The wife did not listen to the dissuasion, and traveled with her boyfriend for a month. When she returned home, she found that the hostess had changed.

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Ms. Luo didn’t listen to her husband’s dissuasion, and traveled with her boyfriend for half a month in a fit of anger, but when she returned home from the trip, she found that his house had changed to a new hostess.

Ms. Luo said:

I admit that I am a somewhat willful woman. Before I married my husband, I was very willful. I asked others to listen to me, otherwise I would feel very unhappy.

After I got married to my husband later, because my husband loves me, I became more self-willed. I often lost my temper because of a little thing. Every time I lost my temper, I would throw things and even run away from home. I need my husband to coax me. My husband is at a loss for this, but she has no choice. Because he loves me, he must spoil me.

Once I had a quarrel with my husband over a trivial matter. It was because my husband put a little more salt in the cooking. I felt too idle and I was very unhappy. Then I said my husband, because I happened to be at work that day. Some things went wrong, so I took my husband out to vent. I kept talking about him there, and he got angry later, and then he refuted me. Because of his refutation, then I became even more angry.

Later, I went to my girlfriend, and I went to find my girlfriend to accompany me on a trip, because I was in a bad mood. I wanted to travel to improve my mood, but my girlfriend refused. My girlfriend told me that she doesn’t have that much money, she hasn’t paid her salary, so she can’t go on a trip with me, because my girlfriend rejected me, so I can’t go on a trip with my girlfriend , I thought of my male best friend later, so I called my male best friend. After my male best friend knew that I had quarreled with my husband, he immediately comforted me and told me that he was willing to accompany me to travel .

Because of my anger, I went on a trip with my boyfriend. I just set off with my boyfriend, and then my husband called me. My husband apologized to me, he said he knew it was wrong, and he returned I got angry with me, and then stopped arguing with me, he asked me to forgive him, and then go home right away, but I don’t want to forgive him so easily, I want to give him a little color, so I ignore her, I still I went on a trip with my boyfriend.

My boyfriend and I were very happy to travel abroad. We went to many places, and the financial condition of my boyfriend was very good, so when I traveled with him, all the expenses were paid by him, and he also told me to spend money with confidence, Don’t worry about money.

I think it’s really fun to travel with my boyfriend. I don’t have to worry about money, and I can talk to my boyfriend very casually, because I know that my boyfriend will definitely tolerate me. It’s strange to say that travel is the first One day, my husband called me, and he never called me again. I didn’t think about it too much. I planned to play enough by myself, then go back and live a good life with my husband. No regrets.

After traveling for a month, I basically went to all the places I wanted to go. I also felt tired, some missed home, and some missed my husband, so I went back with my boyfriend, but when I got home, I was very surprised to find a woman at home, and then I asked who she was and how was she in my home? Then the girl said to me: “This is not your home anymore, this is my home, this home has been replaced by a new hostess, and I am the one who was the hostess first, if you don’t believe me, ask your ex-husband. ”

It’s obviously my husband, how can he become an ex-husband? And why did the house change the hostess? I had a bunch of questions, and then called my husband, but my husband didn’t answer my call. After about half an hour, my husband came back, and then I asked him what was going on, and he said to me: ” You went on a trip with your boyfriend without my consent. I was so disappointed in you, so I found another girlfriend. I decided to break up with you and stay with her. It’s the hostess, don’t be surprised, don’t hate me, you brought it all on your own.”

I really didn’t expect my husband to say something like this, so I said to him later: “How can you be so cruel? We’ve been together for so long, don’t you know what kind of person I am? My best friend just went out for a trip, why are you breaking up with me? We have been in a relationship for so many years, if you don’t want it, you don’t want it. ”

My husband doesn’t care what I say in the back? She just wants to break up with me, she just wants to be with that woman, I know that I was too self-willed before and hurt my husband’s heart, so my husband did this, but he can’t go back, the hostess of the family It’s not me anymore, and finally I can only sign the breakup agreement.

Closing remarks:

It’s really sad that such a thing happened, but it’s also too much. A married man should not travel alone with other men.

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