There are five highlights in the military exercise of 50000 people’s Congress of 13 countries!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: planting flower city (ID: hqsycn)

The “dongfang-2022” exercise held in Russia and jointly participated by 13 countries has now begun. There are five highlights in this large-scale exercise.

1. Large scale

More than 50000 people from 13 countries have deployed more than 5000 weapons and equipment, and there are 140 aircraft alone

Yes, 60 ships. Participating countries include China, Russia, India, Belarus, Tajikistan, Mongolia and other countries.

? video screenshots of Chinese and Russian troops

China has dispatched the three armed forces, the Navy, the army and the air force, with more than 2000 troops participating in the exercise.

On the Russian side, it is even more incisive. S-300, S-400, su-35s, su-30sm, MiG-31 and other air forces were deployed; On the Navy side, the “marshal krailov” with a displacement of more than 20000 tons, the destroyer “marshal Shaposhnikov” and the “blizzard” and other main ships, as well as the “Oscar” class cruise missile nuclear submarine with a displacement of 18000 tons, which can carry 24 ss-n-19 supersonic anti-ship missiles, are regarded as the trump card of the Russian Navy against the US aircraft carrier.

Looking at these data and formations, we can see that the scale of this military exercise is very large.

2. Special background

The United States is now crazy and trying to contain China at the same time.

On the one hand, the United States is containing Russia from the west, and the typical event is provoking the Russian Ukrainian war. On the other hand, it is actively targeting China in trade, science and technology. The typical military phenomenon is provoking incidents in the Taiwan Strait.

More than that, in 2021, the United States held nearly 100 military exercises in the South China Sea, including 14 unilateral exercises and 81 bilateral and multilateral exercises. There are more estimates this year. At present (from August 19 to September 9), 17 countries, including the United States, have assembled about 100 aircraft and 2500 military personnel to hold a joint military exercise in the northern city of Darwin, Australia.

All these show the relevant background. The large-scale exercise held by 13 countries, including China, Russia and India, can be said to be of great significance.

3. Great significance

The first point of significance as mentioned in the second point above, it is of great significance to hold such a large-scale military exercise under a special background.

The second point is to frighten the United States and its followers, so that they can see such a huge power. The world is not what they want.

In addition, the author has always advocated the establishment of the “Asia Europe Union”. Just look at the picture below.

? joint drawing of China, Russia and Iran: flower planting City

Once China, Russia and Iran unite, even if India does not participate (or remain neutral), the entire Eurasian continent will be basically occupied, leaving only a few bits and pieces on the border.

It can be said that such a large sphere of influence can be advanced, retreated and defended, and even a broad “internal cycle” can be established without relying on the outside world. The United States and its followers can hardly gnaw at it.

In this regard, the current “east-2022” exercise is also very meaningful to further unite countries.

4. Drill purpose and ground lighting eyes

The relevant idea of this exercise is to “repel aggression from the East”, which is intriguing. Where is the east of China, Russia and other countries? The answer is obvious, that is, the United States, Japan and other countries.

In addition, the location of the exercise is also quite interesting. The “four northern islands”, a disputed territory between Japan and Russia, is one of the exercise sites.

In the author’s opinion, there are two signals. On the one hand, Russia’s tyranny against Japan means that military exercises are military exercises on the disputed land;

On the other hand, it also shows China’s Countermeasures Against Japan. Originally, we do not participate in the controversial points of other countries. Since Japan has been dishonest on the Taiwan issue, I’m sorry. We can also “support” Russia’s claims on the four northern islands and conduct military exercises on the four northern islands. No matter whether this military exercise has this meaning subjectively or not, it should have this effect objectively.

? Sino Russian joint military parade

Because of the “exercise scenario” and “exercise location” of this military exercise, Japan will not have unexpected protests.

5. Foreign, India is very eye-catching

India is participating in this performance. Let’s talk about India’s cola.

This is outside the exercise. It is said that India is currently selling its “Brahmos” missiles to Russia to help Russia lack accurate missiles on the Russian Ukrainian battlefield.

It has to be said that India’s courage is praiseworthy. It dares to sell carrier borne aircraft to the United States if it gets a “glory” that it does not want; In the face of Russia’s various highly skilled missiles, it also dares to sell missiles to Russia.

The key is that the “Brahmos” was originally Russian, and it was developed on the basis of the Russian “gem” missile. In name, this missile is jointly developed by Russia and India. In fact, it is only produced by India with Russian technology.

It is enough for India to sell Russian goods to Russia.

Finally, I would like to say that as long as China and Russia join hands and unite with other friends, especially if the “Asian European Union” can be built, it will be very difficult for the United States and a group of jackals to bite from the outside!

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