There are fifteen kinds of dragons in myths and legends. What are they?

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Dragon, the long scale insect, can be quiet and bright, thin and huge, short and long. It ascends to the sky at the spring equinox and dives into the abyss at the autumn equinox. It is one of the top mythical animals. But do you know how many kinds of dragons there are? The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

No.1 candle Dragon

The candle dragon, the God of Zhongshan, is also the oldest divine dragon. It is thousands of miles long and red all over. It has a human face and a dragon body. It holds a candle in its mouth forever. It can burn the world. As an ancient and sacred power, it is also a natural power to control time. When you open your eyes, you will get up in the day, and when you close your eyes, you will get up in the night. It is one of the few powers that can control time.

There is also a record about it in the classic of mountains and seas: “candle Yin is regarded as day, night, winter, summer, no drink, no food, no rest, and rest is the wind. It is thousands of miles long. It is a thing, human face, snake body, red, and lives at the foot of Zhongshan Mountain.


No.2 Qinglong

The green dragon, one of the four spirits of the heaven, is the Oriental God representing the seven constellations of the East, and is also the dragon of the wood genus that masters the wood movement. Originally, as the four spirits of heaven, the God guarding the East actually has no entity, but is more similar to a concept. However, because it is respected as one of the ancestral dragons, it is in the mainstream impression that he is a dragon with a thousand feet long and green body.

No.3 Yinglong

Yinglong, one of the four great dragons in ancient times, is the genus of the Yellow Dragon and the ancestor of the flying dragon. Its shape is no different from that of an ordinary dragon. Its head is like a camel, its horns like a deer, its eyes like a rabbit, its ears like a cow, its neck like a snake, its belly like a mirage, its scales like a carp, its claws like an eagle, and its palm like a tiger. But the difference is that it also has wings on its back, belonging to the winged dragon.

In orthodox mythology, Ying dragon is the dragon that is the best at fighting. There is also a folk legend that ASPS turn into dragons after 500 years, dragons turn into dragons after 1000 years, dragons turn into horned dragons after 500 years, and then turn into Yinglong after a thousand years.

No.4 ice dragon

Ice dragon, the dragon to which ice belongs, usually has a much larger head than an ordinary dragon, and its body is like ice, crystal clear. When flying at night, the moonlight reflected by it is enough to illuminate the whole mountain; And their bodies are always cold, and all rivers passing by will leave long ice marks. They usually live in snow mountains or cold ice boundaries, and are not likely to appear in the human world.

No.5 Fire Dragon

The fire dragon, one of the Dragon races, is red all over and is burning with flames. All the plants and trees are burning everywhere. The reason why they belong to the dragon race is that the beloved of the dragon sea is born with the ability to handle the clouds and control the water.

But the fire dragon was born to love fire and hate water, and lived alone in volcanic lava. The fire is explosive and has great lethality. As dragons who control the fire, their character is also particularly explosive. They can fight if they don’t agree with each other, and their combat effectiveness is usually very high.

No.6 Panlong

Panlong, also known as Panlong, has two main views about them. First, they are real dragons that lie dormant on the earth and cannot ascend to heaven. Because they like to coil around columns, they are named Panlong.

Second, the coiled dragon is actually a kind of inferior water dragon inferior to the Jiaolong. They are usually four feet long. Their bodies are blue and black. Their red belts are like brocade. They haunt in the water. They have a relatively strong ability to resist the water. They are also highly toxic. Mortals will die if they touch them.

No.7 Yunlong

Yunlong, the rarest kind of dragon in the dragon family, was born in the heaven. It was wrapped in clouds and mist. It moved like a cloud. They are mild in character and are the most easy to get along with among the dragons. Although they are not strong in combat power, they can turn into clouds and mist to avoid fatal injuries.

No.8 Black Dragon

Black dragon, the dark dragon, is the strongest and most dangerous dragon of the dragon family. They are usually irritable and extremely belligerent. They are synonymous with disaster and destruction. In many myths or TV dramas, they usually appear as villain bosses.

No.9 mirage Dragon

Mirage dragon is a kind of dragon that lurks in the entrance to the sea. Its shape is the same as that of a normal dragon, except that it has red sideburns on its neck, and the scales below the waist grow in reverse. It looks very powerful.

They are very different from ordinary dragon families. Although they are not good at passing clouds and rain, controlling water and thunder, they have extremely illusory skills. Reality and illusion are intertwined, and even immortals and Buddhas dare not offend. The powerful among them can even conjure up a world.

No.10 Xinglong

The walking dragon, a relatively low-level dragon species in the dragon family, is said to belong to the walking dragon. Their shape is the same as that of the divine dragon, but they have no powerful magic power. They only have the shape of the divine dragon, but there is no bone of the divine dragon. The Dragon liver in the ancient myth may be derived from them.

No.11 pig dragon

Pig dragon, a dragon with a dragon head and a pig body, is also one of the lower dragons. Except for sleeping, it has no ability. Even ordinary people can despise it. It is recorded in the biography of Yang Taizhen that “after tasting the night swallow, Lushan was drunk and turned into a pig and a dragon’s head. He suddenly told the emperor about it. The emperor said: ‘this pig and dragon can do nothing.’

N0.12 Dragon

The dragon, a kind of hornless dragon, is small but powerful. It usually implies beauty and auspiciousness. It is a kind of auspicious beast. It is a genus of dragon. The body color is not fixed, but the red dragon must be a female dragon. In other words, the dragon is not an independent species of dragon, but a nickname for the Dragon kiss.

No.13 Tianlong

Tianlong, the superior dragon of the dragon family, was born in the heaven and never walked on the earth. The only belief in his heart is to guard the Tianting palace. It is said that in the LingXiao palace of the Jade Emperor, there are eight powerful and extreme dragons circling on the eight pillars that support the LingXiao palace.

No.14 white eared Dragon

White eared dragon, one of the rarest dragon species in the dragon family, looks like an ordinary dragon, but its ears are pure white. This kind of dragon is the most trustworthy dragon in the dragon family. They value reputation more than life, and can use life to defend their reputation.


No.15 nine headed Dragon

The nine headed dragon, a dragon race alien dragon, as the name suggests, is a kind of dragon with nine dragon heads. This kind of dragon not only has powerful combat power, but also has a far greater understanding than ordinary dragons. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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