The world is undergoing a revolution!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: planting flower city (ID: hqsycn)

On the 7th, the major media reported that the gas transmission to China and Russia would be settled in “RMB ruble”, with a ratio of 50:50.

China Russia oil trade has long been settled in local currency to a certain extent. Now Gazprom is pushing forward the settlement in local currency. It may be exaggeration to say that “dig graves in dollars”, but it should be reasonable to say that “de dollarization takes another step forward”.

In combination with some earlier news,

In March this year, Russia launched the ruble settlement order.

In July, India followed the example of Russia and also launched the rupee settlement order. Although the actual significance is difficult to say, it is very symbolic.

Also in July, Russia and Iran promoted local currency settlement;

In August, Russia India Trade tried to settle in local currency.

On September 7, at the 7th Oriental Economic Forum, min Aung Hlaing, the current leader of Myanmar, said that rubles, Renminbi and rupees could be used to end “dollar intimidation”.

According to some earlier news, some oil or other trade between China and Iran and Saudi Arabia has been settled in RMB to a certain extent; EU and Iran conduct “physical settlement”

From the above information,

The world order is undergoing a revolution of “farewell to the United States and the dollar”.

At present, it is not known to what extent and how far this revolution can advance, but the “de dollarization and farewell to the United States” of all countries in the world is ongoing.

Here, I would like to say three points:

1. Behind the revolution

There are two main factors contributing to the emergence of this “revolutionary” scenario:

First, the United States has imposed extreme financial sanctions on Russia because of its own cocoon. Other countries will surely wonder whether it will be their turn one day and will take corresponding precautions.

The second is the change of the global power pattern. In the past, the G7 dominated the world, but now the G20 has become a global speaker. The change of the power pattern has doomed the day of “ending American dominance”. It is only a matter of time.

2. The second point is “the nature of the contest and its three levels”. If you write it, it can be written independently (for future reference). Check today’s tweet

3. The future of the United States

Western countries are predatory civilizations. They need to constantly absorb blood from the outside to support themselves. Once they lack blood absorption and cohesion, they will easily split and disintegrate.

The typical representative of modern times is Britain. How powerful the British Empire was in the past, and finally it split step by step. Even its own three British islands are constantly splitting, Ireland has been split, and now Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are all fighting for independence, and the whole Britain is on the verge of collapse.

In fact, it is the same for the United States. Once it lacks blood supply from abroad, when it is difficult to print money and borrow money, when the high welfare of Americans can not be maintained, it is easy to split internally, or even disintegrate, and move towards the same fate as Britain.

? video screenshot of American flag

In order to prevent the above situation and ensure its own blood absorption, the United States needs to ensure two things, one is to dominate or even control the world, and the other is to maintain US dollar hegemony. Saddam and Gaddafi are examples for anyone who dares to challenge the US dollar (the United States plays Iraq and Libya, and others are excuses, and their use of US dollar hegemony is the root). Including the fact that the United States is now interfering with Russia through Ukraine, it is likely that this is also related to Russia’s constant promotion of “de Americanization”.

However, the current situation is the collective rise of the third world. Under multilateralism, it is difficult for the United States to absolutely dominate, let alone control (in addition to controlling some of its own supporters, it is difficult for the United States to control other countries). It seems that the world is also undergoing a revolution of “farewell to the United States and the dollar”. In particular, even some small countries dare to say something to the dollar and the United States from time to time, which may indicate that the end of the United States is approaching.

Globalization is originally a public product provided by the West. When it gradually withers, it itself shows the gradual decline of American hegemony and the decline of the West!

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