The world is becoming extremely dangerous! What should we do? What should we do?

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Author: Li guangman source: Li guangman Bing Dian current review wechat official account ID: ligm-479210127 has been reprinted with authorization


This summer, we have experienced a lot. Nature is showing an irresistible destructive force. Both human beings and the earth are being tested. High temperature, war, murder and looting will eventually make mankind, the world and the earth face the ultimate choice.

This summer, there was a feeling that it was hot enough to explode, a fear that a nuclear war was about to break out, a tension when a big country fought, and a expectation when a big change hit our soul.

This summer, we are experiencing the test and erosion of a profound change. The division or division of ideas, concepts, positions, feelings caused by the collision between China and the United States is testing everyone’s choice.

This summer, an extreme danger is approaching us.

1? Global extreme weather.

There is a video analyzing this year’s extreme weather. The color of the whole area from the equator to the northern hemisphere is like a splash painting. Unlike the splash painting, the color is not black, but bright red, which is extremely tense and dazzling. Yes, the summer and autumn of 2022 are a picture of flames under high temperature.

In the past, when we heard that the temperature in any place reached 40 ° C, we would be amazed. But in the summer and autumn of 2022, many places in China not only reached 40 ° C, but also reached 41 ° C, 42 ° C, 43 ° C, and even 44 ° C. This summer, we also learned a new word called “heat stroke”. Some people died of heat this summer.

The whole Yangtze River Basin is not only high in temperature, but also the main tributaries are exposed at the bottom of the Yangtze River. We have never seen Wuhan Tianxingzhou exposed at the bottom of the Yangtze River in the summer flood season. Dongting Lake and Poyang Lake have also become grasslands and sandy beaches in this summer. Leshan Giant Buddha has exposed his feet, and mountain fires occur frequently in Chongqing. Sichuan Province, which is the most abundant hydropower station in China and the main source of West to East power transmission, is seriously short of power, We have to start the first level emergency response of emergency energy supply guarantee. All these are extremely rare weather phenomena in our life, but they all appeared in this summer.

Of course, not only China, but also Europe, South Asia, the Middle East and the United States are all in a state of extreme heat, with extreme temperatures. Temperatures in many places have reached record highs. Glaciers in the Arctic and the Qinghai Tibet Plateau are melting rapidly, glaciers in Greenland are collapsing in large areas, and the entire northern hemisphere is burning. It seems that it is about to explode.

2? Zaborore nuclear power station was attacked.

Madame Curie will never realize that since she discovered radium, a radioactive substance, mankind has been under the threat of a nuclear mushroom cloud. This is not the fault of scientists, but the cruelty and greed of mankind. We often ask a question. The Chinese invented gunpowder, but they only used gunpowder to make fireworks. When gunpowder was spread to white people in Europe, it became a sharp weapon for mass murder. In such a state where the whole world is shrouded in nuclear shadow, will a nuclear war between major powers break out?

On August 18, kirilov, commander of the radiation, chemical and biological protection forces of the Russian army, issued a statement saying that since July 18, the Ukrainian armed forces have repeatedly used multiple rocket launchers, artillery and drones to attack the zaborore nuclear power station area. As of August 18, the Russian side had recorded 12 artillery attacks.

Zaborore nuclear power station is the largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine, the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world. The nuclear power station has six 1 million kilowatt nuclear reaction units, supplying more than half of Ukraine’s nuclear power and one fifth of Ukraine’s total electricity. If an accident occurs at this power station, it will cause a more serious accident than the Chernobyl nuclear power station, and its impact will not only be in Ukraine, but also affect the whole Europe and even the whole world.

On August 19, Russian President Putin and French President macron said in a telephone call that they agreed to send an IAEA expert team to the zaporo thermal nuclear power station for inspection as soon as possible. The Secretary General of the United Nations said that the International Atomic Energy Agency would decide the route to the nuclear power station after considering the opinions of Russia and Ukraine. On August 21, the leaders of the United States, Britain, France and Germany talked by telephone. On the one hand, they called for military restraint and stressed the importance of ensuring the safety of the zhaborze nuclear power station in Ukraine. On the other hand, they said that they would continue to support the war between Ukraine and Russia. Is this nuclear security or war?

Nuclear weapons are not only limited to nuclear missiles, but also those nuclear power units all over the world. When one side of the war is red eyed and becomes extremely crazy, it is very likely that it will take risks and use nuclear power stations as a weapon. Since nuclear bombs can be weapons, why can’t nuclear power stations become weapons? Thus, a huge nuclear disaster may become inevitable.

But what are humans doing? Has mankind reached the brink of nuclear war without being aware of it?

3? Du Jin’s daughter was killed in the explosion.

On August 20, Dalia dujinna, a 30-year-old journalist and political commentator, the daughter of Alexander dujin, a famous Russian sociologist known as “Putin’s brain”, was killed in a car explosion on a highway about 20 kilometers west of Moscow. The car she was riding was supposed to be Du Jin’s, but she was saved by a temporary change.

This explosion can not help but remind people of the scene in which Yassin, the Palestinian spiritual leader, was killed by Israel’s precision guided missiles, the scene in which Sulaimani, the commander of the Holy City Brigade of Iran, was killed by Israel’s missiles two years ago, the scene in which several Iranian nuclear physicists were precisely assassinated by Israel, and the assassination of President Maduro of Venezuela.

Yesterday, Russia announced the investigation results of the explosion, saying that the criminal act of killing Du Jinna was prepared and carried out by the Ukrainian secret service, and the executor was Natalia Pavlovna wovk.

There are only two countries in the world that are the best at assassinating and the most fond of assassinating. One is the United States, and the other is Israel. On the surface, the assassination against dugin is planned by the Ukrainian secret service, but what is more suspicious is the Israeli and American intelligence agencies. Although Zelensky is the president of Ukraine, he represents the interests of Jews. The financier behind him is actually the Jewish capital group of Israel and the United States.

4? The Japanese iron company discharged excessive cyanide wastewater into rivers for 39 times.

On August 18, the Japanese iron and steel company, the largest iron and steel enterprise in Japan, admitted that it had discharged wastewater exceeding the standard of cyanide into nearby rivers as many as 39 times in the past three years, and concealed this behavior for a long time.

From June to July this year, toxic cyanide exceeding the standard value was repeatedly detected at the outlet of the Japanese iron company’s factory in junjin City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan facing the Tokyo Bay. According to the investigation of Chiba county government, the factory has discharged toxic cyanide exceeding the standard for 39 times in the past three years, and none of them has been reported.

In June, there was a leakage problem in the desulfurizing liquid storage tank of Japan’s iron making junjin plant, resulting in about 3000 cubic meters of desulfurizing liquid flowing outside the plant. Since June 19, the water of a nearby river has turned red, causing a large number of fish to die.

In fact, the above are just two small things that Japan is not afraid of nuclear pollution. After the Fukushima nuclear accident, the Japanese secretly discharged nuclear waste water into the Pacific Ocean regardless of the strong opposition of the international community, the damage to the Japanese island and the earth’s ocean environment, and the strong opposition of China, Russia, North Korea and South Korea.

In the minds of some Chinese people, Japan is a country with the spirit of science and craftsmanship. The national quality of this country is very high, and it will never discharge pollutants, let alone nuclear waste water. However, beneath the surface of Japan we have seen, Japan is actually an extremely selfish, dirty, savage and shameless country in the heart of the country. When the gauze on the face of this country is uncovered, it is covered with pus, blood and lice.

5? Japan is preparing to deploy more than 1000 missiles to target China and the DPRK.

On August 21, the Japanese government announced through the media that in consideration of such factors as “Taiwan’s affairs”, the Japanese government is planning to upgrade its equipment and improve 1000 type 12 anti-ship missiles to achieve a range of 1000 kilometers. It is mainly deployed in the southwest islands, with the southwest islands to Kyushu as the center. The purpose is to fill the “missile gap” with China. The Japanese government also claimed that it would allow the missiles to cover the DPRK and China’s eastern coastal areas.

The Japanese government also plans to further improve the upgraded missiles to be launched from surface ships and fighter planes, so that Japanese missiles can strike the hinterland of China. The upgraded and improved missiles will be deployed as early as 2024 for land attack.

On August 16, Japan’s new defense minister yasuichi Hamada called US Defense Secretary Austin to express “strong condemnation” of China’s ballistic missile launch, and reiterated his adherence to the Japan US alliance “to deal with any situation in the region”.

While many of us have relaxed our vigilance against Japan, thinking that Japan is only trying to get rid of the control of the United States and cannot really intervene in the Taiwan, China issue with the United States militarily, Japan is elaborately preparing for a war with China.

Japan’s covet of China has not lasted for ten or twenty years, or even 100 or 200 years. Japan’s covet of China has lasted for more than 1000 years. Whenever there is a chance, Japan will launch a war against China. From the Japanese pioneering group to the Japanese style street, from the Japanese summer festival to the Japanese kimono, and then to the Japanese schools all over the country, all these are the means of Japan’s aggression against China, not only 1000 missiles aimed at the Chinese Mainland.

Japan’s invasion of Chinese civilization may be even more terrifying.

6? The dollar soared, and currencies around the world plummeted.

The exchange rate market in the past two days has been trembling and bleeding. Except for the strong US dollar and Russian ruble, other currencies are all chicken feathers.

Following the sharp rise of the US dollar index the day before, today, that is, August 23, the US dollar index continued to soar, reaching 109.26. Other currencies, including the renminbi, have plummeted. The exchange rate of the renminbi against the US dollar has fallen below 6.88. Some people have begun to discuss whether the exchange rate of the renminbi against the US dollar will fall below 6.7.

In this round of plummeting, the South Korean won is close to collapse, with a recent decline of more than 11%, almost lying flat like the Japanese yen. The exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar has actually fallen below 1. At present, it is no longer parity with the US dollar, but lower than the US dollar.

No matter what economic theory is used and no matter how it is explained, what we can see is that the United States is cutting the global leeks with the hegemony of the strong dollar. Under the frenzied sweeping of the strong dollar, few countries can escape and escape completely.

The current dollar is like a tyrant, and the currency war launched by the United States is so cruel. As long as we don’t beat the dollar and trample it under our feet, the dollar will still sweep all currencies and seize all wealth again and again, and the world will still tremble under the rule of Wall Street financial consortia.

7? The United States provoked China on the Taiwan issue.

Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was strongly counterattacked by China. China has carried out unprecedented military operations of “locking the island” and “encircling the island” around Taiwan Island, achieving many major breakthroughs. However, China’s military actions have not effectively prevented us politicians from provoking China. Recently, five US Congressmen and the governor of Indiana have visited Taiwan one after another. This is to provoke China and force China to liberate Taiwan.

Not only that, the United States has also launched a chip war against China. This chip war is to directly snipe at the rise of China’s high-tech and high-end manufacturing industries, so that China will always be in the low-end industry and will never catch up with the United States. It will always be the low-end sweatshop of the United States and let Chinese people always be American workers.

The contradiction between China and the United States is becoming irreconcilable, and China and the United States are moving towards conflict or even war. China and the United States are the two most important countries in the world. Once a war breaks out between China and the United States, it will surely shake the world and even trigger a world war or even a nuclear war.

Does the United States not know that provocation against China will have serious consequences? Have Americans forgotten the Korean War and the Vietnam War? Have the Americans forgotten the battle of Shangganling? I think so. What the Americans remember is that they can bomb the Chinese Embassy in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in an unbridled manner, drive the aircraft carrier strike group to the Taiwan Strait to intimidate China, and check the Chinese “Yinhe” at will. If we can not beat the United States again, the Americans will not have any sense of awe for the Chinese people.

In this jungle world, dignity comes from courage and fortitude.

What do the above seven aspects tell us? Or what do we feel? I can only say that the world is becoming extremely dangerous, both natural and man-made. There is a huge risk of nuclear explosion, the pain of being swept away by the United States dollar, and the deep fear of war between major powers. No country can stay away.

The following are some of my thoughts, which may be too messy, and even have nothing to do with the above seven practical events, but they are some of my real worries.

First, we often say that no country can defeat China, and only the Chinese themselves can defeat China. Now we want to say that no species can defeat human beings, and only human beings can defeat human beings. If mankind does not unite to save itself, it will not be long before mankind destroys itself. This is not sensational, but the reality we are facing.

If the Chinese people can not unite and organize, but are like a plate of loose sand, then China will not rise again and the Chinese nation will not achieve great rejuvenation. The resurgence of China and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation can only depend on us Chinese, not the United States and the West. History has repeatedly proved that China’s rise and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation are due to the Chinese people’s standing up, the Chinese people’s self-confidence, the Chinese people’s reliance on their own strength to create and develop, the Chinese people’s diligence and wisdom, and the greatness of Chinese civilization.

Second, since capitalism appeared in the world, mankind has accelerated the development of science and technology, but also accelerated the destruction of mankind and the earth. More and more horrible weapons that can destroy the whole human being and the earth have been manufactured, threatening both the enemy and ourselves. The environment of our earth has also been seriously damaged due to the acceleration of industrialization. The earth has not become better in the process of industrialization, but more unsuitable for human habitation.

On the surface, it seems that those technologies have made mankind happy, but has mankind really become happy? I don’t think so. Are people today really happier than people 500 years ago? Let’s take a look at those migrant workers who work like machines on the production lines. Let’s take a look at those peasants who are driven from the countryside to the cities to work. Are they happier than the peasants 500 years ago? Look at the barren countryside in our country. Although there are networks and highways, is it really a kind of happiness?

Capitalist industrialization may be a kind of progress, but it is not necessarily a kind of progress of civilization. What it brings is more destruction and destruction of the diversity of civilizations and biodiversity. What happened in nature this summer may be the result of natural evolution, but it is more likely that it is the result of capitalist industrialization. Since mankind entered capitalist industrialization, the world has become ugly and filthy in the iron and steel cement of cities and human greed, and has become devoid of any morality, feelings and civilization. What is hidden under the so-called civilization of the United States and the west is actually the shameless cruelty and barbarity of human civilization, It is shameless and evil.

Is it necessary for human beings to explore interstellar civilization when they walk out of the earth and the solar system and the Milky way? No, it is a kind of interstellar colonization. It is to colonize other interstellars with the barbarism of the earth, and to bring the disasters experienced by human beings on the earth to other planets.

Fundamentally speaking, the so-called capitalist civilization is an extremely savage, shameless and morbid civilization.

Third, we are still living under the brutal rule of the United States, a hegemonic country. The United States still controls the world through the US military, the US dollar, high technology and the media, enslaving the people in the world. No country can get rid of it. Except for completely breaking the hegemonic rule of the United States, we have no way to get rid of the slavery of the United States.

Putin said that the military action against Ukraine is an action to break the hegemonic rule of the United States. Once Putin’s action fails, the colonial hegemonic rule of the United States over the world will be more brutal, ferocious, savage and shameless.

If the hegemonic rule of the United States can not be broken, if the hegemonic rule of the Wall Street financial group can not be broken, if the hegemonic rule of the US military industrial group can not be broken, then where is the hope of the world?

In Russia? In Iran? Apart from China, I don’t know which country can bring hope to the world and mankind?

China is facing all kinds of major threats and tests. The United States and the entire group of Western colonial countries have never forgotten to destroy China and this country with a civilization history of more than 5000 years. It seems that China is becoming the only hope of human civilization. However, if the whole earth is destroyed, can China still live alone?

Fourth, the war is getting closer and closer to us. We have no choice but to prepare for the war. We can see that in recent years, a global arms race is going on. All major countries are increasing their military expenditure and buying advanced weapons and equipment. In recent years, the US military expenditure has increased from more than $600 billion to more than $800 billion a year. The military expenditure of Japan, Germany, European countries, countries in the Middle East, India, Australia and the Republic of Korea are all rising sharply. We can see that the war between Russia and Ukraine is bloody, The United States not only gathered Japan, Australia, Britain and other countries to carry out military provocations against China, but also recently Germany clamored that its military aircraft would cross the Taiwan Strait. The United States not only provoked China in the South China Sea, but also constantly provoked China on the Taiwan issue. Japan not only did not deeply reflect on the war of aggression against China, but also aimed 1000 missiles at China again. Recently, the United States and India held a joint military exercise only 80 kilometers away from the Chinese border. What does this mean? Is the war leaving us or approaching us?

It is not that we need war, nor do we like war, nor do we advocate war. We have lived in a peaceful environment for decades, and we have forgotten war. But war will not stay away from us because we do not need and do not like it. In the long history of mankind, war has never been far away from us. The reason why we can live in a peaceful environment today is that our soldiers use their lives, blood and bodies to silently protect peace. We cannot take peace for granted. Without the silent protection of our soldiers and the strong spirit of each of our citizens, war will break out at any time, and the enemy will raise a butcher’s knife against us at any time, At any time, we may again be invaded, trampled upon and enslaved by the Eight Power Allied forces, the US imperialists and the Japanese militarists.

Only when we dare to face the war, dare to fight with the enemy, and dare to defend the country and peace with our lives can we stay away from the war and have a peaceful life.

Fifthly, this year’s climate has become very abnormal. We have experienced extreme high temperature and heat weather that we have never experienced in our life. What is worth considering is whether this extreme high temperature and heat weather will become the normal of our life in the future?

The earth is no longer suitable for human habitation, which is the result of both natural evolution and human destruction. We have seen the epidemic situation we have experienced in the past three years. Now human beings are facing both the ravage of novel coronavirus and the threat of monkeypox. Japan discharges a large amount of nuclear waste water and chloride into the ocean, the nuclear power plants in Ukraine are threatened by war, and the glaciers in the Arctic and the Qinghai Tibet Plateau are melting at an accelerated pace. Does the United States care about these threats to human survival? It seems that the United States is still engaged in war, slavery, slaughter and robbery. Who can stop it?

The West regards climate as a global issue and does not really care about climate change. Instead, it wants to treat climate issue as an industry. What they think is how to regain the commanding height of the economy through this industry so as to save their economy. As long as there is vicious economic competition in the world, and as long as the greedy nature of human beings is not changed, the deterioration of the earth’s environment will become inevitable, and human beings will almost have no escape in the end.

Sixth, the world economy and human science and technology are becoming more and more developed, but the number of poor people in the world is increasing, and there is no reduction at all. Agricultural science and technology are becoming more and more developed, and more and more grain is produced. On the contrary, more and more people are hungry. Why? Can technology save mankind from suffering? Can technology free all people from hunger? Obviously not. This is not a question of science and technology, but a question of politics. It is a question that the world is being ruled by a colonial hegemonic capital group. It is this group that is creating food shortages and hunger. They want to establish a social state and human system that will make the minority rich and the majority poor forever. They want to make this state the normal state of mankind, To make this normality the ultimate civilization they need.

Will this be a good civilization, a good culture and a good system?

Seventh, I don’t know the way out for the world, but I know that the colonial hegemony of the United States is the most unacceptable way. We must and must break the colonial hegemony of the United States. Just as we must break the triple island chain set up by the United States around China, the world must also break the colonial hegemony of the United States, the US dollar, US technology and the US media. There is no other way to go, Any other way is a dead end.

Therefore, no matter for China or the world, it is the only choice to fight against US imperialism and US hegemonism. Otherwise, we will not only lose national sovereignty and security, but also lose the dignity of the people again.

The above are my fragmentary thoughts. The general feeling is that the world is becoming extremely dangerous. What triggered these changes? Maybe it is the natural reason, maybe it is the greed of capital, maybe it is the colonial and hegemonic rule of the United States. Our living environment is getting worse and worse. The global wealth is once again reaped by the large capital groups of the United States. It seems that a new cycle is beginning.

The world is becoming extremely dangerous. What do we need to do? What should we do?

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