The west is playing a big game of chess. Sure enough, China is lying on the gun again!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin


There is no doubt that this is a big game.

Western leaders entered the busiest “double grab” moment, first the group of seven (G7) summit in Bavaria, Germany, then the NATO summit in Spain, interspersed with various bilateral trilateral and quadrilateral multilateral summits. Anyway, these days, they sit down for meetings and stand up for photos.

A series of new trends worthy of attention.

1. The G7 announced an embargo on Russian gold. According to the west, this will cost Russia more than $10billion.

2. Cut into Russian energy and set a price cap on Russian oil. The White House explained that this would dry up Putin’s main source of funds.

3. Increase taxes on Russian goods. “The United States will impose tariffs on more than 570 categories of Russian goods, worth about $2.3 billion, to help Ukraine and ensure that Russia pays for its war.”

4. Aiming at the Russian military industry, “preventing Russia from obtaining key parts, technologies and services”, strangle Russian enterprises through long arm jurisdiction.


5. Video link with Zelensky to announce more economic and military assistance to Ukraine. Biden also said that he would help Ukraine purchase arms.

6. The G7 also invited leaders of India, Indonesia, Senegal, Argentina and other countries to meet to discuss climate change, energy and other issues. Of course, while winning over, we will continue to put pressure on India, Indonesia and other countries. Are you on our side or Russia’s side.

7. A small climax. During the G7 summit, Russia suffered its first debt default since 1918. It’s not that Russia didn’t pay. In fact, Russia paid the money early, but the western countries prohibited the money from entering the international creditor account. Russia was in default

Of course, there is also a small episode. During the meeting in Bavaria, British Prime Minister Johnson suddenly proposed that we should not all wear suits and shoes, but take off our coats bravely. We should compete with Putin in chest muscles

Anyway, this gag about Putin grabbed a lot of headlines at the G7 summit.

But don’t think that in the eyes of Western leaders, only Putin and ZELINSKY are there. It is not normal for China not to lay down its guns under the big chess game.

8. As a major trend of the G7 summit, the West announced a global infrastructure plan to raise $600billion, which is said to be against our “the Belt and Road” initiative.

9. NATO is also taking action, announcing that it will greatly expand the rapid response force from 40000 to 300000. Moreover, for the first time, NATO will list distant China as a “challenge”.

10. During the Spanish summit, there were many small summits, including the summit of the Turkish president and the leaders of Sweden and Finland. After that, the two countries were eager to join NATO. What are the conditions for Turkey? In addition, the leaders of Japan and the ROK attended the NATO summit for the first time, and the US, Japan and the ROK will hold a trilateral summit. You know what to talk about.


All parties are fighting for wisdom and courage.

Despite Indian Prime Minister Modi, who smiled at Biden and held macron’s hand in Germany, “hold hands and look at each other, speechless and choking”, modi knew that this was a truly grand feast.

Quite simply, France has said that some countries invited to the G7 summit “will have to choose their own positions”. The first is India. You have never condemned Russia, and you are happy to buy Russian oil at a discount. This is not dismantling western Taiwan.

There is also the food problem. The West wants to have a good talk with India. Your sudden ban on exports has a bad impact on our country’s food prices

And Indonesia, as the rotating presidency of the group of 20 (G20) this year, decided to invite Putin to participate in the G20 summit. The United States is very dissatisfied. Why are you so ignorant in Indonesia? I won’t go if he goes; Of course, the EU has a relatively gentle attitude. It invites Putin to a meeting when he is invited. We will still go when we face Putin’s protests.

What is Putin doing?

Putin is also busy.

Anyway, during the G7 meeting, the Russian army won another key victory, winning the strategic town of North Donetsk. The Russian army also launched heavy air strikes on the Ukrainian capital Kiev and other regions, which was regarded as a “special gift” from Russia to the G7.

As a major move, Putin also started his first overseas visit after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. He visited the Central Asian country of Tajikistan on Tuesday and then Turkmenistan on Wednesday, where he attended the Caspian Sea summit.

In addition to Russia, the leaders of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iran and Turkmenistan will all attend the meeting. The western countries are united and should work together to deal with Russia; Russia also has many good neighbors, and must have expressed some understanding of Russia’s actions.

In addition, after returning to Moscow, Putin will not rest, but also receive Indonesian President Joko from afar. Zoko was not easy. He was caught between the West and Russia. First, he was subjected to various pressures from the West in Germany. Later, in Moscow, Putin would certainly give him lessons.



Finally, what do you think?

Let’s go for three.


At this gathering, all sides are arranging troops.

This is really a big chess game. There are a lot of pieces. What is the spirit of contract? What international norms? In order to achieve an end, we sometimes resort to unscrupulous means. This is the reality of international politics. The reality is cruel. Of course, the west is not monolithic, and Russia is not good at stubble. Human affection is like a thin sheet of paper, and the world is like a chess game. Today’s chess player may be a chess piece tomorrow, but don’t be a chessboard.

Second, the various schemes are full. Can the key be realized?

In any case, the war continued, and the Western sanctions went round after round, but the Russian Ruble was stronger, and the Western inflation hit a record. Alas, there are so many people crying in the middle of a chess game. As for the $600billion global infrastructure plan, I think we should be more optimistic about its success and let the west build it. We really should do our part as a rich country. Don’t just talk about it.

Third, we should be calm, calm and confident.

Anyway, there are too many lying guns, so we should sum up some experience. However, there is one thing: be cautious when the game is at an end. Don’t panic when the chess game is in danger. The more angry you are, the more calm you should be. Look at the changes in the international situation calmly. Your confidence is on our side. There must be challenges, but if the country is peaceful and the people are united, why should we fear them?

In the future, the game will be more intense. What’s more, although Johnson was half joking and half serious, he proposed to compete with Putin in terms of chest muscles. It can also be seen that the Western leaders were stimulated, and the anxiety and nonsense behind the stimulation.

Seeing the Russian diplomat’s reply on Twitter: am I the only one who has noticed that these responsible and influential people are just like pupils who envy boys of the same grade?

Biden, Johnson, Trudeau… What about you, a group of jealous primary school students!

This is a big game of chess. There is no shortage of skilled and vulgar hands. I remember several years ago, when Chinese leaders visited South Korea, park Geun hye specially invited lichangho, a go expert, to accompany her at the qingwatai state banquet. Chinese leaders said to them: go contains philosophy of life and world strategy.

A small chessboard makes a big chessboard.

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