The woman found out that her husband had an extramarital affair and rushed to the scene, asking Xiaosan, is my husband very capable?

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We always have illusions about love. Even if we know that many couples are halfway through, they can’t go on. Some even fall into each other’s hands after breaking up.

Cases of cheating are numerous. But there are always people who naively feel that they are the exception, that they will not be betrayed, that they will be able to be with their lover forever and ever.

However, the reality is that love “slaps” these people in the face. When you are still immersed in the ocean of love and fantasizing about a better life for your other half in the future, your other half may have passed away from your loving person. Ashore in the ocean.

The woman caught the bag and the husband cheated on her. Review: The girlfriend reported the letter and rushed to the scene to yell at Xiaosan: You are so short of men

As a career-oriented woman, after Ding Zhen (pseudonym) got married, she did not choose to give up her career to help her husband and children at home, cook and cook, but still went to work.

For her, it is better for a woman to have her own career. After all, if the burden of the family is placed on her husband alone, she can’t bear it.

After marriage, both of them are working in Shenzhen. They plan to buy a house in Shenzhen in the future, so they seldom go out to eat. They cook and eat by themselves. In order to save some money, they bring their own lunch.

Every day before dawn, Ding Zhen gets up to make breakfast and lunch.

She has been in love with her husband Fang Qiang (pseudonym) for two years and has been married for three years. They have also had many big and small quarrels in the past few years. After being together for so many years, Ding Zhen knew that Fang Qiang wanted to save face, so every time they quarreled After that, she was the first to open the stairs and let both parties go down.

Regarding the point of whoever speaks first and bows his head first after a quarrel, Ding Zhen doesn’t think it’s a big deal. There is no need to care too much between lovers.

Apart from this, Fang Qiang performed very well in other aspects.

After getting married, I handed in my salary card, and I also helped with some housework when I was at home. Unlike other men, they sat down and waited for food at home, without even washing the dishes.

Fang Qiang is not that kind of chauvinist. After returning home from get off work, he would help with housework and wash his hands and make soup from time to time. These actions alone made Ding Zhen feel that she was married to the right person.

However, sometimes God just loves to joke with people. Not long ago, Ding Zhen and Fang Qiang celebrated their third wedding anniversary. The two went out for a meeting and had a romantic two-person world.

But a few days later, Ding Zhen bumped into her husband and slept in the same bed with other women.

There was a lot of get off work in the company that day, and it was estimated that she would be able to get off work very late. After she sent a message to her husband to explain the situation, she plunged into work.

With the help of a colleague, the matter was dealt with quickly, about two hours earlier than she expected.

Ding Zhen stretched and turned on her phone only to see that half an hour ago, a friend called her several times, and she called her while packing up and leaving get off work.

After the call was connected, before she could say anything, the line on the other side, “Your husband cheated.” shocked her directly.

It turned out that when that friend went to the bar to play, she saw her husband and a girl hugging each other, and they seemed to have a very close relationship. Seeing this scene, the friend called Ding Zhen immediately, but no one answered.

After a while, the two left the bar holding hands. In order to find out what was going on, the friend followed the two until they came to a rental house.

Looking at the address sent by her friend, Ding Zhen felt uncomfortable and a little overwhelmed. During the time she rushed to the rental house, she thought a lot before she calmed down. After arriving at the place, he finally mustered up his courage and knocked on the door of the room.

Ding Zhen first took a deep look at her husband who was topless, and then looked at the woman who was sitting on the bed with her husband in thin clothes, only to realize that this was Fang Qiang’s colleague?

They had met several times before. At this time, Ding Zhen was so sensible that she couldn’t believe it. It was already like this. She just wanted to know when the two got together. With a cold face, he asked his question in a calm tone.

“How long have you two been together?”

“You are a company, don’t you know that he has a wife?”

“Can’t you find a man?”

“Are you so short of men!”

“It’s still my husband who works well, is he capable?”

Faced with Ding Zhen’s questions, Fang Qiang and the mistress either kept their mouths shut, or said vague and unclear words, so they just said “I’m sorry.”

However, this is no longer something that can be resolved by you saying sorry, I said it’s okay.

Ding Zhen loves her husband, but she is not the kind of person who will die for love. She knew that feelings were difficult to grasp, and maybe one day in the future, the relationship between her and Fang Qiang would fade.

But that doesn’t matter, because she feels that even if the relationship fades, they will always be together. Like many people say, lovers will eventually become family, and they will never betray each other.

But she was wrong, terribly wrong.

Su Daqiang feels

The former eachother was like a joke, her trust was exchanged for his betrayal.

Some people are born actors, and their acting skills are so consummate that people can’t tell the difference between the real and the fake. Not long ago, the person who said affectionately to you that he loved you can turn around and have sex with other people of the opposite sex. This kind of love is too disgusting.

Sometimes we can’t help but wonder, in the family, why some people can enjoy the care of the other half with peace of mind and say “love” to the other half, while taking care of others outside and saying “like” to the other person ?

Is their love too cheap, or they don’t know how to love at all?

Otherwise, why would you do such a hurtful thing, it will hurt the people who trust you the most and who are closest to you.

What Su Daqiang wants to say here is that some people no longer believe in love after encountering love, and feel that they may be suitable for dying alone. But it’s not like that, you can’t punish yourself for someone else’s fault.

There are so many people in this world, and some people are worth loving.

You have to believe that being betrayed is not a problem with you, but that there is some kind of force telling you that the person you are destined to bet is not the person who betrayed you, that person is still waiting for you somewhere.

What you have to do is to cut off this evil relationship, find your true self, and wait to meet your true destiny and love and accompany you until you grow old.

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