There is no contradiction between paying attention to the Tangshan incident and paying attention to the launching of Fujian warships!

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming shuzatan wechat id:laomingdashu

Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Beijing in late April, I haven’t gone out for dinner for nearly two months. It was more than ten o’clock in the evening when I came home from the Great Wall yesterday. Before going to bed, I picked up rice wine from Fangxian County, Shiyan, Hubei Province, and took a big gulp. It was also a small celebration for the launching of the first domestic electromagnetic ejection aircraft carrier.

My old profession is international news editors and journalists. In recent years, as we media, we have gradually focused on international political news, especially China US relations.

I found a phenomenon that every time I write about major events in China US relations, some readers come to pick on me. “Their usual routine is as follows:

“Is the monthly salary over threethousand?”

“Has the matter of the chain woman been settled?”

“Has the Tangshan beating incident come to an end?”

“What’s the matter with Henan Red code?”


It seems to them that if there is a major public opinion in China, it seems that all Chinese should stop and do nothing else, just pay attention to it.

According to their logic, if you still pay attention to international news, talk about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and write about the game between China and the United States at this time, you are completely confused about the situation and priorities.

Is that really the case?

Let me start with a common sense of journalism.

As news workers, we also have a basic division of labor. At least, there must be a division of labor between domestic news and international news. Not to mention, under the big hat of domestic news and international news, there are various sub areas.

The more professional a person is, the more awed he is, the more he will keep his duty and not cross the line easily. What bothers me most is the so-called “Jack of all trades” experts who dare to say and write anything. The so-called “panacea” is often just pretending to know nothing and making nonsense.

Therefore, no matter what major events have taken place in China, if a person’s business is international news, he must still pay attention to his business, rather than join in wherever there is excitement. You have to ask him to pay attention to the international news and the domestic news. Isn’t that difficult? This is also a sign of disrespect for professionalism.

Sometimes, people always ask, “Uncle Ming, what do you think of this problem”, or “Uncle Ming, what do you think of that problem”. I’m also embarrassed. What can I think? For the vast majority of issues, I also have a half understanding. If I don’t do research and verification, I don’t have any insight.

Therefore, even if there is a beating incident in Tangshan, even if the people all over the country are waiting for the progress of the eradication of criminal syndicates and evils in Tangshan, even if netizens are expecting that the beating incident in Tangshan will not end, at this time, when the Fujian ship is launched, people who pay attention to international news should still pay attention to it, and those who pay attention to military news should pay more attention to it.

In addition to the division of work in the news, I would also like to put forward another point of view: we should not set our attention to the Tangshan beating incident against our attention to the launching of Fujian warships.

Why should we pay attention to the beating incident in Tangshan?

Because, as ordinary people, we all pay great attention to our personal safety. We don’t want to go out for a walk in the middle of the night and meet a bunch of scum to beat people. We all hope that the black and evil forces will be cleaned up. We all hope that the umbrella behind the black and evil forces and the grass-roots officials who do not act can be eaten in one pot.

This is our most simple idea as an ordinary person.

As far as I am concerned, in addition to my old line of international news, I will also pay attention to major public opinion in China.


Because I have always felt that behind every major public opinion in Chinese society, there is a certain kind of problem in China’s grass-roots governance. If China wants to be truly strong, achieve long-term stability, and ultimately win in the game between China and the United States, it must constantly improve its grass-roots governance ability and solve various internal problems.

The Chinese people are getting better and better. The Chinese people are becoming more and more aware of fairness and justice. The Chinese society is becoming more and more stable and United. This is the biggest driving force for us to fear the United States and its allies when they contain, suppress, contain and slander them.

A leader whom I respect very much said that small countries perish in others and big countries perish in themselves.

This is a very philosophical statement.

For a big country like China, it is not easy for the enemy to engage us from the outside. But if there is a problem with our internal governance, at this time, coupled with the presence of strong external enemies, it will be troublesome. History abounds with such examples.

In the final analysis, although it is my old profession to pay attention to international news, I also pay close attention to major public opinion in China. The reasons are as follows: on the one hand, I feel that only after China’s internal problems are solved can we have more confidence and confidence to withstand the pressure of the United States and strive for the final victory of the game between China and the United States; On the other hand, whether it is to develop the economy or fight against the epidemic, whether it is to launch an aircraft carrier or fight against the United States, the ultimate goal is to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. But in detail, it is to make more than 1.4 billion Chinese people have a better future?

Therefore, I have repeatedly said that there is no contradiction between paying attention to the Tangshan attack and paying attention to the launching of Fujian ships.

To solve the problem of grass-roots governance in China, punish evil and promote good, and achieve long-term public security, is ultimately for the sake of the Chinese people to live a better life.

It is also to protect the Chinese people from being bullied by foreign enemies and to live a more peaceful, peaceful and happy life.

There is no contradiction between the two.

With regard to the beating incident in Tangshan, my point of view is that Tangshan should address both the symptoms and the root causes of social security problems.

The so-called palliative measures are to solve this case well, through solid investigation and verification, and finally take the facts as the basis and the law as the criterion, punish evil and promote good, protect good people, crack down on bad people, and rebuild the confidence of Tangshan people and the whole country in Tangshan’s social security.

The so-called root cause treatment means that Tangshan should, according to the various doubts of the people, investigate the various problems involving criminals and the underlying causes, draw inferences from one instance, and achieve a fundamental improvement in the social security problems in Tangshan. If it involves inaction and dereliction of duty within Tangshan local judicial system, it should also be seriously handled. Finally, it will change Tangshan people’s intuitive feelings about local social security and enhance Tangshan people’s confidence in local grass-roots governance.

In addition, to solve the Tangshan beating incident, we should not put on airs, use meetings to implement meetings, and use instructions to implement instructions. The key is to see whether the black and evil forces have been effectively attacked, whether the umbrella behind the black and evil forces has been uncovered, and whether they have been seriously dealt with in accordance with Party discipline and state laws. Finally, it depends on whether the problems accumulated by Tangshan people over the years have been effectively solved, and whether the intuitive feelings of Tangshan people about local social security, business environment and government work style have been significantly improved in the future.

In recent days, there is not much follow-up information about the Tangshan beating incident, and various rumors are flying all over the Internet. In this regard, Tangshan should also do a good job in releasing information and dispelling doubts. What is the situation of the suspect? How is the victim? How about the acceptance of other real name informants?

Grassroots governments in all parts of China should not be afraid that public opinion will damage the local face and image. What really damages the local face and image can only be that the local evil forces are not severely punished and the local government’s work style is not improved.

Only by exposing problems can problems be solved. Therefore, exposing problems is not terrible at all. On the contrary, covering the lid, whitewashing, making things bigger and smaller, and solving internal problems are the most deadly. Only by opening the door and taking the main road can we correct mistakes and rebuild the confidence of the local people and the national people in grass-roots governance.

I also insist that the constant public opinion in China seems to be a “bad thing”, but in fact it is not a “bad thing”.

Because only when the “bad things” are exposed can it be solved. Only through “bad things” can China’s grass-roots governance capacity be continuously improved.

Internet public opinion is of positive significance in exposing China’s grass-roots governance problems and forcing grass-roots governments to improve their work style and work efficiency. In fact, authoritative media can also join in, make clear the facts, restore the truth and force the solution of the problem through open and secret visits.

As for the constant public opinion in China, there are also two bad tendencies to be noted:

First, some friends tend to lose confidence after watching these negative events, especially when they break out in a concentrated way. In fact, this is unnecessary. Contradictions are common. There is no perfect governance system in the world. If there are problems, don’t whitewash them. Just solve them in a practical and realistic way. As long as every public opinion in China has been fairly resolved and work in one field can be improved, this public opinion will be of positive significance to promoting China’s social progress. We should be more adaptable and accustomed to this mode of “public opinion forces governance improvement”.

Second, there are also some people with ulterior motives who try to deny China’s governance system and model when public opinion arises. We should also be vigilant against such rhythmic remarks.

I spend a lot of time watching American news and Chinese news every day. China and the United States have different political systems and governance models. The two countries have their own problems. But on the whole, I have more confidence in China’s ability to solve problems. This confidence comes from our party’s basic concept of “building the party for the public and governing for the people”, and also from the independence and execution of China’s governance model. In essence, it avoids the binding of interest groups on national governance.

On the contrary, the system of the United States has become rigid, and there have been obvious institutional failures. In such aspects as gun control, drug control and combating institutional corruption, the governance model of the United States is very weak. There are even many times when the “elites” in power in the United States directly collude with interest groups and do a lot of things to enrich themselves and harm the interests of the middle and lower classes of the United States.

Finally, let’s talk about the launching of Fujian warship.

I’ve seen some people make confused comments on Weibo, saying that the strength of a country lies not in the number of warships, but in the rule of law, fairness and justice.

This seems very reasonable, but in fact, it has made a serious mistake of “diode thinking”.

To be strong, China certainly needs to achieve a higher level of rule of law, fairness and justice internally, but this does not contradict China’s building a strong national defense capability.

There are too many examples in China’s history. Without a strong national defense capability, no matter how prosperous the culture, developed the economy and vibrant the society are, they can only vanish under the iron horse of the strong enemy. The people can only be slaves to the subjugated country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin once told a joke. He said that a Russian officer came home and gave his son a superior dagger. The son went out to play with a dagger. When he saw that the neighbor had a superior watch, he exchanged the dagger for a watch. After knowing this, the Russian officer said to his son, this watch is really a good watch, and it is not a loss for you to exchange a dagger. However, if the robber came to our house and killed me, your mother and your sister, what should you do? Are you going to come out and face the robbers, take out your watch, and say, “gentlemen, it’s 8 p.m. Moscow time?”?

The jungle law attribute of international relations determines that no matter how much wealth any country has without a sword, it may also become a meal for robbers.

Do you think that the robbers in international relations have disappeared in the 21st century? Ask the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

For China, to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we must strive to achieve the goal of cultivating a clear government within the sea and the river; At the same time, however, we should make greater efforts to consolidate our armaments and arms and defend our strong enemies from outside.

Both are indispensable. Do not have “diode thinking” to set the two against each other.

“There is food in the bowl, oil in the home, a sword in the hand and a country in the heart”, so that we can not fear the containment and suppression of any country.

Being penniless and worrying about the world is not about having nothing to do when you are full, but the sense of responsibility and mission of the Chinese people since ancient times.

“The sound of wind, rain and reading is heard, and family affairs, state affairs and world affairs are all concerned.”

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