The war of the king of war!

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There are 550 million guns in the world, which means that every 12 people have one gun. The question is, how can we make the other 11 people have guns.

The king of war, a must see movie for men, takes Gorbachev’s announcement of the disintegration of the Soviet Union as the background of the era, describing the growth history of a Ukrainian arms dealer and how he sold arms and provoked war in the world under the protection of the US government.

At that time, the disintegration of the Soviet Union left a huge legacy. The warehouses full of guns and tanks, and the meritorious red army generals all became the prey of corruption pursued by international arms dealers.

As morality and faith were defeated by money, the Soviet generals opened the door of their arsenals and sold off the great powers and heavy weapons that once scared Europe at a very low price, attracting countless vultures.

Ironically, in the face of Interpol’s door-to-door search and illegal arms transactions, the Ukrainian general corrupted by capitalism shouted a slogan that once made countless men passionate: although Russia is big, we have no way to retreat – behind us is Moscow.

Because this film shows the bloody rules of the game in the world too realistically, the version we have seen has been deleted on a large scale.

In particular, at the end of the film, it is also pointed out that this cold-blooded king of war who sells death is serving the national interests of the United States, handing over arms to agents for the United States, in order to support wars that the United States cannot end in person.

The reason why divine drama is divine drama and classic is classic is that his plays will always reappear in another form.

With the new generation of war kings frantically transporting weapons to Ukraine, a proxy war secretly promoted by the United States is also continuing in Eastern Europe.

Haimas’ rockets are like Yuri’s armored vehicles. After they are delivered to the American agents, they can begin to prepare for the counter offensive.

Now, the Western Kings of war and their bosses are also plundering resources by means of war. Through a series of sanctions and price limits, Russia is forced to sell crude oil at a price of less than 70%.

The joint sanctions imposed on Russia by the group of seven western countries to seek control over Russian energy are more like the search for cheap military arsenals after the joint dismemberment of the Soviet Union by the West.

With the reappearance of the king of war, a large number of kings of oil came into being.

In recent months, Russian flags have been berthed one after another in the ports of Türkiye, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and India. When the flags are turned around, they will be flying “French” or “Dutch” flags when they leave the port.

From the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, there are countless ships carrying Russian crude oil. From time to time, mysterious visitors will come to the ship with a stack of legal documents and add some materials to the oil bunker. After that, the illegal oil in Russia will become the legal oil in Saudi Arabia.

The emergence of these “kings of war” and “kings of oil” has made the military industry groups and energy groups behind them make a lot of money, and attracted Buffett, the God of stocks known as “value investment”, to throw himself into it, trying to get a piece of the feast of sharing money.

Russia and Ukraine, as the battlefields, are just like the Middle East and Africa, which were reduced to flesh and blood in those years. Countless young people were pushed to the battlefield to die, and countless wealth flew in the artillery fire. Even since this year, eight senior managers of the Russian oil company have died in accidents like the generals of the former Soviet Union.

As long as the Russian Ukrainian war does not stop, all major countries in the world will have to pay twice the military expenditure of the previous two years, buy advanced weapons from the king of war, pay twice the oil price of the previous two years, and buy scarce fuel from the king of oil.

The dead businessmen, who earn huge profits with approval documents in their hands, represent their masters and try their best to promote the balance of the war behind them, just like the Iran Iraq war, so that neither side can easily defeat the other side, so that the war can last longer.

A weapon is an ominous weapon. We have no choice but to use it. The passion story of the king of war will burst our hormones when we are young. But we can’t take back what the king of war took away.

We are grateful for the struggle and sacrifice of generations of predecessors, as well as the determination of the central government’s decision-making, so that we have not followed the path of the Soviet Union and become the grinding plate of the king of war.

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