There are two foreigners in the top three of the team list of “Lang Jie 3” finals

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The recording of the night of the final group has been completed. Although the program has not been broadcast yet, there are so many viewers on the scene. Therefore, the Internet has blown up the pot for those sisters who form a group and those who regret to be eliminated. There are two foreigners in the top three of the team list of the third finals of sister Lang. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Langjie 3 final team list

Langjie 3 will only broadcast the content of the group night next week, and it is also broadcast in the form of pseudo live broadcast. There are 10 sisters in the group list this time, including Wang Xinling, Zheng Xiuyan, Yu Wenwen, Tan Weiwei, Zhong Xintong, Cai Zhuoyan, Xue Kaiqi, Guo Caijie, Tang Shiyi and Zhang Tianai. Is this the group list in your mind? In the final votes of the group night, the top three are Wang Xinling, Zheng Xiuyan and Yu Wenwen, and Wang Xinling is the C debut.

Wang Xinling is a singer from Taiwan, China, not from the mainland. And Jung soo Yeon is a Korean born American. Many people think that Yu Wenwen is Chinese, but in fact she joined Canada long ago. Among the remaining seven sisters, Zhong Xintong, Cai Zhuoyan, Xue Kaiqi and Guo Caijie are all stars from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Only Tan Weiwei, Tang Shiyi and Zhang Tianai are from the mainland. Among the 10 sisters, Zhang Tianai, who ranked the 10th in the number of votes, successfully formed a league with the number of recommended by her senior sister. Another popular contestant, Wu Jinyan, who has attracted much attention, was stuck in the 11th place. Unfortunately, he did not form a group.

There are two foreigners in the top three of Lang Jie 3

For Wu Jinyan, there is no regret that she did not form a group. After all, she has got the topic and exposure she wants through this program, and she has also attracted a lot of fans. It is reported that she will enter the group to shoot a new play at the end of August, and there will be magazine shooting. And this season’s sister Lang and the sisters in the group still have the group ensemble. Are you looking forward to this group ensemble?

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