There are obvious loopholes in the confession of Wu Aiping in Nanjing, and the price of memorial tablets in temples is seriously questionable~

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Author: zhouxiaoping from official account: draw (zg5201949)

Preface: I believe everyone has read the public information of the first stage of the case released by Nanjing Police, and there are many problems in it. For example, Xuanzang temple said that the price of an longevity memorial tablet is only 100 yuan / year, which is obviously unreasonable. This money is not even enough to put incense here. Many people have been to Xuanzang temple. Among them, Nanjing citizens said that the worst corner is also thousands of yuan / year, and the slightly better one is tens of thousands of yuan / year.

We can see from the picture that the position of the five class a war criminals is at the top, corresponding to the price of tens of thousands of yuan a year. Therefore, the temple is likely to lie, and even cooperate with Wu aping in lying. The income of temples generally comes from donations or incense money from others. Generally speaking, these incomes are tax free and belong to the scope of exemption. However, if the temple involves commercial operation, it is different. For example, the sale of souvenirs, the opening of hotels, performances, and the sale of longevity products, etc., are all within the scope of commercial operations, which require not only tax returns, but also approval and relevant business licenses.


We don’t know whether Xuanzang temple’s business of selling longevity seats has been reported for approval, or whether it has obtained the relevant business license. If not, it is suspected of illegal operation. We also don’t know whether the income of the longevity seat of Xuanzang temple has been taxed. If not, it is suspected of tax evasion, but at least we know that Xuanzang temple is very good at lying. Previously, the media exposed that Xuanzang temple was prosecuted for falsely reporting 30million maintenance costs—— At present, when facing the interrogation of the public security organ, the Xuanzang temple said that 100 yuan / person / year is obviously another lie. This price is far from the price familiar to other Nanjing local citizens who have consulted the price of the longevity seat of Xuanzang temple. I hope the public security organ should still seriously handle the case, visit the masses and insiders more, and don’t believe what Xuanzang temple and Wu aping say. This is not a normal case handling process, Handling a case requires investigation and detection.

Secondly, there are also obvious problems in Wu aping’s confession. First of all, we can be sure that she is a normal person who has completed higher education and graduated from the famous Peking Union Medical College of nursing. She is definitely not a psychopath or a demon. She can complete her studies and work and live normally. Then she said she went to the temple to Worship class a war criminals because she always had nightmares. This is illogical. Generally speaking, even believers who are obsessed with religion will certainly go to temples to worship Bodhisattvas if they always have nightmares, but it is impossible to worship evil spirits. There must be a reason for something strange.

At the same time, careful netizens have long started to dig into Wu aping’s social media. She began planning and implementing this matter on the social media platform three years ago. At that time, some dynamic information released showed that she was very clear about what she was doing, and it was not because of nightmares or obsession. She even predicted the danger of doing this, but she was still very determined to do it.


In addition, according to netizens who claimed to be Wu aping’s colleague on the Internet, Wu aping was originally normal, but she had experience of going to Japan during the period, and she began to become a little mysterious after returning home. After her resignation, Wu’s life was not affected at all. Even during the epidemic, when many people’s work and housing loans were affected, Wu’s housing loans did not affect the smooth repayment. A person who resigns suddenly, a person who has not been employed again after resigning, how to repay the housing loan and how to obtain the income, Nanjing Police, don’t you check it? Whether she has been to Japan and who she came into contact with during this period? Don’t you check with Nanjing Police?

According to the owner of the canteen near Xuanzang temple, he clearly remembers that the price of the longevity seat in it has risen rapidly in recent years. The price is usually 20000-40000 yuan / person / year, which can never be 100 yuan. Then, according to the real situation fed back by the masses, we calculate according to the average price of 30000 / person / year. For the first five years of Wu aping’s sacrifice, the total expenditure should be 900000 yuan.


So either Wu aping paid the 900000 yuan to buy five-year longevity seats for several class a war criminals, or the temple voluntarily gave Wu aping the right to use six pieces of longevity seats for five years at a super preferential price of 3000 yuan for some reason. But anyway, the temple and Wu aping are lying. They are all trying to hide the real situation behind it and hide the real behind the scenes.

In fact, in recent years, similar Jingri crimes have been very serious. Previously, some people dressed up as Japanese invaders, and then went to the Anti Japanese War site to make various provocative or insulting acts, and they also photographed and posted them on the Internet to show off. After being arrested, these people also explained that they were young and ignorant, which was a personal behavior, and there was no one behind them. In the end, they hurriedly settled the case by provoking trouble without continuing in-depth investigation, let alone re sentencing and digging out the behind the scenes.

It is inferred from common sense that no matter how ignorant or ill a few teenagers are, they will not make such behavior that obviously will lead to serious consequences; As long as they are not mentally ill, a few teenagers will not act as Japanese invaders to the site of the war of resistance against Japan to make provocative and insulting actions, so when they explain that everything is just their own young and ignorant personal behavior, it is obvious that there is a problem. Should we check their funds, their accounts, their consumption records, their action tracks, and their communication tools?

Just like the previously exposed subversive news related to Japan, there are many experts, professors, writers, and Internet VIPs who are active in China’s public opinion field. As a result, they are all “cultural assassins” and “elite Japanese elements” funded and cultivated by the Japanese Ministry of foreign affairs. They are dedicated to whitewashing the Japanese invaders in China’s public opinion field, education, culture and art circles, applauding the Japanese, touting the Japanese, touting the Japanese spirit, forging Japanese myths Dwarfing and vilifying the Chinese people and mass manufacturing the Japanese people.

So is there a big net of interests and a black chain of overseas funds behind the “Summer Festival” held in the northeast on July 31, the memorial tablet of war criminals appearing in Nanjing, the provocation and insult of the former Japanese army dressed up as a Japanese army to go to the Anti Japanese War site, and the popularity and popularity of various Japanese and American Video bloggers? Are we going to close the case in a hurry? Is it big or small? Or do you follow up with a serious and responsible attitude to eliminate evil and catch it all?


I think the Nanjing police need to ask ourselves that our investigation and detection work should be worthy of conscience, but also worthy of those compatriots who died and died in the past.

To let go of evil is to do evil!

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