The young woman used a big water buffalo to harass her husband for cheating, and then she was driven crazy by the big water buffalo after karma

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Liang Fang’s brother-in-law, Deng Chengcheng, is back!

This news lifted Liang Fang’s spirits, who had been immersed in gloomy emotions for a long time.

Especially when she heard that Deng Chengcheng made a lot of money and planned to open a hardware store in the town, she was even more excited, and she felt that her spring was coming.

Before this, Liang Fang really felt that he had fallen into blood mold.

After thousands of choices, I found a handsome husband, Deng Chengcheng, but he was a silver pewter, and he was not very useful. Two years ago, he dragged cattle into the fields, but his hamstrings were picked by the crazy cattle, and he was paralyzed. on the wheelchair.

Liang Fang was reluctant to serve this useless husband, so she climbed up to a foreman who contracted the project locally. Who would have guessed that the foreman would leave without even a hello when the project was over, and slept with Liang Fang for a year in vain.

There was a lot of rumors about this in the local area, and Liang Fanghao was depressed for a while, but fortunately, she was thick-skinned, and it didn’t take long for her to let go.

However, she was eager to get rid of this crippled husband and looked around for objects, so when she heard that her brother-in-law Deng Chengcheng was back, she couldn’t help shaking her heart.

The first time Deng Chengchen came back, he went to Deng Chengchen’s house.

After four years of absence, there is no news from home, but when I return home now, I see my brother paralyzed in a wheelchair, and the two brothers hug each other and cry bitterly.

Liang Fang, however, was dressed in a flamboyant manner, and hurried up to help Deng Chengcheng up, pulled a stool to sit on, and brought a teacup to pour hot tea, comforting that the two brothers had been separated for so many years, and it was hard to see each other, so they should be happy. I’m crying, big brother, your brother has been serving me in the saddle for the past two years, and I haven’t suffered any sins, so don’t feel bad for you.

However, you must have suffered a lot of grievances after wandering outside alone for many years. When you come back, don’t leave. Just stay here. I will take care of you and make up for my lack of responsibility as a sister-in-law.

Liang Fang said that he straightened Deng Chengcheng’s hair and wiped his tears with a handkerchief. Deng Chengcheng smelled a refreshing fragrance, looked up and saw that Liang Fang was looking at him with a smile. The picturesque brows and eyes made Deng Chengcheng stare blankly.

Liang Fang didn’t serve Deng Chengcheng well in the past few years, but made her life quite nourishing.

With the money Deng Cheng had saved from working in the city for the first few years, he ate and drank well, bought cosmetics in jars and jars and greeted him on his face.

She also had a private meeting with wild men every three or five years. Under the nourishment of the men, she exuded a mature woman smell all over her body, which was as sweet and pleasant as peaches.

Deng Chengcheng couldn’t stand his sister-in-law’s amorous eyes staring at him, he hurriedly stood up to say goodbye, suddenly remembered something, took out two dozen red bills from his jacket pocket and slapped it on the table.

It is said that you have made some money by working hard outside for the past two years. My brother is paralyzed and unable to move.

Liang Fang saw the banknotes, her eyes burst into sparks, and she quickly grabbed the banknotes in her hands, but said in her mouth, “Oh, brother, what are you doing? Your money is also exchanged for blood and sweat. How can you give it casually? people.

The money is already in the pocket here. He dragged Deng Chengcheng and asked him to eat before leaving, his plump body rubbed against his body.

Deng Chengcheng couldn’t bear the enthusiasm, and ran away with a blushing face.

It’s interesting to say, back then Deng Chengchen and Liang Fang had an embarrassing past, and a matchmaker arranged for Deng Chengchen and Liang Fang to have a blind date.

After Deng Chengcheng saw Liang Fang, he was immediately fascinated by her graceful demeanor, and put all his thoughts into her.

Who knew that Liang Fang didn’t like the short and thin Deng Chengcheng, but fell in love with his tall and handsome brother Deng Chengcheng at first sight.

Deng Chengcheng was unwilling to take love for his younger brother Hengdao, and he was unwilling to marry Liang Fang, so Liang Fang committed suicide by drinking pesticides, forcing Deng Chengcheng to marry her.

Deng Chengchen also persuaded Deng Chengcheng to grow up on a mother’s milk. Whoever marries a daughter-in-law is not married. Since she likes you so much, you can do this beautiful thing.

Seeing that his younger brother didn’t care, Deng Cheng agreed half-heartedly and married Liang Fang.

After that, Deng Chengcheng packed up his luggage and left the house. He had been gone for four years without contacting his family once.

In fact, he couldn’t get past this hurdle in his heart, so he went far away to avoid that sad place.

After many years, Xu Shi Deng Chengchen finally let go of Liang Fang in his heart, and finally returned home.

He has been focusing on his career all these years, but he has been prosperous. After returning home, he opened a hardware store in the town. Usually, he leads a group of workers out to contract projects and pick up water and electricity. , it is possible to maintain a well-off level.

This made Liang Fang’s mind liven up, and he couldn’t hold back and went to town to find him in Deng Chengcheng’s store.

Said brother, you see you often come out to work, and there is no one in the store to take care of it, so, anyway, your sister-in-law is idle at home, why don’t I come over and see how the store is going? You can pay whatever you want, but don’t want to. I’m going to be your sister-in-law to help you, right?

Deng Chengcheng was full of surprise and said that his sister-in-law could help, of course I couldn’t ask for it. It’s just how my brother eats at home alone.

Liang Fang said, I made the meal for him early in the morning, put it in a thermos box, and he would eat it when he was hungry.

Deng said sincerely, you can come tomorrow.

Liang Fang returned home happily, Deng Cheng saw her ruddy face and couldn’t help laughing silly, and asked what happened to her happy event.

Liang Fang said that you are in charge, that you are paralyzed, don’t ask questions.

Deng Chengcheng said that the money my brother gave you that day was hard-earned money, you can save some money, don’t waste it.

Liang Fang’s face suddenly darkened, and she pointed at Deng Chengcheng’s nose and said, I spend what I like, is it your money?

If you have the ability, go and earn money to spend for me! Hmph, it’s enough to just talk nonsense when people are useless.

Deng Chengcheng was blocked and did not dare to say more. He felt thirsty and asked Liang Fang to pour some water. Liang Fang went and poured a glass of water. Deng Chengcheng stretched out his head to drink it. Deng Cheng’s face is slapped on the face, drink urine, my mother is enough to serve you! Tomorrow I’ll go to work in the town, stay home by yourself, starve you crippled!

The next day, Liang Fang smeared fragrance and greased herself, dressed herself up to be coquettish and sexy, and arrived at the door of Deng Chengchen’s store early in the morning. Deng Chengchen also came shortly after, her eyes were fixed on Liang Fang and she couldn’t move. , Liang Fang smirked, and patted his forehead, stupid, what are you looking at, there is no dirt on my sister-in-law.

Only then did Deng Chenggen come back to his senses, and he quickly took out the key to open the store door. The two walked in. Professor Deng Chengchen started the business in the store. Liang Fang listened earnestly, but his body rubbed against Deng Chengchen intentionally or unintentionally. .

Deng Chengcheng smelled the fragrance on Liang Fang’s body, and was also agitated. The atmosphere became very ambiguous.

After all, Deng Chengchen still has reason in his heart, and he kept reminding himself that he was his brother’s daughter-in-law and his own sister-in-law, and he must not think wildly.

He quickly excused that there was still life waiting on the construction site, and let Liang Fang look at the store and went out as if he was running away.

Liang Fang stood at the door, hahaha, and laughed for a long time, her stomach hurting from laughing. But he couldn’t help thinking about his little Jiujiu.

After the fight, Liang Fang’s seduction of his brother-in-law Deng Chengcheng became more and more explicit. Deng Chengcheng’s rationality was like an old house under the wind and rain, ready to bang at any time. Collapsed with a bang.

To be honest, Deng Chengcheng deeply regretted not marrying Liang Fang back then. If he said that the sky is high and the earth is far away from each other, he can bear it.

Now the living people are in front of each other every day, so that the unwillingness in his heart can’t be moved.

So in less than a month, Deng Chengchen finally failed to stick to the bottom line and got together with Liang Fang.

On this day, Deng Chengcheng invited Liang Fang to his yard and asked her to help sew something.

Deng Chengchen’s parents died early, leaving a dilapidated yard for Deng Chengchen’s two brothers. Deng Chengchen’s yard is in the furthest corner of the village, surrounded by crops. It had been abandoned for many years. It has been renovated and looks clean and tidy.

Liang Fang followed Deng Chengcheng into his yard, and saw a big buffalo tied in the middle of the yard at a glance, and said in surprise, “Brother, why are you still raising cattle? You can still take care of this when you open a shop in the town?”

Deng Cheng sincerely said that when he was a child, he used to herd cattle, and he couldn’t let go of this feeling. What’s the delay.

Sister-in-law, you can help me take a look when you are free, and don’t let my bull be taken away by someone with bad intentions.

Liang Fang pursed his lips and smiled. No problem, brother, who is with whom? Isn’t yours mine, mine is yours, and holding Deng Chengcheng’s hand, sister-in-law’s heart is yours.

Deng Chengcheng smiled and said, sister-in-law, come in with me, and I’ll show you something.

Said and took Liang Fang’s hand into the house, Deng Chengcheng took out a few clothes from the closet like a magic trick, stretched out in front of Liang Fang, and said that sister-in-law, I bought some clothes for you, you can try them out.

Liang Fang took the clothes excitedly. Oh, my brother and sister-in-law love you so much. I married your brother and didn’t buy me a piece of clothes for so many years. My brother still loves people. Oh, I knew how good it was to marry you back then.

Liang Fang opened the clothes and saw that it was a red dress with two sexy red lace underwear wrapped inside the skirt.

Liang Fang was even more complacent. If a man even bought your underwear for you, it would be self-evident.

Deng Chengcheng coughed twice, saying if you try to fit, I’ll come out and give the cow some fodder.

Liang Fang put on the outfit that Deng Chengcheng had ordered for her, and took a self-portrait in front of the mirror.

She couldn’t wait to open the door and trotted to Deng Chengchen who was feeding the cow, saying, brother, you are too discerning, sister-in-law really loves this dress, don’t you think sister-in-law is beautiful?

Said happily like a little girl turning a big circle in place.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she inadvertently caught a glimpse of a big buffalo grazing, and her eyes were staring straight at her, which shocked her.

Deng was sincere but didn’t care, and couldn’t help giving Liang Fang a thumbs up. My sister-in-law is really a living clothes rack, she looks good in whatever she wears, and her upper body is like a fairy.

Liang Fang hooked his neck and gave you a hard kiss on the face. The good brother gave you a kiss, and then said, go into the house, and the sister-in-law will help you sew your things, and winked.

Deng Chengchen took the cue and followed her in. As soon as she entered the room, Liang Fang hugged her, and Deng Chengchen picked her up and walked to the bed.

Liang Fang was lying on the bed while muttering and taking off her skirt, and soon only the underwear was left. The two rolled together and were preparing for the next move.

But he heard a loud bang behind him, the door was knocked open, and the big buffalo was staring at the two people with big eyes.

The bull’s eyes were bloodshot, the nostrils were panting heavily, and the four big hooves kept plowing on the ground.

That battle, the sword is drawn, it is about to explode!

Deng Chengcheng was frightened and hurriedly flipped off Liang Fang. The big water buffalo was triggered like this, and jumped to Liang Fang’s side. The front two hooves were pressed on her body.

It frightened Liang Fang and screamed.

The big water buffalo didn’t know how to pity and cherish the jade at all, and used the sharp horns to open Liang Fang’s remaining underwear, and then a thrilling scene appeared.

Deng Chengcheng was stunned in surprise, but he stood by indifferently, watching the excitement, and even a sneer on the corner of his mouth…

Liang Fang’s ribs were broken several times, and his spirit suffered a huge blow, he went crazy!

She never imagined that she had a romantic nature, and she spent half her life swimming in the crowd of men, and finally was destroyed by a big buffalo.

She didn’t even think that this was a trap set by her brother-in-law.

That’s right, all of this was arranged by Deng Cheng sincerely. He hated Liang Fang and gritted his teeth with hatred, because he figured out that his brother’s paralysis in the wheelchair was not an accident, but caused by Liang Fang.

Deng Chengchen also learned the truth by accident. Two years ago, when he was contracting a hydropower project at a construction site in the south, he cooperated with a foreman.

The two often drank together. Once the contractor drank too much wine, he proudly told Deng Chengcheng about a romantic affair of his own.

He said that he contracted a bridge construction project not long ago, and hooked up with a young woman in a nearby village, and the woman came out to meet him privately every day.

He lied to her that he would take her away as soon as the project was over, and the woman really gave up, fearing that her husband would find out what was going to hurt her, so she racked her brains to think of a bad move and maimed her husband.

The foreman said proudly, and also vividly described the process of the woman’s mutilation of her husband.

That day, she bought a lot of Viagra and mixed it with the grass for the cattle at home, and made him drink a lot of water with white wine. Then she put on the red clothes she bought for her husband, and asked him to lead the cattle to the fields. arable land.

Not long after, the cattle became mad and rammed at the red-clad husband, and finally broke his hamstrings and hamstrings. Farming cattle, Xu this woman’s husband may be killed.

When the foreman talked about the happy place, he also mentioned the specific location where the incident happened. Deng Chengcheng was startled when he heard it. Isn’t the place the foreman said was his hometown.

Since he didn’t want others to know his origin at that time, Deng Chengchen listened to it as a story and did not ask for details.

But I never imagined that two years later, when I returned home, I saw my brother paralyzed in a wheelchair, and after listening to the gossip from the villagers, I realized after careful deliberation that the foreman said that he had an affair with him back then. It’s actually his own sister-in-law!

And the man who was mutilated was actually his own brother!

No matter what, he couldn’t believe that the woman he had always been obsessed with was actually such a feisty woman with all kinds of poisons.

He bought a big water buffalo and put it in his yard, and tried to trick Liang Fang, using her to change clothes in the house. There was half a pot of liquor in it.

Then, when Liang Fang dangled in front of the big water buffalo in that big red dress, he inspired the big water buffalo’s emotions.

And then rush into the house while they’re “running errands” in the house…

These are all in Deng Chengcheng’s plan. His original intention was to let the big water buffalo use the same method to abolish Liang Fang, but he didn’t expect the big water buffalo to be so lustful, and he actually got angry and started to do that with Liang Fang. Things.

Perhaps it was because Liang Fang was really too attractive that day.

The so-called cycle of retribution is unhappy, and Liang Fang’s result is well deserved. Any wrongdoing in this world will be punished in the end, isn’t it?

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