The war between Russia and Ukraine has ushered in a startling reversal, and South Asia is the next city for China to fight terrorism!

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The article was originally created by the “blood drink” official account. Wechat: caojianming1989

According to reference news reports, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said on May 23 that “negotiations must be started in the next two months to avoid insurmountable turbulence and tension. Ideally, the dividing line should be restored to its original state. Beyond this point, continuing the war is not for the freedom of Ukraine, but for a new war against Russia itself.” Kissinger said that the war between Russia and Ukraine should not be allowed to drag on for too long. His speech was almost an appeal to the west to force Ukraine to accept the negotiation conditions (proposed by Russia) that are far from its current war goals.

[the deterrent power of Kissinger’s orders]

Kissinger’s speech directly raised clear objections to the current position of the Ukrainian government on the ceasefire. On May 21, two days before Kissinger’s speech, podoliyak, the chief adviser of the office of the president of Ukraine, made a public statement to rule out the possibility of a ceasefire with Russia, saying that Ukraine would not reach any agreement with Russia involving the cession of territory, and vowed that Russia “must be defeated”. According to the poll at that time, 82% of Ukrainians were unwilling to give up any territory. This is the public opinion basis for ZELINSKY’s statement.

Under the turbulent anti Russian political wave in the west, ZELINSKY’s statement actually catered to their internal needs. However, why did Kissinger, as the supreme Jewish think tank, not only refuse to support it, but even begin to openly oppose it? Will the West and Ukraine listen to kissin’s maxim?

On May 28, former U.S. President trump made a speech at a rally in Wyoming, saying that the conflict in Ukraine may lead to World War III. he believed that all efforts should now be devoted to Russia Ukraine negotiations.

On May 28, the three sides of Russia, France and Germany held telephone talks on the morning of that day. French President makron and German Chancellor Scholz directly asked Putin for a ceasefire and hoped that he would have a direct dialogue with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

On June 4, US President Biden said that Ukraine may have to cede land to Russia in a “negotiated settlement”.

On May 28, in an interview with reporters from the Netherlands radio and Television Union, President Zelensky of Ukraine said that Ukraine was willing to negotiate with Russia, and Zelensky was also willing to make concessions in order to solve the Ukrainian issue peacefully.

Obviously, the United States, Germany and France have accepted Kissinger’s negotiation proposal, and even ZELINSKY has given up his original insistence that he would not negotiate with Russia and vowed to defeat Russia.

[calculation behind the Jewish think tank]

Kissinger, an important think tank that controls almost all western diplomatic decisions, why should he force Zelensky to accept the current situation that the eastern and southern regions such as Donbas and Crimea are controlled by Russia and consider a ceasefire at this time?

The main reasons are as follows:


Ukraine suffered a major military failure

The turning point of this military failure came from the liberation of the Yasu steel plant by the Russian army. On May 20, Russia announced full control of the ASU steel plant, and 2400 Nazis from the ASU camp surrendered. As I said in my previous article, the ASU steel plant is Aleppo, Ukraine. In november2016, the Russian Syrian coalition army captured Aleppo, an important town in Northwest Syria, and wiped out 40000 terrorists including East Turkestan, Isis and other terrorist organizations. The victory of this battle shocked the whole west. Since the liberation of Aleppo in november2016, the anti-terrorism war of the Russian Syrian coalition forces in Syria began with great momentum. One year later, the Russian Syrian coalition forces captured maiaden, the headquarters of Isis in Syria, and wiped out this notorious international terrorist organization supported by the West.

This time Russia united with the East Ukrainian militia to liberate Mariupol. Its significance was the same as that of the Aleppo campaign. It also shocked the whole west. Since May 20, the Russian military operations in the whole Ukraine have been going smoothly. On May 26, the Russian military took control of the important Eastern Ukrainian town of Liman, and took advantage of the situation to surround 10000 Ukrainian troops in the northern Donetsk lichansk region. At present, the two supply lines in the region have been cut off, and 10000 Ukrainian troops will be wiped out sooner or later.



In the above figure, 1 is the northern Donetsk lisichansk region surrounded by 10000 Ukrainian troops, 2 is Lugansk, and 3 is Crimea

What is the concept of annihilating 10000 Ukrainian troops for the current Russian Ukrainian war?

On March 25, the Russian army released the battle damage data of the first phase of operations. The total number of casualties of the Ukrainian army was 30000. From this comparison, it can be found that less than a week after the capture of Mariupol, the Russian army reached one third of the total results of the first phase, four times the total number of Mariupol captured.

While the Russian army has made great achievements, the Dongwu militia has also made brilliant achievements. On May 26, the ambassador of the Republic of Lugansk to Russia announced that the East Ukrainian militia had captured more than 8000 Ukrainian soldiers in total. That is to say, with the 2400 people captured from the Yasu iron and steel plant and the 3000 people who surrendered before, from the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war to the present, the war damage of the Ukrainian army has exceeded 55000, accounting for 22% of the total Ukrainian army.

We know that any army has an upper limit of battle damage rate on the battlefield. Once this number is exceeded, it will basically be unable to achieve the established military objectives, and the army will inevitably collapse. The lower limit of the war damage rate is 30%. However, at present, the war damage rate of Ukraine has exceeded 22%, approaching the lower limit of the war damage rate. If it continues to rise, the collapse of the Ukrainian army will be inevitable. Once the collapse comes, like an avalanche, it will not be a partial surrender of a certain region, but a collective surrender of a large area of the entire Ukrainian battlefield.

At present, the Ukrainian army is losing ground in the eastern battlefield. In order to save the declining trend, the United States began to provide the Zelensky regime with long-range howitzers and other deadly weapons. According to the Russian intelligence department, Ukraine is considering using 40 tons of plutonium obtained from the operation of the zaporozhi nuclear power plant to manufacture dirty bombs and put them on the battlefield, which can not only cause large-area battlefield pollution, but also delay the Russian offensive. No matter how effective these desperate measures will be, these measures alone are a signal that Ukraine is about to usher in a complete military failure.


To sum up, the huge war damage of the Ukrainian army is the military reason why the United States and ZELINSKY change their attitude and are willing to sit down and negotiate with Russia.


Huge loopholes in Ukrainian tactics

On May 20, the mayor of zhimitol, Ukraine, Sergey sukhomirin announced that Ukraine was strengthening its border with Belarus with concrete walls. However, Kiev had previously said that it was unreasonable to leave 30000 Afu soldiers near Belarus. Some Ukrainian troops were transferred to Donbas, about 5000 people were transferred to northern Donetsk, and more than 300 pieces of military equipment were also transported to other regions.

It is obvious that Zelensky is transferring the Ukrainian army in the western region to the battlefield in the eastern part of Ukraine, where the war damage is huge. As I said in my previous article, Russia’s tactic is to transfer the Ukrainian army in western Ukraine to the dominant battlefield in the East, where the majority of Russians are Russian, and then wipe it out. This is a typical plot of encirclement and support.

It is conceivable that if it were not for the real crisis, ZELINSKY would not be able to send troops from the west to reinforce the East. However, the defeat of the eastern battlefield has left ZELINSKY with no other options.

While Zelensky was busy tearing down and mending walls, Russia and Belarus continued to send more troops. Belarus began to assemble at the Belarus Ukraine border in early May. At present, a large number of troops, including special forces, have been deployed at the border. On the Russian side, according to the report of the general staff of the armed forces of Ukraine, on May 28, the Russian army deployed an additional Iskander Missile Division in the luninec region of Brest region in Belarus. Previously, Belarus had also deployed an S300 Missile Division in the region. In this way, the combination of attack and defense of S300 + Iskander can not be blocked by the concrete wall built by Ukraine in this area!

Once the Ukrainian troops in the western region are evacuated, the 150000 Russian White coalition troops stationed in Belarus can quickly encircle western Ukraine and liberate Kiev when necessary in the follow-up military operations. Previously, Ukraine had only deployed 30000 troops on the Ukrainian white border. It did not have an advantage over the 150000 Russian White coalition troops. Now it has taken away another 5000 troops. Once the Ukrainian army continues to suffer heavy losses in eastern Ukraine, the 150000 Russian White coalition troops heading south will be able to easily defeat the Ukrainian army on the border. As long as the Russian army cooperates with the third stage to control the border river of Poland and Ukraine in the Western Region – the area along the Dniester River, Russia will have the absolute ability to liberate the whole territory of Ukraine!



Zelensky had serious differences with the Nazis and the military

On May 20, Zelinski began to send Ukrainian troops from the western line to reinforce the East. In order to deal with the lack of troops in the west, Zelinski announced a bill to grant Polish citizens “special legal status” in Ukraine when he met visiting Polish President Duda in Kiev on May 22. The bill declares that “there should be no border or obstacles between Uzbekistan and Poland”. This bill will enable poles in Uzbekistan to obtain almost all civil and political rights, and may even participate in elections and serve as government officials and judges. The security departments of the two countries will also be integrated.

According to the act, poles can not only obtain Ukrainian State secrets, but also hold important positions in strategic fields and even enter the army. This move shows that the United States judges that Ukraine will lose its eastern region, thus allowing Poland to substantially rule Ukraine.

It is certain that the bill signed by Zelensky is a standard act of betrayal, which sold the whole Ukrainian State to Poland. This bill is as traitorous as the twenty-one articles signed by Yuan Shikai at that time, and even more explicit and humble.

At present, Zelinski has sent his parents who have obtained Israeli citizenship to Israel and bought a luxury house of 8million US dollars for them. According to the latest act, Ukraine will be ruled by the most powerful Polish Jews among the kosher Jews. It can be considered that this is another Munich agreement secretly signed by the two political puppets brought together by the kosher Jews, which is undoubtedly cutting off the meat of western Ukraine and pasting it on Poland, which is also ruled by Jewish capital. It seems to acknowledge the failure of Jews in udong, but in fact, Jewish capital is controlling the West in time to stop the loss.

The act of signing the bill on the special legal status of Polish citizens in Ukraine has exposed that Zelensky is a patriot ostensibly under the banner of Ukrainian nationalism. In fact, he is just a traitor who sells Ukrainian national interests. This will inevitably lead to the rapid expansion of contradictions between the ultra nationalist military and Nazis in Ukraine and Zelensky. Because western Ukraine is the ancestral land of the Ukrainian nation, selling here is tantamount to selling all Ukrainians. No matter how the government secretly plans, at least the original intention of the Ukrainian military to actively participate in the war is to think that attacking Russia is to defend the national territory. Now, ZELINSKY directly sells the state sovereignty to the poles, which will inevitably lead to internal forces’ attack. As the president of Belarus said on June 3, in the most serious case, he believed that the Ukrainian army and Nazis would “behead” anyone who wanted to dismember the country, including President Zelinski.


Ukrainian military shows signs of backwater

As I said in my previous article, the Ukrainian Nazis gradually infiltrated and controlled the Ukrainian army from 2014. This process is similar to Hitler’s SS and stormtroopers’ gradual control of the German national defense force. Since the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war, Ukrainian soldiers have been capitulating one after another. The main reason is that they are unwilling to continue to be subject to the Nazis in the Ukrainian army.

However, with the successive victories of the Russian army, the Nazi regime of Zelensky has made many Ukrainian soldiers who originally supported Zelensky lay down their weapons.

On May 24, the fourth day after the Russian army completely recovered Mariupol, Zelensky’s people’s public servant party submitted a bill to the Ukrainian supreme Rada (parliament), according to which officers of the Ukrainian armed forces would be able to kill Ukrainian soldiers who refused to obey orders and decided to leave their positions without authorization. The background of the bill is that a large number of Ukrainian soldiers began to refuse to be sent to the eastern front to die. By the end of May, thousands of Ukrainian soldiers were detained for refusing to go to the eastern front, including soldiers of the 115th brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces, which had been exposed in the previous news.

Under this kind of official repression, more and more Ukrainian front-line soldiers accuse their Nazi commanders through videos shared on social networks. On May 24, the soldiers of the 13th motorized infantry brigade of the Ukrainian army deployed on the front line of eastern Ukraine released a video on the Internet. In the video, the soldiers made a series of speeches: they called on the commander in chief of the Ukrainian armed forces not to use them as cannon fodder when they ran out of ammunition and food, but to evacuate them to the security zone for resupply and redeployment; At present, the commander of the 13th motorized infantry brigade has taken away several soldiers who refused to be cannon fodder; They do not refuse to defend the Ukrainian homeland, and do not refuse to perform their direct obligations as soldiers who swear allegiance to the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian independence. However, they do not want to be arranged to become cannon fodder for resisting the Russian army or die at the hands of the Nazis!

According to these soldiers’ speeches, the Ukrainian army is being executed by Nazis within the Ukrainian army. The evidence goes far beyond these video speeches. According to Russian media reports, after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, many tragic cases of Ukrainian soldiers killed by Nazis have been found. This was also confirmed by some Ukrainian prisoners of war. On May 26, during the Russian armed forces’ attack on the Donbas front line, after the Ukrainian army retreated from its position, the Russian army found a large number of mass graves with their hands tied behind and the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers shot in the back of their heads in an unknown area. The soldiers tried to surrender but were executed by Ukrainian Nazis.

Even the belligerent countries like Britain and the United States allow soldiers to surrender when the war damage is too great, but the Nazis in Ukraine executed all the soldiers of their own countries, which is an inhuman animal behavior!

It can be predicted that with the continuous victory of Russian military operations, the Nazis will only massacre Ukrainian soldiers on the front line more madly, and the military coup of the Ukrainian military is most likely to come.

For a long time, Zelensky relied on these Nazis to control the Ukrainian army. However, Zelensky sold western Ukraine to Poland, and the Nazis’ faith began to collapse. After the war in Mariupol, the most elite forces of the Nazis have been eliminated, and the curse on the Ukrainian army will be loosened. At that time, the assassination of Zelensky and others by the Ukrainian military may be inevitable. Just like 78 years ago, after the SS and the stormtroopers were weakened by the Soviet Army on the Soviet German battlefield, the German defense force Stauffenberg assassinated Hitler in july1944.


Zelensky loses Jewish Israeli support

Some people in Israel despise and dislike ZELINSKY. This is not because ZELINSKY once wore high heels, leather pants and dressed up like a nightclub bull, but because the Nazi regime led by ZELINSKY has been whitewashing the history of Nazi massacre of Ukrainian Jews. Despite its antipathy to Zelensky, Israel did not hesitate to support Ukraine against Russia after the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian war.


In my article “what will happen to China if Russia loses” published on March 13 this year, I said that the Jewish capital’s support for the Ukrainian Nazis led by Zelensky to take power is to revive the Jewish Khanate in Ukraine and build Ukraine into a second Israel, just like the founding of Israel. Subsequent developments have proved that this is indeed the case. On April 7 this year, Zelensky publicly stated that Ukraine would become a “great Israel” with its own face. Zelensky’s speech directly proved my judgment. Once Ukraine becomes the second largest country in Israel, Zionism will achieve the second stage goal. Zelensky is the promoter of Zionism, which is the reason why Jewish capital supports Zelensky. Zelensky’s ability to attend the Hollywood Awards Ceremony by video and make speeches in European, Israeli and other national parliaments has won the tacit approval and support of Jewish capital. To this end, on May 3, Israel decided to expand its military assistance to Ukraine.


The above picture shows the Khanate in the history of the world. Its territory covers the present Ukraine, but it is mainly located in the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea. The Caspian Sea is the location of the eastward expansion of NATO by the United States. Controlling here can control the threat from Central Asia.


In the future, like Israel’s fragmentation of the Middle East, Ukraine’s expansion route is to revive the former korsa khanate, which is consistent with NATO’s eastward expansion

However, on May 25, Israel suddenly and publicly rejected the US request for Germany to supply Ukraine with the “spike” anti tank missiles developed by Israel. Many people find it strange that since it is the United States’ request to Germany, why does Israel refuse more and more? Because although the long pin anti tank missile is developed with German technology, the export must be approved by Israeli officials.

Why did the 180 degree reversal of attitude suddenly express opposition?

There are two reasons. The first reason is that the Ukrainian army suffered a huge military failure in the East, especially the liberation of Mariupol on May 20. Because of the fierce Russian offensive and the military defeat of Ukraine, Israel began to abandon its position on May 3 and instead banned the export of missiles to Ukraine. The second reason is the warning from Russia. On May 13, during the Israeli attack on Syria, the Russian controlled S-300 air defense system opened fire on Israeli fighter jets. The firing incident was regarded as a serious public warning by Russia to Israel.

On the evening of May 13, the Israeli air force attacked the Syrian scientific research center near the town of mesyaf in central Syria, which is close to the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This research center is considered by Israel to be the location of the Ballistic Missile Factory built by Iran in the region. The air strike killed 5 people and injured 7. However, on the return journey of the Israeli fighter, the Russian S300 air defense system suddenly opened fire on it. Because the S300 radar did not lock the Israeli fighter during the whole process, it was not actually shot down.


So where did the Russian S300 come from?

As I said in my previous article, Syria received three sets of s-300pmu2 air defense systems from Russia after Israel tricked Syria into shooting down a Russian IL-20 intelligence aircraft in September, 2018. Russia blamed Israel for the death of 15 Russian soldiers. Among these systems known in Syria, at least one S300 is deployed several kilometers northwest of mesyaf. This is the system that will carry out the firing mission.

According to Israeli channel 13, the Syrian S-300 system is operated by the Russian military and cannot be launched without its approval. During the whole process, the Russian S300 fired without radar lock. This news highlights the firing and not locking, firing but not aiming. Obviously, this is a serious warning from Russia to Israel. If Israel continues to go its own way and implement the anti Russian policy on the Ukrainian issue, the next time it will not just fire without locking, but directly let the Israeli warplanes that cross the border attack have no return!

Russia has deployed S300 and S400 air defense missile systems in Tartus, Latakia, Banias, masyav and Damascus along the Mediterranean coast in Eastern Syria. If Israel completely offends Russia by exporting military equipment to Ukraine, the Russian army will completely close the maritime flight corridor on the eastern Mediterranean coast to Israeli warplanes. The Israeli air force will not attack HAMA and masyav in the future, I’m afraid not even Damascus will come in. When Israel planned to export long nail anti tank missiles to create trouble for Russian ground tank forces and prevent Russian military freedom of movement in Ukraine, Russia also took advantage of the situation to close the freedom of movement space of Israeli air force on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This is a tit for tat response!

Now, Zelensky has suffered a major military setback and is about to lose his advantage in the East and south of Ukraine. However, Israel is now the air overlord on the east coast of the Mediterranean. There is no need for Ukraine to lose its air advantage on the east coast of the Mediterranean. One is a picture cake, the other is a practical interest. Israel will naturally choose to give up exporting long nail missiles to Ukraine.

Putin’s move can be described as bringing hardness with softness, allowing Israel to choose the most favorable solution after weighing the advantages and disadvantages. If Israel toasts and refuses to eat, then Russia can arm Syria with advanced weapons, strengthen military cooperation with Iran, and even send Western made weapons seized from the Ukrainian army to the Pearl party in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. At that time, Russia will not only get the support of the Arab and even the world YSL world, but also cause huge losses to Israel through Hamas and the Pearl party. Under the balance of local interests + air hegemony on the east coast of the Mediterranean and Ukrainian interests, even if Israel is unwilling, it can only stop arms exports to Ukraine.


Spike antitank missile

[future development of Russia Ukraine battlefield]

Having made clear the current situation in the Russian Ukrainian battlefield, we can see that the Zelensky regime is already in crisis, even shaky. At this time, Kissinger spoke and trump and ZELINSKY endorsed, demanding that Ukraine and Russia should exchange the land occupied by the existing Russian army for peace talks. This is actually a delaying tactic. In the past, Zelinski used a delaying tactic to get Russian troops to withdraw from the peripheral areas of Kiev. Now, unable to stop the Russian attack, he began to use the pretext of peace talks to deceive Russia.

For the United States and Ukraine, it is impossible to recapture the territory occupied by the Russian army at present. They want to use peace talks to prevent the Russian army from seizing the remaining central and western Ukraine. At the same time, they use this space to step up the annexation of western Ukraine, hoping to use NATO intervention to force Russia to stop its attack on the Dnieper River. This is Kissinger’s real goal!

Years of diplomatic history have proved that the West led by NATO has no credibility at all. I hope that Russia will not fall into the trap and then stop its military attack. On the contrary, the Russian army should now speed up its efforts, like the action of liberating Aleppo in november2016, and quickly advance and defeat the enemy.

In the next step, the Russian army will continue to provide support in the northern Donetsk and Kharkov regions and wipe out the main Ukrainian army reinforcements from the West. At the same time, after conquering Kherson City, the Russian army in the south from Crimea will attack and occupy Nikolayev city in the southwest of Ukraine to the west, and then enter Odessa, the last stronghold of Ukraine in the Black Sea, control the area along the Black Sea near Romania in the lower reaches of the Dniester River, and join 1500 Russian troops in the Republic of Germany. At that time, the Russian army’s second stage operational objectives in Ukraine will be basically completed.

Next, the objectives of the third phase of Russian operations are divided into two parts. After annihilating and reinforcing the Ukrainian army in the East, the Russian army will continue to adhere to the siege tactics and attract all the remaining main forces of the Ukrainian army to Kiev. At that time, the Russian army in the South will go up the Dniester River from Odessa, control the boundary river between Romania, Poland and Ukraine, and separate the western Ukraine from NATO, The Munich plot to prevent the United States from bringing western Ukraine into Poland. At the same time, 150000 members of the Russian White coalition army began to feign in the border area to contain the NATO Polish Army entering western Ukraine. If necessary, they could even send troops directly to jointly surround the Polish army with the Russian army in the South and force the Polish army to withdraw. At the same time, in terms of internal affairs, Russia will continue to match up the anti Zelensky forces in the Ukrainian military and government, and dismiss Zelensky from the parliamentary level. Both hands should be grasped and both hands should be hard! With both hard and soft measures, as long as zeliansky is overthrown, the next step is to form a new government. Once the new government is established, it will inevitably abolish Zelensky’s traitorous treaty and stop military operations throughout the territory, and the war in Ukraine will naturally end.


[Russia’s strategic intentions surfaced]

At this point, the real purpose of Russia’s tactics in Ukraine has been completely exposed. It can be seen that Russia launched special military operations in Ukraine for the following purposes:


Hold the United States

After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, many people believed that the United States had dragged Russia down with Ukraine. However, 100 days since the outbreak of the war, Russia’s crude oil and natural gas exports have soared, its trade surplus has grown rapidly, and the ruble exchange rate has appreciated rapidly, becoming one of the most powerful currencies in the world in 2022. In contrast, US inflation has exploded and the economy is on the brink of recession.

From these data, we can see that the current situation is not that the United States uses Ukraine to hold Russia down, but rather that Russia uses Ukraine to counter the United States, which has exhausted all its tricks.

Militarily, although the Russian army’s attack was relatively slow, its political advantages were expanding. Because it avoided injuring local civilians, the Russian army received strong support from the local people. Typical examples are: Kherson Prefecture began to use Russian law and currency at the beginning of the Russian Ukrainian war; At the same time, there has been no anti Russian rebellion in the eastern liberated States, which is much more effective than the US military’s social governance in Iraq.

This relatively gentle attack has turned Russia’s policy of restraint over Ukraine into actual control, avoiding Russia’s repeat of the mistakes of 2014. In 2014, the Ukrainian Color Revolution broke out. Yanukovych, supported by Russia, did not directly send troops to counter the rebellion like Kazakhstan later, but chose to escape without hesitation. From 2007 to 2014, Russia adopted a remote control policy towards Ukraine. Russia gave Yanukovych and other pro Russian governments numerous economic preferences, supported their development with people’s livelihood and diplomacy, and opposed the color revolutionaries supported by the United States. However, Yanukovych’s escape in 2014 immediately put Russia into a total passive position, forcing Russia to send troops to Crimea to recover its disadvantages. The subsequent conflict between Ukraine and East Asia is more likely to drag Russia into the mire of long-term conflict and unable to extricate itself. All these are caused by Russia’s lack of ability to intervene in Ukraine’s domestic politics from the grass-roots states. The original use of Yanukovych as an agent proved to be a failure.

This special military operation in Ukraine, why is it said that Putin has begun to change his policy of restraint towards Ukraine? The specific measures of Russia are as follows: after the Russian army captured the States, it has begun to allow local residents to hold legal public elections, establish state governments and state parliaments, directly provide economic support to local Russian, Ukrainian and other residents, and gradually transform the state parliaments into pro Russian governments. The next state will be transformed into a state. The more states it controls, then Zelensky will be overthrown and a coalition government will be established in the future, The greater the probability of becoming a thoroughly Pro Russian government. This is a way of influencing the central government as a whole by transforming local areas. The advantage of this is that even if the pro Russian President of Ukraine in the future is overthrown by the color revolutionaries supported by the United States, as long as the local government is pro Russian, it can mobilize the militia to fight the king at any time, or, like Kazakhstan, directly invite Russia to send troops to counter the rebellion. Only in this way can we quickly put out the color revolution and attack the eastward expansion of NATO behind it.

In fact, China has already used Russia’s method 400 years ago. The Kangxi era of the Manchu and Qing Dynasties launched the quasi Qing war against kardan. In this 70 year war, the Qing Dynasty quickly established the system of county directly under the central government every time it laid down an area, changing the previous policy of relying on local nomadic tribal leaders. The same was true of Jinchuan and Jinchuan in the Qianlong period and the war against Myanmar. The actual control policy after the big and small Jinchuan brought the Western Sichuan area into the direct jurisdiction of the central government, and the war against Myanmar recaptured 260000 square kilometers of land in Xishuangbanna and other areas. After replacing the Jimi policy of chieftain autonomy with the actual control directly under the state, China’s national defense security has been greatly improved. This practice has laid the general shape of China’s territory today.

Russia’s approach is to learn from China’s historical experience and replace the Ukrainian policy of local autonomy with the policy of actual control directly under the central government of Russia. As long as it persists, the conflict in the border areas can be solved once and for all. Politically, it is beneficial to Russia. Although the eastern Russian has been allowed to join Russian citizenship by Putin, Russia at the same time refuses the republics composed of these Russian descendants to join the Russian Federation. In this way, Russia can actually affect the political trend of the eastern Ukraine and even the National States, without damaging the territorial and sovereign integrity of Ukraine. Recently, Russia publicly stated that it would not allow anyone to split Ukraine, which is aimed at NATO’s attempt to bring western Ukraine into Poland. As long as Russia insists on not annexing Ukraine, Russia will instead become the defender of Ukrainian territory and sovereignty. In this way, it can not only win over ordinary Ukrainian nationalists, but also strengthen the ruling legitimacy of the governments of Pro Russian local states.

Conversely, Russia, which upholds the territory and sovereignty of Ukraine, will further erode and weaken the ruling foundation of Zelensky, a pseudo Ukrainian nationalist, and will soon hold Ukraine more firmly in its hands. In the long run, the Russian and Ukrainian States will form a coalition government in the future. In the future, in order to balance NATO and Russia, Ukraine is likely to adopt a neutral country policy. In this way, not only Ukrainians can be at ease, but also the Russian in the East can be at ease. Everyone is happy! Not to mention, after its neutrality, Ukraine has once again become an energy hub for Russia to import oil and gas into Europe, bringing huge wealth to all Ukrainians. With both hard and soft measures, China hopes to use this to permanently solve the Ukrainian issue. At the same time, it also helps Russia find a winning magic weapon to prevent the color revolution and the eastward expansion of NATO!

Therefore, the current Russian Ukrainian war seems that the United States has held Russia back, but in fact, Russia has held the United States back, holding back the pace of NATO’s eastward expansion. After the settlement of Ukraine, the next target is probably Poland. The Russian Ukrainian war has shown that NATO, which has no air superiority, has almost lost its field capability. In this way, after resisting the eastward expansion of NATO, Russia will start its counter offensive next, just as the Soviet Red Army started its counter offensive after defeating the Nazis in Stalingrad. At that time, NATO’s eastward expansion will come to an end, and the national security of China and Russia will be greatly improved.



Affect the US election

On august6,2016, the Russian Syrian coalition army surrounded the city of Aleppo in Northwest Syria with 40000 terrorists commanded by more than 230 Western military advisory groups. In November of the same year, the Russian Syrian coalition army captured the northern urban area of Aleppo and burst into the city center. In early December, the whole Aleppo was liberated. What many readers fail to notice is that the period from August to November 2016 is the final stage of the US presidential election and the most critical three months of the election. With the bad news coming from the Aleppo battlefield, the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton supported by Obama also lost the election to the Republican candidate trump.

The loss of Aleppo shocked the whole west, as if they saw the death knell of dollar hegemony ringing. From the Syrian war instigated by Obama and Hillary Clinton in 2011 to the defeat in Aleppo in November 2016, the battlefield situation directly affected the domestic political elections in the United States. The behind the scenes capital immediately changed its course, pushing trump, who advocated peace talks with China and Russia, to the presidency. Then, from April to November 2017, Chinese and American leaders frequently exchanged visits and interacted, and the two sides began the most intensive negotiations.

Now, after the liberation of Aleppo in the Ukrainian battlefield, Mariupol will also have a profound impact on the US presidential election. When maryupol fell, US opinion polls showed that Trump’s support rate rose rapidly and now surpassed Biden. Trump, who had been diving for a long time, began to become active again and spoke frequently against Biden’s policies. Five months later, the US mid-term election will be held. If trump makes a comeback, Biden will become a lame president worthy of the name by adding defeat factors to the reputation of Alzheimer’s disease. At that time, the US foreign policy will usher in new changes.


Support China in seeking fighters

From the capture of Aleppo in november2016 to the Sino US negotiations in november2017, China and Russia were successful in Syria and the South China Sea respectively. After november2016, the Russian Syrian coalition army made a rapid advance and captured maiaden, the headquarters of Isis in Syria, in november2017; After November 2016, China began to build islands in the South China Sea quickly after defeating the US aircraft carrier battle group. With the help of the Tianjing, as of November 2017, in only half a year, China had built more than 290000 square meters of islands.

At that time, Russia controlled the eastern coast of the Mediterranean and went deep into the core area of the Middle East, dividing the US military in the core area of the Middle East into two, while China successfully built islands in the South China Sea and controlled the main channel in the South China Sea.

During the period when China and Russia were successful respectively, it was also the period when the US military began to dispatch troops to the Middle East. In the Obama era, the United States deployed 60% of its troops to the Asia Pacific region. However, after trump took office, he quickly deployed troops to the Middle East. The rapid build-up of US forces in the Middle East gave China a chance to succeed in the South China Sea. This is the nine original raids strategy I mentioned earlier.

It can be inferred that at present, Russia’s sending troops to Ukraine to hold down the US military is to ask the us to send troops to Eastern Europe and the Middle East again, so that China can take new military actions in the east of Eurasia in the second half of 2022. On april23,2017, the Shandong aircraft carrier was launched, opening the prelude to China’s control of the main channel in the South China Sea. Five years later, China’s second domestic aircraft carrier “Jiangsu” is under intense sea trials, and the launch is just around the corner. This is a sign that China and Russia will join hands to complete the second nine plains surprise attack in five years. It is worth looking forward to by every Chinese people.


[future prospects of Indo Pacific strategy]

Now that we have talked about the South China Sea, let’s answer your concerns about the impact of the US led Indo Pacific Strategy on China.

After the Indian Pacific strategy came out, many people expressed pessimism about it. What I want to say is that there is no need to worry. The US’s introduction of the Indo Pacific strategy at this time precisely reflects the consequences of the failure of the US strategy. As we all know, in the Obama era before Biden, the United States advocated the Asia Pacific strategy. From the map, the Indian Pacific strategy covers a larger area than the Asia Pacific strategy, extending from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean. The essence of the transformation from Asia Pacific strategy to India Pacific strategy is that the United States has lost its control over the South China Sea and Southeast Asia. Because after China controlled the main channel of the South China Sea, China’s actual control area increased. Especially after the island was built, China deployed jian-16, hongqi-9 and other weapons to the newly built islands. China’s military control began to extend to Wan’an beach, which has threatened the western export of the Asia Pacific strategy to the Malacca Strait. The most obvious evidence is that Singapore allowed Chinese warships to dock at Changi naval base. Once China controls the Wan’an beach and Nankang dark sand areas, it can block the western entrance of the South China Sea, thus directly strangling the maritime lifeline of Japan and South Korea. At the same time, if Iran and Russia succeed in the Middle East, China, Russia and Iran have the ability to control the Red Sea, the Strait of Hormuz and other regions.

Under such circumstances, it is impossible to contain China in the Asia Pacific region. Therefore, the United States is forced to upgrade its Asia Pacific strategy to an Indian Pacific strategy that spans two oceans, aiming to include all the Red Sea, Hormuz and the South China Sea that China and Russia have broken through. People with a clear eye know that the larger the scope of containment, the more national points that can be broken through, and the less likely it is to succeed. Therefore, Biden’s upgrading the Asia Pacific strategy to the Indo Pacific strategy, succeeding Obama, is the result of the failure of the US strategy.

As for the concern that the United States and ASEAN countries unite to transfer all the industrial chains to ASEAN and India, and then replace China, and finally remove China from the global industrial chain. In this regard, I feel that it is a dream of the United States. You may have forgotten that the TPP agreement created by Obama in 2015 was intended to exclude China from the Asia Pacific Economic Circle, but the TPP was abolished by trump after only two years. Instead, in November 2021, China’s RCEP, which was used to replace the TPP, has actually replaced the TPP. Imagine that even the smaller TPPs failed in those years, and now the agreements radiating more countries can still succeed?

Many people may have forgotten that the United States is not an Asian country. The reason why the United States can have influence in the Asia Pacific region is that the Wright Bay naval battle in World War II won the sea power in the Asia Pacific region including the South China Sea controlled by Japan. The huge aircraft carrier cluster laid the foundation for the United States to dominate the region. Then, it relied on trade hegemony to bring the Asia Pacific into its economic and industrial chain. Therefore, in essence, military is the basis for the United States to have hegemony in the region.

Now, ASEAN has been included in the supporting with China’s huge single market. China is currently the world’s largest export market, and the transfer of industrial chain will not happen overnight. In terms of military affairs, if one day Southeast Asian countries have to make a choice between China and the United States, everyone knows that China’s military power in the South China Sea will definitely make the United States feel overwhelmed. It will be sooner or later for domestic aircraft carriers such as the Jiangsu to deploy in the South China Sea. If they control the South China Sea and the surrounding 1000 nautical miles, the U.S. hegemony in the region will be invalid. For these countries in the region, They are also within the range of the Chinese Navy and shore based aviation. If they dare to help the United States contain China, don’t blame us for being rude.

Therefore, as long as China continues to replace the United States as a provider of public goods in the Asia Pacific region in terms of trade and military affairs, it will never be possible for Southeast Asian countries to replace China. I believe Southeast Asian countries will not forget the tragedy of being sacked by Soros. Why hasn’t Southeast Asia been sacked again in the years when China has become stronger and stronger? Because it is precisely because of the rise of China that Southeast Asia has the capital to be attracted by the United States. Once China is lost, Southeast Asia will still be the meat in the mouth of the United States. Even if the so-called industrial chain is successfully transferred, it will still be the meat on the chopping board of others.


[South Asia’s geographical success reports frequently]

At present, China has achieved a major geographical victory in South Asia. On April 26, after Chinese Defense Minister weifenghe visited Turkmenistan, Iran and other countries, the anti-terrorism alliance brokered by China began to bear fruit. On May 1, the third day after Wei Fenghe’s visit, under the mediation of the Afghan Taliban, the Pakistani Taliban and the Pakistani military began talks in the Afghan capital Kabul. On May 31, the Pakistani government and the Pakistani Taliban agreed to extend the ceasefire indefinitely and continue negotiations in the Afghan capital Kabul in the future to end the nearly 20-year armed conflict in the border tribal areas. At present, major breakthroughs have been made in the negotiations between the two sides.

The conclusion of this negotiation is a major victory for China in South Asia. Baluchistan and Isis Khorasan, China’s sworn enemies, are located in this region. Almost all of their activities are in the border areas of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and Bata is also active in this region. Now, with the help of China’s support from Atta, Bata has agreed to a ceasefire. On the one hand, under the pressure of Atta, atta publicly threatened Bata last November. If a ceasefire cannot be reached with Pakistan, atta will attack Bata who fled to Afghanistan. At the same time, after clearing up the General Li Imran Khan who secretly supported the Baluchistan separatist forces, the Pakistani government began to make every effort to clear up the Baluchistan separatist forces. Bata has close ties with Baluchistan and other separatist forces. Bata, Baluchistan and Isis have been fighting with the Pakistani army for years, which has made the Pakistani military impatient. Under the pressure of atta supported by China, Bata chose to cease fire with Pakistan, so that the Pakistani army and atta could jointly fight against the Baluchistan separatist forces. Iran had promised China to help clear up the Baluchistan separatist forces. In this way, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran formed an anti-terrorism alliance. Bata was willing to cease fire just because he saw that he would be besieged on all sides.


After the settlement of Bata, the four countries of China and Aita will jointly attack Baluchistan, Isis, Khorasan and other armed forces, and their extermination will be just around the corner. After the destruction of these terrorist forces, the China Pakistan corridor will be opened. Under the background that Afghanistan and Turkey have joined the China Pakistan corridor, the south line of the the Belt and Road will be fully connected. At that time, China’s new j will go directly to Gwadar Port. At that time, by connecting Gwadar with the Iranian Jask port controlled by China, we can open up a gap in the Indo Pacific strategy from Hormuz in the West. We can pierce the seemingly vigorous Indo Pacific strategy of the United States only from the East China Sea, the South China Sea and the Arab sea where the Hormuz sea is located.

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