There are 7 spider spirits and 7 Seven Fairies in journey to the West. Is there any connection between them?

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There are 7 spider spirits and 7 Seven Fairies in journey to the West. Is there any connection between them? The following is a detailed introduction by the Xiaobian of China story network. Let’s read on~

“Journey to the west” is one of the four famous works in China. Both at home and abroad, especially at home, both the elderly and children have a certain understanding of it, and they are very familiar with it after they go to school. Every plot in it is classic. Although many versions of TV dramas have adapted it to a certain extent, there are still many plots, such as those goblins encountered on the way to get scriptures. I believe you will still have a certain impression. Today, let’s talk about the seven spider spirits.


Those who have read the journey to the West should know that many monsters have been demoted from heaven, or they have come down to earth to do mischief. They all obstruct the Tang monks and disciples from going to the West on the way to get scriptures, so as to complete the 81 disasters they must go through. Then will the seven spider spirits also come from heaven? Speaking of the seven girls in the heaven, everyone must have thought of the seven fairies. The seven fairies are seven, and the spider spirits are just seven. Are they the same group? I seem to have found a big secret.

First of all, when spider spirits appeared, there was no ugliness and evil spirit of other female monsters, but a very peaceful scene. Some of them were still sewing with needles and threads, which was a bit meaningful. The seven fairies are very gentle and capable girls. Their needlework is naturally excellent. The spider essence can spin silk and spin webs. Isn’t this corresponding to needlework?

One of the most classic scenes is that they bathed and played in the bath, and the bath they bathed in occupied the seven fairy girls. It is also worth thinking about why they, as goblins, were able to occupy the fairy girls’ bath. Who is seven fairy? Why did they disappear after the spider spirits came?

These signs are questionable, and the spider spirits will spit out silk threads and shuttle between longitude and latitude, which is the ability of fairies in the sky. How can they? In fact, this has a history. We still remember that when the queen mother held a peach panning meeting, Sun Wukong went to heaven to make a scene. Among them, the queen mother ordered seven fairies to pick peaches together. He didn’t want to be stopped by Wukong. When he woke up, there were no big peaches. He only picked a few baskets of small peaches and medium peaches. I think we all know that it was Wukong who stole them.

However, the queen mother still blamed the seven fairies, so they were demoted to the mundane world, and there was a silk hole and seven spider spirits. It is not difficult to introduce that the spider spirits are the seven fairies, and the seven fairies are also the seven fairy sisters. That’s why spiders occupy the bath.

The seven spider spirits were demoted because of Wukong’s mistakes, so they were demoted on the way to learn scriptures and obstructed their teachers and disciples. In this way, the explanation will pass. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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