There is always a hard road in your life

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There is always a hard road in your life


At the weekend, I went out to catch up with hangzi, a college classmate I hadn’t seen for a long time.

After a few drinks, the two talked about their situation after graduation. Hangzi said that he had a failed experience in Entrepreneurship before.

I’m excited. I haven’t heard you mention it before.

Hangzi said with a wry smile that the past was unbearable.

Hang Zi said that he had just graduated, was young and energetic, and always wanted to do something important. So he borrowed a sum of money from his family and went to Shenzhen alone to start a business.

Because it was the first time to start a business and had little experience, hang Zi chose the fruit trade that was easy to start, monopolized apple, purchased from Gansu and sold it to local supermarkets and dealers.

It was really hard to start a business. At that time, hangzi had to go out with the sales staff every day. It was common to go back at 2 or 3 a.m. every day. Hangzi often had to drink with customers. Hangzi had a bad drink. Once he drank blood from his stomach and went directly to the hospital. The next day, he gritted his teeth and went to the war &hellip& hellip;

Not to mention, the company survived a year of bumps and turns.

But the good times didn’t last long. Once a customer of hangzi introduced him to a large list, asking for 10 tons of apples at a time. Hangzi was very happy. It was her first time to meet such a big list.

As a result, when delivery was required, the customer went back on his word and said no.

Hangzi looked at the apple in a large warehouse and almost collapsed. It was hot in Shenzhen, and apple didn’t last long. He had to go to supermarkets and fruit stores one by one, and tried every means to solve the problem as soon as possible.

However, the company still lost a lot of money after pretending to have more grandchildren and saying more nice things.

Hang Zi said that he didn’t shed a tear when he drank to the hospital, but he cried when he saw the company declining. He felt that he was a special failure. I’m sorry for the employees who worked with him, and I’m sorry for trying my best to support his parents.

At that time, he dragged his heavy steps home every morning. There were cars passing by the street outside. Everything was quiet, but no one could help him. He felt so sleepy and tired that he wanted to leave.

But he knows not, really not! The company still has a lot of things to deal with. He can’t fall down.

Hangzi took a gulp of wine: Unfortunately, the company finally went bankrupt. His voice is free and easy with a trace of vicissitudes.

I looked at the man sitting in front of me talking and laughing. I never thought he had such a period of time.

In this life, everyone will encounter a very difficult time, the embarrassment of life, the frustration of work, the pressure of study, and the anxiety of love.

But no one can bear all this for you. You have to carry it on your own.

There is always a hard road in your life!


The year I just graduated, I came to Beijing alone to fight against the opposition of my family.

When I first came to Beijing, after paying the rent for three months, I had only 1000 yuan left. At this time, I still had no job.

It was not as easy to find a job as expected. For half a month, I didn’t receive an offer from a company. During that time, I encountered a love crisis with my boyfriend and was on the verge of breaking up.

I felt that my life was really dark at that time because I didn’t have a job, my feelings were in a mess, and my family didn’t support me.

One evening, when I went for an interview, the interviewer directly refused me because I had no experience. I came out of the building and walked slowly on the road. Suddenly, I was filled with unprecedented despair. The grievances and helplessness accumulated for so many days gushed out and burst into tears.

Then he couldn’t stop the brake and cried more and more fiercely. He couldn’t control the surprised eyes of passers-by and was completely immersed in his own world.

At this time, someone suddenly patted me on the shoulder. It was a little brother who sent leaflets. He handed me two paper towels: girl, why are you crying?

I choked and said: I can’t find a job &hellip& hellip;

The younger brother smiled heartily: Hey, what’s the matter here? Don’t you think I have to send leaflets here too? It’s OK. Let’s take our time.

Strange to say, this sentence seemed to have magic to soothe my heart.

My brother comforted me all the way, escorted me to the subway station, and I slowly stopped crying. Although I only met him by chance, I am still grateful to him, especially the sentence “ Let’s take our time;.

Yes, how can there be so much plain sailing in this world? Who is not biting his teeth and going against the wind.

No one is born with invincible power. What drives you forward is never the poetry in front of you or the distance, but the abyss behind you.

Tagore said: there is no way to reach light except through the road of night.

When you meet fate on a narrow road, the road is long and the night is dark, you have no choice but to carve a “ Courage ” Word, controlling all the fear, gritted his teeth through the lonely night road.

Walk along, it will be light.

From: official account / a book every night

What is difficult to walk is usually uphill. You feel that there is no way to walk. In fact, it is only because you have given up the most difficult road. When you are confused, you should choose the difficult road. Every road in life is difficult to walk

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