The war began, Trump fired the first shot of revenge!

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Original: Tianya Supplement Source: WeChat official account: Tianya current events have been reprinted with authorization

On November 8 local time (13 hours later in the United States than in China), the United States will usher in the mid-term election voting day.

In this mid-term election, 35 of the 435 House seats and 100 Senate seats will be voted, and 36 of the 50 states will re elect governors.

The House of Representatives controls the financial power, and the Senate controls the appointment power, so the mid-term elections are very important. Once the Democratic Party loses the mid-term election, Biden will have a hard time in the next two years!

In this mid-term election, the Republican Party is almost certain to win the House of Representatives, and has a great chance to win the Senate.

Why are Republicans far more likely to win the House of Representatives than the Senate?

Because Biden did so badly, and all the House seats in this mid-term election were re elected, the Republican Party has a very big advantage. However, only one third of the Senate seats are re elected, so the Republican Party has less advantage. If all Senate seats are re elected, the Republican Party will hang on the Democratic Party.

In a sense, the House election is more like a preview of the presidential election two years later.

In fact, it can be seen from many things.

First, almost all Democratic candidates do not want Biden to canvass for them.

If I am an American and a Democrat, and I want to participate in a state’s parliamentary election, then I must go to solicit votes. It is better to find some people with high prestige among the people to give me a “platform”. Biden is the President. If he does a good job, if I can ask him to call on the people to vote for me, then my chances of winning will be very great.

However, because Biden’s work is so poor, people hate him very much. If I ask Biden to come to my platform at this time, I will not increase my vote, but may lose a lot of votes.

Therefore, the biggest feature of this mid-term election is that almost all Democratic candidates do not want Biden to solicit votes for them. Only 15 Democratic candidates have found Biden.

The 435 seats in the House of Representatives, 35 seats in the Senate and 36 seats for the governor add up to 506 seats that need to be re elected. There must be Democrats for each seat, and more than one Democrat will compete.

With so many seats and so many Democrats running for election, there are only 15 people looking for Biden platform!

The key is: almost all of the 15 people looking for Biden platform are speculators, and there is no chance of winning.

You should know that some states are the core states of the Republican Party, and the Democrats have no chance of winning. Under such a background, some Democratic candidates may invite Biden to please him – it is impossible to elect him anyway. How about inviting Biden to give Biden a good impression and maybe promote me? After all, Biden is still the President of the United States and has a lot of power.

That’s how the 15 people came.

Without this relationship, I don’t think any Democratic candidate would go to Biden to solicit votes. This shows how bad Biden’s “reputation” is!

Faced with the reporter’s question of “Why don’t Democrats and Biden run for election”, Biden said angrily: “There are already 15. Count them, kid. Count them!”


In contrast, almost all Republican candidates tried their best to get Trump to give them a platform. From the current effect, almost all Republican candidates who got Trump’s platform were successful.

Therefore, from this perspective, the Democratic Party has obviously been at a disadvantage.

Secondly, the gambling market has given the answer.

According to gambling market data:

The Republican Party has an 87.4% chance to win the House of Representatives – all 435 seats in the House of Representatives will be re elected, so the Republican Party has a great advantage;

The Republican Party has a 60.6% chance to win the Senate – there are 100 seats in the Senate, but only 35 seats will be re elected. This allows the Democratic Party to keep many seats that should be lost, making the Republican Party less dominant.

This data is more convincing than the so-called “poll”, because it is to show real gold and silver.

Third, Musk “defected” to the Republican Party.

I believe that recently, we have seen a lot of negative news about Musk on the news. Do you know why?

I remember telling you before that almost all the big media in America are controlled by the Democratic Party (think about how they made Trump “disappear” from the Internet). To be exact, they are controlled by the Clinton family. Therefore, when you see the negative news of Musk everywhere in the media, you should understand that Musk has stood on the opposite side of the Democratic Party.

In fact, Musk has already made a statement on Twitter to break with the Democratic Party!

On May 19, Musk tweeted: “I used to vote for the Democratic Party because they (most of them) were kind parties. But they have become divisive and hateful parties, so I can no longer support them and will vote for the Republican Party. Now, let’s watch their dirty tactics against me unfold.”

In addition, he predicted in another tweet: “The political attacks against me will escalate dramatically in the coming months.”

Not only did he break away from the Democratic Party in words, but Musk moved Tesla’s headquarters from the Democratic Party’s headquarters in California to the Republican Party’s headquarters in Austin, Texas.

The Democratic Party supports globalization while the Republican Party is anti globalization, so transnational capital groups basically support the Democratic Party – Wall Street, which represents financial capital, Silicon Valley, which represents high-tech capital, and Hollywood, which represents cultural output, all support the Democratic Party.

In addition, the Democratic Party is also an “environmental protection party”, constantly suppressing the fossil energy industry and supporting the new energy industry. On the contrary, the Republican Party is opposed to participating in the Paris Agreement and strongly supports the fossil energy industry.

Tesla new energy vehicles are both high-tech and new energy – this is the main reason why Musk has always supported the Democratic Party!

In truth, Musk has no reason to support the Republican Party, but why did he break with the Democratic Party?

I think there may be two reasons:

First, the Democratic Party does not look up to Musk;

As we all know, Musk is an emerging capitalist, and has no deep foundation in the American political arena – General Motors, Ford Motor, etc. in the United States have a history of more than 100 years, and have a huge network in the American political arena, while Tesla has only risen rapidly in recent years.

Now it has become an irreversible trend for electric vehicles to replace traditional fuel vehicles, while GM, Ford and others have fallen far behind Tesla in electric vehicles.

General Motors, Ford and others have huge influence in American politics, and Tesla is their biggest competitor. Do you think they want to kill Tesla?

In essence, this is a struggle between the old and new capitalists, but the political capital of the old capitalists is stronger.

As for Biden, it is also important to gain the support of GM, Ford and other auto giants. At least they cannot all support Trump’s Republican Party, so the Democratic Party can only sacrifice Musk.

Biden supports clean energy and the development of electric vehicles, but does not give Musk any benefit in terms of policy. In 2021, Biden held an American Electric Vehicle Summit at the White House, where executives from General Motors, Ford, Stellantis and other groups gathered, but Tesla, the leader of electric vehicles, was not invited.

To this end, Musk sent an open letter to the media in February this year: “Biden will deliberately ignore Tesla every time and wrongly claim to the public that General Motors leads the electric vehicle industry. However, the fact is that Tesla produced more than 300000 electric vehicles last quarter, while only 26 general vehicles.”

So you can understand Musk’s anger at the Democrats.

So, is this the fundamental reason why Musk broke with the Democratic Party?

I think: No!

Second, Musk believed that the Republican Party would win.

Mask is a capitalist!

Capitalists only exist for their own interests. If necessary, Musk can change his position at any time.

Do you remember Trump publicly humiliating Musk in the media?

This year, Musk and Trump launched a fierce battle of abuse on the Internet. Trump abused Musk and his enterprise on the Truth Social, He said: “Musk once came to the White House and asked me to help him with projects that are supported by subsidies, whether they are electric cars that are not far away, driverless cars that frequently have accidents, or rocket ships that have nowhere to go. Without these subsidies, Musk would be worthless. He told me at that time that he was a loyal fan of Trump and a Republican. At that time, I could make him kneel down for me, and he would kneel down.”

It is impossible for Musk to have any firm political position. He only has interests in his eyes. In order to protect his own interests, don’t say he has no position. Even if he has a position, he will change his position – even if he is asked to kneel, he will kneel down without hesitation.

Although Biden’s Democratic Party is not very friendly to Musk, if Musk believes that the Democratic Party can still gain power in two years, then he is absolutely impossible to break with the Democratic Party publicly, and he will only go to plead with the Democrats!

Now Musk is openly on the opposite side of the Democratic Party, which shows that Musk is extremely pessimistic about the Democratic Party.

Republicans also don’t like Musk, after all, he never scolded them. However, if Musk can stand on the Republican side in the mid-term election, the Republican Party will certainly benefit Musk once the Republican Party wins the mid-term election or the election two years later.

Musk has a great influence. He has 100 million fans!

In addition, after Musk acquired Twitter, he fired all the senior executives who were almost supporters of the Democratic Party. Not only that, but Musk also unsealed many Republican bosses.

For example, Marjori Taylor Greene, a Republican congressman banned by Twitter five times, was released by Musk.

Of course, Trump’s account has not been unsealed yet.

According to my understanding of Trump, even if he is unsealed, he cannot go back. After all, Trump now has his own media, and Trump is quite “axial”, and has repeatedly issued the statement that “even if Twitter unseats his account, he will not go back”.

In addition, once Trump’s account is unsealed, there will inevitably be a large number of Democratic fans leaving Twitter, which is also very bad for Musk.

Once unsealed, Trump is unlikely to come back and may also lose a lot of users and advertising expenses, so it is better not to unseal for the time being – I think this is Musk’s abacus.

It was clear that Musk was on the Republican side.

Mask, a mercenary capitalist, has always been on the Republican side, which also shows that the Republican Party has a very good chance of winning.

Based on the above analysis, we believe that the Republican Party will definitely win the House of Representatives in this mid-term election, and there is a great chance to win the Senate.

Once the Republicans win the mid-term elections, Trump will have a chance to revenge.

How will Trump revenge?

First, Biden must be impeached.

There is no doubt that the Republicans will win the House of Representatives, and the first condition for impeachment of Biden is to win the House of Representatives – as long as the Republicans win the House of Representatives, the Republicans can impeach Biden. As long as they get a simple majority of votes (the voting rate is more than 50%), they can start the impeachment process.

Biden himself admitted this.

On November 4, Biden told the audience in San Diego: “I have been told that if they win back the House and Senate, they intend to impeach me. I don’t know what they will impeach me.” This made the audience laugh, but Biden added, “No, I’m not kidding.”

During Trump’s term of office, the Democratic Party impeached Trump twice. With Trump’s character, once his Republican Party won the majority of seats in the House of Representatives and did not impeach Biden, he would not be Trump.

Of course, even if Trump impeaches Biden, it will be difficult to succeed, because to succeed in impeachment, it must be supported by two-thirds of the Senate, which is impossible – even if the Republican Party has won the control of the Senate, it will not get two-thirds of the votes.

However, this will not prevent Trump from disgusting Biden and the Democrats.

Secondly, to completely end Pelosi’s political career.

The enmity between Trump and Pelosi is like two beloved people turning against each other or

I always have the illusion that Pelosi seems to be in love with Trump, but Trump doesn’t care about her, so she hates her because of love and wants to destroy Trump completely. Otherwise, how could she hate Trump so much? I want to eat Trump’s meat!

Of course, Trump’s hatred of Pelosi is even deeper than the sea. He has repeatedly said in public that Pelosi is a “third rate politician” and “crazy”

On April 9, Trump said in his speech in North Carolina: “We will permanently end Pelosi’s political career. She is crazy.”

Pelosi’s greatest dependence is the identity of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Once the Republican Party gains the majority of seats in the House of Representatives, Pelosi will lose her seat as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

After Pelosi lost her identity as Speaker, she was an ordinary congressman. At that time, it was much easier for the Republican Party to deal with her. Pelosi was very dirty. As long as she wanted to deal with her, there were countless breakthroughs.

With Trump’s character of being sure to repay, Pelosi will not be spared easily.

Now Ukraine is also worried, because once the Republican Party wins the mid-term election, Biden is very likely to be unable to provide economic and military assistance to Ukraine (the House of Representatives controls the financial power), because some Republicans have released a rumor that they will not give Ukraine any more money.

Of course, once the Republican Party wins, it will do more than that – the Republican Party will try its best to let Biden do nothing!

Let’s move up the bench and watch the battle between the “Sleeping King” and the “Understanding King” slowly.

Comrade Jianguo, come on!

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