The world is brewing three major crises, but many people have not found them!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

In the past few months, when we focused on the Russian Ukrainian war, China US relations, the Shanghai epidemic, China’s economy and other issues, in fact, three major crises have been brewing worldwide:

The first crisis: global food crisis

I don’t know how many people have noticed that in the past period, 20million tons of grain in Ukraine has always been an important focus of contention between Russia and the West. Why did the 20million tons of grain become the focus of contention? Before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Ukraine exported up to 6million tons of grain every month. However, in March and April after the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Ukraine exported only over 1million tons of grain, and the grain export in March was as low as 300000 tons. In 2022, the overall sown area of Ukraine will shrink by about 20%, and the areas with serious conflicts will decrease by 60-70%.

The main reason why Europe is worried is that Ukrainian grain was mainly exported to Europe in the past. If Ukrainian grain is lost, it will be a problem whether Europeans can eat enough. Hyperinflation will be inevitable. Therefore, the United States and the West are very nervous. Moreover, more importantly, once Russia occupies more than half of Ukrainian territory in the next six months, will Ukrainian grain be exported to Europe?

Russia is also a major fertilizer exporter in the world. According to the China chemical industry news, Russia is the largest exporter of nitrogen fertilizer and the second largest exporter of potash fertilizer in the world. The export volume of phosphate fertilizer ranks third in the world. The Russian Ukrainian war has seriously affected Russia’s fertilizer export, which will inevitably affect the next global grain output.

What does it mean that the US and Europe will fight with Russia over 20million tons of grain for so long?

According to Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), this fully shows that there has been a serious shortage of food in the global market. Just imagine, if even the developed countries in Europe begin to be unable to buy food at high prices, the actual situation of global shortage can be imagined. How can those poor countries face this pressure? Therefore, the food crisis will be an invisible crisis. A large number of people around the world have started to starve, and then they will only starve more!

In fact, the global food crisis has already begun. However, it will not be alleviated for a long time in the future, but will be further aggravated. We can imagine that when there is a global shortage of food, capital speculation will make food prices soar.

Faced with this situation, the Chinese government is very prescient:

On the one hand, China has done a good job in grain reserves. How well has China done in this regard? China has more than half of the world’s grain reserves. In 2019, China clearly stressed in the government white paper that China’s grain reserves should ensure that everyone can eat one kilogram a day for at least 21 months. In fact, we have enough grain for every common people to eat one kilogram a day, and our grain reserves can help the common people to last for 24 months.


On the other hand, recently, the office of the State Food and material reserve bureau issued the notice on supervision and inspection of grain and oil purchase in 2022, requiring that illegal acts such as monopoly or price manipulation in grain purchase be seriously investigated and punished, releasing a clear signal of “zero tolerance” and “strong supervision”. The reason why the state has introduced such a policy is that it is afraid that capital hoarding and speculation will affect the overall situation. With such a Shangfang sword, capital would not dare to blatantly mess about in the grain field.

The world will face a food crisis next, and China will have no worries because of our foresight! This is the great power strategy!

The second major crisis: the global refugee crisis

The war between Russia and Ukraine lasted three months. How many refugees did it produce? According to the statistics of the United Nations on May 22, since the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on February 24, more than 14million Ukrainians have been displaced and become “refugees”, of which about 6.55 million have left Ukraine for other countries, of which about 3.5 million have been accepted by Poland and about 3million by other European countries. In addition, about 3million people in eastern Ukraine were rescued by Russia. From this, we can draw a conclusion that tens of millions of people in Ukraine have fled their homes.

It can be predicted that as the war continues, the number of refugees in Ukraine will further increase. Not only will more people be displaced, but a large number of refugees will continue to flow to Europe. In fact, Ukrainian refugees have already brought a huge burden to European countries, including economic and social stability, which will only get worse.

More importantly, the refugee crisis in Ukraine is only a national refugee, but in fact, with the further intensification of global regional conflicts and the livelihood problems caused by food shortages in some countries, it will lead to an increasing number of refugees worldwide in the future.

Many people are not aware of the seriousness of the crisis, but in fact it has become a major issue related to the political stability of many countries in the world.

The third crisis: the world economic crisis

In 2008, the global economic crisis broke out. In the following ten years, although the global crisis was temporarily contained, the local crisis has been evolving. For example, in 2020, because of the COVID-19, the world broke out an economic crisis more serious than the global financial crisis in 2008, and both Europe and the United States experienced serious negative growth.

However, by 2022, the world economic crisis has actually reappeared after the short recovery in 2021. The typical data is that the GDP of the United States in the first quarter of 2022 is negative growth, and the economic data of Europe is almost zero growth. The actual negative growth is already a reality in some countries. However, the current situation does not mean that it can be improved in the future, but that it will be further deepened. This is terrible.

When the global economic crisis broke out in 2008, the world worked together to save the market. However, now we look at the world, even in the west, the cooperation is more based on political and economic stabbing each other. Let alone the global joint rescue of the market, even between the two countries, even between allies, the interests of the competition is also very fierce. In 2022, the worldwide economic crisis has deepened, and this crisis has already become a political crisis in many countries.

In Sri Lanka, for example, the country has actually gone bankrupt, and the prime minister has simply quit. However, how many people pay attention to these countries? In fact, these countries have been completely ignored by international public opinion.

These crises are deep-seated. In fact, global solidarity is needed to truly solve the problem. However, the actual situation is much worse than what we have seen. Countries are fighting in disorder. All this is thanks to the United States, which has created tension in the global supply chain.

In addition, many people believe that the epidemic has passed, but in fact it has not. The reason why the West lies flat is that it can not prevent the virus, and finally has to coexist with the epidemic. Now, it seems that the number of infection cases and deaths has decreased, but in fact, the reason why the data of most countries look better is that most countries in the world have stopped doing real nucleic acid testing. There was no nucleic acid test before the data decreased. The epidemic has not passed, and continued evolution is bound to make the global economy worse. In the future, no one knows what will happen when the epidemic breaks out in winter. In this context, how can the economic crisis not deepen and break out?

The three major crises are already in front of us, but many people in the world have not seen them at all! Or what can we do if we see it? The contradictions among big powers are irreconcilable. Who can really solve these problems? Moreover, compared with the stabilization of the global economy after the joint rescue in 2008, there is no political basis for joint response. Frankly speaking, the global economy is now facing a hopeless situation.

The three major crises mentioned above are all deadly crises, but now they are just the beginning of the crisis. They have not evolved into the depths at all, and no country has the ability to solve this problem widely. What is it like to evolve to the depths? What will happen in the end? Now is simply not fully expected. At least, the world is now at risk of falling into a war, and regional conflicts may break out at any time, and may involve major powers at any time. Of course, where there is a fierce game between big countries, it may lead to major disasters for small countries, or even the destruction of countries, such as Ukraine!

The crisis is at hand. The crisis is evolving to the depths. Everyone must be highly vigilant! After this time, you will find that many people are swimming naked!

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