The world view in Abe’s memoirs!

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The Memoirs of Shinzo Abe, which had been delayed due to sensitive content, was finally released.

In the book, the former Japanese Prime Minister reviewed the secret of his nine years in power, and also introduced his comments on the leaders of neighboring countries in a large space.

For example, “Trump seems to be a warmonger, but in fact he is the most unwilling person in the world to start a war”, “Putin seems very cold, but he is unexpectedly approachable, and also likes black humor”, “Moon Jae-in is a model with a dead brain. He does not know what compromise is, and what negotiation is, and it is very difficult to get along with”, “Obama is full of big country games, and when talking with Austria, his mind should be highly nervous, not relaxed”

Even the secrets of many big countries’ transactions have been released.

For example, the “four-party mechanism” for containment of China is a 16-year chess game set by Abe since 2006. Modi joined this mechanism because he trusted Abe.

For example, at the summit meeting between Japan and Russia in June 2019, Putin agreed to return the two northern islands and opened secret negotiations with Abe.

For example, in the negotiations between the United States and North Korea, Japan and the United States government reasonably covered up Trump’s good nature and strengthened the pressure of negotiations by exerting pressure and deception on North Korea.

For example, in the diplomatic game with China, Abe has been trying to shape himself and the Liberal Democratic Party to be in power for a long time. Through this psychological war, China will open its market to Japan and transfer its interests this morning.

As for the largest part of the book, this is a detailed description of how Abe first tamed Trump, who was hostile to Japan before taking office, into a good friend of Abe, even the only trusted friend. When many policies of the White House’s deepstate cannot persuade Trump, Abe will help to persuade him.

Unfortunately, in Abe’s evaluation of Trump, who is devoted to Abe, he looks like a second-rate businessman president like a big fool.

Either they do nothing but talk to Britney Abe on the phone Congee about golf and other big country leaders’ private affairs, or they drag Abe onto their car, but they don’t scruple about safety rules and open the window to wave outside, saying that they can’t get through 200 rounds of bullets in their car.

In a word, in Abe’s evaluation system, Obama, Modi, Putin, etc. are all excellent leaders, while Trump and Moon Jae-in are very unqualified.

Of course, this is only the words of Abe’s family.

Unlike the memoirs of most political figures, they are a summary of their political career after leaving the political stage.

When Abe wrote this book, he just resigned as Prime Minister and chose to hibernate. His memoir is to serve his subsequent ruling career.

In his memoirs, Trump was widely “disparaged” because Abe submitted a “vote” to the Democratic Party to shake off his status as Trump’s close comrade-in-arms

As for belittling and talking about their friendship at the same time, this is to express that their friendship with Trump is completely for the sake of the country’s choice of tolerance.

In the face of Putin, who “looks like a hawk, but is actually a dove”, Abe quickly changed a set of words in his book. He flattered the emperor crazily because he needed to give the Japanese people a hope. Only when he came to power can he restart the negotiation with Russia on the return of the four northern islands.

Similarly, the manoeuvres of China and India in the memoirs are also intended to illustrate that only when they are on the stage can China and India cooperate with Japan’s strategy and transfer economic and security interests.

To sum up, Abe in his memoirs has only one criterion for evaluating the politicians in the surrounding countries, that is, whether he and the party group behind him can be in power for a long time. The subtext is that only if he is in power for a long time, can he seek benefits for Japan.

I didn’t expect that last year several shots took away the “big country chess player” who had planned for Japan for many years.

If you jump out of Abe’s narrative logic and look back at this memoir, you will also find that Abe’s prediction of the world trend is very interesting.

This dis Trump’s memoir and interview began before the US general election in November 2020, which means that Abe clearly knew that Trump could not be elected before the election, which also explains why he resigned as Prime Minister on the grounds of illness.

Similarly, he also knew that Moon Jae-in of South Korea and the progressives behind him would lose the election and lose their political influence under the action of the United States, which also proved why Japan has been fighting with Moon Jae-in’s government to the end.

For North Korea, Abe believes that if he missed Trump, the second-rate president in business, there would be no possibility of reconciliation.

For China, Abe believes that China will still make peace with the United States based on the pragmatic principle. Therefore, he needs to engage in trade with China while pulling India to balance China and act as a pawn in the rebalancing of the United States in the Asia-Pacific region.

Although Russia has won the Ukrainian Trojans of the United States as planned, Abe also tried to flatter the Great Emperor during the interview. Therefore, although the West preached that Putin’s position was unstable, Abe still chose to believe that Putin could be stable.

Finally, and most interestingly, in Abe’s worldview, except for Obama, the leaders of several major neighboring countries who have dealt with him are seemingly hawkish, but they can actually sit down and talk about trade.

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