of the speakers and their related institutions, or the identity of any other participants and their related organizations.

As for the peterberg meeting, the Trilateral Commission, NATO and the relations between the various media, I missed the picture in the past and looked at the following.

For a clearer picture, you can go to my Zhihu or Weibo to see it. As for how to analyze this figure, I have sent it before, so I won’t repeat it.


It is very interesting that none of the participants in the Petersburg meeting were Australians. Kangaroos are completely excluded.

Kangaroo Kong has the reputation of the so-called “five eye alliance”.

In the west, it has been said that there is a so-called “deep government” in the folklore. The officials have always “refuted the rumor” that there is no such thing. It is pure conspiracy theory. However, such meetings as the “Petersburg meeting” will be held every other period of time. There is no agenda, resolution, voting, statement, and it is not open. According to the neck of the people, there is no “deep government”. This persuasion is really

Recent reports on doves in the United States are as follows:

New York Times


Joint activities of Peterson Institute for international economics, Center for strategic and international studies and anda group: “business and trade are in our national interest”


Owenton Stevenson: cutting tariffs so that we can continue to provide affordable products


American Chamber of Commerce: tariffs are raising the cost of summer necessities – it’s time to cut summer taxes


There are also various organizations with different requirements. They do not give examples one by one. Finally, Reuters news:

The United States considers Abolishing Some Chinese tariffs to fight inflation

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina ramondo said on Sunday that President Biden has asked his team to consider canceling some tariff options against China implemented by former president Donald Trump to deal with the current high inflation.

Ramondo said in an interview with CNN on Sunday when asked whether the Biden administration is weighing the elimination of tariffs on China to ease inflation:

“We are studying it. In fact, the president has asked us to analyze it in his team. Therefore, we are doing it for him and he will make this decision.”

Let’s talk about the whole way to abolish tariffs:

First, some theoretical economists raised the issue, then the industrial and commercial circles and the chamber of Commerce put pressure on it, and then the differences within the Democratic Party. In fact, as a trade negotiator, Dai Qi advocated the abolition of tariffs before. I do not know why she was attacked internally. Dai Qi turned 180 degrees directly against the abolition of tariffs, but it was Yellen’s turn to withdraw tariffs.

It is now U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina ramondo.

Again, why is the abolition of tariffs being hyped up again? The answer is very simple: there are too many double dealers.

The latest news is:

Biden will announce that the United States will be allowed to import solar panels from Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries, which will not be affected by tariffs for two years.

When 82% of the solar modules in the United States come from Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam, everyone knows that there must be a problem, because the solar modules produced by these countries do not match the solar modules exported.

We all know that there is a ghost in this. The US Department of Commerce launched a traceability investigation on solar modules. A little catch is that the direct 250% punitive tariff.

Then 80% of the solar module exports are directly returned to zero and will not be sold.

After the direct return to zero, the United States dismounted more than 300 solar networking projects at one go. All of them have no components, and they still set up a wool network?

In fact, in the past, it was always like this. Many people saw that “Vietnam’s exports rose more than Shenzhen’s” and so on.

Now the situation is so magical: of course, the Chinese people know where these solar modules came from, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and even the Americans.

While knowing this, they have gained two dealers at the same time.

This may also be the reason for the sharp rise of photovoltaic concept during this period.

In addition, Bloomberg also disclosed the recent situation in India: India is negotiating to increase the import of Russian oil from Rosneft

The general situation is as follows: Ambani, India’s richest man, recently purchased a large amount of discounted crude oil from Russia. The refinery reliance under Ambani can process 1.4 million barrels of crude oil every day. At the same time, Indian state-owned refiners, including Indian oil company, Hindustan oil company and Bharat oil company, are also buying Russian crude oil.

From February to may, India bought 40million barrels of Russian crude oil and will continue to buy it.

Some of the crude oil bought by India was refined for its own use, and some was directly exported to Europe.

Of course, China has also bought a lot.

Because the oil demand in Europe is too large to be satisfied by India, Biden specially approved two companies: Italian oil company Eni spa and Spain’s Repsol SA to transport Venezuelan oil to Europe.


At present, American oil companies are very angry. They think that since Biden allowed European oil companies to transport Venezuelan oil to Europe, why not let American oil companies transport it?

At present, American oil companies are also in urgent lobbying.

At present, Chevron is asking the US Treasury Department to expand its business in Venezuela.

At present, 70% of Venezuela’s crude oil is shipped to China.

In addition, I have been urging you to be firmly optimistic about the stock market some time ago. I wonder if you have listened.

Now the situation is getting warmer, the volume and price are rising, and scientific innovation is the most fierce.

At present, almost all assets in the world are in the foam stage, but the A-share foam is the least.

It is unwise to abandon a shares and pursue other assets.

The whole A-share, value share and track share will be switched in turn, just step on the right rhythm.

Two advantages should be grasped: resumption of work and production + easing of Sino US trade relations.

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