The wind is changing, the backyard of the United States is on fire!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin

The wind direction is changing.

Although the United States is very busy now, Russia is the busiest one to hang; China is the most anxious about how to deal with it; But the most embarrassing thing for the United States is the anti American noise in its backyard.

A fire broke out in the backyard of the United States, and this time it was quite big.

At least three fires.

The first fire, Colombia will change.

In Latin America, Colombia is one of the best friends of the United States.

Although they are all Latin American countries, Colombia has always been firmly on the side of the United States, even if Brazil and the United States are in friction, Argentina and the United States are turned over, and Venezuela and the United States are at war. Many times the CIA intervened in Latin American politics by using Colombia as a base.

But now, the weather is changing in Colombia.

According to the current high support rate, in the second round of elections in Colombia on June 17, petro, a former guerrilla, will probably be elected as the new president.

This will be the first time in Colombia’s history that a left-wing leader is in power.

There is no doubt that this will also be a major setback for US diplomacy.

After all, petro is a leftist who claims to be a socialist and supports Marxism. On the issue of the United States, he severely criticized the “anti drug war” of the United States in Colombia and called for the renegotiation of the bilateral trade agreement between Colombia and the United States. In his view, the agreement signed between the right-wing government and the United States at that time seriously damaged the interests of Colombian farmers and manufacturers.

The rise of petro is also a necessity for the development of the situation in Colombia. Colombia is an important right-wing town in Latin America, but the latest poll shows that 85% of Colombians believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction.

Now it’s time to change direction.

The second fire, Brazil will also turn.

Brazil is the largest country in Latin America, but this big country is also gradually moving away from the United States.

During Trump’s administration, he got along well with Brazilian president bosonaro, who is also known as “trump of Brazil”.

After Biden took office, US Pakistan Relations quickly fell to the bottom. The Brazilian government has been slow to recognize Biden’s election. Bosonaro complained not long ago that he met Biden in Rome. “He walked in front of me and turned a blind eye to me.”.

But the US Pakistan relationship is still worse. According to the current polls, former President Lula will probably be re elected this autumn, and Brazil will return to the left.

Lula is considered to be the “best president in the history” of Brazil. During his administration, Brazil’s economy developed rapidly, laying the foundation for the BRICs countries. However, Lula’s independent foreign policy has also caused severe friction with the United States.

Now, the country with the largest backyard will once again say goodbye to the United States.

If Lula is elected, it means that all major countries in Latin America, such as Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, etc., will be governed by the left or the center left, and Latin America will enter a new round of left-wing governance cycle.

The third fire is the impending diplomatic disaster of the United States.

The upcoming summit of the Americas in Los Angeles will become a diplomatic disaster for the United States.

There is no doubt about it.

The eldest brother holds a meeting, but the younger brothers don’t join in?

But this time, many younger brothers were very angry, and we refused to join in.

Because the boss is not authentic.

The United States announced that, as the host, it would not invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua to participate.

But this is not a bilateral meeting of the United States. This is a summit of American countries. If the United States acts like this, Latin American countries are collectively angry.

The presidents of Mexico, Bolivia and other multinational leaders made it clear that unless all Latin American countries were invited, they would refuse to attend the meeting.

Nicaraguan president Olmert took a tougher stance: “I want to tell the Americans, forget it, we are not interested in the summit.”

Anti American sentiment is rising in Latin America. The Bolivarian union of the Americas, which is composed of 10 countries, issued a statement accusing the United States of its act of exclusion “out of tyranny, ideology and political motives” and “this unilateral decision has caused a serious historical setback to relations in the western hemisphere”.

Latin American countries collectively say no, what else can such a summit produce?


You know, Latin America has always been the backyard of the United States. The slogan of Monroe Doctrine is that America is the Americas of Americans, but the essence means that Europe should not be involved. This is America of our United States.

But now, times have changed.

It can even be said that the area with the strongest anti American sentiment is the backyard of the United States.

Why is that?

Different people have different opinions. Today, let’s talk about two points.

First, Latin America hates American aggression, bullying and plundering.

In the past few decades, who has covered the skies in Latin America, invaded, bullied, plundered, or even despised a government and directly sent troops to overthrow it?

Only the United States.

Take Mexico for example. As a neighboring country bordering on the United States and a big country in Latin America, Mexico has been bullied by the United States for more than 100 years.

Today, Texas, California and other places in the United States were once the land of Mexico. However, the plundering continues. The US Canada Mexico free trade agreement was torn up by the us if it was unwilling to do so. The US needs to benefit more before it wants to renegotiate.

It is worth mentioning that the United States has also joined the “poison pill clause” to restrict other economic and trade opportunities in Mexico.

Some provisions are even more clearly aimed at China. For example, according to the “poison pill clause”, any one of the three countries signs a free trade agreement with the so-called “non market economy countries”, and other member countries can automatically withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement within six months.

Even if they have been forced to sign, which country can accept such humiliation?

No wonder there is a proverb in Mexico: Mexico’s greatest sorrow is that it is too far from God and too close to the United States.


Second, we can see the staggering figure of an empire.

Yes, the United States is still the only superpower in the world, and the United States still regards Latin America as its backyard; However, the world has not seen a major change in a century. The ideological trend in Latin America is changing rapidly. The more the United States wants to be the overlord, the more fierce the fire in the backyard.

Latin America is very disappointed. As a strong neighbor, the United States brings not opportunities, nor prosperity, but more arrogance and prejudice, bullying and plundering, and even turbulence and chaos.

If we look at Haiti, Central America and the Caribbean today, we may understand.

Independence is the foundation, and development is the last word.

In fact, the left wing in Latin America has grown again for many reasons, but American bullying is the most important external driving force. No nation will endure the arrogance and oppression of another nation for a long time.

As an old Chinese saying goes: virtue is not isolated, but there must be neighbors. We should deeply understand the wisdom of the ancients.

But next to the strongest country in the world, there are a group of angry neighbors. This disappointment and anger should also be the biggest weakness of US diplomacy.

We saw the staggering figure of an empire. Of course, for China, one thing to be vigilant about is that the United States has done a lot to deal with China, even in Latin America. In the face of the powerful United States, Latin American countries sometimes have to yield to, or even cater to.

Perhaps, in future negotiations between China and the United States, we can also talk more about Latin America. We can also talk about the bullying of Latin American neighbors by the United States. When neighbors point their noses and scold the United States, does it feel better for the United States?

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