There was a disciple of Chan Jiao who died of robbery

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It is obvious to all that Yuanshi Tianzun accepted disciples from different families. There are three important criteria for Yuanshi Tianzun to recruit disciples, one is background, the other is morality, and the third is talent.

People like Jiang Ziya, who have outstanding moral character and fair talent, but have an ordinary background, although they are lucky to join the sect of Buddhism, they are not valued by the original heaven. Yuan Shi Tianzun took Jiang Ziya in for 40 years. Finally, he couldn’t bear it any longer and drove him out of Kunlun mountain on the grounds that Jiang Ziya had no chance to become an immortal.

Some people think that although Yuanshi Tianzun expelled Jiang Ziya, he let him preside over the great cause of deification, which shows that he still thinks highly of Jiang Ziya. In fact, whether we value it or not can’t just be seen on the surface. What’s the benefit of Jiang Ziya’s hosting the battle of Fengshen? It’s just a matter of honoring the Marquis and worshipping the prime minister. After all, you can’t become an immortal.

Jiang Ziya yearns for immortality day and night. In the mythical world, as mortals, no matter how rich and noble, they will always be dust. What is their attachment? Jiang Ziya watched the senior brothers live forever one by one, travel all over the world, be unrestrained and unrestrained, and be deeply respected and sacrificed by all the people. There are so many tributes, I don’t know how much I envy them!

Therefore, it is not a beautiful job to lead the great cause of Fengshen. Instead, it is an unprofitable business with large investment, high risk and relatively small return. However, yuan Shitian Zun deprived Jiang Ziya of the qualification to become an immortal, and he had to step back and take up the hard work, otherwise he would have nothing.


From this we can see that in the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, heaven respected the idea of selecting people from their families. In fact, the original Tianzun was not only the first to recruit disciples, but also the first to recruit people from Yemen when planning the list of gods. Although there were heavy casualties in the battle of canonization, and the war dead came from various groups, there is a notable feature in the list of canonization: most of the disciples of the two religions are elucidating and cutting, and few ordinary people. Only those with profound backgrounds can be listed.

In addition, the defeated disciples of the two schools of Buddhism and Taoism were not all powerful enough to deal with disasters, and were listed on the list of gods. Although they are all practitioners of immortality, the original Tianzun still chose people from his family and tried his best to eliminate demons and immortals. For example, jiejiao disciples Qiu Shouxian, Jin Guangxian, Lingya Xian and so on, although their cultivation has reached the level of Jinxian and their magic power is not inferior to the 12 Jinxian, they are not qualified to be robbed and canonized. Yuanshi Tianzun intended to capture him alive, limit his magic power, and make him a mount for his disciples.

Disciples like long XUHU are not qualified to be canonized. The Dragon bearded tiger, I don’t know what species it is, “head like a camel, neck like a goose, beard like a shrimp, ears like an ox, body like a fish, hands like a warbler, feet like a tiger”, is extremely ugly, and it is simply four dissimilarities. Yuanshi Tianzun doesn’t even look up to the generation of wet eggs. How can he look up to the four dissimilarities of dragons, beards and tigers? “The romance of canonization” also clearly states that “the nameless names on the list of canonization are only those who have made extraordinary achievements and imperial families”.

However, the Dragon bearded tiger, who should not have been canonized, was robbed to death and placed on the list of canonized gods. What is the matter? It turns out that the Dragon bearded tiger has been instructed by an expert.

Long XUHU is a disciple of elucidation and a grandson of Yuanshi Tianzun. As mentioned above, Yuanshi Tianzun takes people from his family. How can he accept one of the four dissimilarities as his disciple? This is because longxuhu had been instructed by Shen Gongbao to touch porcelain Jiang Ziya, and Jiang Ziya had to accept him as an apprentice. Seeing that the uncooked rice was cooked well, the emperor had no choice but to admit the established fact.

However, the original Tianzun still did not want to let the Dragon bearded tiger take part in the robbery, so he never let the Dragon bearded tiger participate in major wars to avoid being killed by the enemy. “The romance of apotheosis” has only 100 rounds in total. Until the 90 rounds, both the Dragon bearded and the tiger are still alive and well. However, when the story develops to the ninety first round, when the battle of deification is about to end, the Dragon bearded tiger dies inexplicably. What the hell is going on here?

It is said that at that time, there was a powerful giant Wu culture, which made Xiqi quite afraid. This time, Wu Wenhua sneaked into Xiqi, smashing the Allied forces of the princes. Even Jiang Ziya was scared to avoid its edge, but longxuhu volunteered to fight. Isn’t dragon bearded tiger suicidal? Sure enough, he was killed by Wu Wenhua with a row of wood.

Dragon bearded tiger is obviously intent on death, and its purpose is to be robbed and be listed as a God. After the death of the Dragon bearded tiger, Yuanshi Tianzun took into account Jiang Ziya’s emotions (after all, he had to use him to be a God, and if his disciples were not allowed to be made a God, Jiang Ziya would inevitably have a problem), so he had to list the Dragon bearded tiger on the list of gods, and was awarded the title of nine ugly stars. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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